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Spend your Summer at The Fieldhouse! Offering an all-sports camp for kids ages 5-12. Sign up for a full week or single-day at www.cyafieldhouse.org/camps/summer-camp.

Evolution Basketball is hosting camps and clinics at The Fieldhouse all summer long for all ages. Get more info at Evolution Basketball

Vienna Elite Volleyball Club will also be hosting clinics at The Fieldhouse for elementary, middle and high school level athletes. Find out more at Vienna Elite Volleyball Club

EveryMom Fitness welcomes EVERY Mom to get a great workout without having to leave your kids! Bring them along and let them run, play or even workout with you--all ages welcome. Summer schedule offers early morning, noon and mid-morning times. Check them out at EveryMom Fitness

It's always sunny at The Fieldhouse--no sunscreen required!

A huge thank you to all of our volunteers serving alongside Terraforma Church on this Scatter & Serve weekend! Thanks to generously donating their time and resources, lasagnas were baked and delivered to a local homeless shelter (Lasagna Love (Global)), produce was planted at JK Community Farm, farm work and restoration was done at Nalani Horse Rescue, snack packs were assembled for Support Generation Hope One Hope Conference, and a CrossFit workout with EveryMom Fitness resulted in money being raised to support the The Ben Hines Memorial Foundation. What great ways to serve others and strengthen our communities ❤️
Any of you who use teen babysitters -- do you mind sharing what you pay? Trying to help Carys set a rate. Thanks!
I took the kids to this tonight. It was really well done! Lots of interactive things to do and learn. It's in doors except for the petting zoo part. Took us about 45min- and hour.

So glad we were in town to celebrate Erica Sandman Hall… even with the double burpee action.
Happy birthday Erica Sandman Hall !!! So glad we were here for all those burpees.
If anyone needs a delicious and quick dinner option for Thursday, please consider BaddPizza in South Riding and mention the code below. The proceeds will be added to the amount we are raising as part of the 3rd Annual EPIC workout on June 19th :) .

Eat some pizza and then burn it off with the amazing Everymom workouts :)
Hi All! Just a reminder to register by this Friday if you'd like to receive a t-shirt for the workout on June 19th. Workout will begin at 9 am and you can participate in as many of the sessions as you'd like in person or virtually! The more workouts you participate in the more chances you have to win a raffle prize :)

You'll get a little bit of everything: cardio, strength and yoga, for a 2-hour heart-healthy sweat sesh!
Register with a donation on the TEAM Page and select "Join Team" by June 5th, 2021 to receive a Longest Day t-shirt.
Once you are registered, you will be invited to join the private 2021 Epic Workout page.
Some pics from our Saturday Sweat Sue-Sesh a couple weeks ago. We’ll be back for a visit Memorial Day Weekend. See you on the 28 and 29th in-person!!!
To our first friends, best friends and forever friends—today we celebrate you. 💕 Check out these adorable motherhood moments that you shared during the with EveryMom Fitness
📸: Jasmine Jenai, Nancy Klein, Linh, Casey, Allie Bax
Are kiddos allowed on Saturday? We will be in town this weekend and thinking about coming by for some in-person work!! 💪🏻
I post this here? Don't judge my lack of burpees. Its just that I don't like them and so 10 is all I was willing to do. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 JK. Im weak. 🤪
EveryMom Fitness is for EVERY Mom, and you're invited to join them in-person and online (ask about a free week!). All workouts are modifiable for every fitness level — you won’t find a more encouraging, supportive, and STRONG group of moms anywhere!

At in-person classes held at The Fieldhouse (Chantilly), kids are even welcome to join you! The facility boasts plenty of social distancing space where all CDC guidelines are followed. Choose from 6 class options weekly (at just $50/month).

If online is more your style, choose from 6 online workouts weekly, including yoga (at just $30/month). Watch workouts live or stream them at your convenience.

Learn more online and be sure to ask about your free trial week: bit.ly/EveryMomFitness
Updated Holiday Schedule for EveryMom Fitness! EveryOne is welcome for a $10 drop-in fee (or $5 with a member!)
Drumroll please!! Terraforma, you did it .... coat #400 (yes, you read that correctly), was donated today!

We set the goal to collect 300 winter coats for Women Giving Back. It is only fitting that our very important Impact Partner, Dulles South Young Life, donated the 400th coat collected!

The students of Dulles South Young Life have partnered with Terraforma for various Scatter opportunities, and we look forward to serving alongside them in 2021.

A huge thank you to all of our Impact partners who helped Terraforma reach this amazing milestone. EveryMom Fitness, South Riding Dance Academy,Kellys Fitness Boot Camp, Craftsman Auto Care, Brambleton Community Association, and Kindness Heroes 🌟

We are every mom trying to fit her workout in without having to worry about the kids.

Operating as usual

Photos from EveryMom Fitness's post 01/09/2023

ALL the babies came to class today!! ❤️👶


Adulting is hard, and not nearly as tasty. 😋

If you resolved to find time for a fitness routine this year, try 10am at The Fieldhouse! Bring your littles or come alone—our workouts are truly for EVERY mom. This is not a mommy-and-me class—it’s bootcamp-style (think Burpees, sprints and push-ups) that will challenge all fitness levels. Our instructors are certified in pre- and postpartum fitness and provide modifications for all levels including post-injury. Every Mom CAN do it!


Those smiles say it all! Great Moms Night Out for these EveryMoms (+ 1 sweet baby!)

See you next month—mark your calendars for Thursday Feb. 2nd!


Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself! At The Fieldhouse, there is NO commitment and you can try their fitness memberships for a whole week for FREE!

EveryMom Fitness is part of the FitHour membership:

EveryMom Fitness
Monday-Friday 10am
Kids welcome!

EarlyBird FitHour
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30am

Tuesday 9:30am
Wednesday 9am

Thursday 9:30am

All for just $50/month with no long-term contract!

Try us out in the New Year, not as a resolution, but as a low-stress SOLUTION to feeling strong, proud, and just darn GOOD about yourself. 💪



Followed by a great workout at EveryMom Fitness at 10am all week, Monday-Friday!

Kick off that resolution before the New Year! Try a week for FREE—just come on by The Fieldhouse to drop in for a class anytime!


Wishing Every Mom and her family a joyful, burpee-free holiday (unless of course you WANT burpees for Christmas...) We'll see you next week!

Dec. 26-30: Regular schedule
Mon-Fri 10am
Training Turf M-Th,
Full Field Friday


Put on your festive footwear for Full Field Friday!!

Be careful driving in today, and if we don’t see you, we wish Every Mom a Merry Christmas!! 🎄


No need to get dressed on this cold, rainy morning! Bring the kiddos in their PJs with their favorite stuffy (animal, not nose! 🤧)
10am @ The Fieldhouse


Talk about multi-tasking moms: getting a workout while watching a zoom chorus concert! ✅✅

Check out the in our story!


We simply had a WONDERFUL holiday hat day at class this morning!

Do you want to build a snowman? ⛄️ Come to class tomorrow with some snowman supplies and we’ll build one together!


See you tomorrow! 🧑‍🎄

Photos from EveryMom Fitness's post 12/19/2022

Happy Monday! Today was Elf Yourself and now we all have . Way to bring it Dorothy 💪🏻💪🏻


EveryMom loves spirit week, right!?! Well this one is for YOU (and your kids if they come along)! Elf yourself in red and/or green for class on Monday to kick off a festive week at The Fieldhouse!

Remember: we are on the small training turf for the week, so please plan accordingly to keep your kiddos busy with less room to run around.


🥂 You know what is the best way to cure a hangover? Burpees!!

Exercise is a great way to sweat out the toxins, so bring your hangover to class (but leave the sick kids at home)!


Although schools are delayed, or canceled, bring the kids along to work out that “snow day” stress!


Squats of fun at EveryMom this morning!


That’s exactly why we do what we do! Make your health, both physically AND mentally, a priority without having to worry about childcare. In fact, THEY will get just as much out of an EveryMom Fitness class as you: exercise, friends and the importance of self-care.

Give us a try before the New Year! You can try a week for FREE, then pay just $50/mo with no long-term contract.

Monday-Friday 10am

with .repost


Just call us the Rockettes! 👯‍♀️





Try to stay healthy out there!



Mom-time. Tummy-time. Social-time. Nap-time. Squat-time. It all happens here at EveryMom Fitness!


Thanks for coming out! See ya next month! (Save the date: Thursday, Jan. 4!)


Turkey ✔️
Pie ✔️
Wine ✔️✔️
Back to your workout! ✔️

Nice to see you all back after the holidays!

Don’t forget we have a Moms Night Out at on Thursday, Dec. 1! Come anytime after 7pm and toast the beginning of the shopping/eating/drinking/family season!


There’s no shame in enjoying all the yummy Thanksgiving treats! Now it’s a new week and you can get right back into your workout routine with EveryMom Fitness!

Monday-Friday 10am
@ The Fieldhouse

Try a week for FREE! Just come on by to sign up.

Photos from EveryMom Fitness's post 11/25/2022

BLACK FRIDAY DEALS! Some of our inventory has already sold, but there are a few sizes still available.

What would YOU like to see in our next round of merch? Drop a comment with color, style, accessories—we want to know what EveryMom wants!


Who looks this great at 38-weeks pregnant!? Jasmine, that’s who! We have been so impressed with her commitment to work out until baby comes, modifying as needed, but keeping her body fit and ready for labor and delivery!!

EveryMom instructors are certified for both pre- and postpartum fitness and, they’re moms themselves!

It’s never too late or too early to find a workout that is just right for you in your parenting journey!

Monday-Friday 10am
@ The Fieldhouse
Try a week for FREE!


Preparing to serve that Thanksgiving feast! 🦃


You’d never guess that this strong mama turned 🎉50🎉 today!! 😱 Looking great, Jen! And thanks for those 50 extra 💪

(Yes, sometimes we workout barefoot. And by we, I mean Jen. And by sometimes, I mean 3 times that she forgot to wear sneakers to class.) Love you Jen!! 😘


Happy Thanksgiving-Black-Friday-Almost-Christmas week!

The Fieldhouse will be closed Thursday Nov. 24 and Friday Nov. 25, so we will not have EveryMom classes those days. If you are a member of our EveryMom Fieldhouse Facebook group, check in for a throwback Turkey day workout with Sue!

Check out our story for a sneak peek of our own Black Friday deals! ➡️


Don’t wait for January to start a new workout plan! There are no special deals to wait for here—at The Fieldhouse you’re already getting the cheapest rate around at $50/month with NO long-term contract AND you can try an entire week for FREE! Why wait? Start before the turkey and pumpkin pie!

FitHour membership includes:

EveryMom Fitness
Monday-Friday 10am
Kids welcome!

EarlyBird FitHour
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:30am
Women-only (no kids)

Wednesday 9am

Coming soon: Barre!

All for $50/month


It’s rough out there this Fall!

We appreciate all of you for keeping the kiddos home when they are under the weather!

DON’T FORGET we have online classes too! You can get your weekly dose of Erica right from your own living room for just $20/month. Great for those sick days and soon-to-be snow days coming up! With 3 new live videos a week and over 300 archived workouts to stream anytime, it’s a great way to supplement your Fieldhouse membership. Sign up at the link in our bio 👉

Photos from EveryMom Fitness's post 11/09/2022

Getting the work done, however we can!


(and ) workout! Watch our story for how the kids stayed busy…


Don’t worry, they’ll be back on schedule just in time for Thanksgiving break. 🙄🥱


Ahh, just what we needed: a night out with EveryMoms! Thank you so much for sharing a drink, some snacks and good chats! See you tomorrow for another round of burpees/squats/bikes/push-ups/sprints… whatever torture Erica has planned for us! 💪


Working out with a friend, or sister, is so much more fun!

Most of our members were invited by a friend or came together for their first time. We get that! New things can be scary. But we aren’t, so come on out and try a week for free! Bring a friend or two along—friends who sweat together, stay together!


Working out with a friend, or a sister, is always better than working out alone!

Most of our members came because a friend invited them or they didn’t want to try a new thing alone. We get that! Who can you convince to give EveryMom a try? Hey, friends that sweat together, stay together!


Happy Halloween! 🎃

Get some extra costume and candy time at EveryMom Fitness tomorrow! Bring the kids in costume and some treats to share (nut-free please). Every mom can dress up too—but it won’t get you out of burpees. 😜


How do you Friday? This mama has just started back at class and she is killin’ it! You can too—EVERY mom can! Give EveryMom Fitness a try for one week for FREE!

We are EveryMom Fitness.

EveryMom Fitness is truly for every mom! Every new mom, every experienced mom. Every mom who wants to take care of herself, without sacrificing taking care of her child. Whether you’re a marathon-running mom, or a haven’t-worked-out-in-years mom, EveryMom Fitness will adjust to your level for the perfect workout for you!

We offer in-person classes all year round at The Fieldhouse, a safe, indoor facility with showers, childcare and a café. EveryMom Fitness is an hour-long bootcamp-style cardio and strength class that meets Monday-Friday at 10am. Your kids are welcome to be in a stroller, on a blanket nearby, or running down the field, always under your watchful eye. They will make playdate buddies while you make mom-friends—and we know every mom needs a few of those!

Monday-Friday 10-11am

$50/month unlimited membership
$10 one day drop-in rate
Try it FREE for one week!
No commitment, pay month-to-month.

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Don’t wait for January to start a new workout plan! There are no special deals to wait for here—at The Fieldhouse you’re...
#electionday (and #noschool) workout! Watch our story for how the kids stayed busy…#voted #ivoted #election #momswhovote...
We had TWO birthdays to celebrate with #birthdayburpees today! Happiest wishes to Julie and to Eva! One was a few more b...
Working out with a friend, or sister, is so much more fun! Most of our members were invited by a friend or came together...
Working out with a friend, or a sister, is always better than working out alone!Most of our members came because a frien...
These kids used their day off from school to burn off the sugar high from last night’s trick-or-treating! 🎃🍭 #workout #m...
It’s amazing what kids will do for 🍫CANDY! 🍭 Every kid and EveryMummy had a blast this morning pre-burning those candy c...
How do you Friday? This mama has just started back at class and she is killin’ it! You can too—EVERY mom can! Give Every...
Flashback to some cute costumed kiddos (and moms!) from past Stroll-er-treats at EveryMom Fitness. No school on Hallowee...
Weighted squats. #babyweight EveryMom can do it!#workout #momworkout #fitmom #fitmoms #strongmom #strongmoms #momfitness...
We did it! We beat last year’s donations and raised $568 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with our Burpees 4 Bo...
Happy Birthday to our amazing instructor, Erica!! A day early, but she still made us do all 44 birthday burpees. In-betw...




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