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TEAMVillage Multisport Group


Join in the conversation on all things triathlon in this newly created Facebook group. Share tips, articles and photos or simply ask for support and encouragement ahead of a big race. Please share and lets bring the worldwide triathlon community together!
Hey team! I have two Hakuna Mimosa race bibs I want to sell. Paid $26 and just asking $25. I didn’t get the shirt so that is why they are $25. Let me know if you want to buy them off of me before I put out to the Hakuna Mimosa page.
The Ironman Arizona 70.3 registration is open! I got us a TeamVillage relay spot! Who’s in to join me? need a biker and a runner!!!!
To the athletes who participated in the 70.1 Half Ironman last Sunday -

I don’t know most of you, but last Sunday was my first time witnessing an Ironman in person. Congrats to each of you on an outstanding performance. Watching and cheering for you was truly inspirational. Many people can’t even imagine doing what you did, but your dedication and determination showed throughout the day. You all looked strong throughout the day...kudos to Klaus’ training program. The example you all set for reaching your highest potential doesn’t go unnoticed by family, friends, and even folks like myself that you’ve never met! Kudos to you all...Team Village Rocks! Thanks for an inspirational day!

Shawn Dechant
Village Member
For Karra if anyone know someone-
Anyone have a 10k or a 1/2 Bib for Phoenix marathon on Saturday that they would be willing to sell me? 480.600.8486
Anyone interested to do 70 mile bike ride on Sunday Oct 1st? Plan to start around 6am.
This article remind me of last week Redondo Beach Triathlon which I have my rough swim and do all the things mentioned in the article.🌊
BREAKING NEWS FOR THE SPORT OF TRIATHLON: Today the International Olympic Committee confirmed that Mixed Team Relay will now be part of the Olympic Games. Its such a a blast to watch, as well as participating on a Mixed Relay Team.
Huge news in the Endurance Sports Industry today.

Whether you’re a first timer looking for guidance, embarking on a new fitness challenge, need a co As a member of TEAMVillage, you will meet new friends!

You will also be among fellow swimmers, cyclists, runners and triathletes who train and compete with the support and camaraderie of everyone. WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU JOIN THE TEAM:
• Organized group runs, bike rides
and master swimming

• Regular updates and
information on news, training and events

• Opportunity to learn from others and meet people who share your love for having an active lifestyle and have more friends to workout with and share the fun at events.

Operating as usual

Photos from TEAMVillage Multisport Group's post 01/16/2022

First race of 2022 and like usual, the weather for the 2022 Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K was awesome this morning. Always a fun crowd cheering, lining the course bringing great energy. Big thanks to Finish Line Cheerleader Holly Hichens for the added encouragment and ride to my car 👍 Congrats to Ryan Muller (Stacie Muller) on his Half Marathon race this morning, High-5 🙌 to Daryl Teo in the Full Marathon, Eduardo Campoy, along with everyone who ran the 10K, and those who ran the 5K yesterday! Got love, that we all get to run in this beautiful weather, in January!

Photos from TEAMVillage Multisport Group's post 12/21/2021

After a week of planning and Partying with the Members of the Ocotillo Village Health Clubs and Spas , it was time to get back to business and the other great thing the Ocotillo Village Health Club and Spa is known for!

📸: Josh Roeckner & Ekta Sethi

Super League Triathlon Races in Tempe, Arizona, USA 2021 02/24/2021

Super League Triathlon Races in Tempe, Arizona, USA 2021

Planning for the 2021 Race Season? Couple Options!

Sunday, Oct. 10 @ San Diego:

(Discount Code: SLVillage25)
Fri-Sun. May 21-23 @ Tempe:

Super League Triathlon Races in Tempe, Arizona, USA 2021 Triathlon race weeknd in Tempe, Arizona on 22-23 May, 2021. Register for Age Group, Junior and Youth triathlon races!

Super League Triathlon Races in Tempe, Arizona, USA 2020 12/08/2020

Super League Triathlon Races in Tempe, Arizona, USA 2020

Here Comes 2021...Thank Goodness!! Who is ready to get racing?!

Many of us are very excited to start planning for the 2021 Race Season. Especially with little to no races happening in 2020.

Here in AZ, there are already some races on the calendar for early 2021.

Who has already registered or going to register?

Also, Relay's are offered in almost all of the scheduled races. This might be a great way to ease back into racing after such a long time off.

Who is up for putting together a Relay Team?

Lets hear what everyone is doing or hoping to do in 2021?

Saturday Feb 13 @ Mesa:

Saturday Mar 7 @ Fountain Hills:

Fri-Sat. Apr 9-10 @ Tempe:

Sunday May 2 @ Tempe:

Fri-Sat. May 21-22 @ Tempe:

Super League Triathlon Races in Tempe, Arizona, USA 2020 Across the weekend of 22-24 July 20, Tempe, Arizona will be the scene of SLT Qualifier. Register for Age Group, Junior and Youth triathlon races!

Photos from TEAMVillage Multisport Group's post 10/30/2020

Photos from Oct 18th Ironman 70.3 Arizona, taken by FinisherPix of the 3rd Place TEAMVillage Relay Members. SWIM: Holly Hichens Gordon BIKE: Rodney Kinney and RUN: Daryl Teo

Photos from TEAMVillage Multisport Group's post 10/19/2020

So great to be back Racing with the TEAMVillage Multisport Group! Even though it was a hot one, the TEAMVillage Relay Team was able to place 3rd, after coming in 4th in 2019. HUGE shout out to Eduardo Campoy, digging deep and leaving it, literally all on the Course!! Way to go TEAMVillage and everyone who came out to Support Them in this first race of the year, you all Rock!!

TEAMVillage Relay Team
Swimmer: Holly Hichens Gordonl
Biker: Rodney Kinney
Runner: Daryl Teo

Individual Competitor
Eduardo Campoy


Photos from TEAMVillage Multisport Group's post 09/17/2020

2020 Multisport Race Update

Just when it looked like 2020 was pretty much over for any Arizona Races, low and behold there are options that look like they are going to happen. And for those who feel they just don't have enough Swim Training in to race a Triathlon, there are Duathlon races happening as well. With the option of actually qualifying for Team USA. Lastly on 9/29 the City of Tempe will finally confirm the approval if the 70.3 IM Arizona will go forward, with the final approval for the 140.6 IM Arizona happening on 10/27 (City of Tempe Memo attached to this post)

Does anyone have possible plans to race at any of the listed events below? Leave comments!

Saturday October 3 @ Lake Pleasant:

Friday and Saturday Oct 16-17 @ Lake Havasu:
2020 USAT Duathlon Championships

Saturday Oct 17 @ Lake Havasu:
Lake Havasu Age Group Triathlon

Sunday Oct 18 @ Tempe Town Lake (pending final approval)
Ironman 70.3 Arizona

Saturday Nov 7 @ Tempe Town Lake (pending final approval)
4 Peaks Racing Splash and Dash

Sunday Nov 22 @ Tempe Town Lake (pending final approval)
Ironman 140.6 Arizona

Why Heat Training Works 07/31/2020

Why Heat Training Works

Since the gyms are closed and its HOT here in AZ, we are almost all stuck training outside. BUT, there is a awesome benefit to it, if you do things right.

Training in the heat can improve your performance fitness level!

In some cases, heat-training can boost your VO2max by up to 5%.

Research shows that healthy adults exposed to conditions that elevate their core temperature by 1°F to 2°F for 60-90 mins over a period of four to 10 days will elicit a lower resting core temperature, creating a greater blood plasma volume and an increased sweating rate.

These are all performance boosting adaptations that occur from exercising in the heat.

If you're looking for quick ways to improve your fitness, heat training can take effect within 10-days.

However, you also need to be very careful, because training whilst too hot is particularly stressful on your body.

If your interested in learning more about the benefits of training in the Heat, you can click this link:

Why Heat Training Works Research shows that training in the heat can boost performance even when racing in the cold. Here’s how to get it right.

Scottsdale cyclist killed was family man, triathlete 05/30/2020

Scottsdale cyclist killed was family man, triathlete

By sharing this tragic story it makes maybe one person think twice about sharin the road with cyclists and that cyclists have families, friends and loved ones too.

This story was posted today on the Cycling and Racing Website: "Clipped In". About TEAMVillage Teammate Michael Milovanovic.

Scottsdale cyclist killed was family man, triathlete Michael (Miodrag) Milovanovic was full of life, eagerly looking forward to a high school graduation celebration for his son, a state champion Brophy College Preparatory swimmer. But Milovanovic, 48…


Remembering Michael (Miodrag) Milovanovic

A TEAMVillage Teammate, a friend and great guy that believed life was to be lived to the fullest, not endured.


Yesterday we received some devastatingly sad news, that we lost another TEAMVillage Teammate, Ocotillo Village Member, good friend and all around incredible guy, Michael Milovanovic. He was sadly taken from us while riding his bike on Saturday morning.

Mike moved to the beat of his own drum and that is what made him so great. He liked doing things, his way. He always had a smile, a positive attitude, a funny remark and a bright outlook on life. He will be missed tremendously!!

Funeral Service Information:

News Story:


2021 Mountain 2 Fountain 15K Now Open

TEAM PASSWORD: Teamvillage2021

If your like many that are already looking forward to races next year. The TEAMVillage Multisport Group is already planning on being at what has become a yearly tradition of being one of the first races of the year. We would love to have a large group at next years race. Even though it is 9 months away, it is the lowest fee ($35) you will pay right now. We have a Team setup under the 15K Teams. (TEAMVillage Multisport) It is a Open Mixed Team meaning we need 4 women and 4 men that can be ages 12 and up.

The video below is from this years race and TEAMVillage has a VERY quick cameo at 5 sec's in. You may have to pause it to see, cuz it is a flash. But still, fun to see.

Register here:

TEAM PASSWORD: Teamvillage2021



In the pursuit to find a variety of alternative challenges to stay fit, you may have completed and now give the VR2 Run Series a try! Registration is now open for the first half marathon of the Rock ‘n’ Roll VR Series! Run 13.1 miles all in one session between Friday, May 1 and Sunday, May 3!

If interested, u can sign up for at

THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL VIRTUAL RUNNING CLUB No matter where your start line may be, we believe a run should always have a little bit of fun. At the Rock 'n' Roll Virtual Running Club, the fun starts here.


If you're missing training and racing like many are right now. This might be a great option for you!

Our first ever IRONMAN® Virtual Racing Series race, IRONMAN VR1, is open to the entire IRONMAN athlete community! Run 5 km, bike 90 km, and run 21 km between 6 pm GMT on Friday, April 3 and 11:59 pm GMT on April 5. Sign up to compete at


For those who attended the TEAMVillage Wednesday Night Workout, received a little reward to help keep the sweat out of their eyes, during the workout tonight!!! Great job to the small but mighty group that made it! Nice Work!!!

Super League Triathlon Races in Tempe, Arizona, USA 2020 02/24/2020

Super League Triathlon Races in Tempe, Arizona, USA 2020

If you have not signed up for this race, USAT has offered a great discount to register. They are only opening it a limited amount of participants, sign up before it's sold out. Do not miss this awesome racing experience!

Super League Triathlon Races in Tempe, Arizona, USA 2020 Across the weekend of 22-24 July 20, Tempe, Arizona will be the scene of SLT Qualifier. Register for Age Group, Junior and Youth triathlon races!

Photos from TEAMVillage Multisport Group's post 02/23/2020

TEAMVillage Members, Eduardo and Daniella Campoy are Rock Stars!!! So, what do you do between chemo treatments #2 and #3? Well, if your Dani Campoy, you do a TRIATHLON for the “TGEN Fitness for the Cure” and get FIRST place

Don't be left out from Mountain 2 Fountain 15K/5K 02/23/2020

Don't be left out from Mountain 2 Fountain 15K/5K

It's not to late to join fellow TEAMVillage runners at this year's Mountain 2 Fountain. There are currently 10 registered and the more the merrier! Check out their latest promotion and you'll see current TEAMVillage Member Eduardo Campoy on the SeeSaw trying to win as much Beer for the Team as possible. It's a fun race, come join the Team and hopefully win some beer and prizes.

Don't be left out from Mountain 2 Fountain 15K/5K March 1, 2020 The Mountain to Fountain 15K & 5K is a premier race in Fountain Hills, AZ with a strong elite field, and “win your weight in beer” t...


TEAMVillage/YBCC Race Opportunity: Discount code: "VILLAGE" for 10% Off. This is by far, one of the funniest races, you will ever race in. The Enduro racing format, is something anyone who loves fast paced, head to head racing would have a blast doing. But, it is also a great way for even beginners to the sport, to have a really great time. This Race Series has become popular around the Globe and is finally in the USA, right here in Tempe AZ.

Mountain to Fountain 15K & 5K 01/20/2020

Mountain to Fountain 15K & 5K

Ok, so the issue is now fixed with the TEAMVillage Team Registration is now a COED Team and we want as many or our TEAMVillage Women racing with us at this years race as possible. It is always a really fun time.

Mountain to Fountain 15K & 5K The Mountain to Fountain 15K & 5K is on Sunday March 1, 2020. It includes the following events: Mountain to Fountain 15K, Mountain to Fountain Elite 15K, and Fountain 5K.

9 Foods (Including Coffee!) That You Should Have Every Day 01/15/2020

9 Foods (Including Coffee!) That You Should Have Every Day

"What should I eat?” A question that is asked alot.
For athletes in particular, there are a few key ingredients you should try to work into your diet every day.
1. Leafy Greens
2. Protein Powder
3. Dark Berries
4. Garlic
5. Kefir
6. Potatoes
7. Sunflower Seeds
8. Oats
9. Coffee

9 Foods (Including Coffee!) That You Should Have Every Day When in doubt, reach for these science-backed ingredients 12/29/2019

Why Triathlon Could Be the Ultimate Stress Buster

Everyone needs some inspiration to stay in shape and wonder if it also releaved Stress at the same time? It's a No-Brainer! Perfect New Year Resolution. Stressed? Yep, we all know what that feels like. Find out why triathlon is great for your mental wellbeing. 12/24/2019

Alternative Workouts to Swimming from a Top Coach – Triathlete

On cold rainy days, when the thought of jumping in a pool to get your swim in, is the last thing you want to do, there are alternatives! Try these alternative workouts to swimming when you can’t get to a pool. Use free weights and resistance bands at home, and then head to the gym.


It was a special Holiday TEAMVillage WorkOut Wednesday, which turned out to be Guys Poker Night tonight. Coach and Poker Dealer Klas, had everyone trying to win the most poker hands for a nice prize, while also getting a tough workout!


So, there will be a little Holiday Special Treat tonight for those who attend the TEAMVillage Wednesday Workout.


Happy Holidays from the Ocotillo Village Masters Swimming Group!!
📷: Leah Schneider


CODE: Register Now - Code: FLASH25
If you are looking for a great Triathlon to take the place of the Cancelled Lifetime Tempe Triathlon in 2020, the San Diego Triathlon Classic is a great race and perfect time to head to the cooler temps of San Diego. 12/01/2019

2019 Black Friday Deals for Triathletes

Some good deals out there! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the unofficial annual holidays celebrating all things discount. Here are the best black friday deals for triathletes!


Even though the Triathlon Season is winding down, USAT has another way to stay racing in a very easy way. It's a Nationwide Virtual Triathlon and its a very cool program. Check it out, it would be fun to get some of the TEAMVillage group participating.

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Remembering Michael (Miodrag) Milovanovic
Wednesday Morning Motivation
TEAMVillage Multisport Members Eduardo and Daniella Campoy
Training is part of the Journey
The cold and pouring rain didn't deter the die hard Masters Swimmers with Coach Courtney at today's Ocotillo Village Ope...
Great turn out in the pool this morning at the Masters Class




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