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Great workout today!!
7am went rogue: Run 1 mile 10 rounds : 10 wall balls 10 strict sit ups 10push ups Run 1 mile
40 people at $100 a piece and we can get this for Geaux. Maybe Johnny would even let people do their houses if they got sick.
Oh yeah... Hingle is back up in this BIATCH.... y'all better recognize. I bring the pain and silence the haters. Leave no toilet clogged...
Big Shout out to all the competitors going to Northshore Games! Kick ass today and have a lot of fun!
Well how about that race huh... at least no one broken any bones
Alright... so who is going to this crazy race at 6 am?
Thank y'all for an awesome first class...looking forward to Friday!
I've only been a member at GC (Geaux CrossFit) for a little over 2 months and... forgive me for bragging... I’ve already lost 10 pounds and 1.5 inches. Being 58 years old and more than a little overweight, and considering after my introductory workout I could not walk correctly for almost 4 days, I thought maybe I was too old and too out of shape to be a member at GC. I couldn’t have been more wrong. You don't have to be young and in athletic shape to join GC. Members here come in all ages and athletic ability. The coaches are amazing at scaling/tailoring the workouts to meet mine and everyone’s needs, wants and abilities. I never feel lost or left behind because the coaches do an incredible job explaining every part of every workout, every day, making sure you're doing every move correctly and safely. In addition to having amazing coaches, the members here are incredibly friendly, welcoming and motivating. Thanks Amber, Johnny and Patrick for always encouraging me and challenging me to do one more rep... or two.
Excellent gym!! Coaches are attentive and watch everyone’s form. Very clean gym and bathrooms. Showers available too! I got a new PR while visiting for a work trip! Can’t say enough great stuff about this place!
Friendly trainers who don't want you to hurt yourself but push a little bit more. Regulars are also very friendly and helpful. Very clean and great equipment. Geaux here when you are in BR!
Yeeeeet 🚀

We are a diverse community with a common goal of improving our quality of life by working hard, eating better, and having more fun with fitness.

We want to change your life and help you reach your goals! Call or email for a complimentary introduction workout (225) 293-9220 [email protected]

Operating as usual

Make 2021 Different — Geaux CrossFit SATURDAY At the beginning of each year, we are full of motivation. “It’s a fresh start to a new year and this time we’re going to be different!” How often do we actually follow through and achieve those goals? This isn’t meant to be a debbie-downer post by any means. It’s an honest one. ...

We posted this December 10 of 2019. These words stretched far beyond the daily grind in the gym.

We will go into 2021 more resilient than we have ever been and we are looking forward to doing it with a stronger, united community.

Repost from @geauxcrossfit

ENDURE: to remain firm under suffering or misfortune without yielding though it is difficult.

CrossFit isn’t easy & we’re proud of that. Each workout pushes our physical and mental limits. The “I can’t” becomes “I can”. Our ability to endure hard work makes us more resilient than we’ve ever been before.

This Week's Schedule — Geaux CrossFit MONDAY We made it! It’s officially the last week of 2020! Here’s to hoping for a brighter 2021. We are on normal schedule Monday- Thursday and closed on Friday. We will reopen on Saturday at 9am!

Welcome to the North Swole 💪😎!

We had a packed house this morning and it felt awesome to see everyone on Christmas Eve. We didn’t get to have our annual Christmas party that so many of us look forward to but this made up for it 😌!

Peace be with y’all ✌🏻 🎄! See you Saturday!

Open at 9am ONLY — Geaux CrossFit We are open at 9am only Christmas Eve and closed Christmas Day

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.” #aynrand

Not every woman shows up to our gym with the desire to learn how to lift. In most instances, it is the one thing they are most intimidated by! It gives us great joy to watch them overcome their hesitations with weightlifting and turn it into strength and determination.

As a coach, this is not achieved by pushing them outside of their comfort zone but by guiding them, creating trust, and letting them decide how far they are willing to go.

Great things can be achieved when confidence is built!

Rope Pull Progressions For Today — Geaux CrossFit Check out the link below for a better understanding of today’s levels. Rope Pull levels

Whoa! Is it really Christmas next week?! Pencil us in for a festive Christmas Eve workout. Be sure to wear your U҉G҉L҉I҉E҉S҉T҉ sweater or most 𝔽𝔼𝕊𝕋𝕀𝕍𝔼 outfit 🎄.

🎁 We’ll be doing the “12 Days of Christmas” WOD at 9am Christmas Eve 🎁

They’re baccccck! Heavy goblet squats are back on the menu today but this time, we are increasing the volume.

The goal is to build volume using last week’s weight. Think you can handle a little more this time?

Level 1,2,3 - it’s something new that we are incorporating into our programming to meet the needs of every member.

The levels increased in difficulty while still working the same principles. It uncovered weaknesses to work on but also allowed members to discover new strengths!

Our favorite part was the celebration of power Clean PRs and watching a few members surprise themselves with legless rope climbs!

Take that @jillianmichaels 😜! You don’t have to be elite to learn how to lift!

It’s been a big month for @t_sprizzle ! She recently got engaged to her love, @caityskaty23 and just topped it off with a big power clean PR of 125. That’s a PR of 20#s! Congrats on great month, boo! Keep it up! #🏳️‍🌈 #weightliftingwomen

Goblet Squats are a great tool to increase postural muscles. By front loading the squat, it engages the interior core and encourages proper bracing mechanics.

Today’s workout starts off with heavy goblet squats. How much weight do you think you can handle?

Habit Stacking — Geaux CrossFit Workouts are posted on Zenplanner every day at 4:30PM.

How do you get people to show up for rowing intervals?

You throw in America’s favorite lift, the bench press!

Find a friend that holds you accountable to your health and fitness goals💪

Tag the person that helps keep you in check and show some love!

What Are You Willing To Do Today? — Geaux CrossFit 12/7/20 Workout of the Day Log in to Zenplanner to see the workout.

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
but the gym is so delightful,
and since we’ve no place to go,
Let us row, let us row, let us row

The Sunday workout crew tested their 500m row sprint today. What’s your PR?

— Geaux CrossFit Please download the Zen planner app to log in to class and see your workout/register for class. For now, you can click read more to see the workout via the website.

— Geaux CrossFit 12/4/20 Please download the Zen planner app to log in to class and see your workout/register for class. For now, you can click read more to see the workout via the website.

— Geaux CrossFit 12/3/20 Workout of the Day 3 Rounds: 500m Row 12 Deadlifts (Bodyweight) 21 Box Jumps (24/20) *Modify to appropriate weight. Barbell should be fast.

— Geaux CrossFit 12/2/20 Workout of the Day A1.) 30” Suitcase or Goblet ISO calf Raise, Rest 30sec A2.) 8-12 Renegade Row (35/20), Rest 30sec A3.) Supine Banded Knee Raise x 12-15, rest 1 minute x 3 Sets B.) Wide Grip Bench Press (3131) Every 2:30 x 3 Sets C.) 12 Minutes M1- Toes to Rings M2- Burpees Over

— Geaux CrossFit 12/1/20 Workout of the Day A.) 8 Relay Sets: 150m Row Sprint 10 Jumping Squat 5 Burpees over the erg B1.) Reverse Suitcase Lunge to a plate 8-10/s B2.) Adductor Slide 12-15/s, x 3 C.)Stagger Stance DB RDL x 5/s (5151), x 3

— Geaux CrossFit 11/30/20 Workout of the Day A.) Every 90'“ x 7 1 Power Clean + 3 Push Press B.) 5 Minutes (30sec work/ 30 sec rest) AMRAP Thrusters (95/65) Rest 2 Minutes 5 Minutes (30 sec work/ 30sec rest) AMRAP Pull Ups

— Geaux CrossFit 11/29/20 Workout of the Day 3 mins on, 1 min off, x 5 sets 12 Pull Ups or C2B 6 BF Burpees 3 Squat Cleans (155/105)

— Geaux CrossFit FRIDAY Closed for the day. We will reopen Saturday at 9am!

On this Thanksgiving, Johnny and I could not be more grateful. Over 10 years of serving our community, we have made so many meaningful connections with the people that make up the Geaux CrossFit family. It’s been a trying year, and during times of extreme uncertainty, you all stuck with us and helped us see it through. There are no amount of words that can express our gratitude. As you enjoy time with family and friends today, please know that we raise a glass to you, the best fitness family anyone can ask for. Happy Thanksgiving!

❤️ Amber & Johnny

— Geaux CrossFit 11/26/20 Workout of the Day Alternate movements with a partner 12 minute AMRAP Barbell or DB 8 Deadlift (115/75) OR (50/35) 8 Hang Clean 8 Shoulder to Over head Rest 3 minutes 12 minute 60 Doubles 20 Jumping Lunges 15 push Ups

— Geaux CrossFit 11/25/20 Workout of the Day A.) 4 Sets: 20 Alt. Straight arm Plate Russian Twist 20 Alt Tall Plank DB Pull Through 20 Alt. Bent arm DB Russian Twist 20 DB L Crunch B.) “Panic Breathing” For Time (with a Partner) 500-400-300-200-100 meter Row (each) Partner Holds Kettlebells in Rack (53/

— Geaux CrossFit 11/24/20 Workout of the Day 5 Rounds: Run 200M 20 DBS (50/35) 10 Burpees over DB Rest 2 Minutes

Holiday Schedule — Geaux CrossFit 11/23/20 Workout of the Day 00:00-10:00 1 Rep Squat Clean Thruster 10:00-15:00 Load Bar 15:00-30:00 AMRAP 3 Squat Clean Thrusters (70%) 7 Toes to Bar 20 Double Unders

— Geaux CrossFit 11/21/20 Workout of the Day 20 Minute AMRAP 5 Power Snatches (115/75) 7 Toes to Bar 9 Box Jumps (24/20)

— Geaux CrossFit 11/20/20 Workout of the Day A.)3 Way Core 4 Sets: KB Crush Grip L Crunches x 20 KB Crush Grip hollow Flutter Kicks x 30sec KB Single Arm Cross body Crunches x 12/arm B.)10 Minute AMRAP w a partner: 2 Sychro Russian KBS (70/54) 2 Burpees (Divide Work) 2 Synchro Air Squats *Add 2 reps ea

— Geaux CrossFit 11/19/20 Workout of the Day 20 Minute AMRAP 5 Ring Muscle Ups or 2 Rope Climbs 10 Box Jumps (24/20) 15 Wall Balls (20+/14+)

— Geaux CrossFit 11/18/20 Workout of the Day 3 Rounds For Time: Run 1 lap 21 Deadlifts (185/130)

— Geaux CrossFit 11/17/20 Workout of the Day A1.) Stagger Stance DB Strict Press; (30x1) 8-10/Arm, Rest 30sec A2.) Ring Push Up; (2121) 8-10 reps, Rest 90sec, x 3 Sets B1.) Alt. DB Floor Press; (20x1) 16 Alt Reps, Rest 30” B2.) BB Curl; (3131) x 8-10 reps, X 3 Sets, rest 90sec C.) 8 Minute AMRAP w/ partner

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