WaterSafe Swimming, LLC

WaterSafe Swimming, LLC


Thanks for another awesome session of swim lessons!
Thank you for another great swim lesson session!!
I'm sad that I messaged, waited, and was told registration would be coming soon and I would see it on fb. I've checked this page daily as well as your website. I look today and it says you are booked???
Hi! Any update on registration and lessons for this year?
When will registration be open for this year?
Hi! Do you know the dates of lessons yet, or when registration will be?
Our first year of swim lessons is in the books... I'm so proud of my little fishy 🐠 Thank you so much, Mrs. Ashley!!
I can't believe how much she has learned in just two weeks! Mrs. Ashley is the best!
Swimming lesson success!!

Swim Lessons for kids 6m-5 Hey! My name is Ashley Jackson. I am the owner and instructor of all the WaterSafe swim lessons. Age range is 6 months-5 years old.

I have been trained by Laura Canterbury, swim instructor for the past 6 years. I am red cross certified and lifeguard certified. Being a mother, I know first-hand the importance of teaching kids how to be safe around water and the basics of swimming. The earlier you can introduce a child to water, the better. Here are the steps I use to help ensure safety and to teach kids to the basics of swimmin


It has come to my attention a complete stranger has posted a bad review for my business. I want to let everyone know I have no clue who is this person is. We have mutual friend, and I have reached out to that person. That person does not know her either. The review claims I send my child to school while having a child at home positive with COVID. My children are at school per school rules. 2 out of 3 of my children had COVID after Christmas, so they don’t have quarantine while my 3rd is isolated at home. My husband and I are fully vaccinated. If you know me, you know I take COVID seriously. My daughter and I are immunocompromised. I find it crazy and disheartening; however, I have to explain myself and my family’s business to FB all because of one stranger. If you have any questions or concerns, please DM. Thanks!


I have two spots for this week (7.12-16) at 1 pm. If interested, please text me. 205.937.7321. Thanks!


I have three spots available next week (5.17-21) 3-3:30 pm. HEATED pool on Canterbury Rd in MB. Text me if you would like to attend. 205.937.7321. $300.


I am only doing one week, 30 minutes for four kids. The first lesson will be at a pool on Canterbury Rd in MBV. The lesson time will be 2 pm

The second lesson will be same format the third week in May at a pool in Cherokee Bend in MB area. I have three spots available for it.

I could possibly do a couple lessons second and third week in May like the ones above, but swimmers and families will have to be flexible on what time the lessons are each day.

I have two other pools both in MB area that I will use in June. Times will be a little more flexible bc I will not be working at my other job. Same format as the other lessons this year.

Please email me [email protected] to sign up


Looking for pools in MB area to teach swimming lessons in the month of May and June. Pools need to be heated well. I will only have around four kids in a lessons. Each 30 minutes. Might want to do two back to back lessons, so I will use pool for one hour at the most. Each lesson will consist of 5 days (M-F). I need to teach these lessons between 12-4 because I work in the morning at another job. Let me know. Thanks!


Hey everyone! I plan on teaching smaller groups, 4 littles, come end of Spring throughout Summer. I won’t know schedule until closer to time due to how unpredictable things still are. If interested, let me know. I will send texts out closer to time.


I apologize for being MIA as we approach swim season. Due to my health, I have been waiting to see if I would be ok to teach. Drs are still working on trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I don’t have any answers now, but I pray I will soon and can then make a better decision on what to do regarding swimming. I hope everyone understands. Thanks!


For those of you who have taken lessons from me, can you please go recommend me to this post? Thanks for your help! Recommendations on this site would be great too. Can't believe sign-ups will be in three months or so. Thanks everyone!


Online registration for 2018 lessons will take place Monday, Jan. 29th at 8:30 am. Session One will be the first two weeks of May and Session Two will be third and fourth week of May. An email link will he mailed to all swimmers from last year and anyone who has emailed [email protected] asking to be included. Still praying on class times. It will be announced soon. Thanks!


Hey Everyone, Lessons are very limited this year due to an injury I am recovering from. I am sorry for the lack of communication on my part. Please check back next year.

Timeline photos 06/22/2016

Got this sweet text this morning. So proud of my former swimmer. Isn't she a cutie?!


Registration will be open Wednesday, Feb. 3rd @ 8 am.


Working on getting online registration up and running. Looks like my sessions will be:
Session #1
May 2-13

Session #2
May 16-27

Session #3
June 6-17

Sessions #4
June 20-July 1

Timeline photos 05/17/2015

Why I do what I do...


Session #1 finished successfully. All the littles did so well. I am lucky to do what I do. If you have videos or pictures, please post. Thanks to all the parents who allowed me to teach their children.


Day 1 of swimming 2015 is behind us. I loved being back with the littles. Seeing these kiddos (and even mamas) face and overcome their fear is so cool to me. It is going to be a great session! I am thankful God has put this opportunity in my life.


Registration is NOW OPEN! I just sent emails out to everyone who has shown interest. Thanks!


Just an update. Registration is still not up yet. My web guy has been very busy, so it has taken longer than I anticipated. With that said, anyone who took last year or has emailed me, you will be the first ones to receive the registration link. Look for something at the end of next week. Thanks for your patience. I can't wait to be back in the pool with my little friends.


Can't believe it is almost that time. Soon, I will open the online swim lesson registration. FYI, here are the dates of the sessions:
1st Session: April 27-May 8
2nd Session: May 11-May 22
3rd Session: June 1-12
Possible 4th Session: June 15-26
Please spread the word!

Timeline photos 06/06/2014

It's notes like this that make teaching so rewarding. Thanks Pat Faulkenberry!

Photos from WaterSafe Swimming, LLC's post 05/27/2014

Love working with these kids! Two sessions down.


I have one spot left for a mini-session. Details:
May 19-23
9:30-10:30 am
email [email protected] if interested


Session One down. Session Two started. Session Three emailed.

Post your pics from lessons friends!


I emailed everyone in session 2. Please email me if you didn't receive it.


Starting Session 1 today! It went well.


Just emailed everyone signed up for session 1. Please email me ([email protected]) if you did not receive email. Everyone in session 2 and 3 look for an email closer to time with details on lessons. Thanks!


WaterSafe Swimming, LLC

Please spread the word and like page. Thanks!

WaterSafe Swimming, LLC Swim Lessons for kids 6m-5




Birmingham, AL

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