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Meet Coach Ochir Bayarsaikhan, CSCS | BTB Strength and Conditioning Coach.

I’ve been an active person involved in a variety of sports and activities including ice skating, swimming, ai-ki-do, and kick boxing since I was little. My passion and interest for the broad spectrum of human movement began when I started doing Muay Thai 5 years ago, which pulled me into studying the science behind human movements.

I graduated from GMU with a degree in Kinesiology and I’ve been coaching along with the BTB team of incredible coaches since then. It is always a pleasure to see how our athletes thrive, learn and most importantly enjoy being coached by our team!

Fun Fact | I speak 4 languages, competed in a beatboxing championship, and I'm a semi-professional dota 2 player!

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BTB EDUCATION | How do you know what the intent of your training cycle or training day (depending on periodization approach) is? How do you know if you are training to build strength, muscle (hypertrophy), or power?

When it comes to training goals, programming strategies to accomplish such goals heavily rely on specific reps and intensities associated with the targeted goal. However, it's important to know that those reps and intensities are on a continuum. This means that even if you are training with rep and intensity ranges that target "strength", it does not mean that you will not see some increases in hypertrophy and so on. That being said, it's good to understand what the appropriate rep ranges and intensities are so you can ensure you are effectively working towards your goal. So with that in mind, here are some good guidelines.

✅Hypertrophy | Rep ranges between 8-15, intensity or load between 65-80% of 1 RM.
✅Sub Maximal Strength | Rep Ranges between 1-7, intensity or load between 80-95% of 1 RM
✅Power & Maximal Strength | Rep Ranges between 1-5, intensity or load between 85-100% of 1 RM.
🔸🔸Note that repeated efforts (multiple sets) may call for slightly lower intensities and or start the cycle out at a lower intensity to allow room for growth within the cycle and to not have you lifting to failure every single training session.

✅When following a program that uses periodization principles, it's important to note the continuum as well as the importance of training all three goals within a given year to further optimize your main goal whether it's to build muscle, maximum strength, or maximum power.

Happy Lifting!! 💪🏻💪🏻


BTB Movement Demo | DB SA Bench Press

Why |
1. Unilateral strength.
2. Chest development.
3. Supports bench press growth.

Cues |
1. Keep DB at 45 degrees and stacked directly over the shoulder.
2. Drive feet down and back.
3. Squeeze Glutes.
4. Pull shoulder blades back and down.
5. Deep breath and brace.
6. Lower close end of DB down to outside of arm pit, keeping a 45 degree angle.
7. Press through feet and drive DB up and back to return stacked over shoulder.

Happy Lifting! #DoYourAccesorries

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The most underappreciated term in the world of strength and conditioning is.... Recovery. Let's talk about it!

Do you incorporate recovery techniques following exercise? Why and which of these techniques are key before heading into your next training session? Lastly, how can you improve your recovery regimen? Find out by attending our next webinar on, "How to Prioritize Recovery w. Coach Caroline."

✅When | Tuesday, March 1st @ 7:30 pm
✅Where | Online via Google Meet
✅Register at (Link in Bio)
**You must register to receive the Google Meet invite/link.

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BTB TECHNIQUE EDUCATION | Knee Valgus In The Squat w. Dr. Vik Somal @volitionperformance

You will often hear the cue “push the knees out” during a squat to avoid the knees from caving inward, but is this a fault or strategy?

The correct answer is “it depends.”

You may have seen videos of athletes rupturing their ACLs after aggressively planting or cutting, showing their knee cave inward at the time of the tear. This is referred to as a valgus moment of the knee, and it’s often associated as a risk factor for ACL injuries. Conversely, you may have also seen competitive powerlifters exhibit a similar strategy coming out of a squat without injury. So, what’s the difference?

From a mechanical standpoint, they are the same strategy. This strategy is to generate force via an internal rotation moment through the lower limb - whether to push forcefully out of a cut, or stand up out of a heavy squat. The difference between the two strategies is how the force is absorbed through the knee. In the example of an ACL injury, the majority of the force is being absorbed through one limb, at high impulse, and in a dynamic environment. In the instance of the squat, the load is distributed between both lower extremities, over a much longer time interval, and is a controlled, anticipated movement pattern.
Continues in comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


BTB Refer A Friend I

Get $25 BTB Credit to use towards merchandise or add-on memberships! (There is no limit to the number of referrals)💰 💪

Lets grow our community together! 😆

📧 Email [email protected], if you or someone you know is interested in our online coaching 📧

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Beyond The Barbell updated their address. 01/26/2022

Beyond The Barbell updated their address.

Beyond The Barbell updated their address.


BTB Technique Education |
GHD Razor Curl |

1. Hamstring development
2. Stronger deadlift foundation

1. Align knees on mid pad and feet flush with back plate.
2. Rib cage down, glutes pulled under, neutral spine.
3. Drive feet into back plate
4. Extend hips keeping chest parallel with ground.
5. Driving through feet, bring glutes back towards heels.
**Inhale into hip extension, exhale coming back.

Happy Lifting! #DoYourAccesorries 🤪

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BTB Webinar| 1st Meet Q & A and BTB's Powerlifting Club

Date | Wednesday, January 26th
Time | 8:00 pm est

Description |Have you been recently thinking about signing up for your first meet? Or have you already signed up, but not sure what to expect? Either way, this webinar is for you! Join us as we answer questions about first meet experiences, share stories, and help you navigate the road to stepping on the platform for the first time. We will discuss general meet prep, weigh ins, food prep, attempt selections, and how to just have fun!

BONUS - We will be sharing the details about our virtual Powerlifting Club and how you might be able to benefit by joining our community!

Register at Once you register, you will receive a link to Google Meet where the webinar will be hosted. 🤗⭐️📧

Already have questions about the topics above, submit them early to [email protected] and we will address them during the webinar.

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So ....what is periodization?

Periodization is strategically manipulating important variables (volume, intensity, and frequency) within each training cycle to create adaptations and long term success.

It's how the big picture comes together and how an athlete can continue to make progress while dereasing risk of injury through:

💪 Better recovery opportunities.
💪 Better sustained adapatations within various training goals (Hypertrophy, Strength, & Power) leading to greater long term success.

"But I want to build muscle, why do I need to follow a program that emphasizes strength?" For the inverse, "I just want to be strong. Why do I need to train higher rep ranges?"

1. Constantly working with moderate to high reps at moderate to high intensity that are catered towards hypertrophy will, overtime, lead to plateus.
2. Breaking up hypertrophic work with strength and power will allow your body to recover, train different variables, and enter your next hypertrophic phase with more strength and power.
3. Constantly working with "heavy loads" can lead to plateus, poor recovery, and decreases in performance.
4. Breaking up your strength and power work with hypertrophic work will lead to greater long term strength adapations.

‼️Follow a program that strategically emphasizes different training goals throughout the year to allow for better recovery and greater long term success.

Stay tuned for Part II to learn more about types of periodization and how it can be implemented. 😁

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