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Certified Personal Trainer
AEROBICS & DANCE I chose personal training as a career after spending 5 part-time years at 2 colleges pursuing my secondary-ed degree.

Having young kids & working as a single mother I knew I could not finish without taking needed time away from my children. Out running one day I had a "revelation".... This is what I loved & craved, breathing hard, feeling the burn, pushing myself & feeling strong. I have a long history in athletics & have always been a positive people person, I could do THIS! I immediately went home to research s

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Happy sun-shiny Monday! 4 weeks of school left = 4 more weeks of T/Th 4-5 p.m BOOTCAMP. Summer sched takes over beginning M 6/14! I’ll be back to remind you... Make it a great day, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Happy sun-shiny Monday! 4 weeks of school left = 4 more weeks of T/Th 4-5 p.m BOOTCAMP. Summer sched takes over beginning M 6/14! I’ll be back to remind you... Make it a great day, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

[04/27/21]   Hey BOOTCAMP babes, weather channel is showing rain right around 4:45/5:00... I’ve got a Tabata planned and will be there at 4:00, we’ll go hard for as long as we can! 💪🏼❤️🙌🏼

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Heyyyyy it’s your girl & it has been forevvvvver since I’ve posted... Been working out in my basement all winter to build back strength & spring has me motivated to FINALLY get some muscle bulk back after fighting with various strains & pains this past year. BOOTCAMP has been GREAT & we will be out this week with some amazing temps! $25 annual membership gets you $5 workouts all year long! T/Th 4-5 p.m until 6/3. M/W/F 8:30-9:30 a.m will kick off on 6/7! #countdowntosummer #mytribe

Heyyyyy it’s your girl & it has been forevvvvver since I’ve posted... Been working out in my basement all winter to build back strength & spring has me motivated to FINALLY get some muscle bulk back after fighting with various strains & pains this past year. BOOTCAMP has been GREAT & we will be out this week with some amazing temps! $25 annual membership gets you $5 workouts all year long! T/Th 4-5 p.m until 6/3. M/W/F 8:30-9:30 a.m will kick off on 6/7! #countdowntosummer #mytribe

[02/18/21]   BOOTCAMP today @ 4. Last class until March 9th! Going to be the “warmest” we’ve had in weeks... Kettlebell & cardio!! 💪🏼💖

[02/09/21]   First “too cold” day of 2021. Our rule is 15* or above, not there today! Hoping for a few degrees warmer on Thursday!!

[01/20/21]   Hello my name is Sara and I have been a stay at home teacher/mom for wayyyyy tooooo long but I have 4 uninterrupted weeks in my life coming up soon! Many of you have asked (begged?) for me to just do whatever I can... so, now that we have some fresh powder: Tuesday 1/26 I will be out for 4-5 p.m bootcamp @ Avalanche & will do 8 classes (T/Th) with last class on Th 2/18. Membership continues to be $25 for the year if you dig $5 workouts. Drop in’s always welcome for $10. Winter warriors, you know how we roll... wear your snow gear and bring your dumbbells! Misssss youuuuu

[12/14/20]   What’s up fit fam? I miss you SO.MUCH! A little update since it’s been a month since I’ve seen you all. As you know, the health department has put group fitness classes on pause due to the rising cases of Covid. I know there are many opinions on whether or not we are safe being outdoors & I have considered all aspects. Our family has suffered through a bout of exposure/quarantine, we did not get sick but someone VERY close to us is still hospitalized & I will take NO chances after seeing first hand what can happen. I am not living in fear, I am doing my part to honor the people I love. What will the new year bring? I have no idea, just over here going with the flow! IF there continues to be state required restrictions I will abide & when they are lifted I will certainly be ready & willing to get back out there. In the meantime I’m doing basement workouts & dreaming of being with my amazing friends again. For now, Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas... Each one of you are a gift to me! I am thankful, grateful & blessed and I wish you all peace, protection & prosperity. Love ~ Sara ❤️💪🏼


My 1st Turkey Trot! With some amazing friends.
❤️Always remember Samuel and smile❤️
THANKFUL for every person who reads this & for all of my fit fam. Hope to see you soon & extra shout out to my girl, Cheryl, for recommending a joint supplement which made running (slow) possible for me today! 🙌🏼 #osteobiflex


In compliance, solidarity & with respect, I still regret to inform you that I will not be having BOOTCAMP for the next 3 weeks. I believe in my heart that this is the right thing to do. I miss you already, we will see better days again, my hope has not failed me yet. Love & blessings. ~Sara


I wanted to say thank you to my BOOTCAMP sisters, this week they helped me (once again) hook up our Good Neighbors food pantry with feminine supplies. If anyone out there ever finds it on their heart to donate to a worthy cause, please consider stocking these items for your local pantry. You may not know this, but cash contributions to our local pantry can only be used for food. Let’s lend a helping hand to the women (and girls) who have no choice but to “deal” with a period every.dang.month. #mytribe #thegoddessproject



It’s that time of year where we are cold and drinking less water. How do we know? Everyone getting a massage is sucking up our oils and ... your feet give you away.

Helpful tips to drink more in the cold months:

1. Drink warm water
I know this might seem crazy but warm water is easier to drink, your belly actually prefers it and it will help warm you up!

2. Try flavoring your water with fruit to entice your taste buds to push ahead with your water intake

3. Drink hot caffeine free tea. Make a big pot in the morning and carry it around all day in a thermos!

4. Drink water first thing in morning to stimulate your thirst mechanism so you will crave it more throughout the day. If you get half of you daily quota in before noon, the rest of the day is easy!

Remember it’s important to stay hydrated in the winter . You’ll be less achy and stiff and prevent skin cracking. So please get those water bottles out and drink up!


Your wellness professional team 🤗


Feeling like THIS IS what IT is all about! 3 generations staying strong together. Thank you Carol, for sharing your daughters & granddaughter with our crew. #fitnessforlife


22 Bootcamp Babes came out for my 39th bday workout (lots not in this pic)! #blessed THANK YOU 🥰💝


What’s up?! 1 week down & not exactly sure how many more, but we’ll make it! Just over here doing my “normal” weekend thing, brewing kombucha & making Sunday soup. Just second fermented my bouch with beet & ginger, it’s literally the most exciting thing in my life right now! Sunday soup consists of whatever veg we have at the moment. Today: onion, celery, carrot, red pepper, cauli, brussels, zuch & spinach. Try this soup! Sauté veg in olive oil (I do mine in the order that I wrote above) & add a few cups of water as you go until you have it as broth-y as you want. MUST ADD SALT & pepper to taste after you bowl. Use what ya got, so many options!


*Thanks for listening*
Hey fit fam, it’s been too long! This is where you can find me these days, foam rolling & LOTS of stretching. Most of you know about my shoulder/neck troubles. I had some cortisone injections in December & although I have been in serious modification mode, the pain persists.💔 It totally stinks to see muscle tone that you have worked on for years fade away, my arms look puny to me.😭 I completed the #whole30 in February, lost 7 lbs & gained 4 back since March 1.😱 I share this because on some level I think we can all relate & I really want to rejoice in the solidarity of struggle. So here’s the real me. Pale & pained but happy to be here with you.❤️


Thank you to absolutely every.single friend & all of my fit fam for the love. A week ago I was just starting to feel the dreaded “sickness”. I woke up last Monday & let my people know I was down for a few. My world was changed in a huge way that very same night. My Dad’s death was completely devastating yet beautifully peaceful & for that I feel gratitude. Please join me this week as I finally face my new normal. I have been on COMPLETE hiatus from my fitness. I love you. ❤️💪🏼

[01/16/20]   No Bootcamp
today, 1/16.
See you next week! 💪🏼

[01/05/20]   Tomorrow is the official first week of the new year, this is where you can find me through May:
Mon - Balanced Living @ 8:30 Tabata.
Tu/Th - The Spa @ 8:30 Tabata & Avalanche @ 4:00 Bootcamp.
Wed/Fri -The Spa @ 8:30 Turbo Kick.
* Balanced class & Bootcamp is cancelled if BCPS has “snow day”. We also have a temp rule for Bootcamp, so if it’s below 15* I will post cancellation on this page.
TABATA is an all levels, full body, interval training class with little to no experience needed.
TURBO KICK is an intermediate/advanced cardio class which requires more coordination & aerobic capacity.
BOOTCAMP is an outdoor adventure & definitely for those who can handle the elements. This time of year come dressed in layers, with good boots & even better gloves.
If you made it this far, thank you! Looking forward to another fit & fun year with you. Summer schedule will begin in June, will keep you posted always & please message if you have any other questions. Limited personal training available as well. With love, Sara. 🙌🏼❤️💪🏼


So proud & inspired by real life commitment. It takes time, lots of time. It takes falling off & getting back on over & over again. It takes choosing to make your health & wellness (which is way more than just the workouts) a priority for the long-haul. Abby, baby, can’t wait to see you what you will accomplish & OVERCOME in 2020! #goals

What does showing up day after day look like?
What does making yourself a priority look like?
What does taking a nutrition course look like?
What does committing to a workout routine look like?
What does trying new things look like?
What does not giving up on yourself look like?

This last year I put everything I had into becoming healthier. Both mentally and physically. I started seeing a counselor. I decided I needed help with my nutrition and because a nutrition coach. I committed to 6 different workout programs. I showed up on the days I didn’t want to. I surrounded myself with a tribe to help me keep going. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I shared my journey...I shared my struggles and accomplishments. Why?? Because I want to show you that even through the tough times...we are capable to overcome and succeed!

Don’t underestimate what you are capable of. We can do hard things. We can show up and start living our best lives!! It is not going to happen over night. It is going to take time to make your goals a reality. You are going to have to make sacrifices. If you keep everything the same, nothing will change. This took me 365 days and I am proud of it!!!

I made a lot of progress in 2019 and I am so pumped to see what I am capable in 2020!! What about you?? Are you ready for a change?? Are you ready to see what you are capable of??
#youareworthy #youcandohardthings #itisnotgoingtohappenovernight #showupeveryday #goals #makeyourselfapriority #momoftwo #therapymom #365days #commitment #youaremadeformore #starttoday #findyourtribe #happiness #mentalhealthawareness #noexcuses #upfmastercoach #nevergiveup


Good morning & happy holidays fit fam! I’ll be @ Balanced Living today & The Spa tomorrow for your favorite, TABATA. Start these busy days the best way, taking care of YOU (with me of course). Love you all, thank you for supporting Fitness For Life! PLEASE read ⬇️ ❤️ 💚

THERE IS A PARADOX IN LOSS- don’t miss it.

Leaving the gym today @bretjohnson11 and I were talking about what a great day we had. Our conversation quickly turned to several close friends who are dealing with the very real emotional pain, grief and different types of loss. For a moment we felt guilty. That guilt was quickly replaced by gratitude.
I said to Bret “I wish there was something I could do to take their pain away”. That’s just not an option.
It’s okay to laugh and be filled with joy even when those you love are experiencing great pain. Your moments of joy don’t mean that you lack empathy or compassion. Actually the opposite is true.
That friend that’s going through a tough time doesn’t want you to dim your light - they need you to shine.

As we go through the next couple of days with Christmas approaching, work winding down, presents being exchanged, food to prepare and family gathered around - remember that Jesus wants you to spread Joy - especially to those who need it most. Tell me about a moment of joy you had today👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


A few of the people in my neighborhood... missing a handful, I love you all! #mytribe
Over $700 raised for our “Secret Santa”. #blessed 💚🎄💪🏼🥰


What a pleasant surprise to be presented my 10 year pin from #boynemountain today. Also, a gift card that quickly made me the owner of these super cute Keen boots that I will be rocking with my leggings all winter! 😍 #thankful for my people, cheers to 10 more!


10* was the temp for our Saturday morning hike. 11/16 & snow, I do not approve but Dude doesn’t seem to mind. #boyneriver #mypup


❄️ Ready or not. Fitness For Life, 4 seasons strong! 💪🏼


Big weekend news! 🙃
I now accept Venmo payment. 😘


Thanks for the memory, FB! I still love my job!! Tomorrow is Tabata @ Balanced Living 8:30. Tu/Th is Tabata @ The Spa 8:30 & BOOTCAMP @ Avalanche 4:00. Wed/Fri is Turbo Kick (not that I have favorites, but TK is my soul mate workout) @ The Spa 8:30. Classes have been insane, but there’s always room for YOU!


Rainy first day of October, perfect opportunity to start #christmas choreo!
My dog approves 🤷🏻‍♀️. Holiday dance & piyo coming in Dec!! 🎅


51 special friends for Bootcamp today! HUGE respect for Kristin, Mary Jo & ALL of the grown up & high school helpers over the years that have made GIRLS GET FIT such an amazing program for our little ladies. #bettertogether 🚺💪🏼💓


It’s a beautiful day for BOOTCAMP! 4-5 @ Avalanche ⛰💪🏼🌞🍁


The most wonderful time of the year.


Just a little story before I head out for vacation. So, after working on my mountain bike skills for the past year, a few days ago I took a trail I had never taken before. It led me to this spot & I made it down in one piece even though it was really scary. Today I needed to get up and get my exercise/nature time in before we start our family fun, I was so excited to get back to this spot & take a picture that proved I am now an “advanced” rider... well, before I even got to this location I hit a nasty root flying downhill. Oops. Flew off the front of my bike, hands then face into the ground. My poor little palms hurt & I’m extremely dirty but my baby #TREK is o.k. So, am I a professional now?? 🤣HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE! I’ll post full fall schedule before heading to Vegas (baby!) 🙌🏼❤️


LAST WEEK OF SUMMER BOOTCAMP! I am feeling so blessed after an amazing season with so many strong women (& a few men 🙃). Next week is my vacation, then we’ll transition into school year schedule. T/TH afternoon camp (4-5 p.m) will begin on 9/10. 🙌🏼💪🏼 Come on out M/W/F this week!! ☀️💚


Hey guys! A little FUNdraising for Raven Hill happening this Saturday. I will be teaching 2, 50 minute classes. Tabata @ 8:30 & PiYo @ 9:30. Bring a mat & sweat towel & H2O.


GOOD Monday morn! This rockstar & I wish all of our fitness friends a beautiful, blessed week ahead! #warriorprincess


The City of Boyne City

Just passing along...
ALSO, 4 weeks left of summer bootcamp. Come join our biggest group as of yet, THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support & share!!

The drinking fountain at the top of Avalanche is temporarily out of service. There are issues with the pump. We are working on the issue but do not have an estimated time/day it will be back in service. Please share and let people know that they should plan to carry water with them until we are back up and running.

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The side view from our room in Cabo for the week, check out this sweet 30 second video....I love this!




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