FLO Yoga & Cycle

FLO Yoga & Cycle


This is going to be phuquin crAYzeee! Hurry, only a few seats left!!
FLO Yoga & Cycle
Great night at QuartHaus on Friday. Sold out in an hour and half. Thank you all for coming and thank you FLO Yoga & Cycle for all the support. See you all this Friday, February 4th at 5:00. Going to be another great night so get there early!!!
One year membership for FLO Yoga & Cycle is only $80?!?! So many steals here!!! Hurry! Auction ends Sunday!!!!
Need to work off that Thanksgiving dinner? Check out our friends at FLO Yoga & Cycle. They are amazing humans and can help you reach your goals. AND you won't see any bugs there that's for sure!

It is Small Business Saturday! Mask up and show up for your small and local businesses today, like your community depends on you. Because it does!

Our Small Business Saturday special is here, use it in store or online ordering with curbside pickup.


🧡Buy over $25 - get $5 off
coupon: SHOPSMALL5

🧡Buy over $50 - get $10 off
coupon: SHOPSMALL10

🌟Valid for all purchases, including beverages, bags of coffee, gift cards, shirts, coffee gear, etc.

So many great small businesses to support today and everyday. When you make a purchase at a small, locally-owned business, you support not only that person’s business, you support their employees and their families, and a number of other small businesses, bakers, makers, service professionals, etc., families in your own community. You empower their dreams, just like you’ve been empowering ours!

Here are a few other small businesses in Downtown Chandler we love: The Sleepy Whale FLO Yoga & Cycle

Thank you for shopping LOCAL & SMALL this year!

Thank you to the community at FLO Yoga & Cycle..for the food and cash donations!!
All of this bought with the cash donations from FLO Yoga & Cycle!! Amazing .
We know you are ready to get back to your favorite places…😉

We have good news, Chandler businesses are OPEN and they are ready for you!

Say and shop, dine, play and donate in YOUR community today. Learn more about the impact that supporting local has on our community and how you can get engaged at iChooseChandler.com.

Thank you to the following City Government of Chandler, Arizona businesses that participated in this video:

💪FLO Yoga & Cycle
🍕 Bella Gusto Urban Pizzeria
🛍️ JudyWear Boutique
💈 Frandy Pena of at Palette Collective
Help support FLO Yoga & Cycle and stay fit during this time!
A special thank you to FLO Yoga & Cycle for having us today to recertify the staff in CPR and First Aid!

Great team of trainers, and such a fun and welcoming atmosphere! If you are looking to get (or stay) fit in 2020...this is the place to be!


Could this be you on the podium?! Are you ready to take that step towards teaching & inspiring? Where do you even start? ⁣Well, we got you! With 100+ 5 star reviews, we hope to be your first choice for indoor cycling training! ⬇️

When: Jan 25 & 26 or Feb 29 & Mar 1 from 12pm- 7:30pm⁣
What: Musicality, track profiles, song choice, light choreography, connection, confidence, and presence
Where: Mode Fitness Studio in South Calgary⁣
Who: ⁣ Natasha Marshall Bean & Kristen Mason
How: DM me 📩
Why: Why not?!

We can’t wait to work with you!

Thank you to FLO Yoga & Cycle for your wicked space to video!⁣
• 🎥: Pixyst⁣

for Dec. 31

✔️Zoppé - An Italian Family Circus | Chandler Center for the Arts through Jan. 5
✔️ Downtown Chandler Farmers Market and Yoga in the Park from FLO Yoga & Cycle | Jan. 4
✔️ Spice of Life Senior Variety Show Auditions | Jan. 6
✔️ History Bites Lunchtime Talks at the Chandler Museum – Broadacre City | Jan. 7
✔️ Christmas tree recycling through Jan 17 | 👉 chandleraz.gov/recycle

Get all the details at chandleraz.gov/events. Happy New Year!

Group Therapy disguised as Group Fitness. Cycling, Strength, Yoga, and Stretch classes with a sprinkle of nutrition and a healthy dose of community.

Operating as usual


These two took almost every class together, so it only makes sense that they’d hit 100 together! 💯👏🏽

Congrats Paige & Bailey! 🎉


Congrats Jen!! Welcome to the Century Club 💯👏🏽


Album cover 📸🙌🏽

Congrats on 100 classes Jake! 💯


Congrats on 100 classes Crystal 💯🙌🏽

Looking way too good after class! 🔥🔥🔥


Congrats on 100 classes Carolina! 💯👏🏽

Nos encanta tenerte en FLO
[Google translate 🤷🏻‍♀️🤞🏽🫶🏽]


BIG Congrats Amanda!🧡

Welcome to the Century Club 💯🙌🏽


100th class at 5:30am 💪🏽 Beast Mode!

Congrats Caitlin!!! 💯👏🏽


This girl right here is simply one of the most likeable people ever!

Big congrats👏🏽 on hitting 100 classes Sam 🧡

Photos from FLO Yoga & Cycle's post 09/24/2022

FLO BROs channeling their inner Playgirl centrefold 😏📖 for their 500th class photo 📸

Dan’s first class: Jan 24 2019
Rick’s first class: Apr 6 2019
First time at FLO together: Apr 20 2019
Besties ever since 👬🏻

Congrats guys 🧡👏🏽


Yes, that’s the cycle room pictured🫢 Things around here have changed a lot, huh?

…which conveniently leads us to some schedule & membership changes 🤓

7:30am CYCLE 30 Emcee will alternate week to week between Lashay & Jess

7:30am FLEX 30 wraps up this month and we’re toying with a few ideas for a second yoga class on Saturday💫 Stay tuned!

6pm Cycle 45 will be replaced with FUSION RESTORE at 6:30pm (30min Cycle + 30min Stretch)

We’re starting with two weeks in October (Oct 12 & 26) to see how it goes ⬇️⬇️
⚠️Butts in seats will keep it on the schedule‼️

So our avid FLEXers don’t feel left out 😏, we now offer a Flex Only Membership. 💪🏽$99/mo, unlimited Flex classes🔥



🗣LISTEN UP: Sept 30 is the last day to get our ahhhmazing 2 week offer!

Unlimited classes for two weeks for $20🤯

If you’ve been watching from the sidelines🫣 or know someone who’s been waiting for “the right time” to start… it’s time ⏰



Always the first one at the studio and now the first guy to hit 1000 classes 🥳

What an incredible accomplishment! 👏🏽

We can’t imagine this place without you. It would be so…quiet… 🤣

Congrats Nick 🧡 See you first thing in the morning 😉



Congrats Nikki! Welcome to The Century Club💯🥳

What a great way to start the week 👏🏽💪🏽




Please sign up for class 📲 BEFORE scanning your FLO key tag. You can sign up using the MINDBODY app or on the FLO website.

You may have noticed… the ten minute window before class starts can be *absolute mayhem* at the front desk 🤪. This small 🤏🏽 change will help us keep things moving smoothly🙌🏽

If you are on a waitlist😟, please wait until you receive a text confirmation that you’ve been added to class.

Here’s a short poem to help you remember:

You can sign up from your car
You can sign up from afar
You can sign up at the door
You can’t walk in and scan no mo
If you’re told you have to wait
It’s because you signed up too late
Let’s hope the odds are on your side
So you get to stretch or flex or ride


Just me or is this about to be a band?



Are you ready for the podium? We’re building our team, starting with Cycle 👉🏽 Bonus points if you have experience teaching Yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️ or Flex 💪🏽 as well as Cycle!

Send us a short video about yourself, your background and why you’re a fit for FLO.

Submit videos by DM or email [email protected]

⚠️All videos must be submitted by Sept 6 at noon⚠️

Not ready yet, but you wanna get there? Check out online training with 🧡


Naomi this is such a big deal! We remember when you first started, nervous to find time for class while balancing a job and motherhood. But hot damn look at you now! Just out here doin’ your thing 👏🏽 and f*cking killin’ it 🔥

Congrats on 100 classes and welcome to The Century Club! 💯🙌🏽

Photos from FLO Yoga & Cycle's post 08/17/2022

Joline, Joline 🎶🫣 congratulations on 💯 classes!

Your hard work😅 is paying off! We’re so happy to see you reach this milestone 👏🏽

Welcome to The Century Club 🎉


She didn’t want to make a scene so we’re acting like it’s not a big deal. 500 classes… meh…whatever. 💁🏻‍♀️

We will, however, gush about Patty the person. She is without question one of the kindest, most generous and compassionate humans we know. She’s just a damn good person and Patty, we’re lucky to know you🧡🧡🧡

Congrats on this milestone 👏🏽

Photos from FLO Yoga & Cycle's post 08/16/2022

1st class: March 29 2018
1000th class: August 15 2022

Congrats Elaine! 🎉
This is an amazing accomplishment 👏🏽 and it doesn’t even include all the overFLO classes you took online in 2020!!

We are so glad you took a chance on us in our little hole-in-the-wall spot in Boston St 🧡


FLEX … it’s not in our name, but we do it anyway 💁‍♀️

💪🏽 15 Flex classes each week brought to you by some pretty amazing FLO Emcees

💪🏽 Creative, well-planned classes designed to build strength and stability

💪🏽 Combine with cycle, stretch or yoga to achieve a balanced exercise regimen

📲 floyogacycle.com/schedule


Bailey sneaking up on us with a surprise 100!🤣

You have the ✨best energy✨and we’re so happy to see you hit this milestone 💯👏🏽

Congratulations! 🥳


Photos from FLO Yoga & Cycle's post 08/03/2022

It all started with a yoga class on Nov 28, 2018…

1000 classes 😅 and 150 of those with baby🤰🏼


Thanks for making us your home away from home, for always setting the bar hella high and challenging others to match you 👏🏽



Congrats on hitting 100 classes Lisa!!

Your smiling face brightens the room every time you walk in 💫 and we’re so glad you’re part of the FLO fam 🧡



🆕👟Rental shoes and mats are getting a fresh new look ✨

Starting Monday August 1st, new rental shoes and mats will be available to rent for $2 per class.

The best part? Old shoes are up for grabs and you can get a pair for $40.00 including cleats!

Sizes are limited so if you want a pair, don't wait! Get your new-to-you shoes next time you're in or buy online and we'll have them ready for you when you come to class.



Hey now! 😏💯👏🏽

Congrats on 100 classes Jess!



Last week someone came in for a class, listed all the studios they’d been to and said, without hesitation, “no one does it better than you guys.” 🥹☺️

Book those bikes 👏🏽

$20 for two weeks 👉🏽 floyogacycle.com/flointro


Welcome to The Century Club Ms. Kitty!!! 😻👏🏽 Congrats on hitting 💯 classes!

We might need to get you to start teaching an ab class! 👀🔥


💯💯💯💯💯 Congrats on a huge milestone Jean!

Balancing a job, mom duties and STILL making time to sneak in a workout (or two 😉) at lunch time 👏🏽 Great job! 🎉


Congrats Lisa!!! Welcome to The Century Club 💯👏🏽

It’s good to have you back 🧡


That “oh s**t I forgot my…” look 🤦🏼‍♀️😤

Whatever it is, we’ve probably got it! Is there something you think we don’t have, but should? Let us know ⬇️⬇️

Photos from FLO Yoga & Cycle's post 07/05/2022

🥑🚚 Guac On Food Truck will be at FLO every Thursday night this month

Salads, sandwiches, guac & chips and more! All locally and responsibly produced.


Photos from FLO Yoga & Cycle's post 06/30/2022

Let’s all take a moment to celebrate this special lady!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Congrats on ✨1000 classes✨ Sigrid!

FLO is better with you in it 🧡


Happy Father’s Day 🧡


💥This Saturday is gonna be BIG!💥

1️⃣ $11 DROP-IN for all classes (this Sat only)
📲 book your spot early

2️⃣ ATHLETA popup 7:00 - 10:30am
🛍 we bring the store to you
💰20% off one item
🎁 sign up for the rewards program and get a $15 card

3️⃣ NEW class at 7:30am
💪🏽 FLEX 30 (in the yoga room)
🥁 beat-based strength class
⬇️ light weights ⬆️ heavy burn

4️⃣ Deals & giveaways available in-studio only

Photos from FLO Yoga & Cycle's post 06/14/2022

Huge milestone for this amazing human🫶🏽

Cynthia, you light up every room you walk into 💫 and we’re so glad you walked into ours 🧡

Congrats on 500 classes 👏🏽


Andrew is officially on the Century Club wall!

Congrats on 100 classes 💪🏽💯


The FLO summer sales pitch:

We have AC.™

It’s hot AF out there this week 🥵

See you on the inside ❄️


Congrats RheAnna! 🥳

🍎 doesn’t fall far from the 🌳😉

Welcome to the Century Club 💯🙌🏽


You’ve got 2 chances to get this vibe tonight with 👏🏽

👉🏽 5:15 Cycle 30 ($11 Happy Hour drop-in)
👉🏽 6:15 Cycle 45

✅ Book It!

First time? Get our 2 week unlimited pass!
Link in bio or 👉🏽 floyogacycle.com/flointro

Photos from FLO Yoga & Cycle's post 06/01/2022

YAY Terry!! Congrats on hitting 100 classes 🙌🏽 & welcome to The Century Club 💯

Thanks for the bonus decorations 🎈


Holiday classes are our favorite 🧡


It’s all about strategy now 🤔

10 days left in May - how many BINGOs can you get?

ONE class next week will earn a WILDCARD star ✴️ Can you guess which one?

👉🏽 if you forgot to get a star from us for a previous class, just let us know and we’ll get you caught up ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

👉🏽 each completed row = 1 scratch ticket

👉🏽 scratch ticket prizes range from 1 high five to 30 days unlimited classes

👉🏽 each scratch ticket = 1 entry into the Grand Prize draw ($200+ gift cards from .wine and 🎉)

Photos from FLO Yoga & Cycle's post 05/19/2022

Congrats Alyssa! 👏🏽💯

Slowly but surely 🐢 you made it!

1st class: Nov 17, 2018
100th class: May 18, 2022


Humpday vibes 😃

See you tonight!


Jan 6, 2018: TAUGHT her 1st class at FLO on Boston.

May 12, 2022: TOOK her 100th class at FLO on Frye.

A lot has changed in those 1,587 days, but Baby D has been our 🧡

Congrats on 100 classes
Hopefully we’ll be here in 17 years when you hit 500 😘

Our Story

Group therapy disguised as exercise.

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🔥🔥🔥Last week someone came in for a class, listed all the studios they’d been to and said, without hesitation, “no one do...
You’ve got 2 chances to get this vibe tonight with @jen_barrett_benson 👏🏽👉🏽 5:15 Cycle 30 ($11 Happy Hour drop-in)👉🏽 6:1...
Holiday classes are our favorite 🧡
Photo dump from FLO off Frye 😎What an awesome day 🎉Thank you to our team for alllll the energy ⚡️ and to our hosts Sigri...
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FLO Emcees brought the 🔥🔥🔥
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Confiscated this video from some chick recording in the back corner 😉Please enjoy this footage of these amazing humans w...
3 Years of FLO on Frye




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