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​​Strollercize Academy! We took a long break with the Pandemic. Strollercize Headquarters is now Strollercize provides classes, online personal training for Moms and Online Instructor Certifications.

No time for class or need a little more push, Strollercize provides online training for Moms so you can get fit at home!

Operating as usual


It has been two years since I have trained a Mom in a class or a trainer in my Strollercize Academy. I moved to Florida, Got Married, Went Through a Global Pandemic and helped my husband build a business dream of his own. How did I do all of this. Because I have stayed fit as a MOM. Older now too and it all works. How a Mom Trains for Motherhood gets her to a place where she can feel like she is 35 again! Now my daughter is a Mom. Looking to have a second coming soon. Strollercize Strolls on and the Good News, my daughter my be starting her own chapter in North Carolina!!! This video is me doing what I do everyday with The RollerSizeR which is used in all of my online trainings and in the Registration package. Look forward to Training Young Trainers to be Strollercize Certified.

Strollercize Academy updated their business hours. 11/13/2021

Strollercize Academy updated their business hours.

Strollercize Academy updated their business hours.

Strollercize Academy updated their address. 11/13/2021

Strollercize Academy updated their address.

Strollercize Academy updated their address.


Double Stroller? Tougher Workout. Fit4Two. is on a Stroll Back.


What does A Fit Mom do?? Party with her sons at the local table Grocery Store in Naples Florida!! 10/14/2020

RollerSizeR The AB Toner and More. 'It's A Gym in A Bag'

ONLINE TRAINING FOR MOMS Starts October 20th. and use The RollerSizeR to help Moms Melt the Muffin and Find their Waistlines! Exited to get back to helping Moms get fit in my new role as a Wife! Not a Single Mom of Three but a Super Happy Married Mom with a big Family, I love. RollerSizeR The AB Toner and More. 'It's A Gym in A Bag'


on a very special day with my Family. gave me a road to stroll onto the next !!!


"This New Life as a New Mom is now a Tad bit Tougher... but your LOVE as a Mom,


A Fit Mom By Strollercize


A Fit Mom By Strollercize


A Fit Mom By Strollercize's cover photo


A Fit Mom By Strollercize


A Fit Mom By Strollercize


The Wheel of Knowledge, NEW, MODERN MOVES for a Mom and her Push Cart. Strollercize Certification now referenced with I.D.E.A. Association.


We were going to OPEN up NYC. I have lived in the city for 30 years. Right now, just feel we will wait till FALL. Mommy Gut Feeling. I am adding classes to the Strollercize Indoor Class and a Follow Along Pod Cast so Mom can workout with her Stroller doing the Strollercize System. Also, now that Harvard is going totally Online. Setting up the New Strollercize Academy for those that want to get Certified or Trainers that want to start up a Strollercize Class in their neighborhood! Let's all SHOOT FOR FALL 2020.


Get Fit anytime, anywhere and learn new ways to be A FIT MOM in all stages of this stressful and amazing Title ... Mom!! I love to hear that name.


A Fit Mom By Strollercize's cover photo 06/16/2020

A Fit Mom By Strollercize

In 2006 We had the BABYWEIGHT WORKOUT. Well the BABY is Back and it comes with a THE BABYWEIGHT WORKOUT AND VIDEO! Perfect for a New Mom or Mom To Be. Can be used in Strollercize's A Fit Mom's Online Club.


2:00pm Monday Online Live Classes Starting for Moms. 15 Minutes and of course, Babies are welcome. :)
Register to get a Month Free. 06/06/2020

Strollercize® Baby Pacifier |

is a Exercise in The ® FITionary! The Fitionary is part of the New Strollercize Training Program for our Instructors. This exercise is in the Onsite and Online Classes. Great for Thinning the Thighs of a New Mom and OLDER MOM too! These days we need a ! Strollercize has a special language for all of it's exercises. One exercise is called "Moment Of Peace". So it only seemed perfect for our Strollercize Pacifier. 06/05/2020

HOME | A FIT MOM After the birth of her first child, Elizabeth Trindade former ballet dancer/tightrope walker became fitness frustrated. She wanted to lose The Baby Weight and regain her life. Depressed, over-whelmed and frustrated, she went out late one night on Park Avenue with her Doberman, Stroller and Baby in t...


A Fit Mom By Strollercize's cover photo 05/25/2020

The RollerSizeR® Ab Toner & More: PICK YOUR COLOR

REVING UP THE WHEELS. The RollerSizeR® is a portable Ab Toner but it also tones, strengthens, stretches and supports the body in hundreds of exercise. The RollerSizeR is A Gym In The Bag.


Strollercize 2020. New Vision, New Mom, A New Way To Stroll Fit Through Life!


STROLLERCIZE is getting ready for Mother's Day! New Website, Online Club for Moms. Exercises that focus on the Muscles of Motherhood. Classes will resume in NYC and feel sooner than we think! Keep you posted.
In the meantime if you want to workout at home please join us in The RollerSizeR Fit Club as we have over 40 LIVE classes a Month! 03/19/2020


All RollerSizeR® AB TONERS are on SALE and come with ONE MONTH of ONLINE F.A.S.T.E.R. Fit Workouts.

Currently I am teaching two LIVE workouts a day. If you are a Strollercize Mom or Alumni and still have your RollerSizeR you can join us for FREE for ONE MONTH!

Visit to see my schedule. Daily Regime F.A.S.T.E.R. Fit Workouts Spinally Fit Classes 'Weigh To Eat' Course Plan Personal Training 02/28/2020

A Fit Mom By Strollercize

I am NOT Starting OVER, I am just strolling fit thru life. I am NOW able to say, what is is like to grown with you children and be A FIT MOM. I want New Moms and Moms to BE to learn how to stroll fit in life too. This is m new Channel. I have 4 subscribers. Videos from my original channel will remain. This channel will be the Future of fitness for MOMS that want to be FIT for their family.


Strollercize has the to help New Moms get Fit with a stroller, baby and The . No more grabbing your neck to target abs. 02/21/2020

What is Strollercize? Strollercize is a fairly recent trend in the fitness industry and consequently, not everyone understands what it is or how it works. I am going to attempt to explain it thoroughly, but if you have … 11/22/2019

A Fit Mom by Strollercize®
I pulled it out of the PAST:) Pre-natal • Post-natal • Beyond-natal


When I started in NYC's Central Park in 1995 (Well, it started in 1990 when I was six months post pardum. My Ex said, move your butt, while I was pushing a Big Monster of a stroller up Park Avenue). But what he said, changed my life, "Strollercize"!
I was at the time, the owner of ALINE FITNESS in NYC. More of the story on the NOW Resurrected BLOG....


Target Tummy Mom? Not the neck. If you breastfeed and or are holding a toddler on your hip, you are bond to get neck or lower back strain. Strollercize uses the RollerSizeR in our workouts to help Moms posture their core without pulling on neck. Author of Strollercize, Elizabeth Trindade, shows a few moves!


STROLLERCIZE has a story. Every Mom has a story. We want to know yours. Looking to start New Chapters in your area. Keep you posted on Strollercize's Stories and Turning Moms into strolling out their own Chapters. F.I.T.M.O.M

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It has been two years since I have trained a Mom in a class or a trainer in my Strollercize Academy. I moved to Florida,...
Dancing Behind a Dancer continues!




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