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We are ATA Martial Arts, Located in Chesterfield, MO. Our Mission
Create Tomorrow's Leaders One Black Belt at a Time! Thinking about starting lessons??

Improve our students lives physically, mentally, emotionally and socially! At ATA Martial Arts - Chesterfield, MO, we believe that martial arts training exceeds the physical and spans into the just as important life skills. These physical and life skills are the focus of every class. Start your martial arts training today at ATA Martial Arts – Chesterfield, one of the ATA’s 1,500 independently own

Operating as usual

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Tigers had a blast at testing yesterday !!!!


October is time for the Pink Belt Revolution. Wear your pink belt to class to support Wishing for Mommy who provides grants for Moms with Breast Cancer! Pick up your belt today to wear all month long.



Confidence comes from believing in yourself. A student who has a high level of RESPECT for themselves will always believe in their abilities.

Have your child show CONFIDENCE by believing in themselves😍👌


What does YOUR game face look like?👀



A student with confidence always tries to lift others up - this is also a way that we can show RESPECT

In many cultures, Respect is shown in different ways. In our classes, we like to show respect by using proper words and encouraging others.

How do you want YOUR CHILD to show respect to others?🤩



If you have a little one - you know how hard this is to master. Self-Control is a skill that helps to build trust between our little ones and ourselves. The more control our children can show - the more likely we will let them make new experiences.

How can your child improve their self control this week?👀




The way you stand tall and strong will not only showcase confidence but also a high level of Respect for yourself!

How do you want your child to show confidence?👀



One of the hardest skills to master as a martial artist requires one of the most valuable skills we teach in our school - DISCIPLINE. Discipline is to obey what is right - wether it be in mental or physical toughness. An athlete is only as strong as their mental strength👌



Respect for others in one of the highest levels of respect that we can show - especially in competition. Wishing our competitors luck, as well as congratulating them after a great match. How will YOU show others respect at our tournament tomorrow?👀


Aim high☝️ with your goals🤩

Those who shoot for the stars are rewarded at the end of the season by earning the privilege to compete among the best🤩

What’s YOUR goal this season?



Show off and feel good about all of the material we have been working so hard on the past 5 weeks on at this weekends tournament here in the valley! The best way to feel confident in all of the skills we train is to put them to the test✅


‼️‼️‼️There is still time‼️‼️

Still on the fence about signing up? Don’t wait another day - get registered for this weekend’s Class A Regional Tournament with special guest, Grand Master M K Lee! Stop by the front desk for registration!


Gentle reminder that we will not have regularly scheduled classes tomorrow! Instead we will be hosting a few special seminars instead ➡️

9:00-10:00 - Leadership Candidate Seminar

10:00-11:00 - Current Leadership Members

11:00-1:00 - Fight Camp for Competition Team

1:00-3:00 - The Game of Life for Legacy Students


Why should YOU enroll your child in Leadership? From Brand Ambassador Brandon Johnson- “ #1 is the leadership - being taught how to lead and how to become the person that others want and need you to be.”👏👏



Make sure to attend this Friday’s Fight Camp with special guest Chief Master Wegmann!


Have you played The Game of LIFE before? Chief Master Wegmann has created his own version - ATA Edition! Available for our legacy students or any Black Belts aged 11 and up!


‼️This Saturday‼️ - Leadership Seminars with CM Wegmann

If you received an invitation for this event, mark it in your calendar because you DO NOT want to miss it!🤩

For current leadership members, come ready to improve your current leader skills👌


Why should YOU consider enrolling your child in leadership? From the Chief Master Wegmann himself:
1️⃣ Improve your Communication Skills

2️⃣ Learn Advanced Martial Arts Techniques

3️⃣ Learn about Small Group Leadership



‼️We will be CLOSED today - September 4th.‼️

See you on the mat tomorrow!👌


We hate closing for classes, but love bringing you more opportunities to grow. Stay updated on our class closures this month⬇️⬇️⬇️


The BEST leaders are the BEST encouragers!😍🤩

In many cultures, respect is shown in different ways. In our class, we show respect to each other by using proper words and encouraging others. If everyone in class does their very best, we will all create a better and more respectful environment. We encourage all of our students to behave like leaders in class so that others will follow our example.⭐️✅

Photos from ATA Martial Arts's post 09/01/2023

Hard work pays off👌🤩

As martial artists, we have a few opportunities to show off all of the skills that we learn. My personal favorite being tournaments! Wether it’s your first tournament or your hundredth, competing gives you an opportunity to connect with people your age and rank, also it gives you the opportunity to put your skills to the test.

What better way to celebrate your success than capturing the bittersweet moment when you realize that all of those hours on the mat have paid off and you have something to show for it?

If you competed in our in-school tournament, don’t stop there! Keep on putting yourself out there and try your best!


Who else is ECSTATIC for these upcoming seminars?🤩

We can’t wait for CM Wegmann to come and share his knowledge with us - and for the first time at our school, play the game of life for our Black Belts 11 & up!


Sign up for the Chesterfield Valley tournament on September 16th and put YOUR NAME on the wall! This way we can recognize and celebrate you and your success! 🤩🎖️


Ancient family secret😉

Photos from ATA Martial Arts's post 08/26/2023

Board breaking SUCCESS🤩 thank you to all of our students and guests for making tonight a blast!


Bring A Buddy Break a Board !!!


Is our September Tournament going to be your first big event?🙌🤩

For all competitors, new or old, listen to these wise words from one of our favorite leaders, Chief Master Wegmann as to how to find success at your first tournament.⭐️🎖️


What’s the BEST part about competing???

Making friends along the way of course! What better way to make new friends than to meet MORE PEOPLE who have the same interest as you??? Help your child meet more people who love martial arts by signing them up for the upcoming regional tournament!🤩👀


🤩It is so rewarding to have our students come back to visit on their breaks from school. 👌Mr Kimbrough earned his black belt with Master Shank, and while on his summer break from The University of Tampa, he decided to come back for a few classes. Good luck to you and all of our students on this upcoming school year! You will achieve GREAT things!🤩


🥋🎖️See what YOUR CHILD can accomplish at our upcoming tournaments!🎖️⭐️

Watch your child build confidence, overcome their expectations, AND make friends at these spectacular events coming up!

✨In-House Tournament THIS SATURDAY🗓️🥋August 25th at the Chesterfield location🙌

And we’re only getting warmed up for a HUGE event next month!

Saturday, September 16

This year, in Chesterfield Valley, with our special guest, the currently presiding Grand Master M.K. Lee!

Sign your child up for this fantastic event and watch them show off all of the skills that they have learned. The BEST way to feel accomplished in the sport they have been training hard in is to put their skills to the test at a regional tournament!1️⃣🏆🥋



Confidence is having that yes-I-can attitude. Empowering your child with conviction that they have the ability to meet life’s challenges is our specialty. We help your child learn not to limit their challenges, but to challenge their limits.


Does your child know how to protect the most important parts of their body?

Keep YOUR CHILD’s most valuable resources safe. Click below to get started⬇️




15 minutes of intense combative defense. Here you will see the last minute of this endurance test, where multiple attackers face one student in the last step on their journey to black belt. Watching these students fight their way to a goal that they’ve worked so hard for brings tears to my eyes as their parents and fellow students encourage them in this mountainous task…

Are you ready to watch your child overcome obstacles that you didn’t even know possible to improve their courage?

Are you ready to help your child improve their discipline to help them get to the next level?

Are YOU ready to support your child on the journey to black belt?🥋


What are the most important parts of your body??

Your brain and your organs of course!🫀🧠

Help your child by teaching them the importance of protecting these valuable parts of their body by enrolling them today!

Click below to get started⬇️⬇️⬇️


Are you ready to support YOUR child on their journey to black belt?🥋👀

Click below to get started⬇️⬇️⬇️


🙌RESPECT🙌 - It’s not what you KNOW.. it’s what you DO!

When practicing showing respect, keep these pillars in mind.✅


⚠️⚠️⚠️STOP SCROLLING⚠️⚠️⚠️

You NEED these tips on how to help YOUR CHILD succeed this school year. Ever wondered what it would be like if your child showed more Respect? Watch this video and click the link below to HELP YOUR CHILD with this life-changing life skill.



Did you know that one of the best ways to show RESPECT for others is by making eye contact? Wether we’re focusing on our target, looking at the person speaking with us, or being aware of our surrounding environment, RESPECT is shown by making eye contact.👀👀👀

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Our Mission
Create Tomorrow's Leaders One Black Belt at a Time!
Improve our students lives physically, mentally, emotionally and socially!

At ATA Martial Arts - Chesterfield, MO, we believe that martial arts training exceeds the physical and spans into the just as important life skills. These physical and life skills are the focus of every class.

Start your martial arts training today at ATA Martial Arts – Chesterfield, one of the ATA’s 1,500 independently owned and operated licensed schools and clubs throughout the United States and worldwide. The instructors combine excellent student instructor ratios with state of the art training facilities.

Thinking about starting lessons?? Check out our trial programs to see how ATA cam make an Impact in your and your child's lives.

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The BEST leaders are the BEST encouragers!😍🤩In many cultures, respect is shown in different ways. In our class, we show ...
Is our September Tournament going to be your first big event?🙌🤩For all competitors, new or old, listen to these wise wor...
👌RESPECT👌 -It’s not what you KNOW… it’s what you DO! Help YOUR CHILD learn more about Respect by taking advantage of our...
One month until testing🥋Training forms with focus, discipline and intensity!




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