We provide professional training and information to those who are new to the world of firearms while continuing to be a dependable resource for those more experienced professionals.

Safety always comes first. We provide professional firearms training. From the most basic level to instructor certification we will always work hard to provide safe and relevant instruction. The Gunsafetypro team: Erik is former ARMY (3 years with the 11th ACR, the rest served with TRADOC and the JMC), has experience with private security and concealed carry spanning 20 years. A Kentucky DOCJT Certified Concealed Carry Instructor Trainer and Tennessee Dept. of Safety Certified Firearms Instructor as well as an NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer and Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor. He spends the rest of his time as an I.T. Manager and SIG Sauer Armorer. Jason is a self taught Competitive Shooter and volunteer Range Safety Officer at his local gun club. A regular shooter at IPDA and USPSA events over the last 6 years, Jason has experience shooting Trap, Sporting Clays, Three Gun, Long Distance Sniper, Speed Shooting and the occasional Single Stack Competition. Jason has been an active hunter for over 25 years.

Mission: To provide professional training and information to those who are new to the world of firearms while continuing to be a dependable resource for those more experienced professionals. Safety always comes first.

Operating as usual

[07/22/15]   If you have a half hour to spare - this a fascinating video. Science is a terrific thing.

Be smart. Stay safe!

FBI Decides On 9mm As Their #1 Choice And Have Tons Of Science Behind Their Decision

A common quest I am asked is "What caliber should I carry?"

This isn't a simple question but in general I recommend not carrying anything that chambers a smaller caliber than 9mm.

My carry of choice is a 9mm. I get twice the bang for my buck at the range. My carry capacity is greater with 9mm. I am not convinced that any other caliber does a better job. The great caliber debate is more of a myth than anything. What you shoot well with is the best caliber for you. But, now we have a whole slew of fantastic scientific evidence from the FBI ballistic labs that helps … Continue reading →

Kentucky 2nd Amendment Supporters

Which Kentucky businesses are opposed to legal carry? Do they actually have a clear notice posted or they just riding the fence so it doesn't cost them at the cash register?

Let's make a list. If a Kentucky business does not wish to have legally armed patrons in their establishment that is their right - but Second Amendment supporters need to be aware so they can make an informed decision about where they spend their hard earned dollars.

Send us clear photos of the signs and the establishment and we will build a photo album. If the business does not have a sign and has simply made some sort of social media post or printed statement send us a copy of that.

Help us get the word out.

Have you ever decided to take your business elsewhere because of a "Firearms Prohibited" sign?

| Fully-Automatic Firearms


A semi-automatic (self-loading) firearm will fire one round for each pull of the trigger. A Ruger 10-22 is one common example of a semi-automatic firearm. A semi-automatic rifle is not an assault rifle.

A fully automatic firearm (machine gun) will fire multiple rounds each time the trigger is depressed. A fully automatic rifle could also be called an assault rifle. The manufacture of fully automatic firearms has been heavily regulated in the U.S. since the 1930s and none been manufactured for the general public in the last 28 years.

If you are interested in more information on this subject I would encourage you to look here: Fully-automatic firearms, first introduced in the late 1800s, are those that, after firing a round of ammunition, automatically reload and fire again, performing this sequence repeatedly as long as their triggers are depressed and their ammunition supplies have not been expended.1 By comparison, oth…

I hope your Independence Day celebrations are all safe... and AWESOME!

Heroes, every one of them. We are fortunate to live in this greatest of nations. Those who took the oath to defend, not knowing if their commitment would exact the ultimate price, have helped to sustain this great country and kept it safe. God bless you all, past and present.

Man, 63, arrested after gun fires in movie theater

This type of news report is so very mentally exhausting.

What did this fellow do wrong? He didn't maintain control of his firearm, he didn't have a secure holster, he didn't have have a firearm that was safe to carry and he chose to not obey the law.

I'm grateful that no one was injured. This is the type of thing that makes all of us "pro-gun" folks look like morons.

Please be safe and be in direct control of your firearms at all times.

Erik Police say no one was hurt when a loaded gun fell out of a man's pants pocket in a movie theater and fired.

[05/08/14]   Time to get busy with Summer Training! CCDW, CCDW Instructor and Refuse to be a Victim courses coming right up in the month of May.

RTBAV on May the 17th - Free if you pre register!

Kentucky CCDW on the 24th - $55 per applicant.

Kentucky CCDW Instructor on the 24th and 25th - $125 per applicant.

Feel free to message or call 2708642608 for details.

John R. Lott Jr. - Bogus Gun-Control Numbers

I have trained hundreds of CCW permit holders and have found them to be, without exception, conscientious and law abiding citizens.

I have no doubt that a properly trained and armed law abiding citizen is safer than one who is unarmed and untrained. I have never read anything from the Violence Policy Center that makes me question that belief.

~ Erik To prove that concealed handguns are dangerous, the Violence Policy Center cooks the books.

Gun Safety makes us all look good!

Protecting your firearms

Becoming a more responsible firearm owner isn’t a “fire and forget” process. Firearms need to be kept safe from prying little hands, from unsafe or untrained hands, from criminal hands and from the ravages of time and environment.

Today we are going to talk about keeping and maintaining a safe inventory of firearms. This isn’t a sales pitch for any type of product so I will try to be as generic as possible while still covering the important points.

I will start by creating an accurate inventory. I will be using my Ipad and an inexpensive app, but could easily do this with a basic computer spreadsheet or even a sheet of notebook paper and a camera. The app I am using allows me to record all of the pertinent information I would need in the event of a theft so that I could properly report the crime to law enforcement and also to my insurance company. The app that I am using also allows me to take (up to) 4 photographs of each firearm for more detail.

At a minimum I will need to record the make, model and serial number of each firearm. I will also be recording information about the caliber, manufacture date, extra equipment (magazines, spare parts, etc.) and the purchase price or trade value. I will use 1 of the 4 photo slots and take a photo of the purchase receipt in the event I need evidence for my insurance company. Not being an accomplished photographer I have to take my time and pay careful attention to light and focus so that my pictures clearly capture the serial number and model information.

The app I am using has added functionality for keeping track of performance information and ammunition. If I was using a notebook or spreadsheet I could easily just leave a little room for future notes. This isn’t necessary but is very handy.

As I finish my project, I am going to make at least one backup copy of my inventory and insure that the information is kept in a secure location. The inventory isn’t anyone else’s business and I will only share it when and if I choose to do so. My Ipad has a secure password and the app I am using has the ability to email a copy of the inventory (some apps have the ability to send files to storage in a cloud). I don’t do clouds but that is my personal preference.

Finally, I will remember to keep my inventory updated with any pertinent changes. If it isn’t kept up to date it will do me no good.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns.

Be safe.


Ten Examples of the Internet’s Worst Gun Advice

I like it. I like all of it. If there was one thing about this list I would change: I would move Example # 10 up to first place.

` Erik Apparently I’ve taken on a task that it simply not possible without violating several laws of our physical universe---picking only 10 of the worst p...

Read The Full Letter From The CEO Of Starbucks Asking Customers To Stop Bringing Guns Into Stores

Respect Starbucks. Their CEO has (politely) asked that non-LEO customers not bring firearms into their establishment. I can comply. I will not go into a Starbucks ever again. Easy. A big risk.

I will be conducting a Kentucky CCDW Class this Saturday September 14th starting at 8:00am. If you are interested in attending please let me know. Space is limited.

Archangel Manufacturing Mosin Nagant Conversion Stock

A good read from Gun Nuts Radio.

I get hit pretty often with the question "I just bought this nifty (insert brand here) .40, now what should I add to it?". There are a host of options out there for just about every firearm. You can get them painted, dipped, flipped, chiggered and sprinkled while you are waiting on your custom Hello Kitty grips and engraved magazines.

The truth is that a case of ammo, a quality holster and some professional training followed by some well spent time at the range are the best accessories you can spend your $$$ on.

Be safe. ~ Erik ProMag Industries, makers of magazines for semi-automatic firearms that are notorious for their unreliability has launched a new product which proves that a fool and his money are easily parted. Yo...

Target-Pro Firearms Training Academy

Good training!

It would be really easy for all of us if, when we wanted good quality training, we just clicked on any random Google or Youtube link and there it was. Truth is that there is quite a bit of chaff (nicest word I could think of) mixed in with all of the information out there.

My firearm training began in the home. My father did his best to keep me safe and to pass on what he knew to me. It was (mostly) good solid advice and training that I still follow today.

I received my first professional firearms training from the Director of the Police Academy Program at the College of the Sequoias in Visalia, California. Later I was trained by the U.S. ARMY and then while stationed overseas I received training with the 1911A1 that changed my entire outlook on the use of defensive firearms. I have received my post military training from the Texas Department of Public Safety, The Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training and from various professional instructors.

I know a lot about firearms and how to effectively and safely use them. There is also a lot that I don’t know or have forgotten. Every time I take or teach a class I learn something new. I just completed the NRA Basic Shotgun Instructors Course and loved every minute of it. Sure, some of the class was just a review of what I already knew but there was quite a bit of new (to me) or revised info. taught and I have great respect for the instructor (Gary Carrier @ who was conducting the class. Gary is a terrific marksman and very knowledgable about firearms but also knows how to teach someone to be an effective teacher. Outstanding!

Please take a moment and share some of your positive training experiences with us. I would like to hear about who you trust with your training needs and who you would recommend.

~ Erik TN Carry Permit Classes & Basic Pistol Instruction

In case you weren't sure... This is a picture of women with guns. They are all fully dressed and it looks to be vintage. It can be pretty hard to tell where some of these pictures come from. They might be loaded and pointed directly at the photographer for all I know but that isn't the purpose of this post. I was looking for something to write about that would let me off the hook as far as my other writing projects were concerned so I started my day with the google search "Girls with Guns". I might as well have typed in "Soft-core porn with firearms". Even though I am a fan of the female form, I am more than a little embarrassed by some of the unprofessional info and pictures that are posted out there.

~ Erik


"If you can avoid, deescalate, or deter, DO IT"

Good read.

So, what have we learned from the Zimmerman trial?

If anything, it reinforced a couple key things for me. First, is to have more than just a gun in your toolbox. Something as simple as a flashlight can can solve a lot of problems before a gun gets involved. A handheld light can allow you to observe things at a safe distance while created kind of a barrier between you and someone you suspect may be hostile. In Philadelphia, I once interrupted a burglary from about 30 yards away using nothing but a Surefire and a loud voice. The guy in the spotlight was at a total disadvantage, being exposed and visible while not being able to see me through the halo of bright light blasting him. Someone's willingness to act may be reduced when they don't know who they're up against and they can't conceal their intentions or movement. And any good handheld light should double as a useful impact weapon, if you need less than lethal force. Creating that distance barrier also gives you plenty of time to extract yourself, should they approach. And if you choose to stand your ground in that case, then they are making obvious and unequivocally hostile movement towards you. If someone crosses a significant distance, making threats towards you, then their intentions are clear and not a surprising ambush. And you have plenty of opportunity to tell them to back off or stop. This may end or prevent the fight. And if it doesn't, your position as the defender is clear and hard to debate.

And this brings me to the other lesson. If you're carrying a gun, you should have less lethal option. Be it combative skills, pepper spray, or a stun gun/taser. It's always better if the fight ends without a death or winding up in court.

Like my good friends at Armed Dynamics say, "Fight because you have to, not because you want to." If you can avoid, deescalate, or deter, DO IT. Because you will be second guessed and crucified in the media. If you have any kind of choice, make it as unequivocally righteous as you can. You'll never make the news for shining a flashlight at someone.

Colt M45 - Often it is tough to know you had it right until you get it not right. - Gun Classifieds

A good write-up on the Colt M45.

I am a fan of the 1911. I'm not a small guy and am able to readily conceal and wield a full size Government Model. There is no doubt in my mind that 8 (or 9) rounds of .45 travelling like a slow and steady freight train will adequately serve to defend and protect me and mine.

Nice gun. Feel free to weigh in, Guys.
~ Erik I was an active duty Marine from 1992 to 1996, and at that time the standard issue sidearm was the Beretta M9 (92FS) chambered in 9mm Luger which was officially adopted in 1986. There were plenty of Marines I served with when the transition went from the Colt 1911A1 to the Beretta M9 and many [...]

Ten Tips for Firearm Safety in Your Home

Nice release from the NSSF. Good reminders for everyone in this list.

I'm sure that a few young scholars will try to pick apart the "Store when not in use" parts of this list but a little common sense will tell most of us that when a gun is being carried for protection that means it is "in use".

Be safe. NEWTOWN, Conn. -- As part of its "S.A.F.E. Summer" campaign to focus attention on the importance of safe and responsible firearm handling and storage, the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) today announced its "Top Ten" list of safety tips firearm owners should remember to help ensure they...

Lubrication wars!

I admit to having a small box full of various products like those mentioned in this article. Everyone is selling firearms lube these days. And the marketing speak that goes with some of these "new" products is pretty ridiculous. Seriously, if I have to read one more press release about how...

A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon cleaning up my office and classroom. My wonderful wife went with me and while I was arranging manuals and bookshelves she went through a box of "stuff", grabbed a sheet of poster board and adhesive then presented me with this. I like it!

~ Erik


Good stuff!

Gun guides, information and more for the beginner to intermediate shooter.

[05/18/13]   Grunts, Jarheads, Squids and Flyboys past and present. Thank you, each and every one of you, for your service. God bless you all. Hooah.

You are not an operator

Timely. I'm sure this will offend a great many people. I love the posts from Gun Nuts Radio.

~ Erik Operator-speak has become the lingua franca of the shooting community, and it's annoying. Here's the thing: Special Forces, Delta, Navy SEALs, etc are all super rad dudes - our nation is well serve...

'I am a mom with a gun': Why I'll teach my girls to shoot -

What a great read. A terrific way to wrap up a Friday afternoon. My name is Mommy. At least 95 percent of the time it is -- other times, I'm lucky if my rambunctious preschooler isn't calling me by my...

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