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Boot Camp makes you better! Results oriented workouts that will make you feel great physically and mentally. Come try a class for FREE!

East Gate Park Lot in front of Harris Teeter for outdoor and at 43083 Peacock Market Plaza (Inergy) for indoor.

Operating as usual


I believe the combination of physical activity and positive energy enhances my cognitive process, leading to a flow state conducive to generating creative ideas.

I am best able to express
myself when I am leading
a group fitness class
or coaching a workout.

I shared these words towards the end of an intense 45-minute strength and conditioning session.

“It’s not about being better than the person next to you. It's about the person next to you making you better.”

I joke to my students to write it down😂 so we don't forget.

I was sure this quote was already out there, but when I googled it, there were no matches, so I wanted to make it my own.

Maybe it could be said in a more eloquent way, but this is my version, and I know it speaks to the people I train.

I don't just say it—I feel it, I see it, and I wholeheartedly believe it. These words stir my soul in the most compelling way.


I introduce to you 2024 Challenge Team the Barbelles!

This Winter Challenge team comprises 23 competent, strong, and goal-minded women who are on a mission to work together to get better, share ideas and encouragement, and collaborate on everything!

Rookie Captain Min (Competition Barbie) is ready to elevate and challenge all Barbies to be their best! Competition Barbie did what any fantastic leader would do and got a Sporty Barbie Co! Kathy Moore is always open for a Challenge or a game!

I love their names, personas, and everything about this team💓

The Barbell Motto is “She can do EVERYTHING”.

“A team of Strong and Smart Barbies capable of achieving anything we set our minds to. And our minds are focused on doing “EVERYTHING ” we can to improve ourselves, our team, KBC and the community through the KBC 2024 Winter Challenge.

This week we focused on Barbie INTROs and TEAM BONDING as many of the Barbies did not know each other. We have 8 Barbies that are new to the Winter Challenge, so we are all still learning. We BONDED by wearing our pink outfits, socks, scarves, ribbons, and bracelets to every workout this week, to help identify each other “Hi Barbie”, worked out together and motivated each other….and took lots of pictures (we know you saw us!!). Our Barbelles FB Group has been very active with tons of pictures, healthy recipes, reminders re: Gretchen’s macro workshop!

We also created a Barbie Buddy system so we could focus on just one Barbie and get to know her better and text, call, workout and push each other during the week. We will switch buddies each week.”

🩷Bye Barbie!🩷


I have referred to countless clients because he is local, efficient, solution-oriented, and understands the importance of keeping you in the game regarding fitness (focusing on what you can do).

I see him when I have minor concerns, hoping to avoid a big problem. I trust him and believe he never suggests surgery unless it is the only option. He is intelligent, caring, and easy to talk to.

Over 12 years ago, he told me I had arthritis in both knees. I believe that the reason I can do as much as I can without pain is that my muscles around the joint are so strong, and I work at keeping my inflammation down and avoid foods that make my joints hurt (sugar, soy sauce, and processed food). I am also consistent with bodywork and yin yoga.

On my last visit back in October, I was seeking advice for a mild case of tennis elbows. He asked about my knees, and I shared that they are fine except when I travel (by car or plane, but the plane is worse) and eat the wrong foods (sometimes a girl needs some homemade carrot cake)!

He thought I would be a candidate for some joint fluid injections but did not overpromise the results, as I am sure they vary.

I had three injections. Each time I was in the office, start to finish, for less than 10 minutes with 0 downtime. I wasn't sure if it was working.…

My last treatment was on November 29th. I have only traveled a few times, but I had no stiffness either time. This month, I feel more springy (that is dangerous because I do not want to bounce) because that is how this started😂. It absolutely “worked”

I am grateful for Dr. Goodwins suggestion and wanted to share that preventive care is the best way to avoid surgery, and if you feel pain in your joints, there could be a solution or modification. My students are experts at finding an exercise that doesn't hurt!!

“As its name implies, viscosupplementation artificially supplements the joint fluid’s natural viscosity. By injecting man-made hyaluronic acid into the knee, doctors hope to temporarily lubricate the knee joint, thereby decreasing pain and improving function.”

Photos from Lebert Fitness's post 01/14/2024

You already know how I feel about this!!!!! Yah Marc Lebert and Lebert Fitness!!!


Looking for something significant to learn on a rainy night?

You don't even need to leave your house and if you have never done an Inbody test, we can schedule a free one this week!

Data is power!


What is better than completing a year-long accountability challenge? 📆🎉

These 19 🌟s all belong to a new club
‼️Myzone Elite DW Dynamo Club‼️

Did I include my picture in the collage? HECK YAH! The Myzone Elite was not as hard for me, but that DW took some self-talk and sacrifice. I have my pre-workout morning routine, and for 12 days of 2023, it was disrupted. I had to wake up earlier and not have my coffee…. And there were a few months where I knew my numbers were off! I STILL GOT ON the inbody and filled out the form!

Those are the months that you LEARN! Showing up when it is easy isn't a Challenge!

👀All those pictured did the DW for at least nine months AND completed MYZONE ELITE all 12 months!!! I AM SO PROUD!!!

Are they the most talented, most fit, and best of KBC? NO. They just showed up. This year's TRIPLE CROWN WINNER goes to because, in addition to keeping her status for both challenges all year, she rang the radiation bell🔔

What else can we do??


The Myzone Elite Challenge rewards consistency. Not for a month or a quarter, but for an entire year! Starting in January 2023, if students earned over 2000 MEPs, you moved on to the next month.


In 2023, we had 5️⃣1️⃣ graduates!

The 2024 program will have three options for participation to encourage even more people to be consistent with their fitness for an entire year!

At KBC, we want to help our new students get started and keep those accountable who are striving for more significant, long-term goals!

Anyone who has ever committed to something for a year recognizes how amazing these people are!

What are MEPS? Myzone Effort Points

How do you get them? Any movement that brings your heart rate over 60%

Great news! Our 2024 Challenge will be starting soon, and you are invited to join! All January MEPS already earned will also count!!

Photos from Kelly's Bootcamp & Inergy's post 12/31/2023

When you look at the collage of beautiful ladies, DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE their commitment and grit. Some months were AWFUL. There were tears, doctor appointments, blood work, rants, and plenty of “this sucks.” They kept showing up. At times, they felt helpless and that the numbers were out of their control, and the advice I gave each one of them…

🚫Don’t give away your power!

They signed up for Cut the Fat with Gretchen, Clean & Shred or Level Up with Amy, and Small Group Strength with Julie and asked for guidance and advice.


Does moving all their numbers in the right direction and graduating mean they are all set? NO! 100% of them will do The DW in 2024! 100% will do the Winter Challenge or coaching beyond classes.

Many of the faces you see have failed. This year of success might have been a decade in the making! I have people sign up for programs yearly, and sometimes they say I am embarrassed that I slipped. I say I am proud that you are trying again.

This, my friends, is the secret sauce. I am trying again. The more you know about what doesn't work, the closer you are to discovering what does.

Please join me in congratulating our 38 DW GRADUATES! Standards were established to enhance the 2023 accountability program,
🎓10 months of capturing and recording data = Graduate
🎓 🙌 12 months after you graduate with honors
🌟the ten ladies with pictures graduated AND decreased weight, increased skeletal muscle mass, and reduced body fat percentage!!!

Several people joined the program late and had great success. Others did not “graduate” but still came in for their in-body most every month and moved their numbers in the right direction.🚫


Coming in HOT!!! Premila joined Big 10
In 2018, became an official member in 2019 and has been getting better with KBC ever since!

had lots to say about this inspirational 🌟

Premila Almeida - Varies her training, shows up consistently and has made big improvements to her fitness and confidence. She always has a smile on her face and has become a leader in classes, frequently helping others out.


Thank you, , for awarding inspiration awards to these two 🌟s!

Dennis Boyle started as a reluctant dude camp student in the Fall of 2022. After a month, he tried other classes and averaged two weekly workouts. Shortly after, he has upped his game to 5 workouts, is very humble but remarkably consistent and hardworking, and has seen phenomenal growth in form and endurance.

Sue Duffy started with KBC in the Fall of 2019. She is very focused, really knows how to push herself, has very positive energy, is enthusiastic, and is hardworking. Sue signed up for the DW to learn more and stay accountable to her goal of increasing her skeletal muscle mass. She has also become an avid Myzone User and has significantly benefited!!!

Photos from Kelly's Bootcamp & Inergy's post 12/17/2023

📣Let's give a big round of applause to our first 4️⃣
Inspiration Award & Winners!🏅

🟢The KBC team will be sharing some amazing ways to use the lax ball for recovery and glide towards success! As a proud Upstate NY girl, I'm thrilled to announce that our 2023 ornament is a ice skating-themed design ⛸️

🌟Magali Boyle started when we opened Inergy, sticking to Barre. She slowly added formats and time slots and had recently become a regular at Saturday Bootcamp, something she was adamant about not doing when she started. She is a strong student with a yes-you-can mindset, and I recently noticed how athletic and competitive she is! Magali has participated in the Winter Challenge and nutrition coaching. The team and I have enjoyed watching her become younger, leaner, and more energetic.

🌟Ted has been a member since June 2019, and I could easily give him a medal for his efforts and athleticism, but this is more than that. I love the diversity in his workouts, and he has no problem being the only dude at 5:15 am Step! He looks out for the other guys in Dude Camp and naturally takes on the Class Dad role. I am grateful for his commitment to this community and growth mindset. I love coaching Ted and watching him grow as an athlete and person. This year, he will be doing the Winter Challenge and the DW.

🌟7/2013 was a lucky month. That is when we landed Kristin Casad. This inspiration medal could be for many things because Kristin is pretty perfect in my book, but ironically, that is something we are working on being less of. Kristin was one of the most consistent participants in the DW this year. Her numbers are excellent, but she is always striving to get better. She has been a star participant in nutrition accountability programs and has signed up to do the challenge again this year. She is a quiet yet strong leader, and her actions are in line with her values. Kristin was also the brains behind the DW tracker, a game-changer for the DW community.

🌟Rebecca Borghi has been with KBC for over ten years! She started as a Saturday Bootcamper and became an ALL IN member in 2021. Rebecca lives in the next town over, and her commitment and consistency are remarkable. This medal recognizes her as a standout in the outdoor workouts, her excellent form, surprising strength, and support of all things KBC. She has participated in several nutrition coaching programs, the winter challenge, and the DW. She listens to the coaching, and her body fat percentage and skeletal muscle mass are directly reflected.

Photos from Kelly's Bootcamp & Inergy's post 12/14/2023

Andrew isn't much of a salad guy/ he doesn't eat them😂

Same lunch, different outfit!

Swipe to see both!

Which would you rather have?


Hi KBC:) This was not on my to-do list, but several people have asked about home equipment. Using these links, you pay the Amazon Price, and KBC gets a small cut in the form of Amazon credit. It was easy to set up, and I could add items to the list and create new lists. If there is anything you would like to see, let me know! I also shared on my stories and created a highlight so they would live on my IG page. If you're local, our prices on Bender balls and Lebert equalizers are better😘 and we have them in stock. The MZ3 is $149 on Amazon, and we sell for $79, so that one will make sense to ship!

Links with KBC Code

Light Red Resistance Band

Green Medium Resistance Band

Blue Hard Band

Step Bench Full-size Grey

White Equalizer Bars with hip-band

SPRI Hip Band set of 2

BOSU Balance PODS 2-Pack, Blue

Small pilates ball

Bender Ball Core Training Kit *Kelly's pick

Full-Size Bosu

Gaiam Yoga Bolster Rectangular Meditation Pillow

Home Version TRX

Light Weights

Heavy Weights


🔟 fabulous people crushed the NOVEMBER N🚫 Excuses CHALLENGE! 🙌🙌🙌

⏩At KBC, we know how easy it can be to get out of a workout routine and how hard it can feel to start again. It is easy for us to say show up, but having a goal, a plan, and some accountability is the secret sauce.

🏆Jae, Clara, Karen, Alice, Helen, Sam, Corinne, Craig, Jia & Donna all came to at least eight workouts in November, scheduled someone one-on-one time to establish goals, and they are all continuing their workouts into December (one of the most challenging months to stay consistent). The KBC team and I are so proud of them!

Thanks to Therese for coming up with N🚫 Excuses and for adding the workout requirement!!

This Challenge was a no-brainer for those looking to be part of the KBC community but wanted to test out their commitment and the workouts before committing. WHO ELSE CAN WE HELP?

PS if you need a goal and a plan, we can help, all you have to do is ask!


Another one!!!! Marie Cox may be the new girl, but that doesn't stop her from supporting the Breast Cancer workout, showing up to 35-degree Bootcamp on Saturday, and rocking 5:15 am classes during the week! Marie is an extraordinary lady who does so much for others. It is so wonderful to see her making some time for herself and playing reindeer games with her friends! Happy Birthday, Marie!!! The girl that almost got away!!!


One of our favorite reindeer tried to run away and not let her wish us a happy birthday, but lucky for us, we caught her before the day was over!!! Happy birthday to one of the kindest, caring, most helpful, thoughtful, and hard-working students in all of KBC! We ♥️ you Candice Driscoll and are very thankful for all that you have contributed to this community!

Photos from Kelly's Bootcamp & Inergy's post 12/09/2023

8am sure did crush their homework assignment (10 by 10am). 7am you have until 7pm!


This is a reshare from 5 years ago, but considering one of the contenders for the title of my book is I Believe in You, I am going to take this memory as a sign.


2023 sure did bring us some special new members. Especially the one that took the time to share this clever feedback. December 6th is my dad’s birthday; reading this sure did brighten my day.

What can you do in one minute today that might spread some light?

Photos from Kelly's Bootcamp & Inergy's post 12/05/2023

Help! I just took a marvelous trip down memory lane in an effort to share about how the winter challenge started, how it has changed, and how I would describe it to an outsider.

If you have ever done the Challenge or have any thoughts, could you comment below? I very much appreciate your help.

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