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Hello Everyone! My wife is having an art sale tomorrow April 30th from 9-12.

3148 Dolly Ridge Drive


Hope to see you
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💪🏻TESTIMONIAL TUESDAY💪🏻 We love partnering with Wheelhouse Academy one of our amazing gym pickup locations here in Birmingham. Thank you so much Luan Nguyen for the shoutout!! Y’all are awesome.
We are always proud to partner with amazing gyms like Wheelhouse Academy in the Birmingham area. Thanks again for letting us bring you a healthy meal and be a part of your goal setting workshop!
We are so excited to provide a healthy meal for Wheelhouse Academy Goal Setting Workshop featuring Luan Nguyen and Gayle Lantz this Thursday, Jan. 27th at 6 p.m.!! We always enjoy serving gyms that help people reach their goals and encourage healthy living. Check out their page to register and enjoy food from us at no charge!
Luan Nguyen of Wheelhouse Academy answered a few questions about helping viewers get comfortable in his Cookin With Lu tutorial. We also discussed his new Wheelhouse LIFT UP contest that's shining a light on people who deserve a little pick-me-up during lockdown. Read more! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

We're talking about maximizing your customer relationships starting at 9 a.m. for REV Biz Webinar: Retaining Your Business Make sure you're signed up to hear how Ignite Cycle, Life Touch Massage and Wheelhouse Academy are keeping in touch with their members, despite their doors being closed. Register ⬇️⬇️⬇️
You’re welcome, Zechariah Townsend
Hey Wheelhouse, I know we've gotta know some people like this!

Looking to hire a Personal Chef-Would be located in Liberty Park. GREAT opportunity for a part-time chef with a full time salary.

• Come up with weekly menus with input from team
• Sourcing and buying all needed organic ingredients
• Cooking and serving meals to the executive team
• Researching new food trends and best health practices
• 3 years minimum experience in high end cooking required
• Must be available M-F 11-7pm and certain weekends
• Self starter, great communication skills, and top notch attention to detail are MUST HAVES

Reach out if you or someone you know would be interested!
New Year – New You – Raise your hand if joining a gym is on your January to do list! Here are some great local workout spots that are perfect for starting your new fitness routine!💪

Three15 Studio | Homewood | Cycling and Barre

Wheelhouse Academy | Downtown | Strength Training and Conditioning

Orangetheory Fitness Hoover Orangetheory Fitness Downtown Birmingham Orangetheory Fitness Inverness Orangetheory Fitness Vestavia Hills Orangetheory Fitness Trussville | High Intensity Interval Training

Pure Fitness | Vestavia | Personal Training

Meta Fitness Studio | Mountain Brook | Personal Training
Several CrossFit Protocol athletes competed in the Wheelhouse Elite Open at Wheelhouse Academy in Birmingham on Saturday. A summary of their accomplishments are below. Great job, everyone!

Emily Hubbard: 101kg total, qualified for American Open Series
Paige Martin: 131kg total, qualified for American Open Series
Amanda Hendrix: First meet, 125kg total and qualified for American Open Series
Scottie Hubbard: 232kg total, qualified for American Open Series
Drew Peele: First meet and 176kg total
Jeremy Gilbert: 198kg total


Wheelhouse Academy was born out of the notion that learning the right way to work out is just as important as the workout itself.

That’s where the idea of the Wheelhouse “Academy” comes in. As a member, you will not only learn workout routines, you Luan Nguyen is a professional trainer that has consulted with more than 50 gyms across the country. He has seen what they do right, and corrected what they do wrong. And now he’s taking the best of those practices and putting them to work at Wheelhouse Academy. David Morris brings

Operating as usual


WHAMMYS Anniversary Party Highlight Vid


For allowing us to service this city and gym community for the last 5 years.

Thank You Wheelhouse Members for the trust in us to guide you during your fitness journey.

…For the endless sweat and dedication day in, day out.

…For the Training!

…And for allowing us to learn more about your needs each day.

We’ve been excited to show you this recap vid of The Whammys Anniversary Party. Turn up the volume!


Happy 5 Years!
This weekend we are celebrating 5 Years as a Strength and Conditioning Community in the heart of Birminghmam.
Our party, The Whammys, is back and this one will be the best one yet! Hope to see you there!

Photos from Mealfit's post 01/25/2022

Let’s GO!


‘Tis the season for Goal Setting around every gym in the world right now.

For many people, they’re starting at day one. Not only with fitness goals but with fitness in general. (Which can be an uncomfortable place to be at times)

Faced with so many daunting hurdles in front of them, the acceptance of a gym community is a variable that many aren’t talking about.

Take a listen to this latest episode of and tell me what you think? We dive into some of our own experiences that we’ve experienced in the fitness industry. Hopefully there’s a take away for you in there.

Goals Setting Seminar .academy on Thurs Jan 27th. Let me know if you’d like to be our guest.


Jim’s Transformation

⚡️ A new year can turn over new leaves that lead to creating healthy habits and being part of a community that wants you to win every step of the way.

Take advantage of our New Years Special and take action in lining up the best health year of your life.
📩 Comment, DM, or email is for more Information.

💪🏼 In the meantime, be jnspired by Jim McFarlands story. No frills. Just consistent hard work.


🎯 2022 is in our sights.

Our community will be marching forward with a new mindset and initiative after our Goal Setting Workshop (Jan 27th).

Join us for direction, guidance, and support on your health goals.

The Christmas Special is extended until the end of the year. Our New Years Special won’t be as sweet so take action now.

Step 1 is DMing us. We will do the rest.


🎄 Give the Gift of Strength, Health and Longevity. Either to a loved one or to Yourself.

If you have any Hesitations or Reservations, we would love to chat with you. To learn more about your fitness experience and needs and to share more about the options we have here for you at Wheelhouse.


Photos from Wheelhouse Academy's post 11/18/2021


We can’t say enough great things about .athletics
They have ALWAYS provided us with incredible equipment for all of our competitors to use over the past several weightlifting meets here at Wheelhouse. .academy
TRU Athletics

They’ve gone out of their way to deliver their equipment when we’ve needed them the most especially during these times when finding quality plates and barbells is darn near impossible.

Thank you Tru Athletics for helping us get through another meet without a hitch. The competitors and always love the bars, plates and PRs.

Contact .athletics for your equipments needs.

📸 Big Little Photo Company
Katy Houston Taylor Houston

Photos from Wheelhouse Academy's post 09/07/2021

New PROTEIN In Stock!

With the help of we now are providing an amazing source of protein for your pre/post workout needs.

It comes in several amazing flavors (cinnamon toast crunch, fruit loops, choc milkshake and mint choc, to name a few)

If you’re a fan of , what’s your favorite flavor?

Photos from Wheelhouse Academy's post 08/23/2021

Happiest of Birthdays Coach STEVE MARES!!

Thank you for your energy, athlete development and guidance in all things! You’re incredible in so many ways!


⭐️ The Skill of Fitness ⭐️

⭐️The Skill Of Fitness ⭐️

We prioritize teaching you to move correctly instead of mindlessly getting sweaty and sore.

Learn more about our:
• Consultation and Trial Process (to truly test drive the program, experience our training culture and vibes)
• Foundations Program: For Those Starting New Into Your Fitness Journey, This is for You!
• 3 Program Options (options everyday that guide you toward your best you)
• Access to Open Gym, 7 days/wk
• Olympic Weightlifting Team
• No Contract Memberships
• 30% off Special (off any program)
• Educational Podcast
• Nutrition Guidance


Mobility Workshop This Thursday Night (6:30pm)!

One thing I forgot to mention in the video: There will be awesome giveaways from Wheelhouse, LuLulemon, Movewell, and Mealfit. However, you can only win if you register in our app.

Finally, this is a free event. The presenters only ask that you consider leaving a donation of your choice to Firehouse Student-Ministries

Have a quick listen for more details and we will see you there!



Just a little Wheelhouse Action and Love to Birmingham. If you live near or work near downtown, learn about the many options you have at Wheelhouse Academy for your fitness and training needs.

Ep 11: Mindset When Starting A New Fitness Regimen / Gym - WHEELHOUSE RADIO 06/19/2021

Ep 11: Mindset When Starting A New Fitness Regimen / Gym - WHEELHOUSE RADIO

If you are new to fitness but have some anxiety building up on whats expected of you from your friends, family and most importantly, yourself. This episode is for you.
Or, perhaps you're not new to fitness but new to a gym community where they do different movements, use different equipment, and you don't have a clear picture of how to start. This episode is for you.

Listen in as Coach Luan Nguyen and Coach Rain Kennedy dive into a few concepts when it comes to being coachable, having the right mindset on your new journey, being a 'white belt' all over again, and making adjustments along the way.

We were all beginners once. Share this episode with someone who could benefit from it as they march on their fitness journey.

Ep 11: Mindset When Starting A New Fitness Regimen / Gym - WHEELHOUSE RADIO If you are new to fitness but have some anxiety building up on whats expected of you from your friends, family and most importantly, yourself. This episode is for you. Or, perhaps you're not new to fitness but new to a gym community where they do ...


Ashley Herring's Testimonial

Ahsley shares of bit of her journey from never being "into fitness" growing up to starting from day one of her journey at Wheelhouse.

If you have thought about starting our program but have been a bit reluctant or nervous, you will be inspired by this video.

Listen, Learn and Share.

We would love to learn more about you. Contact [email protected] or visit our website: http://wheelhouse.academy and fill out our contact form and we will reach out.



Hello Parents,

The inaugural Summer Strong Lifting Camp will be taking place in just two weeks,
kicking off on June 1st. We will run camp on Tuesdays and Thursdays from
930am -11am each day, for 3 weeks, six total classes.

Tues - June 1st, Thurs - June 3rd
Tues - June 8th, Thurs - June 10th
Tues - June 15th, Thurs - June 17th

Camp will be led by myself with the assistance of two other coaches each day.

We have built a daily 90 min curriculum that will introduce and reinforce concepts of
strength training and proper lifting form of the foundational lifts (squat, bench, deadlifts, press) and valuable drills and progressions of the dynamic lifts (clean variations, push press, jerk).

The curriculum will also drill home:
-Safety in Lifting and Spotting
-Gym Etiquette (Do's and Don'ts)
-Being Better Lifting Partners / Teammates While Training
-Intentional Warm Ups
-Recovery / Self Maintenance and Care
-Ideal Nutrition for Growth and Performance

Summer Strong's aim is to leave them feeling incredibly confident with the barbell (one
of the most intimidating tools in the gym but also the most impactful) and provide a clear
vision in their future of strength training.

This camp is open to all families but WH parents will get first priority as we intend to serve
only a small group this time. (Middle School Age, 11-15yr)

Cost - $349
(Cost for Wheelhouse Parents is $249)
Each additional - $149

To Reserve your spot(s) Please reply to this post and email: [email protected] with the following info.
Childs Name
Childs DOB
Childs Preferred Sport(s)

Finally, please share this post with any parent friends who would be interested in our Lifting Camp. We are confident that this investment will literally change the trajectory of their future
in lifting, sports and athletics.


[email protected]
(there is no ".com" at the end of the email)


We want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on EP 1? Listen now on Spotify.


S U M M E R • S T R O N G

Parents, let’s chat! We would love your insight on a summer program that we want to launch for your middle schooler (11-14yrs).

The focus of Summer Strong is to provide a ~90 min experience, twice a week, where we dive into lifting fundamentals, technique and proper progressions.

We would educated them on
-Training Room Etiquette (the dos and donts)
-Proper Warm Ups and dynamic progressions
-Specific drills to improve each segments of their core lifts
-How to properly spot and safely bail on their lifts.
-How to be a Great training teammate / lifting partner
-The Basics of Nutrition
-Recovery and Self Care / Maintenance
-The Primary Lifts that will accelerate their growth in their sport: Variations of the Back Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Press and Power Cleans

Summer Strong will be open to all kids and we would limit our first graduating class to a small batch of 12-15 kids.

We feel this will be an incredibly valuable experience and cannot wait to elevate their growth and confidence in the training room and all things lifting.

Parents, please reply with your thoughts.
When are good days and times for a camp ?
Is 90 mins a good time frame?
3-4 weeks?
Co-Ed or should we separate the boys and girls?


📸: , and Millicent (14yrs old)

Photos from Wheelhouse Academy's post 03/19/2021

Masters Weightlifting Masters Championship

Team Wheelhouse is representing this weekend in Orlando in a national level Olympic Weightlifting Meet.

We are snatch, clean and jerking with the best of them. Lets give big strong energy to and



If the roads are safe for you, and you want to come train tonight, we got ya covered.

Open Gym: now until 4:30pm and again after the last class.

Strength and Conditioning Classes: 4:30p, 5:30p, and 6:30p.

📸: w/


New Year Special and Package Options

A quick vid to explain the New Year's specials and package options at Wheelhouse Academy, a strength and conditioning gym in downtown Birmingham.
We also offer Online programming for both Strength and Conditioning options as well as Nutritional Coaching.
Happy New Year Everyone! Send any questions you may have our way.

Respect and Thank You For The Training!


FLEX ED., Thursday Nights

The team and I have put our heads together to roll out a new class that we are calling "Flex Ed." (Thank You Ashley Shaw for the clever name)

Flex Ed will be held on Thursday Nights, at 630pm and is kicking off this Thursday the 3rd. Our goal is to:

-Share information and put you through stretch positions and range of motion challenges.

-Teach you how to provide self massage and therapy care to alleviate tight muscles, soreness and knots.

-Teach proper use of tools such as: the lacrosse ball, the foam roller, and bands so you can formulate a game plan to carry out at home or during open gym times.

Ultimately we want to help connect the dots of specific methods/techniques that help with certain positions that can often be troublesome for people. (Think: Bottom of a squat, Overhead positions, front rack position and even kipping positions. ) Each class will focus on a specific joint and/or muscle group that we aim to improve in mobility and flexibility.

As always, we welcome any feedback and questions about this class. We hope to see you guys out for Flex Ed.

Thank You For The Training


Looking back on this crazy year, the team and I are simply humbled by the support, love and trust from this community.

There is no crystal ball to predict the future but we can simply take things one day at a time. We will be present and be there to listen and to guide.

💙 And for this opportunity, we are incredibly Thankful. 🙏🏻

Thank You For The Training
Thank You For Simply Being You



WH Family, listen in for the schedule details and programming options for the week!
Respect!! 🤙🏼


Ready for the Weekend!! Be on the look out for our Black Friday Deals next week! 💙

Nick Estill


We are a S&C, class structured gym but we also have Open Gym Hours for those who want to get in work during non-class hours.

Contact us for more Info about open gym only memberships or set up a consultation to learn more about full membership options.

Videos (show all)

WHAMMYS Anniversary Party Highlight Vid
Jim’s Transformation
⭐️ The Skill of Fitness ⭐️




2424 4th Ave South
Birmingham, AL

Opening Hours

Monday 5:30am - 9pm
Tuesday 5:30am - 9pm
Wednesday 5:30am - 9pm
Thursday 5:30am - 9pm
Friday 5:30am - 6:30pm
Saturday 9am - 12pm

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