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Pilates classes! Egoscue Method The Pilates Studio is dedicated to promoting health and well-being in a positive, non-intimidating environment providing individualized and small group Pilates instruction through the teachings of Joseph Pilates, the latest science of human movement, and continuing education, combining safety with lots of fun and laughter.

We offer a variety of ways to experience the Pilates method. We offer private, semi-private, and small group classes. We use various props such as the ball, foam roller, magic circle, spine corrector, and more. This keeps the workouts fun and challenging. With so many variations you’ll never get bored. We are now offering Barre Classes!

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This chocolate is delicious!

[05/27/20]   Reminder that jump board class resumes this Friday at 5:00! Still a few spots, text Inga if interested or you can call the studio. 225-772-6642

It was great to be back at the Studio this morning! Mark your calendars, jump board classes will resume May 29th!! 5 people max and reformers are now spaced 6 feet apart for safety. If you haven’t already, check your email for updates on regular classes.
Sign up for any of the jump classes by calling the studio, text Inga directly or respond to this post. 😊

Reformer Footwork at Home

Happy Saturday! ☀️ Here is your reformer footwork done at home for those of you with a large stability ball. ⚠️Note: Video speed is 1.5X, in real life slow it down and control the movements.
👉The basic sequence is;
1. Heels, hip width apart. Inhale bend the knees, exhale extend.
2. Toes, remember you have an imaginary block of wood under the heels, keep them steady.
3. Little V toes, engage the inner thighs and straighten the knees all the way.
4. Open V heels, be sure your knees are tracking over your 2nd toe.
5. Open V toes.
Do 10 reps of each. Throughout keep the head lifted, abs engaged shoulders relaxed.
Enjoy! 😁

Missing jump board class?

Thinking about a virtual "jump board" class, wonder how many of our Pilates peeps would be up for that?!?! 😄Well anyway, enjoy this fabulous weather!! -Inga

Wunda Chair and Reformer Exercises at Home

Hi Everyone! Knowing how much you all love side over on the reformer ;) I found a way for you to do it at home! -Inga

The one minute working from home lunchtime workout. Here’s two exercises, one from the wunda chair and the second from the reformer. 👉All you need is a chair a small box or yoga block, and a piece of furniture (coffee table or bed. I’m using my reformer).
1️⃣ Side over from the Pilates chair: sit with one leg out, toes touching the floor the other leg hooked around the leg of the chair. Inhale, Laterally flex the trunk reaching the hand for your small box. Exhale, lift the trunk. Keep legs and pelvis stable with the foot of the straight leg on the floor.
2️⃣ Side over from the short box series. Keeping the same position with something to hold the straight leg. Use a piece of furniture or someone to hold you foot down 😊. Hands behind the head, inhale, lower the torso. Exhale lift up to a straight line. Imagine you are between two panes of glass, not flexing the trunk forward.

BASI Pilates

Getting ideas for our next virtual class! 😃 So happy to see all of you this week!

BASI Faculty Mariam Younossi in Germany adding some creative props to her Teaser at home. 😂❤️

#basipilates #pilates

Our classes are virtual now! The same small groups and fun community you are used to. 😁 Class links are being sent by email. Let us know if you can’t make your regular time and we will find a class that works for you.

[03/21/20]   We are moving to online mat classes. Please keep an eye on your email during this time for upcoming class invites. Be sure to respond to the emails if you plan to attend. Thanks, 😊
Stay healthy everyone!

Here is February’s Jump board schedule!

There’s a couple spots left in this Friday’s jump board class. Text Inga or sign up in the studio if interested. 😊☀️

Get your calendars out, the January jump board schedule is up! If you are interested in any of these times you can sign up at the studio or text Inga 😁.
👉Friday January 10th, 24th and 31st at 5:00PM

Get your calendars out, the January jump board schedule is up! If you are interested in any of these times you can sign up at the studio or text Inga 😁.
👉Friday January 10th, 24th and 31st at 5:00PM

Enjoy the Holidays! Classes will resume Thursday morning. 😊🎄✨

Jump board class is back this Friday! Join us at 5:00PM. Sign up by replying to this post, text Inga or sign up at the studio. Looking forward to seeing you there! 🎄😁

Learn About the Egoscue Method and Improve your Physical Health today!

Here is a great article describing the Egoscue Method in which I am a certified affiliate and offer posture assessments at The Pilates Studio. The Egoscue Method is a highly-respected, non-medical pain relief system. Learn how Tony Robbins' achieves peak physical health with the Egoscue Method.

It’s almost Friday! 😁 Join us for jump board class this Friday at 5PM. Text Inga, sign up at the studio or comment on this post. It’s a fun class and great way to get a jump start on the weekend ☀️.

City Social NOV-DEC 2019 Page 20

Check out our article in City Social Magazine! Celebrating 20 years in Business The Pilates Studio In January 1999, Donna Shearman, owner and teacher at the Pilates Studio, took a chance and started her business at a time when Pilates was not very well known. Since then she has seen Pilates grow, not as a fad, but as a fitness lifestyle. What at...

Good news! There WILL be a jump board class this Friday 7/26 at 5PM. Sign up this week at the studio or message us. Come join in the fun and get your weekend started with a GREAT workout!

This can be an eye-opener to the source of pain.

A bad habit of sitting or standing all on one side, sitting with your shoulders rounded, or carrying your purse on one shoulder day after day will ultimately lead to an imbalance. Learn more about how to correct these habits here:

Makes sense to eat breakfast. You wouldn’t drive your car without gas.

”Incidental stresses, such as strenuous exercise combined with fasting (e.g., running or working before eating breakfast) not only directly trigger the production of lactate and ammonia, they also are likely to increase the absorption of bacterial endotoxin from the intestine. Endotoxin is a ubiquitous and chronic stressor. It increases lactate and nitric oxide, poisoning mitochondrial respiration, precipitating the secretion of the adaptive stress hormones, which don’t always fully repair the cellular damage.”
#eatbreakfast #dontexerciseonanemptystomach #reducestress #bekindtoyourbody #exerciseisstress #youneedfuel #rethinkhowyouexercise #workout #damage #raypeat #smart #strong #thenutritioncoach

Enjoy your weekend! ☀️

Healing Through Movement

Text neck. Don’t let this be you! Pilates has exercises that can help.

It happens slowly, gradually, and most people don't even realize they're doing it.

But over time, adopting this position can have a real effect on the posture.

Discover a simple exercise sequence to help unravel the neck muscles without giving up the smartphone.

Svinøya Rorbuer - BaseCamp Lofoten

Flying eagle! Our new favorite exercise.


Sometimes the “I just came from Pilates” is the most interesting looks. 😉... when work heels 👠 don’t pair so well with leggings. 😁

Polyunsaturated fats, PUFAs rather than sugar contributes to diabetes. These are called “healthy fats” by the mainstream nutrition camp.


Anyone suffering from diabetes either has hypothyroidism or is on their way to becoming hypothyroid. Why?

Their cells 🦠 become blocked from using thyroid hormone efficiently and 👉🏻 anyone suffering from hypothyroidism is on a fast track to diabetes as a result of how the body compensates for the low thyroid 🦋 condition.

Everything, either directly or indirectly influences blood glucose in the body 👉🏻and polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) lead to insulin resistance and diabetes, not sugar.

The process by which this takes place is known as the Randle Cycle: The glucose fatty acid cycle and its role in insulin sensitivity and metabolism.

Simplified: It is a mechanism where large amounts of free fatty acids in your blood stream compete with sugar in your blood stream and block your cells from being able to use or metabolize it for blood sugar regulation and energy.

This is why diabetics have high levels of circulating fatty acids in their blood. Remember if you cannot get sugar into your cells then you cannot use thyroid hormone.

We know with hypothyroidism the liver loses its ability to store and release stored glycogen and it is the stored glycogen released between meals that allow us to keep our blood glucose regulated throughout the day and between meals.

As we have mentioned a million times, this is why those with hypothyroidism lose their ability to regulate blood sugar and therefore MUST compensate with stress hormones as a means of survival.

When blood sugar drops the body will release adrenaline as this signals the liver to begin releasing stored glycogen but remember – a hypothyroid liver cannot store glycogen.

This same adrenaline triggers the release of free fatty acids into the blood stream, which as mentioned above from the Randle Cycle prevents the cells from being able to uptake sugar.

This is one of the main reasons we recommend a very limited intake of PUFA. These fats are highly unstable and easily susceptible to oxidation. Unfortunately MOST of the fat being consumed today are in the form of PUFA and MOST people are locked in a high stress, low thyroid state. The result is a large amount of PUFA that is broken down and released into the blood stream. Not only do these free fatty-acids cause insulin resistance within your cells, they kill your cells that produce the insulin that you need to deliver glucose to your cells.

The cycle of adrenaline releasing PUFAs:
❌Blocks cells from metabolizing glucose
❌Promotes insulin release and resistance overtime
❌Kills the beta cells (insulin producing cells) of the pancreas

The Egoscue Method

Hey cyclists! Try these 3 simple exercises before getting on your bike to help you avoid low back pain during your next ride.

Muscle and Motion

Great tips for people who sit for hours at the computer.

Take 3 minutes to watch this crucial video about "Prolonged Sitting".
If you sit most of the day, this video is for you!

This video includes recommendations for reducing damage from prolonged slumped sitting.

Follow the 3 principles shown in the video:
1. Divide load among the tissues.
2. Avoid prolonged flexed posture.
3. Include breaks for movement.

Want to see more videos like this one? Try our POSTURE App.

Subscribe Now for Full Access:

Or Try the Free Version:

Great image for a neutral pelvis position when seated.

Chest mobility and whole body connection in the supine position on functional skeleton

See how the movement of the pelvis affects the chest, neck and head. Why it's so important to get your body back in it's proper alignment.

The connection of entire body motion in the skeleton /// One of the main aspects of the Somatics - is work through the skeleton. Usually, it hard to demonstr...

Prevenzione a tavola

Notice the ribs expanding out to the side and the shoulders are still. That is proper breathing.

Ecco cosa succede quando respiriamo!
La meraviglia del corpo umano

Look what our sweet client brought us to celebrate our 20 year anniversary. Thank you Sandy!

Today is The Pilates Studio's 20 year Anniversary! I never knew when I opened on January 4th, 1999 that this business would still be going strong 20 years later. Thanks to all our great clients who made this possible. I have enjoyed teaching and learning from each of you.

Santa has experienced the many benefits of Pilates, his disciplined practice allows him to breeze through the big night with “spontaneous zest and pleasure”! 🎅🏻🎄
Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season!

It's the mind itself which builds the body.
- Joseph Pilates

It's the mind itself which builds the body.
- Joseph Pilates

#motivationalmondays #josephpilates #pilatesquotes #josephpilatesmethod #josephpilateslegacy #basipilates #mybasilife #pilateslovers #basipilatesinstructor #pilateseducation

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