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Jamie Pyke Drifting
Jamie Pyke Drifting

If you're looking for the latest packs from Dana Gleason, the legendary founder of Dana Design... look no further and welcome to Mystery Ranch!


Operating as usual


Barbrie Silberman, Warranty Repair Tech

I get the honor of repairing everyone's gear. I'm always curious about the adventures these packs have been on. My favorite is the gear from our Armed Forces, SAR, or Firefighters. My dad and uncles have all served as well as my Grandfather who fought in the Pacific campaign in WWII, the Korean War, and Vietnam, retiring as a Lt. Col. in the Marines. Repairing their gear is the least I can do to support those who have done so much for us.

- What advice would you give to women who aspire to pursue a career in the outdoor or technical pack space industry?

Keep your head high and your shoulders broad. The industry has so much to offer.

- How do you define success?

Defining success is a big question. Little wins and big wins all have their place, creating moments of success.

- Favorite MR pack that supports your pursuits in the outdoors or your daily life?

I still stand by the 3 DAY CLASSIC. It was the first MR pack I built in 2011. It was originally built for my husband, but I use it and my son has now been eyeballing it.

- Any favorite female role models?

My favorite female role model is my Grandma Goose a.k.a. Mongoose. A graceful, fierce, devoted, and honest woman.

In taking a moment to celebrate woman, I will take this moment to celebrate her. An advocate for all people, especially for our Servicemen. She wrote a poem for the military magazine Stars and Stripes on the 17th Anniversary of the end of WWI. This poem was recognized by President Franklin D. Roosevelt with a letter congratulating her on her tribute to the Nation's war hero.

"One question lingers in my beatless heart,
And clamors through my weary, wounded head,
Have men forgot that Faith they pledge to keep
In honor of our Noble Unknown Dead.
I am unknown....for twenty years I have slept
Far from the sound of battle-strife and hum,
But today I heard artillery on a hill
And now I know that peace...has not yet come."

-from "An Unknown Soldier Speaks"
by Gertrude Grimes Madler aka Mongoose.

"Because it matters." It all really does.


Melinda Delgado, Training and Development Supervisor

As employees our days are filled with creativity, hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm for the Mission and core values of what we do – building the best load-bearing packs in the world. Carrying on the tradition started by Dana Gleason and Renée Baker is very important to me and others here at the Ranch.

- What advice would you give to women who aspire to pursue a career in the outdoor or technical pack space industry?

At MYSTERY RANCH, what sets our work apart is the impact of our products. Designed to excel in various fields from outdoor sports to military operations, they're built to perform. For women passionate about a challenging yet fulfilling career, we encourage you to dive into a world that values innovation, opportunity, creativity, and success.

- How do you define success?

When we look at our lives in a manner of what makes us successful, the greatest experience defining success is when our work has purpose, meaning, and is a contribution to life. But this is not all – success is known when you feel trusted. TRUST – one of the greatest gifts to receive.

- Favorite MR pack that supports your pursuits in the outdoors or your daily life?

We all have our favorite items in the MYSTERY RANCH repertoire. I find that the 2 DAY ASSAULT (2DAP) is one of the best all-around day-use packs.

- Any favorite female role models?

Being that March is the month to recognize “Women in History”, I can think of so many women who have been great examples to all and have greatly impacted the world while serving with humility. But closer to home, Renée Baker, Co-Founder of MYSTERY RANCH BACKPACKS, has never given up her mission with Dana Gleason. She is such an example of being tethered to a cause and not giving up when it comes to producing the best product. As well, the women in my family and life have guided me and been great examples. They taught me a humble strength that has helped me throughout my life. Impact and influence do not always come from a name, but will also be evident through experience.

Photos from MYSTERY RANCH BACKPACKS's post 03/08/2024


At MYSTERY RANCH, we take pride in delivering specialized pack solutions designed specifically for women across several distinct realms.

Recognizing a clear need for gear tailored specifically to women in certain industries and communities, we've made it our mission to fill that void. Within two of our user groups, Hunt and Fire, we stand as the sole provider of packs meticulously engineered exclusively for her requirements.

Why do we do it?

Because we firmly believe that every adventurer deserves unparalleled comfort and durable gear, whether she's navigating rugged landscapes in the backcountry, fearlessly confronting flames on the fireline, embarking on an epic journey of miles and memories, or strolling the streets of downtown Bozeman.

Happy International Women's Day.

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We stand tall alongside our exceptional Female ambassadors who have done so much for the domains in which they reside. With unwavering dedication to conservation, stewardship, and building communities in the fields in which they are experts, they have carved paths of impact within their respective spheres.

We express our gratitude to these trailblazers for embodying the ethos of MYSTERY RANCH and proudly wearing our packs wherever they are called.

We would like to wish them a resounding Happy Women's Month.

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The INDIE lineup with a burst of new colors.


Photos from MYSTERY RANCH BACKPACKS's post 03/04/2024

QUIS ILLOS BELLATORES CUSTODIET translates to Those Who Care for Our Warriors.

Our packs are meticulously crafted for those dedicated to preserving lives. Here our Medical packs are utilized by the United States Air Force Special Operations Surgical Team (SOST) during a training exercise.

SOST deploys with physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and respiratory therapists to shrink the golden hour for Special Operations Forces in all branches.
Pictured, the ROUS.

Photos from MYSTERY RANCH BACKPACKS's post 03/02/2024


X have put their heads together to meet the demands of Firefighters, aiming to continue providing comfort in the midst of a job that is anything but comfortable. To celebrate this dynamic partnership, one winner will take home the following kit for optimal comfort and organization.

Prize Package Includes:

🔥 1 MYSTERY RANCH X Bullkep Bedrolls Wildland Bedroll

To Enter:

🔥 Follow , , and
🔥 Tell us in the comments where you'd take this kit in 2024
🔥 Share this post to your stories for more chances to win

Giveaway closes Monday, March 5th at midnight.

Good luck!

*US entries only
*Be aware of spam accounts. We will never ask for your credit card information.

Photos from MYSTERY RANCH BACKPACKS's post 03/01/2024


Embark on a new level of outdoor comfort with the exclusive collaboration between and . This dynamic partnership brings together the unparalleled expertise of Bullkelp Bedrolls in crafting premium outdoor bedrolls and the rugged, expedition-ready designs of MYSTERY RANCH.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Wildland Bedroll will withstand a lifetime of use on the fireline. Made right here in the USA, each bedroll is a testament to both brand’s commitment to comfort and quality craftsmanship.

Pro tip: A Wildland bedroll with the sleeping mat and bag will fit in the bottom pocket of a MYSTERY RANCH FLIGHT MONSTER with some space to spare (enough for a pillow).

Every detail is carefully considered to ensure a bedroll that not only delivers supreme comfort but also meets the demands of your profession.

Available now.

Photos from MYSTERY RANCH BACKPACKS's post 02/28/2024


The RADIX Series is something fresh in MYSTERY RANCH's lineup, but hey, we've been down the ultralight pack road before. Remember the TRANCE # # #? It was rocking the outdoor scene from 2003 onwards. Folks into skiing, peak-bagging, mountain biking, trail running, you name it, we're all about its lightweight demeanor and easy, roll-top access. But guess what? We're still at it, pushing boundaries with the RADIX, keeping that expert pack maker title alive and kicking.


The TRANCE # # # sat on an X-Frame made of two carbon fiber pieces crossing in the middle to form an X. While it was sturdy up and down, it left something to be desired from the torsional rigidity side. On the other hand, the RADIX frame is crafted from a single piece of 7000 Series aerospace aluminum frame, bent into a U shape, and curved to match your body's contours, giving it a more 3D look. By installing this frame snugly into the body panel, we created a solid base for shifting the load onto the body. Plus, it stays flexible, moving smoothly with the user.


The TRANCE # # # was once made with X-PAC Fabric which was the standard in lightweight packs because the material is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. Fast forward to today and the RADIX Series is made from a combination of technical materials: Ultra-PE Birdseye and Recycled 100D Robic Ripstop. The reason our designers selected this combination was to reinforce the bag in areas that were susceptible to high abrasion and to cut the weight even further in other areas where abrasion was less common.


Little has changed in this aspect, as the logo patches remain nearly identical. We find it noteworthy to mention, especially if you encounter another one of our older packs out there in the wild.

The iconic TRANCE # # # may just be a part of our history now, but it lives on in our RADIX and our constant hunter for improved creation and innovation in all of our designs.



The all-new FEMP ALS is built for the Fireline Paramedic and EMT. It comes with an intubation roll specifically designed to fit into the pack along with an adjustable cylinder sleeve for oxygen tank storage. At 72 liters, the FEMP ALS can also hold all your personal and medical gear.

Other features include:

✔️ Fully adjustable Fire Yoke telescopes to fit any torso length
✔️ 3M™ reflective
✔️ Increased internal volume over FEMP for personal gear and medic-specific intent
✔️ Integrated oxygen tank storage with an adjustable harness for various tank sizes
✔️ Updated removable medic pouches with rapid ID strips
✔️ (2) large, (2) small, and (2) IV pouch for internal organization
✔️ FEMP ALS specific designed intubation roll included
✔️ Compatible with MED LID, STICK-IT, MOLLE Wing Pockets, hydration bladders, and fire shelter
✔️ External shear pocket and quick clot access
✔️ Lockable bottom compartment for NARC kit
✔️ Side and top haul loops for convenient transport
✔️ 2 side hydration pockets with external MOLLE for accessories
✔️ Lid Detail pocket and elastic loops for additional med supplies


Ever been stuck in a WHITEOUT?

Well, you have now.

New white colorway available in the RADIX, SCREE, and HIP MONKEY.



"From my first MYSTERY RANCH pack, which I wore to Bridger Bowl every weekend as a kid, coming full circle to being a MYSTERY RANCH Brand Ambassador today, I feel like I am tied to a story that continues to define who I am as I explore the beautiful landscapes around us here in my home in Montana and beyond.”

- Max Lowe, MYSTERY RANCH Brand Ambassador


Photos from MYSTERY RANCH BACKPACKS's post 02/22/2024

We undertake a thorough and patient field test and feedback process on all our gear. Our product is placed in the hands of the people who use it the hardest.

We’re proud of the result—continuous, need-based, end-user-focused innovation—all to solve problems faced by women and men on the Line and in their daily lives.


Straight from the source.
We have the best users on this spinning rock.


For the fearless folk with screws a tad climbing screws we mean.

Born from the minds of ice-hungry Ranchers, the THREAD BED holds up to 10 screws of various sizes and accommodates other must-haves with its versatile design.


Out in Bozeman, where winters are as rugged as the locals, MYSTERY RANCH was born from of decades of hard-knock gear developing know-how. Bozeman's our proving ground, where kayaking, skiing, biking, backpacking, and climbing ain't just hobbies—they're our daily rhythm.

Here at The Ranch, we're not just crafting top-tier backpacks; we're slinging 'em on our backs every day. Our Ranchers, a mix of trail-blazing sewers and dawn-patrol schemers, live for the alpine air and the relentless thrill of the strenuous life. Outdoor adventure isn't a pastime; it's the passion that fuels us.
Seen here, Dana Gleason, our fearless leader and Co-founder, rippin' it up.


You asked and we delivered. The CATALYST 26 is BACK In BLACK.



EXPERT PACK MAKER: Luke Buckingham, Director of Operations, seasoned Bozemanite, and long-time Rancher with a bias for pink - it's practically his signature. You won't catch him without a pink pack when walking our halls.

Now, you might be curious, how does he manage to have all those pink packs?

Here's a little insider info about MR: we encourage our employees to build and customize their own packs on our production floor during their free time. Staying creative and inspired is part of the job and Luke takes full advantage of this perk, crafting his own MR packs in his favorite color and representing wherever he goes.

"If you work at The Ranch long enough you can't help but get the itch to build some of your own stuff. A lot of the packs I've ended up making have been gifts, but whenever I have the chance to build something for myself, it has to be Hot Pink. I have a roll of Hot Pink 1000d that I keep on the rack in the design area so I never run out."

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at MYSTERY RANCH. And don't forget, real men wear pink.


It's a no-brainer.

Wrap that lid of yours in something fresh because we just unloaded a truckload of new hats for 2024. These ain't your grandma's bonnets – we're talking real head-turners.

S24 LOGOWEAR now available.


Holy Shirt!

Our Spring 2024 shirts are here and turns out they are ideal for mastering your TikTok trends. Crushing it, right?

S24 LOGOWEAR now available.


When someone asks what we bring to the table...


A trio that means business.
Pictured, from Left to Right, the RATS, OVERLOAD, and BLACKJACK 80.
📷: tacgas_fuelyourbrand


Our packs confidently own every adventure, from quick laps in the Bridgers or braving the icy wilderness of Iceland.

In the realms of Wildland Fire, Military operations, hunting landscapes, and the great outdoors, our packs confidently own every adventure and leave their mark wherever their owners dare to tread.


PSA: You scrub before we mend.

Behind every pack repair is a hardworking and dedicated group of MYSTERY RANCHERS who are proud to repair your gear. But we need your help to keep them safe at work.

As Wildland Firefighters, you and your gear are regularly exposed to a complex suite of hazardous chemicals including smoke, soot, and carcinogen byproducts of combustion. PPE that is held in storage at room temperature can maintain levels of semivolatile compounds for a long time. Exposure to off-gassing of these compounds from your gear can persist long after an incident.

To better protect yourself and all the fine people here at MYSTERY RANCH, we ask you to please clean your gear before sending it in for repair.

Learn more from the link in bio.

Thank you for all that you do.


EXPERT PACK MAKER: Alex Rich, Mountain & Hunting Product Designer

"The METCALF has consistently been among our top-selling products for many years. Our goal was to thoroughly reassess its construction, incorporating several new features and strip-ability while integrating the new ULTRA LIGHT MT™ Frame System. These enhancements have resulted in a more comfortable and lighter pack system, perfect for avid hunters seeking the ultimate experience."

Available now.

Photos from MYSTERY RANCH BACKPACKS's post 02/05/2024

Our new RADIX Series is crafted from lightweight Ultra-PE Birdseye and durable, recycled Robic Ripstop fabric which takes the edge off those grueling ascents without sacrificing toughness.

Available in Men's or Women's Harnessing and White or Black.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Bozeman?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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HAVING A PACK ON MEANS YOU’RE GOING SOMEWHERE.“From my first MYSTERY RANCH pack, which I wore to Bridger Bowl every week...
HAVING A PACK ON MEANS YOU'RE GOING SOMEWHERE."From my first MYSTERY RANCH pack, which I wore to Bridger Bowl every week...
Straight from the source.We have the best users on this spinning rock._📷: @fossman8#mysteryranch #builtforthemission
For the fearless folk with screws a tad climbing screws we mean. Born from the minds of ice-hungry Ranchers,...
You asked and we delivered. The CATALYST 26 is BACK In BLACK._📷: @oribags_official#mysteryranch #builtforthemission
A patch a day, keeps the doctor away. Unless you are married to one, then that is awkward. New patches just dropped.#mys...
It's a no-brainer. Wrap that lid of yours in something fresh because we just unloaded a truckload of new hats for 2024. ...
Holy Shirt!Our Spring 2024 shirts are here and turns out they are ideal for mastering your TikTok trends. Crushing it, r...
When someone asks what we bring to the table...#mysteryranch #builtforthemission
Our packs confidently own every adventure, from quick laps in the Bridgers or braving the icy wilderness of Iceland. In ...
PSA: You scrub before we mend.Behind every pack repair is a hardworking and dedicated group of MYSTERY RANCHERS who are ...
BEHIND THE SEAMS: THE METCALF SERIESEXPERT PACK MAKER: Alex Rich, Mountain & Hunting Product Designer“The METCALF has co...




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