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I know I ought to post more often, according to some. But the thing is, I beleive true health & joy come from less social media & more interpersonal human connection. My personal life & National Academy Sports Medicine + a lil’ Gwennie ❤️‍🔥flavour personal training/nutritional coaching are alive & well. Come and see!!!! I would LOVE to help you achieve your results while simultaneously living a fuller, richer life.

Fitness x Floyd now takes appointments on their Page. 02/18/2022

Fitness x Floyd now takes appointments on their Page.

Fitness x Floyd now takes appointments on their Page.

Fitness x Floyd now takes appointments on their Page. 02/18/2022

Fitness x Floyd now takes appointments on their Page.

Fitness x Floyd now takes appointments on their Page.

What is a calorie? - Emma Bryce 01/03/2022

What is a calorie? - Emma Bryce

A great bit of info and a nice reminder.
Need more? My nice, clean, private gym is waiting. Virtual is a conveniently great, personal option too!

What is a calorie? - Emma Bryce View full lesson: hear about calories all the time: How many calories are in this cookie? How many a...


My girl is a BALLER. Strong women DO.

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Gift certificates available. We’re waiting for you! Happy holidays.


Holidays are here! Don’t get so distracted that you stop your health progress! Don’t wait until next year to begin gifting your body with training! Put “yourhealth” first! Affordable, no commitment, single pay as you go personal training that teaches you the hows whys and whats of training your body effectively for long-term results. Learn to do it right so you can do it for life❤️


To all, thank you for your service this Veterans Day.

Fitness x Floyd updated their phone number. 10/21/2021

Fitness x Floyd updated their phone number.

Fitness x Floyd updated their phone number.

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She is off on her first high school adventure: homecoming!


I want to walk towards inclusion and away from exclusion. Setting up for virtual training after an in-person session I kept this thought front and center. My goal is to meet you where you are and give you exactly what you need. If you want to see what fun fitness can look like, reach out! I am here for YOU.

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I am so proud of my great grandfather-in-law’s dedication towards the pursuit of true wealth: one that benefits a larger community beyond self. Thank you to all the nameless citizens who put forth the work in seeing this dedication through to completion; acknowledging & honoring Judge Marquette Floyd’s legacy. I see so much of him in my husband, Jonathan Floyd. Intelligent men of great integrity.

Integrity - Doing what you ought to no matter what it costs you (Andy Stanley) that brings wholeness.

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Just like that she is off to HS!

Photos from Fitness x Floyd's post 09/08/2021

We ended summer on a Hawaii note! Missed Jon tremendously but thankful for his new job in Oregon near family. Thank you Colette and Sally for spending time with us!


My countertop this morning. Foraging Effect: we eat what is close, convenient & looks appealing.

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I appreciate my father-in-law capturing the kids getting back into sports. It was a celebration to see family & pay tribute to athletics after a year apart. I am grateful.


Thank you to my clients who have stuck with me for many months. You truly are.


Good morning Monday veggies. Because spring break was a treat & my garden had extra to give after a week of rest. I want to be just like it... I am what I eat!


A quick garden pick for my client. I appreciate you & celebrate your progress. Thank you for working on you with me. Cheers to reaching -10 lost & our health.

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Getting Back Out There! We grab our pickelball set, basketballs, footballs & just go. “Lets just play a round...” or “Lets throw/shoot for five...” 1.5 hrs. later still finding active adventure having fun. Just go! If you need help getting started with your fitness or nutrition I am here to help in realistic & healthy ways that equal quality of life. Available virtually or in person!

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I love picking veggies from my garden after a good solid rain. In 30 min from picked to eaten. We’re all in different seasons but if you have the ability to grow a garden, I hope you try. As your personal trainer & nutrition coach, I’m happy to share my greens with you! Fresh food to table fast!


Wall complete. I have now added Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) to my list of loving human-helper tools! I’m proud of myself for accomplishing my goals post navy command tour. Like most rewarding things, it has not come easily! It’s a step in the right direction. Start a business ✔️Personal Training Certification ✔️ Nutrition Certification ✔️


Whether you need motivation incorporating small lifestyle changes or want a jumpstart to your health, let me be your accountability partner! I have lots of fun ideas & modifications but what YOU want is what WE do!


Break up Blursday by planning a workout with me! Add something productive & fun to your calendar. Virtually or in person. We do what you need!

Timeline Photos 12/21/2020

New video content to help you train at home.

Core Training Volume 1 is out NOW!!!


Tis the season for receiving life. Gift Certificates Available.


Fitness x Floyd

Book now. Stay in shape through the pandemic, the holidays, and most importantly... for life.


Birthday Boy in his happy place with his happy people. Happy Birthday to my life long love.


Harvest from my garden this morning! Enough variety to last the day with added health, flavor & color in all of our meals. Come for a pandemic yard gym workout & pick some to take home too!


Outdoor Indoor Virtual Gym for Private & Small Group Training. Cheers to the final month of 2020!


My client snapped this photo of us while exercising together. We’re having fun making “it” & our bodies work! If you’re open to the convenient idea of opening up your laptop in order to get your sweat on & stress out, hit me up!


See you soon for personalized training! Convenient virtual or private gym sessions for your whole family. What are your health goals & how can I help? 10/13/2020

The Best Exercise for Seniors is High-Intensity Interval Training, Study Says

If you have questions or want to try a free in-person or virtual training session customized to fit YOUR goals (not mine), please let me know! I have the know-how and I want to help. High-intensity interval training shows a marked effect on fitness and overall wellbeing in seniors, according to a new study from Norway. 09/22/2020

Never, ever give up

I started my journey into the unknown on my 42nd birthday as a micro-fitness business owner, not knowing what was to come. I knew only one thing when I decided to be brave: I actively get to choose what I do with my life. I love people & health & wanted to help in a genuine way.
This story is so inspiring. I thank my husband primarily & also friends & family who have been my positive support team all these years. Although I haven't reached the proverbial shore & it's harder than I want it to be, I was inspired & reminded why I must not give up. It is in the small, daily trying that I - we - are winning. What a great message Diana Nyad sends to all of us. I hope you'll give it a listen. I would love to be your Bonnie. In the pitch-black night, stung by jellyfish, choking on salt water, singing to herself, hallucinating … Diana Nyad just kept on swimming. And that's how she finally achieved her lifetime goal as an athlete: an extreme 100-mile swim from Cuba to Florida -- at age 64. Hear her story.


The wilderness visually and physically reminded me of the importance of perspective, perseverance, mentorship, focus and rest. If your family needs a life coach turned personal trainer, I’d love to help in person or virtually. Coming soon: nutrition certification!

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