BFIT4LIFE Boot Camps Chandler Arizona

BFIT4LIFE Boot Camps Chandler Arizona


I just want to thank the bfit family for being the champions that they are and supporting Danny's Safe Place during our shoe drive. You guys are simply amazing! If you havent yet please donate your gently used or NEW shoes to our donation box at bfit.
Hey Bfit fam, I am looking for a training partner to do small group training on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-12. Small group training is a little tough, not going to lie, :) but the results and increase in strength are totally worth it. Please let Dana or I know if you are interested.

1:1 Training, Small Group Training, Athletic Training / Adults - Teens - Kids. We specialize in: Functional, Athletic, Fat Loss, Hypertrophy Training

Operating as usual


Decide to be extraordinary and do what you need to do. 💨

▪️1:1 Training
▪️Small Groups
▪️Youth / Teen Programs
▪️Corrective Exercise



🚀Our individualized athletic youth programs keep your student athletes mentally tough in and out of the gym.

🧱We Build:

speed and agility💨

Which leads to:

🏆Strong character!
🏆Goal setting for success!
🏆Adherence to academic standards!

👋Set up a meet and greet today with your Coach Alex by texting: (602) 819-9819

🍁Fall break is right around the corner! We can’t wait to meet them! 😀


How to trust the process in your life:

1. Focus on what you can control, let go of what you can not.

2. Embrace failure and apply what you learn.

3. Most importantly: Enjoy the Process. ❤️💪

Me and my little lady keeping it real and simple.
I love u 🥰



You have 2 options; make progress or make excuses.

There’s no simple solution to achieving good health and the body you want that WILL move you forward through life.

It’s time to get stronger!

🍁1:1 Training
🍁Small Group
🍁Athletic Performance
🍁Youth / Teen Programs

Make the change with us!
📲DM us today for your first FREE session.


It does not matter what you bear, but how you bear it.

221 East Willis Road Suite 4
Chandler AZ

▪️1:1 Training
▪️Small Group Training
▪️Athletic Performance
▪️Youth - Teen Fitness

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“Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, it simply means you have to work hard.” 🔥

Weekend goals:

☑️Inspire 🖤
☑️Learn 🖤
☑️Give 🖤

It always circles back…🍀🙏

📣Saturday Weekend Warriors come join us!

**9:30am Small Group ~ We welcome Drop Ins.

**Just DM us here for availability 😊

🔹1:1 Training
🔹Small Groups
🔹Athletic & Youth Programs

**Specializing in all populations and ages.



I believe that when you put a smile out there, you’ll get a smile back. 😁

Just over here wishing all our “Fitness Friends” a Happy Weekend!🌹

Spread some love, maybe lift some weights, or go on a HOT bike ride… (I did) 🥵 and drink a protein shake… haha, just be awesome!

Coach Dana 🖤


👋How to make health and fitness YOUR lifestyle.🖤

👀Looking into my past 15 plus years of fitness and health coaching, I personally have held on to these most important attributes that have helped guide me in my own health and fitness journey. 💡


✅ CONSISTENCY -Don’t get too caught up in the latest fitness challenge, diet or workout fads, find a nutrition & exercise program tailored to you that will keep you inspired and feeling good, NOT exhausted and emotionally drained. You get to determine your own unique pace when it comes to CONSISTENCY. 🐢💨

✅PATIENCE - Set backs and life happens, and NOTHING good comes easy. ! Fall in love with the process and the person you become through the journey. 🖤

✅ NUTRITION - Don’t complicate things here. I’m a firm believer of not giving up on the foods you love. Instead of feeling deprived, get creative and make the healthiest version of your favorites. 🍕🍦🍔

✅DON’T COMPETE - Your life and your journey! Just try to be better than yesterday. 👏

✅STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE - Push yourself and don’t stop, life really does begin at the end of your comfort zone. 🥀

Be strong and courageous, accept new challenges with grace, they give the best results. ☺️

Ok friends…that’s it for me, I hope you found some motivation today stopping at our feed.

Have a blessed weekend, stay hydrated and eat more protein! We will see you in the gym on Monday. 💪😁

Coach Dana 💕


Gratitude can transform common days into Thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. 💫

Gratitude sweetens even the smallest moments.

I love this capture of my daughter and her sharing it with me! After her long, tough work day, dealing with deadlines, tasks and a variety of difficult personalities… she chose to end it on a positive note by sticking to her well built routine and showing up at her favorite Gold’s Gym. 🌊🏝️💪☀️

I am so thankful for every special moment my children share with me. 🙏



Shout out to our amazing, beautiful client !! 🖤

Showing us all how to achieve real, long term results with her overall health: renewed energy, fat loss and body shaping.

No diet pills or crazy weight loss supplements/fads, no restrictive low calorie dieting! Only being mindful of what she’s consuming so she can enjoy life and learn long term sustainable eating habits that fuels her unique body the right way!

This gal knows the meaning of hard work, showing up 4xs a week for 1 hour in the gym for 3 months straight and still going strong. 💪

Congratulations Jen! Thank you for trusting us on your health & fitness journey! 🥰

Rock Star Jen! 🤩


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” 🎉


Photos from BFIT4LIFE Boot Camps Chandler Arizona's post 05/30/2023

🧡..SO Grateful for small things, big things, and everything in between.🌄



Showing up is hard and these two young ladies continue to surpass the odds.

Proud of them for always demonstrating good character, leadership and discipline skills in and out of the gym.

Keep on shinning your lights little ladies! 🖤💪🏆


Kid’s Fitness with Coach Alex 🖤 Having fun, working hard! 💪


When climbing your “ladder of life”, don’t look too far up or set your goals too high, carefully step one rung at a time. 🧗‍♀️

Some days will feel like you aren’t progressing, and yep, some days you may feel a bit defeated and want to give up on your goals, however: if you can take a step back and see how high and how far you’ve already come, that’s when you know you are exactly where you need to be, and then…just keep on “keeping on” one step at a time.

I’m cheering for you !
Coach Dana 🖤💫



Slow, productive progress leads to success. 🐢

Don’t give up ! ❤️


“The most important thing in the world is family and love. .” 🫶



For Real, Motion is Lotion! You don’t need much time to listen, and loosen up those bolts. Your body will thank you. ❤️‍🩹


“Just play, have fun, enjoy the game…” MJ


Golden Hour 💚⛳️



“It’s actually pretty simple, either you DO IT, or you don’t..”

🏃•Teen Fitness Groups•🏋🏻‍♂️ starts Feb 7th @ 5pm. All levels and abilities. Limited space- please DM today for availability. 1 hour programming.



Merry Christmas to all our Fitness Friends!💪

We wish you a most happy, healthy and successful New Year!

Coach Alex and Dana 🏈❤️



Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season! 🎄🎁🏋🏻‍♂️


How do you achieve your fitness goals?

1. Be specific about your goals, and create measurable goals.

2. Set priorities and keep track of your progress.

3. Assess you goals.

4. Keep setting goals!

Still not sure where to start but want to make a change with your current health and fitness levels?

We can help!

Book a FREE consultation with us Today!

Our team is equipped with the right knowledge and tools to create attainable goals that you will accomplish !

✔️1:1 Training
✔️Small Groups
✔️Kids Youth Training
✔️Performance Training

🎁Currently running some “Get Fit” specials for the holidays for new clients.

📲DM Us today to learn more!

You’re just one step closer to living your BEST LIFE!


🚨 Attention ladies! “Strong is the new skinny!” 🚨

Maintaining muscle mass and strength is critical as we age. Building muscle is the best way to shape and lose inches, giving you a higher resting metabolic rate which burns more calories at rest.

Having more muscle also gives us better mobility, (less injuries) healthier heart and metabolic health.

Get in the gym, work smarter not harder, gain more confidence, and lift something heavy! 😃


“Everyone must choose one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret..” quote

We want YOU to stay disciplined with US! 🙌

Book your “weekend warrior workout” today!

📲Just DM us HERE for available times and to reserve your spot.

We can’t wait to see you. 😁

📍 Atlas Performance
🏋️ 1 Hour Programming
🥰 All Levels, All Welcomed
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family FUN Fitness
🏈 Athletic Training


Working Monday Ladder Drills 💨👣

🎯Improve Ankle and Knee Stability
🎯Great for Athletes - Quick Transfers
🎯Cardiovascular Health

📲 1 Spot Left in our Youth Athletic Program, Please DM for pricing.


Photos from BFIT4LIFE Boot Camps Chandler Arizona's post 10/22/2022

Hello Friends! 👋

Are you wanting to: ⬇️

🎯Gain Confidence..
🎯Have more Energy..
🎯Be Stronger, have better posture..
🎯Move better..
🎯Shed some unwanted body fat and inches..
🎯Stay consistent..
🎯Work with an experienced Certified Personal Trainer who understands body mechanics and nutritional wellness…

🚨Then please Listen Up..😁

Coach Alex and Dana would love to team up and earn your business.

We currently have afternoon availability to train *in home, *at work, or *in studio.

✨Our Training Comes with:

🔷Free health assessments
🔷Nutritional Counseling
🔷Special Savings direct to you on Important Vitamins you may be deficient in & Supplements catered to your specific goals. (NO MLM)
🔷Loads of Commitment, Fun and RESULTS! 💯

📲Please message us direct here and let’s get working together on a better YOU, just in time for the Holidays! 👏

We can’t wait to meet you!

📍In Studio Located in Chandler, AZ…just off the 202 Freeway and AZ Ave.


🔑Mobility and Flexibility are key components to living a long, healthy lifestyle.

If you are stiff, tight and moving in pain you are most likely lacking these 2 very important fitness components in your weekly routine.

Staying Flexible and Mobile in life will decrease pain and risk of injury and improve range of motion.

🔑Movement shown: 1/2 Kneeling Thoracic Spine Rotation with a smile. 😀

Can be used as a warm up or a cool down in your training program.

Helps facilitate an open chest, neck and shoulders, helps aid in deeper breathing and reduces tightness in your upper back.

Perform 5-8 reps each side and be sure to add the smile! 😀


📣YES! YOU CAN still be strong and build muscle well into your 40s, 50s and beyond!

There’s no doubt there will be challenges and quite possibly some set backs, our bodies are going through many demanding changes at this stage of life. 🤷‍♀️

As your friend and coach I’m here to assure you that with a consistent workout plan that includes lifting weights 3-4xs a week, and a reasonable, sound nutritional plan that works for you, there is no better prescription to better health than this. 💯

My best advice is to stay consistent, (hire a professional to help if you need it!) get plenty of rest when your body is tired and learn to eat the foods that help us not hinder us. 💪🍽

Need professional help with adding years to your life? 📲Contact us TODAY for a free consultation…

…You will be just 1 step away to a better YOU! 😊


Improve load tolerance and help reduce pain with heavy, slow isometrics for optimum patellar tendon health.

If you are dealing with true “patellar tendinitis” or “jumpers knee” (*please be diagnosed by a professional when dealing with pain)…pain that is coming from the front of your knee, that is not associated with a mobility issue coming from the knee / ankle or hip, then you may want to try adding in some isometrics!

The WALL SIT shown here is as an excellent example of a heavy loaded isometric exercise held for 45 seconds.

Studies show that various isometric holds at the knee joint have shown a substantial decrease in knee pain and an improved load tolerance.

Regain strength, reduce injury and pain by training smart!


Believe in Yourself. 💫

Find your inner fire and allow it to burn brightly. Your mind can overcome any obstacle.

Believe in the impossible, never give up or doubt yourself.

Seek hope and faith. Believe in that which you can not see.

These beliefs will strengthen your soul and your will to keep going. 🙏

“How to be a better you. The ultimate playbook to life”.. 📖


Level UP ✈️ …

Do your best, don’t compare yourself to the rest, and stay close to a state of appreciation.

The sky is the limit for each of us, how will you catch it?


Athletes who have quick and agile feet will be much more competitive as they grow in their sport.

“Quick feet” movement patterns stimulate muscle and neurological coordination which allows athletes to make quick, smart decisions on and off the field. 🧠🏃‍♀️💨

We have a couple openings in our kids fitness group located @ Atlas Performance. Ages 5-12. DM us for more info. 😀


Are you letting your passion fuel your purpose?

Play to your strengths, talents, and gifts. Celebrate your successes both big and small. The most certain way to bring value, meaning and joy to your life is to connect with and bring value, meaning and joy to the lives of others. The more you give, the more you get back.

Coach Alex with his good friend & client, under #42 Pat Tillman’s Passion Quote @ ATLAS PERFORMANCE.


My play ground… 💪🏋️‍♀️

Photos from BFIT4LIFE Boot Camps Chandler Arizona's post 08/25/2022

What do you think friends? Throw back 80s sleeveless hoodie, by:

Yeah or Neah? 🤨😝


⚡️ Get energized with US! ⚡️
Program Details:
*Band Pulls to Push up with Rotation
*ISO Glute Hold w/ Dbell Push
*Seated Arnold’s
*Pinkies Lead Rear Delt
Repeat 3-5xs depending on level, reps to failure, finish with cable facepulls with external rotation (not shown)



Laying the groundwork for healthy lifestyles.

📲 DM us for complete schedule.

Ages 5-12


Aim High… the higher the better, and don’t let anything stand in your way! 💨💨

🔹1:1 Training
🔹Small Groups
🔹Athletic Performance
🔹Youth Fitness

📍Located : Atlas Performance

📲 DM us today and start living your best life! 👊

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Chandler?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

Our Story

Dana Ward has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. She is dedicated and passionate about health and fitness and strives her best to help her clients achieve their own personal health and fitness goals. She has worked with all different levels of fitness and ages over the years. She is motivated, driven, and determined to bring out your absolute best in every one of your private or group sessions with her. She will be your supporter, your very own coach and your friend for life. #Bfit4life

Book your FREE Complimentary Health Assessment Today. Message or Call/Text Dana Ward direct to learn more about her Private Training Packages, her Small Group Training times and her year round Kid’s Fitness Classes.

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221 E Willis Road Suite 4, AZ 85286
Chandler, AZ

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