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Anyone going to The 48th Annual Mayor's Christmas Parade Parade today?
Fantastic event today!!!
2021 GG Masters Tour is coming to Kearneysville, WV on 07Aug2021! Age divisions from 30 to 70+, RX and Scaled for all. Also a qualifier for the Master of the Masters 2021 Tour Championship in early 2022! Information and registration here:
i just need to share that my bright spot this week was the 22 minute mark of today's 7 AM zoom class recording.

I’m spending this Friday morning in Vangie on a mini-roadtrip...a little loop up to Philly, over to Lancaster and back home. The objective: pick up the last few pieces of the replacement pull-up/squat rig for our indoor space at Nevermore.

As the gym emerges from hibernation to a slow rousing with outdoor classes to a full awakening with live indoor sessions, we are putting one of Warren Buffet’s maxims into practice. Buy when everyone else is selling. Buffet used that line in a letter to stockholders nearly ten years ago, adding, “We’ve put a lot of money to work during the chaos of the last two years … Big opportunities come infrequently. When it’s raining gold, reach for a bucket, not a thimble.”

Our first steps back into action included moving 44-feet of steel rigging from our indoor space in order to create the perfect outdoor gym...the likes of which you won’t find outside of locations such as Southern California. We got such positive responses to the undertaking that we’ve decided to keep rockin the outdoor space indefinitely. Hence the investment to resupply our original location. The risks of added overhead and logistics exist. But I read once that the inherent risk of living at the edges of the human endeavor is what drives new ideas and, ultimately, progress.

In leadership circles there’s a term “free-to-fail”. Instituting this free-to-fail culture is encouraged because failing goes hand-in-hand with taking risk. For instance, the C.E.O. of WD-40 has a policy: On every project, he wants to hear what went wrong, not just what went right.

And so here is my challenge to you this week: live at the edges in your workouts (or at work or elsewhere in your life). Add that extra five pounds even if you’re not sure you’re going to hit the lift. Come out of the gates too hot on purpose and see how far you can push before you bonk. Conversely, take some weight OFF the bar, leave your ego in the parking lot for once, and make certain your form is PERFECT...all week. Attend the workout that “looks boring” or the one that isn’t necessarily in your wheelhouse.

A hint of craziness can be a good thing. Don’t hesitate to ZAG when everyone else zigs. The Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “There is no great genius without a tincture of madness.” We’ve all intuitively understood that people who are geniuses are often a little bit crazy.

My Bright Spot has been literally THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX! If you’re wondering how different one gym can be from another, come join me for a taste! Here's a link for a free trial week 😉

If you know me well, you know I like to put Apple lemmings on blast, because it seems sometimes like everyone is simply following the herd. But I can’t forget that APPLE was BUILT on a foundation of disruption and creativity and a bit of craziness, as evidenced by one of the best ads ever…

What is your Bright Spot this week?...
There’s a great scene in Pulp Fiction towards the end of the movie where Samuel Jackson’s character Jules tells John Travolta’s Vincent that he’s planning on retiring from the life of a contract killer. “Whatchu gonna do then?” asks Vincent. “Well, that’s what I’ve been sitting here contemplating”, replies Jules. “Basically I’m just gonna walk the earth. You know, like Cain in Kung Fu...walk from place to place, meet people, get in adventures.”

If you know much about me and Angie, you know we’re typically either ON an adventure or in the midst of planning one. This year has been no different, though COVID-19 is certainly changing our tactics. The spring roadtrip was blown up almost from the jump, as we were forced to hightail it home when the gym shut down. So we set our sites on the fall, this time with a couple friends.

When would we depart? How long would we be gone? What would be our primary destinations and how much time would we spend at each? I enjoy this part...plotting the trip on a map, calculating travel times, assembling the must-do lists. And after a bit of deliberation we settled on our first goal: Glacier National Park. Then this morning I get a message from our travel companions with a link to an article titled, “Blackfeet close eastern border of Glacier for remainder of 2020 season.”

Now what?

On Wednesday, the email I received from the Daily Stoic made reference to Homer’s Odyssey, particularly the strangeness of the poem’s ending. The email reads, “despite spending every waking second for ten years fighting to get home, despite overcoming nearly insurmountable obstacles on his way, despite all the carnage of the final battle to reclaim his kingdom, Odysseus does something almost inconceivable the second he possesses what he longed for…he starts planning to leave again!” And while the email focused on our incapability to be still, I interpreted the story a little differently. Maybe Odysseus realized, upon FINALLY reaching his destination, that life really is about the journey.

We’ve heard all the quotes. Emerson’s “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Arthur Ashe’s “Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” Jack Kerouac’s perfectly succinct, “The road is life.” Yet, we still focus so much on getting THERE (whatever that goal may be).

Even here at Nevermore. The goals: losing some weight, hitting a PR on a lift, achieving the fastest time in a daily workout. But I challenge you to set that aside a bit. Focus instead on overcoming the obstacles...learning where your breaking points are after being pushed to your physical and mental limits. Focus on the relationships you’re forming with your fellow athletes as you face adversity together. Focus on what you’re made of, because we learn this not when we COMPLETE our goals, but during the PROCESS. Author Michael Neil reaffirms this point in his book Supercoach: “Obsessing about goals is like playing a game of fetch with yourself, using your happiness and self-worth as the bone.”

You might not even need to reach your goal to be successful. What you get out of TRYING is guaranteed to make an impact. By simply SETTING OUT to achieve a goal, you’re forming new habits, striving towards something bigger than yourself, and infusing your life with purpose. THOSE are the lessons that develop character.

My Bright Spot: The fall roadtrip is ON! Spreadsheets and timelines be damned. We’re still not sure where we’re headed, but does it matter?! Regardless of where we go, we’re destined to meet people and get in adventures!

What is your Bright Spot this week?!...

What if there was something out there that was used to represent value. I’d certainly want to incorporate that into not only my personal life, but also my business. And what if that same thing was useful for communication. Our entire mission at Nevermore is built on the foundation of relationships. Furthermore, in our heated atmosphere as a city and as a nation, productive discussions are more than desired right now, they are imperative.

What if that THING also held symbolic meaning. Like the interweaving of lives, or a reminder of natural GROWTH, or the writing of a future together. Or best yet...of a blank slate and NEW BEGINNINGS.

This coming Monday, June 22nd we are slated to reopen our doors after more than three months of shutdown. It has been a trying time to say the least. And we are more than ready for our grand reopening...our new beginning. At Nevermore, we have restructured our service offerings. We’ve redefined what ‘CrossFit’ means to our members and to our surrounding community. And we have even undertaken a Nevermore Fitness and Wellness. June 22nd will forever mark the date of a new Nevermore (Nevermore nevermore).

And every year on this date, the relaunch of this venture will fall exactly SECOND among my thoughts. You see, on this date one year ago I married Angie Lutz. There is nothing I value more in this world than the life I get to live with my wife. There is nobody who simply gets me the way she does. Our lives have been intertwined for thirty years, nearly fifteen as a couple. We have grown together in more ways than I can possibly recount and we are constantly reinventing who we are and where we are headed. Every adventure is a new beginning, one I am grateful for every single day.

One year. The first anniversary. The gift of THE THING. Paper. My Bright Spot.

What is your Bright Spot this week?!...
Special thanks to the gym owners and coaches who have contributed materials so we can have a quick turnaround on resources for you. And a special thanks to those that volunteered to help (We had a lot of people fill out the form to help but had to limit the number due to trying to move fast)

Bobbi Hollars from 9th Wave Fitness
Eric Conner from Crossfit Reform
Kristin Carasiti from Nevermore Crossfit
Carl Neidholdt from Crossfit Cerberus
Andrew R**e and Melissa Donaldson from MyVitality Nutrition
Seth Berbert from Put It Up CrossFit
Kiersten Mueller from Another Level Fitness
Judah Boulet from No Risk Crossfit
Adam Morden from StrongHearts Fitness: School of Movement - CrossFit Courtenay
Miska Toivonen from CrossFit Sörnäinen
Virtual BE-WAP (Wellness Ambassador Program) this Thursday 4/30, at 3:30pm! Family yoga and videos to some delicious recipes! Link is in the comments! Hope you can join us. Thanks to yoga instructor Carasiti and Nevermore Crossfit!

The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived! Welcome to Nevermore Fitness & Wellness! We can’t wait to integrate your fitness journey with our community at Nevermore!

Let me start by saying we are happy to have you…whether you are an experienced weightlifter or athlete, a former athlete, a couch potato searching for motivation, a fitness enthusiast looking for a change or someone stepping into the gym for the very first time! Regardless of who you are, I promise that we are already working with a member just like you. The CrossFit methodology has exploded into

Operating as usual


✨ Sponsored by Adolph & Kalkstein Chiropractic

Only 10 days until athletes hit the floor to throw down for an amazing cause!

The Ulman Foundation is an incredible organization that changes lives by creating a community of support for young adults, and their loved ones, impacted by cancer.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month - and while Ulman isn’t specifically breast cancer related, they help families going through it ALL.

Help us hit our goal, and donate today! LINK TO DONATE:


Also, BIG shout out to Signs Rx for sponsoring the team signs for this event 💛!

Photos from Nevermore Crossfit's post 09/24/2023

It’s a ✨ BIG WEEK ✨ for the Nevermore / Clipper fam!! We have so many incredible athletes & Coaches competing at MACC FEST this coming weekend!

Heat times are listed in the graphics below (subject to change, obviously) - but, here’s the info if you want to go cheer them on!

Howard County Fairgrounds - Main Exhibition Hall

2210 Fairgrounds Rd, West Friendship, MD 21794

Athlete and Spectator Parking - Spot 5- overflow lot ONLY!

Photos from Nevermore Crossfit's post 09/10/2023

Congrats to ALL of our podium winners for Turf Wars 2023!! The energy yesterday was 🔥. It may not have been outdoors, but it WAS on our home turf 😜!

Shout out to our prize bag sponsors:
Hon’s Honey
Pushup Chalk
Klean Freak

📸: Jessica Leigh Photography

Photos from Nevermore Crossfit's post 09/09/2023

‼️ It was a tough decision - and, the weather may pull through - but, we’d rather be indoors than having to cancel midway through.

😎 The stage is set and we’re ready for ya!

🔥 Check your emails for parking and check-in information!

Photos from Nevermore Crossfit's post 09/08/2023

MORE GOODS TO GET PSYCHED ABOUT 😎! Check out these local vendors, ready to serve up some incredible stuff on Saturday!

🧀 Porch Party Snacks will be on site with their INCREDIBLE munchies. It’s the PERFECT pre, mid, or post comp CRUNCH!

🍹 Cane Collective is setting up to serve you some INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS non-alcoholic mixers. Pour them on ice - mix ‘‘em with your favorite spirit - either way, you’ve GOTTA give them a try!

🍪 Nina’s Cookie Explosion will be on site 8-2! Are you ready for some COOKIES (or dough?! - I hope the answer is yes, because Nina’s is coming ready to serve up some of the BEST 🤩!

🧁 Ifey & Blues - unfortunately, we were just informed that, due to unforeseen circumstances, Ifey & Blues won’t be able to make it - BUT, we want to feature them anyway because their bespoke goods are OUTTA THIS WORLD 🤤. Send them some love and check out their goods if you’re in the Frederick area!

Photos from Nevermore Crossfit's post 09/07/2023

🤤 We’ve got some killer companies coming to take GOOD care of you & your stomachs on Saturday at Turf Wars!

😎 Come find them at 5731 Cottonworth Ave., Baltimore (rain location will be announced Friday, if it’s needed!)
☕️ Aveley Farms Coffee Roasters will be on site from 6:30-11am serving cold brew and hot coffee to all athletes, volunteers & spectators!!
🍎 The Lyfe Café food truck will be on site around 9am-2pm serving some protein smoothies, açaí bowls, and so much other goodness you DO NOT want to miss! Check out their website to order from the truck without standing in line!
🌭 Glizzy’s Wagyu Dogs will be on site serving up some KILLER wagyu beef dogs and tots … COME HUNGRY 😎.
🥗 Jimmy's Famous Meals will be on site from 11-2 serving up some awesome ready-prepped meals! Athletes received an order in advance link for those that just want food ready for them ASAP 😉 !


Monday is a Saturday schedule 💪😎!

Turf Wars 2023 WOD 3 08/23/2023

Turf Wars WOD 3:
🔥Sponsored by Kalkstein Chiropractic
😎 Check out the video for a full description & movement standards!

… Floater still to come 😈

Turf Wars 2023 WOD 3 Turf Wars WOD 3: Sponsored by Kalkestein Chiropractic


😎 JULY COACH OF THE MONTH is Coach Reagan, for his incredible dedication to the Nevermore coaching staff (and community).

Since joining us at Nevermore, Reagan has jumped in with enthusiasm (and welcomed sarcasm) - AND a killer playlist 🎵.

He's picked up coaching 5am classes, subs for other Coaches every chance he gets, brings energy and motivation to the classes he's an athlete at, has jumped in feet first to community events - AND does an awesome job of blending Clipper City & Nevermore.

We're so grateful for his addition to the staff, and community, and his dedication to the Nevermore 'Laugh, Move, Grow' initiative. ♥️

Photos from Nevermore Crossfit's post 08/08/2023

🔥 TURF WARS WOD 1: Sponsored by Stretch Zone Lake Falls Village 🔥

😎 All standards can be found here:

‼️ Only 1 week left to register, and only a few spots left!

🥳 Stretch Zone will be on site at Turf Wars, stretching athletes - AND giving out free stretches for podium winners. Who DOESN’T want that?!


*September 9th, 2023*
Sponsored by Pickles Pub 😎

-Get your team of 2 (RX, Scaled AND Masters 40+ options)!
-Register NOW: Spots are filling FAST & we've been waitlisted the last 2 years!

Ask us here, or email [email protected], with any questions.

Registration Link:


Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️!

Nevermore is proud to be a welcoming and supportive community for everyone.

Come in, be you, and get fit 💪!


BAM 🔥! Year 3️⃣ is here!

😎 Early Bird Registration is OPEN (a few hours early)!

‼️ Early Bird Pricing is ONLY through the weekend, so get your team & get registered NOW!


😎 Shout Out to our Coach of the month for February 2023, Coach Dave Shapiro!

🔥 Dave has worked super hard, behind the scenes getting us all set up with Btwb and PRVN Fitness - and continues to work hard to make sure our coaches & members are caught up and ready to go!

💪 He picks up classes whenever he can, and does an AWESOME job coaching them. He sees the potential in everyone (IYKYK), and we see his too 😂!

Congrats Dave and thanks for all you do!

Photos from Nevermore Crossfit's post 03/01/2023

23.2 A&B were …. a whole bunch of running, a lot of Burpee pull ups, some pretty amazing thruster PRs - and - a TON of community fun & laughter.

2 down, 1 to go - Bring it on The CrossFit Games !


🤩 TOMORROW’S THE DAY! Our 23.2 THURSDAY THROWDOWN at our sister gym, Clipper City Crossfit!
Come out and see some of our awesome 🔥 breathers; Kendall, Alyssa, Erin, Neil & Reagan hit whatever The CrossFit Games throws our way!
😎 Be prepared for a killer show!
Can’t make it, but want to see it?!
Check out the Clipper City Instagram around 6:30/6:45 for a Livestream of the show!

CCC Link:


Shouting out our COACH OF THE MONTH, for January ‘23! We SO appreciate Emma and all she does to take care of our 9:15/9:30 crew (and other members, of course)! Her coaching and caring represents what we stand for in “laugh, move, grow” through and through!

Photos from Community Fitness League's post 02/03/2023

😎 Who’s ready for some fitness?!


Squats for days 🍑!

😎 Which days are you planning on getting in here this week?!


🔥 Killin’ the Saturday AM parter WOD game!
💪 Lots of dumbbell work, even more partner holds, and everyone looking SUPER strong throughout 😎.


😎 Introducing your 2023 The CrossFit Games Intramural Open Team Captains; Suz, Mike, Lauren & Alex!
‼️ Draft is Tuesday - let’s gooooo!


⚡️Just a little reminder - no need to change YOU for 2023 … you’re great!
😃 Maybe you just need to change how you go about setting your goals to make them sustainable!
💪 Fitness, nutrition, community connection, goal setting … if you’re looking for it, we’ve got it!
🙌 We’re here to help. All ages and levels of fitness (including brand new)!


Happy New Year 🎉!
First class of 2023 ✅!

👍 Fourteen awesome Nevermorons showed up to start the New Year strong with Aerobic Capacity! Keep it coming, friends!


🎄🤍 Hoping everyone has a very, Merry, Christmas!


Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful holiday. May you have a blessed Hanukkah and new year!


🎄❄️Holiday Schedule is here!❄️🎄

Photos from Nevermore Crossfit's post 12/08/2022

☀️ 💛✨ ☀️ 💛✨ ☀️ 💛✨ ☀️ 💛✨ ☀️ 💛
Today is a different kind of celebration, but one none the less. Today, we’re celebrating the life, and remembering the birthday of, our amazing friend, Angie Lutz. While she may no longer be here with us, in person, to celebrate her birthday - she’s with us all, every single day. If you knew Angie, I guarantee you can hear her laugh, and her voice, in every one of these photos below. If you didn’t know her, just know the magic of who she was surrounds us, every day, here at Nevermore.

Today, come on in, hit Angie’s birthday WOD (and know she’s laughing at us during every, single, wallball 😂) - do one extra rep for her, at the end, and take her Coaches WOD quote to heart … “You can rest when you’re dead.”

We miss you, and love you Ang! Happy Birthday, friend.
☀️ 💛✨ ☀️ 💛✨ ☀️ 💛✨ ☀️ 💛✨ ☀️ 💛


Growing our strength, together 🙌! One lift at a time 😎.

Photos from Nevermore Crossfit's post 11/27/2022

😎 Sundays are for Aerobic Capacity; an awesome mix of cardio, core and balance 🙌! Join us every other Sunday, at 8:30am to increase your Aerobic Capacity!


This is how our crew felt about a “day after Thanksgiving” WOD 😂- how about you?


🙌 Shouting out our COACH OF THE MONTH for October, Cynthia!

😎 Coach Cynthia just got her L1 a few months ago and is diving into the role head first, doing more to learn how to be the best Coach she can be, picking up classes every chance she can, and overall just being there for the coaching staff and members!

🎉 Thanks for being awesome, Cynthia!


🇺🇸 Thank you, to all of our veterans!


One year ago, today, this amazing light, Angie Lutz , left this physical world - and we’ve all missed her … her energy, her presence, her sense of humor, and her unique personality… more and more, with every passing day 💔.
✨ Let’s use today (and always) to share some amazing memories of her - because, she’d want us all to be remembering the good stuff.
🤣 If you knew Angie, we KNOW you can still hear her laugh - so, feel free to comment here and let’s share photos of her, and memories that would make her laugh (both AT us, and WITH us).
🤍 We love and miss you, Angie - so, so, much - and can’t believe a year has come and gone without you.
We’ll be doing Angie’s birthday WOD on Thursday, December 8th to celebrate her life. If you’d like to come in and do it with us, or you’re interested in the programming, send us a message and we’re happy to connect in whatever way!


Coach with a few words of motivation. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to be able to escape from zombies, right?!


Anyone else enjoying the Fall foliage?! Makes running seem tolerable 😂🍂!


💪 Coach tells it like it is! Anyone else feel like this?!
🙌 Get in and see Kristen on Thursdays at 5:30, or at her Foundations classes!

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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