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We offer in-person and online mountain sport specific strength and conditioning classes so you can h

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12 Week Run/Cycle Conditioning Pass Sale

Classes start 4/1 and end 6/21.
Includes 24 punches.
Take class 2x a week.
Punches work with any class type that fits your schedule.


Best deal all year. Sale ends April 2nd!

Link in bio to purchase.


Photos from The Mountain Project's post 03/21/2024

Ever wonder if you are eating enough to support your activity? Sometimes it can be hard to tell, or maybe you just don't know the signs of being under-fueled.

The nature of the training. Frequent, high volume training… requires a lot of energy to complete as well as recover from.

You need energy not only around your workouts, but also throughout the rest of the day to efficiently and effectively recover, prep your body for the next workout, and just to function as a human.

Your nutrition needs as an athlete are going to be higher which means you’ve got to fuel that 🔥 !

A few common signs you’re under fueled:
- Chronic fatigue
- Constant hunger
- Cravings
- Poor sleep
- Athletic performance plateau or decline
- GI issues
- Brain fog
- Loss of menstrual cycle


Not-Coach Highlight: Tori Pintar

Tori has been a member at TMP since spring 2017 and began helping out behind the scenes in 2019 with photos, then our website and marketing. She helps make all things online ✨.

Tori’s favorite exercises are single leg deadlifts and squats on the Swiss ball. And body saw!

Running is the form of movement she couldn’t live without and despite peer pressure from Wolfe, she continues to run road marathons. 😘 She also loves climbing and backcountry skiing, both things she’s learned how to do in her 30s.

Fun fact: Tori has lived and worked in three countries. 🗺️


We still need 2 more speakers for our final winter series Mountain Yarns night on March 21st.

Stories can be from near or far. Big or small adventures. And you don’t need to be a member or come to the gym to submit.

If you would like to be a speaker, please sign up via the link in our bio!

Photos from The Mountain Project's post 03/05/2024

Meet the other 6 competitors in the Treadmill Uphill Challenge!

Willson Moore
Simon Zink
Zach Perrin
Rachel Topf
Heidi Makoutz
Kristina Trygstad-Saari

Tomorrow night, the showdown begins! Doors open at 6:45, with the event running from 7-9 pm.

The cost is $10 (please bring cash 💵) and includes beers from Bozeman Brewing Company. All entrance fees go directly to our non-profit, Inclusive Outdoors Project.

Arrive early to fill out a betting bracket. It’s a $5 buy-in (again, please bring cash), with the winner getting half and the Inclusive Outdoors Project getting the other half.


Photos from The Mountain Project's post 03/05/2024

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the first 6 of our competitors in the Treadmill Challenge!

Piper Meuwissen
Erika Flowers
Sarah Riordan
Adam Behrendt
Noah Brown
Justin Barth

We asked each of them a few questions to get to know them, including:

1. Is this your first Treadmill Uphill Challenge?
2. What is your athletic/uphill adventure experience level? 1 = Gumby, 2 = Hipster, 3 = Pit Viper
3. How far do you think you’ll run in 10 minutes during the challenge?
4. What’s your fuel of choice? Doritos, Cheetos, Cookies or Doughnuts?

Good luck to them all this Wednesday night! Show them your support, come cheer them on, and place bets on who the champion will be!

Photos from The Mountain Project's post 03/01/2024

Have you been interested in receiving nutrition counseling for your sport or lifestyle but want to know what actually happens during these sessions before committing? Our two dietitians, and .shields.nutrition are here to give you some insight so you can come to your initial session fully in the know!

This first session is all about getting to know you as an individual and as an athlete. We’ll go through a series of intake questions to get to know your background and assess your baseline health status, including dietary, social, and clinical history; your training history and current load; any health conditions; relevant lab work; and more. We’ll then dive into a dietary assessment so we can get a good idea of what you are eating throughout the day, surrounding and during activity, and identify areas where behavior changes may be beneficial to you as an individual.

Afterwards, we’ll work together to establish goals and interventions to work on prior to your first follow up session.

Photos from The Mountain Project's post 02/29/2024

There are two ways to support the (IOP) at the Treadmill Uphill Challenge on Wed. March 6.

1. Show up and pay $10 at the door to get in and get free beer. Your $10 goes straight to IOP.
2. Place a bet! $5 buys you a March Madness style betting bracket. Half the winnings go to the winning bet and half to IOP.

Will we see you there? 👋

Link in bio for all the details about the event.


Photos from The Mountain Project's post 02/28/2024

Last week we asked if you wanted an inside look at the Female Athlete Project sport nutrition workshop and you said HECK YA. TMP coach + dietitian .shields.nutrition is here to share some insight!

Recovery nutrition after exercise can vary depending on the type, duration, intensity, and of course YOU as the individual. Today, lets focus on the 101 of fueling after endurance activity 👇

🍪 During endurance exercise, our body primarily uses glycogen (stored carbohydrate) from our liver + working muscles for energy. Our body has a max storage capacity for glycogen, meaning we have the ability to deplete it (hello dreaded bonk). During long durations, we can even breakdown protein and turn it into glucose (the simplest form of carbs) for energy. This is why we need to focus primarily on a high carbohydrate refuel with some protein within 1 hour of activity.

🍩 Endurance exercise can suppress our hunger hormones, making it harder to eat right after. If this happens to you, try liquid nutrition to make it easier on the gut! Then consume a balanced meal, with an emphasis on carbohydrates, within a couple hours to get all of the additional nourishment you need.

Questions? Reach out to [email protected] for more guidance!

Photos from The Mountain Project's post 02/26/2024

Hi. Hello. Welcome. 🤗 👋

We’re The Mountain Project and we do a lot of cool things with people like you in Bozeman and all over the US.

If you’re new here, click on through to get a feel for what we do!

Photos from The Mountain Project's post 02/21/2024

Meet our second Mountain Yarns speakers: Al & Mary Pat. They are sharing Eli's birth story as it surprised them on a 14 month long canoe trip across Canada. “30 plus years ago we set out to reset our lives together on an epic trip. The wilderness was interior as much as it was exterior.”

Join us this Thursday night, Feb 22 at 7pm. This weeks non-profit is the Friends of GCSSAR . We raise money for through donations for the beer and bevvies we provide. The suggested donation is $10. Open to all in the community, member or not!

P.S. The baby photo in the canoe is Eli!

Photos from The Mountain Project's post 02/21/2024

Join us for night three of Mountain Yarns this Thursday at 7pm! We will be having two presentations with the theme "Back in the Day".

Meet our first speaker: Mark Twight . “We stand on the shoulders of giants and it is important to respect that". Mark Twight pays homage to his most extreme climbing partner, a visionary who always brought the stoke.

Open to all in the community, member or not. This weeks non-profit is Friends of GCSSAR , which we raise money for through donations for the beer and bevvies we provide. The suggested donation is $10.

Photos from The Mountain Project's post 02/20/2024

Hey Athletes. Please meet Andrew Grillos. You might have had class with Andrew at the gym. You’ll likely find him a bit lost, observing wholeheartedly to get on cue and do the exercises and class appropriately. He typically finds a ‘buddy’ to follow. For example, he might accompany “girl in pink shorts” and will do his very best to follow suit of her/him/they. You might think there’s a bearded, highly tattooed, and creepy dude following your every move. Andrew is in fact following your every move, but he’s absolutely not creepy. He’s an avid ultra runner and fly fisherman who suffered a massive stroke, just two weeks after completing IMTUF 100. A challenging journey is an understatement. Through fight and grit Andrew continues to make lofty goals for himself, never giving up. Andrew believes FORTITUDE IS A SUPERPOWER, and that it is within all of us. Thank you Andrew.

Please watch the attached five minute YouTube video that Bozeman Health made, and more recently take a listen to with Andrew and host . But most importantly, please don’t be afraid to be a friend to Andrew in class, and help us, by helping him. After all, TMP is All about Community. Thank you.🙏

Photos from The Mountain Project's post 02/20/2024

The Ladies 6-week Strength and Nutrition training group coached by Rachel is in it's final week! The ladies have been crushing strength workouts in the gym, improving their strength and fitness. Alongside these achievements, they've also learned how to fuel themselves appropriately around their activities and lifestyle! They've even shared recipes and brought post-workout snacks in!

If you're interested in being part of the next session, please fill out the interest form using the link in our bio!


Why do we train with barbell lifts, especially as endurance athletes?

Barbell training is one of the best ways to maximize strength, build muscle mass, and develop more power. Stronger muscles can generate more force with each stride or stroke, allowing endurance athletes to maintain their pace for longer durations, power up the uphills, and produce a stronger finishing kick. Benefits also include increased economy, time to fatigue, and decreased risk of injury!

Interested in learning how to incorporate barbell strength into your training or becoming more confident with barbell lifts? Try Barbell Hour, starting next Tuesday, Feb 20!

Led by Bailey, our resident barbell guy, Barbell Hour focuses on barbell progressions for both beginner and experienced lifters alike to establish proper technique, safety etiquette, and strength training diversity under load for demanding mountain endeavors.

Link in bio to sign up!

Photos from The Mountain Project's post 02/16/2024

Coach Highlight: Camyrnn Wells

Camyrnn has been with TMP since the post-COVID era of 2020, initially as a member and then transitioning to an employee in October 2022. You can find Cam at the gym during evenings and weekends, manning the fort and aiding on both the climbing and gym side. She’s also a stellar cleaner.

Cam's personal favorite exercises are the power clean and Turkish get-ups.

Cam's passion for the outdoors grew from her childhood experiences of ice climbing, which eventually led her to spending a year on the Junior Mountaineering Team. Most recently, she competed on a local Olympic weightlifting team! And a fun fact: Cam began Olympic weightlifting on a dare to herself, aiming to conquer her fear of competing.

Outside the gym, you can find Cam thrifting, savoring ice cream, and playing in the mountains! She also works at MSU as the lead engineer and designer of mechanical components for an instrument MSU is going to attach to a spacecraft and send to space.

P.S. Cam just turned 21- so wish her a happy birthday!!


Think you've got what it takes to conquer a 12% grade on the treadmill for 10 intense minutes? 🏃‍♂️💨 We're seeking 6 men and 6 women to compete in the Treadmill Uphill Challenge on March 6th!

3 athletes will compete simultaneously on 3 treadmills, to see who can run the furthest in 10-minutes, at 12% grade. There will be 2 brackets each - for men and women. The 3 men and 3 women who run the furthest will then compete again in a final round to face off for King and Queen of treadmill!

If you thrive on competition, love the support of your community, and want to run for a cause, shoot us an email at [email protected] with your interest!


Barbell Hour with Bailey is returning and now on sale! Sign up on our website - link in bio! Class limited to 10 spots!

Barbell Hour is an 8-week Barbell focused class that emphasizes barbell lifting technique ranging from basic Squat, Deadlift, Bench, Rows, Overhead Press, etc. to more dynamic powerlifting progressions such as Power Cleans and Clean and Jerks.

Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1-2pm.

Starting Tuesday Feb 20 and running 8 weeks.

Cost: $220 for the full 2x/week, 8 week class

At posting, 4 spots left!!


Coach Highlight: Miriam Schlotzhauer 🌟

Miriam, climbing coach and badass mom 😎

Miriam is originally from Austria near the Swiss Alps, but relocated to Montana in 2017 with her husband, a Bozemanite climber she met in South France 12 years ago. After dealing injury, she shifted focus to climbing and has now been a climber for almost 15 years!

Certified as a climbing coach in 2012, Miriam has coached numerous athletes and is currently teaching a six-week women's intro to bouldering program at TMP!

Miriam loves how social bouldering is and the opportunity to work on a tricky problem with others, especially without the limitations of ropes. Her favorite aspect of the bouldering gym is the quality equipment, including the Grasshopper Wall and Treadwall.

Outside the gym, you can find Miriam in the great outdoors, climbing, developing, hiking or on the river. She is the owner of Mio Mi Climbing and gets a lot of inspiration from traveling to climbing destinations, testing her products, and meeting people. She also has 2 kids and enjoys climbing and hanging out as a family.

Fun fact - Miriam is the owner of Mio Mi Climbing, a climbing bag, apparel and accessory shop in Bozeman! She likes to support small businesses including shopping locally, training at TMP, and leaving no trace!


Are you looking to improve on your bouldering skills or collaboratively work on problems? Join Quinn every Thursday night 5-8pm starting this week, Feb 8 for Community Climb Night! It will run through the end of March. This is a fun hangout night to work on projects with friends and the help of Quinn! 🧗‍♀️

Open to all, beginners and experienced climbers. Requires a membership, Punchpass or drop-in. See our website for membership and drop-in options!


Rachel takes insurance for nutrition consults!

What does this mean? Well, she is an in-network provider with BCBSMT, Allegiance, and United Healthcare. So, she can bill your insurance for nutrition counseling. Depending on your plan, insurance could cover up to 100% of the cost of a consult(s).

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to Rachel if you are interested in scheduling a nutrition consult or ask further questions!


They extended the public comment period until January 30! Take five minutes and make your voice heard. Protect not only access to the most iconic climbing routes in the country, but also the safety of climbers.

What is the Bolt Ban?
According to the Access Fund, "The National Park Service (NPS) and U.S. Forest Service (USFS) just released draft policies that would make fixed anchors (bolts, pitons, slings) prohibited in America’s Wilderness areas. These policies would overturn nearly 60 years of sustainable Wilderness climbing precedent and impact some of America’s most iconic climbs in Yosemite, Rocky Mountain National Park, Joshua Tree, Linville Gorge, the Wind Rivers, Sierra Nevada, and many others.

These new policies would classify fixed anchors as “prohibited installations” in Wilderness areas. This new classification would apply to both new and existing anchors—hindering Wilderness exploration, threatening the existence of longstanding established routes, and obstructing climbers’ ability to replace old, unsafe bolts. This is a huge blow to climbers that not only threatens America’s climbing legacy but puts the safety of our community at risk."

Head to the link in our bio or here,, for more info about the proposed policies and easy to follow directions for making your voice heard.

The future of climbing as we know it, is at stake. ☠️

Photos from The Mountain Project's post 01/04/2024

Coach Highlight: Rachel Nawrocki 💪

Next up, Rachel! Rachel started at TMP just over a year ago as a coach and Registered Dietitian. She is originally an East coaster, her hometown being Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

While she loves working the core and legs, her heart belongs to Nordic hamstring curls. And she loves snacks, especially when she gets to enjoy them in the mountains.

Outside the gym, you can find her backcountry and resort skiing. She also dabbles in trail running, mountain and road biking, and climbing - and she loves a game night!

Rachel’s sports journey took her through soccer, track, and alpine ski racing. Her dedication to the slopes led her to ski at the NCAA D1 level for the University of New Hampshire. 🎿

She has a nutrition degree specializing in sports from UNH and a dietetic internship from MSU.

Fun fact - Rachel is a triplet!


Finals week is here! Join us this Friday, Jan. 5, in the bouldering gym for the final round of War on Jugs.

For the final, we have a traditional competition format with set boulder problems for every ability level. Plus bonus challenges to grab some bonus points.

will be there crushing the tunes all night long. Come compete! Come watch! We'll have beers by donation with all funds raised going . And cash prizes for our winners and a big swag give away for anyone who has competed in any part of the three part series.

Remember, you can still compete even if you missed the first rounds of competition and it's FREE to compete and watch!

See you Friday!


Our lost and found is piling up, so we will be bringing it to Goodwill at the beginning of the new year. If you have any belongings you may have lost, please come claim them!


✨Introducing The Female Athlete Project!✨

The Female Athlete Project is a community oriented, group training + sports nutrition program geared toward mountain and endurance based sports for the female athlete.

Developed and led by TMP coach and dietitian, Colleen Shields, her goal is to empower woman athletes of all ages + experience levels by providing them with the tools needed in training + sports nutrition so they can partake in their sport(s) for life…all while being apart of a badass lady gang.

The program includes individualized coaching, nutrition counseling, a community forum to share in the fun, full access to TMP, so many baked goods you won’t know what to do with yourself….plus more! (Like, a lot more)

“Holy sh*t, I’m excited for this” - Colleen

Link in bio to apply + find out more!

Photos from The Mountain Project's post 12/18/2023

We’re hosting a sign-up party at the gym on Monday, January 8th from 7-9pm.

Come to the gym to sign up the night before access becomes available to the general public for all The Rut races on Jan. 9th.

Sweet 🐐 by our fave photographer !


Coach Highlight! 💥

Say hi to Eli! Eli has been a coach at TMP now for 4 years. Born and raised in Bozeman, Eli played college soccer at North Idaho College and has a degree in exercise science from Montana State University. Outside the gym, he loves to bow and rifle hunt, ski, ultra run, white water raft, and fish.

Fun fact about Eli is he went on a 50 day expedition in northern Canada when he was 11 years old!

Photos from The Mountain Project's post 12/06/2023

TMP fam news!: After leaving last year to complete her dietetic internship in Oregon, Colleen recently passed her registration exam and is now officially a Registered Dietitian!

While our OG TMP-ers know Colleen, a brief introduction for our new athletes + Bozeman community:

After endlessly bugging Wolf + Kipp for a job seven years ago, Colleen has coached with TMP from the very beginning. Lover of long days in the mountains, Colleen is happiest when trail running, skiing, biking, and eating a big ole baked good in the woods with close friends. Colleen loves to help athletes reconnect with food, their sport, and their body without any nutrition nonsense. She seeks to create a positive relationship between food and athlete by helping them fuel for both life and sport without taking the joy out of eating. Colleen has experience coaching athletes of all levels + abilities, but finds a special joy when working with beginners and those pursuing a new goal outside of their comfort zone.

Colleen is currently open for new endurance coaching + sports nutrition clients remotely.

*Plus, stay tuned. Colleen has a very exciting program in the works for all of the wild women out there. . . .

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Bozeman?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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