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Joyful Motion Pilates


Burien businesses need your support now more than ever. Doing so allows our local businesses to survive. How about we show some love to our fitness centers, yoga studios and, gyms?

These businesses are dedicated to the health and well-being of our residents before and during the Covid pandemic. They create and build community while supporting fitness goals and promoting a healthy lifestyle. While some of our gyms or fitness centers are franchises, they are local businesses because they are owned by an individual that lives and/or invests in our community.

Many fitness centers and studios have helped us to continue to relieve stress, stay fit and healthy even while staying home by hosting live stream or on-demand workouts, nutrition advice, and offering support to our community.

Check out how the following businesses are adapting and what they are offering these days:

Aya Yoga Oasis
πŸ“155 SW 152 Street, Burien

Benavidez Sports Boxing
πŸ“153 SW 153 Street, Burien

Be Yoga Burien
πŸ“636 SW 152 Street, Burien

Burien Strength and Conditioning
πŸ“804 SW 151 Street, Burien

Freedom Fitness
15830 SW 153 Street, Suite 107, Burien

Hot Feet Fitness
816 SW 152 Street, Burien

Joyful Motion Pilates
15811 SW Ambaum Boulevard, Burien

Karuna Arts Yoga
2108 SW 152nd Street, Suite J, Burien


ProFitness Burien
πŸ“14635 SW 9th Avenue, Burien

Reconnect Fitness
πŸ“717 SW 148th St, Burien

Renascent Athletics
πŸ“234 SW 153 Street, Burien

For kids:πŸ§’πŸ‘§
The Jungle Gym
πŸ“15220 SW 2nd Ave, Burien

πŸ₯‹For kids and adults:
Burien Martial Arts
πŸ“128 SW 153 Street, Burien

Kim's Tae Kwon Do Burien
πŸ“14700 SW 6th Avenue, Burien

Counterforce Taekwondo
πŸ“457 SW 152 Street, Burien

Hapkido Self Defense Kwon Moo
πŸ“15811 Ambaum Boulevard, Burien

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Located in Burien, WA we help clients achieve their fitness goals through Pilates instruction. We offer group and private mat classes and private and duet Reformer sessions.

Operating as usual


Staying strong (and safe) at 75+ years young! Clients tell me that their doctors keep telling them to keep doing Pilates. So that's what we're doing! Keep moving, staying active, connected & challenged, even in a mask.🀩 What are you doing to keep yourself fit?

Timeline photos 08/19/2021

We're still wearing masks to keep clients & patients safe. It's the new normal, sadly. But do your part to help keep cases down and your community safe. Thank you!

We know this is hard for everyone, but the COVID-19 delta variant is spreading fast. πŸ“ˆ The safest thing we can do right now is to wear masks while in indoor public settings. Wearing a mask protects everyone, especially the vulnerable who can’t get vaccinated. So please, Mask up. 😷

While not required, it’s strongly recommended to also wear masks in crowded outdoor settings, such as concerts, fairs and farmers markets.

For more info:


Are you ready to exercise in-person? 🀩We're now seeing clients in the studio. Appointments available for 1:1 training or duets (2 people) on most days, including Saturdays. Yay! Get your pre-Covid body back, gain strength, balance and focus.πŸ’ͺ


Happy Spring! Just a quick note: There will be no on-line Mat class this Saturday 4/3.


So grateful to have been able to get my 2nd dose of the vaccine. I feel it's so important to protect myself, clients and all those that come into the LBPT clinic. Thank you to U of W medicine's vaccine clinic!


New online mat πŸ’ͺclasses starting next week! Refocus your mind & body and recharge yourself for 2021!


Having trouble getting moving on the weekend? New 4 week series of virtual mat Pilates starts tomorrow. Go to JoyfulMotionPilates for more information & sign up. No special equipment required....even a cat will work! πŸ˜…


Cat workout

When your cat can't leave you alone while your working out....make him a part of it!

Photos from Joyful Motion Pilates's post 07/23/2020

One of the best parts about teaching virtually is meeting all the pets that try & "help" their owners work out....πŸ˜…


New on-line Pilates mat class starts this Saturday @ 9am. Find your resilience, your abs and a little joy. Go to to sign up. πŸ’ͺπŸ˜€


Howdy all, I have a new 4 week series of mat classes starting next Wednesday, 7/15, and Saturday 7/18. Hope on over to to find more information and stay strong this summer!🀩


Hello all! Starting this Wednesday (6/17) morning, I'll be teaching a 9 am Pilates mat class via Zoom. NO special equipment required. There will also be a 9 am Saturday series that starts (6/20). Go to to sign up and more details.
Stay safe, stay strong, stay connected.πŸ’ͺ


In case you were wondering what is going on....

Starting tomorrow Crishna is launching a new online Back Care Pilates class. Choose from Tuesdays at 9 am or Thursdays at 7 p m. Each class is 50-55 minutes in length and includes gentle strengthening and stretching. Designed to help bring awareness to how to support your back and move through your daily life. Book your spot at

Online Pilates Back Care Mat Class | Joyful Motion Pilates 05/28/2020

Online Pilates Back Care Mat Class | Joyful Motion Pilates

Hello all of you with back pain! Sitting too much? Are you afraid to move because it hurts? Starting next week, June 2nd, I'm teaching an on-line Back Care class. Each class is 4 weeks long, Tuesdays @ 9 am (PST) or Thursdays @ 7 pm (PST).
This will be a gentle & easy Pilates class and is designed to help you gain some strength & awareness on how to support your back. No prior experience is necessary. Please go to, click About for details.

Online Pilates Back Care Mat Class | Joyful Motion Pilates Is your back hurting you? Are you sitting too much? Are you afraid of hurting more? Then it’s time to move gently and with awareness! An online, interactive mat class designed for those of us struggling with back pain or injury. Or for those wanting to strengthen and take better care of your backs...


Hi again, wanting to let all of you know that I am teaching on-line only during these challenging times but I'm taking appointments for private virtual one on one lessons and am getting ready to launch a Back Care class to start in early June! Very excited to share with you Pilates back care tips and exercises!
Watch for the announcement on the upcoming class...

Joyful Motion Pilates | Group, Private Mat and Pilates Reformer 05/19/2020

Joyful Motion Pilates | Group, Private Mat and Pilates Reformer

Hello all, I'm excited to announce that my website has gone live! Hop on to take a look. On there you will find information about the FREE 🀩mat Pilates class being sponsored by Lake Burien Physical Therapy. It's being offered twice a week. Great for getting some movement, strength and staying connected during these challenging times. 😊

Joyful Motion Pilates | Group, Private Mat and Pilates Reformer Find joy in exercise that will strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility, and improve your sense of grace and balance.

Joyful Motion Pilates updated their business hours. 05/13/2020

Joyful Motion Pilates updated their business hours.

Joyful Motion Pilates updated their business hours.

Joyful Motion Pilates updated their website address. 05/13/2020

Joyful Motion Pilates updated their website address.

Joyful Motion Pilates updated their website address.

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Cat workout





15811 Ambaum Blvd SW #140B
Burien, WA

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