Pilates of Eastlake

Pilates of Eastlake


Great jump class tonight.
Having a class a day - keeps my back pain away! ;-)
Aerial Silks classes are super fun and inspiring!
Some of our family at pilates of eastlake
Working out at pilates of eastlake is our Happy Hour. Not only do we get an amazing different work out each day, many of us have now become super close friends. We are a family!
Really enjoyed our new class today. I think it's just the beginner of a new workout/stretch class that will be added to my weekly routine. Ariel !!!!!
Yesterday marked three years that I have been taking private and group Pilates classes at Pilates of Eastlake! This place is awesome-it feeds my soul, my body and my mind! I've made great friends while getting fit! I miss it when I'm away and love it when I'm here. It truly is my happy place!

Welcome to Pilates of Eastlake - located in Chula Vista, CA. Our top-of-the-line studio offers a var

Group Reformer with Springboard
Cardio Reformer
Barre/reformer combo
Silk Stretch/Orbit
Therapeutic Classes

Operating as usual


Come to your favorite ☀️ Happy Place ☀️ for classes on Christmas Eve morning! Come for a great workout and leave with a hot cocoa! 🎅🌟☕️🍫


Did you know that Pilates of Eastlake offers 1:1 private sessions in our exclusive private instruction studio? 🤩 Just minutes away from our group class studio, our beautiful private space offers students an opportunity to deepen their Pilates practice in the comfort of this smaller space.


What are the benefits of private Pilates sessions?

✨ To transform your understanding of the Pilates Method

✨ To tailor the exercises to your specific needs

✨ To address areas of pain or discomfort

✨ To give you breakthroughs in conquering those difficult movements

✨ To build confidence in your personal practice

✨ To get 55 minutes of undivided professional attention to get the most Pilates has to offer!


DM for more information or check out our website!


Last chance to get your 10 class pack for 15% off! Use code CYBER2022 at check out! ☀️ Give as a gift or buy for yourself! ☀️ Our 10 class bundle is especially popular combined with our happy hour membership so that you could try some morning and weekend classes!


Take advantage of this offer before Friday!
Use code CYBER2022 to get 15% off our already discounted 10 class bundle! That’s an almost $30 savings!
Sn**ch this deal up before Friday! Sale ends December 2nd, 2022! Buy for yourself or for friends and family!


A friendly reminder that Pilates of Eastlake will be closed ✨Thursday, November 24th✨ for Thanksgiving!
But we have 4 classes open on Friday! Get in and get moving after that wonderful day off! 🤩☀️

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☀️ Instructor Highlight ☀️

✨ Lisa Fowler✨

Lisa has been in the fitness industry for 27 years! She brings her deep knowledge of the body into all her classes and private sessions! She’s so fun, hilarious and connects with her students on such a deep level!
We asked her 4 questions:

What is your favorite activity?

“Hanging out laughing, crying and sharing life’s happenings with my husband, family, friends and pets near and far”

If you were stranded on an island and you could only have three things forever, what would they be?

“Family, water and music!”

What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

“Anything adductors, planks and push-ups”

What motivates you to teach Pilates?

“I am inspired every time I teach my students. It is truly a gift” (We love that, Lisa!)
Find Lisa on Monday evenings at our Happy Hour classes and on Tuesday mornings for our Total Body Sculpt Class! If you’re looking for a kick 🍑 private session, call the studio to book with Lisa!


✨‘Tis the season!✨ Who’s coming to celebrate this beautiful community we have here at Pilates of Eastlake? ✨ This Saturday November 19th from 6-9pm! ✨Good food, good drinks and good company! ✨ Sign up for this free event through your MindBody account! ✨



Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the studio will be closed for all classes on Thursday, November 25th. Hoping this can be a beautiful day of reflecting on what we are grateful for and some much-needed precious time with our loved ones!


Pilates of Eastlake

You guysss! Pilates meets High Intensity Interval Training in this new class!
Instructor Adriana Wallace has a perfectly curated class built to incorporate Mat Pilates and Jumpboard to produce all the amazing results a HITT class gives you!
Get your 🍑 in this class! You don’t want to miss it!

Pilates of Eastlake Welcome to Pilates of Eastlake - located in Chula Vista, CA. Our top-of-the-line studio offers a variety of classes and personal training to help you reach your goals!
First Class only $10!


☀️ When: Saturday November 19th
☀️ Where: Pilates of Eastlake
☀️Time: 6pm-9pm
☀️Details: Register for this free event! Let’s get our holiday party clothes on and celebrate the beauty of gathering in our very own studio for a sit down dinner! Raffles, games, prizes and a great community to kick off this holiday season!
☀️ Keep your eyes open for an email in your inbox! Register for this event right on your mind body account! Cannot wait to celebrate with you!

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☀️ Instructor Highlight ☀️

✨ Shayna DeRuyck✨

Shayna is a super hero PreSchool teacher by day 📚 and kick 🍑 Pilates Instructor by night! Her high energy spirit and love of teaching infuses every class! She has everyone’s favorite playlists and helps you not only solidify your love of Pilates, but also meet your goals!
We asked her 4 questions:

What is your favorite activity?

“Teaching Pilates, anything by the ocean, decorating and spending time with my family!”

If you were stranded on an island and you could only have three things forever, what would they be?

“My family & pup, water and journal.”

What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

“Feet in straps with circles and standing side splits with weights”

What motivates you to teach Pilates?

“I enjoy connecting with my students to help them reach their goals and I love being able to be a part of their happy hour!”
Find Shayna on Tuesday nights for Happy Hour Classes teaching Reformer Total Body Sculpt and Cardio Blast!

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☀️ Instructor Highlight ☀️

✨ Toni Abaroa ✨

Toni comes to us with an extensive background in dance (in many forms!) and is a certified movement therapist! She teaches with a classical cadence and her attention to detailed movement will leave you challenged, stronger, longer and leaner!
We asked her 4 questions:

What is your favorite activity?

“Dancing and diving!”

If you were stranded on an island and you could only have three things forever, what would they be?

“My diving gear, a knife and a lighter” (naked and afraid 😂)

What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

“Short Spine”

What motivates you to teach Pilates?

“To see everybody’s happy faces at the end of each workout and to see them feel so good about themselves! That’s the best thing for me!” (Us too, Toni!)
Find Toni on Thursday nights for Happy Hour Classes teaching Reformer Total Body Sculpt and Cardio Blast!


The annual “Pink Wig Ladies” comes around every year, thanks to our very much loved and missed 💕💕 We love to keep the tradition going! Look out for these pink ladies as we get closer to Halloween!

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☀️ Instructor Highlight ☀️

✨ Linda Miller ✨

Linda has been a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, Barre and Pilates instructor for several years! She will kick your butt 🍑🔥with all of the grace and the warmest smile you have ever seen! Whether it’s the personal attention to detail in your one on one instruction or in a group class, Linda will deliver her expertise and care into everything she does!
We asked her 4 questions:

What is your favorite activity?

“Being out in nature. Also long walks with deep talks”

If you were stranded on an island and you could only have three things forever, what would they be?

“My family, Bible and Prayer book”

What is your favorite Pilates exercise?

“Short Spine - feet in straps”

What motivates you to teach Pilates?

“Knowing how much of an impact the Reformer has made on my overall spine health. I went from having chronic back pain and nightly back spasms to being free from pain. I want everyone to feel great moving in their bodies (with healthy spines!)”
Find Linda on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for Total Body Reformer and Barre Classes! Check out her Wednesday Lunch Break Breather Class as well as private sessions!

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☀️Instructor Highlight☀️

✨Adriana Wallace ✨

If you have taken classes with Adriana, you know the incredible warmth (and heat 🔥) that she brings! Adriana has been a group fitness and Pilates instructor for several years and we love the fun energy and great instruction she brings. Adriana has the gift of bringing people together as well as giving you an incredible workout!
We asked her 4 questions:

“What is your favorite activity?”


“ If you were stranded on an island and you could only have three things forever, what would they be?”

✨Water, her family all together and a blanket

“What is your favorite Pilates exercise?”

✨Reverse curls (feet in straps) with circles

“What motivates you to teach Pilates?”

✨Knowing that I’m contributing to each individual’s journey towards a healthy and strong body
Find Adriana teaching Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings (and sometimes Saturday mornings)


Whether you are new to Pilates of Eastlake or you want to get back to truly understanding the building blocks of your Pilates practice, get to our Pilates Foundations class!
Why is this not just called a beginner’s class? Because Pilates is cyclical in building your practice. You could be practicing for years, but still go back to the deeper work and get so much out of it.
Pilates is not just a bunch of random exercises. There is a system, a method, a purpose behind each movement. When we truly unlock the connection that the mind controls the body, our work will begin to change.
We can’t wait to see you soon! 🤩


☀️ STARTS TOMORROW!! ☀️ Mondays and Tuesdays at 12:30! Make the most out of your lunch break! See you tomorrow!


Peep that new merch! Coming soon to Pilates of Eastlake! 🤩☀️🤩☀️


Beautiful people of Pilates of Eastlake! This fall break, as we step into all the busyness life brings, remember to take care of YOU! Book your classes before they fill up! 🤩☀️


Kick off the official “end of summer” (whatever that means in San Diego 🤩☀️🌴) and get in the studio! We can’t wait to see you here!


✨☀️Pilates of Eastlake☀️✨


✨New Class Alert✨

We are happy to announce a true Intro/Beginner Class to our lineup! This class will cover the basics of the reformer, foundational movements and a well suited pace perfect for learning group reformer classes. ✨ Sign up today! Class limited to 11 ☀️


A new series! Happy Hour Stidio Tips!

Here we break down the Elephant 🐘🤩


When the girls get the memo and match the studio vibe! Love how these gorgeous ladies light up this place!


Finally! Start your Friday mornings with Adriana! Can’t wait to see all you lovelies bright and early! ☀️


7:30 PM Happy Hour Classes Added! Sign up NOW before your spot is gone! 🤩☀️🤩


Starting tomorrow! 🤩☀️🤩☀️ See you bright and early!


No caption needed 🤩☀️🤩 shout out to all the beautiful people that make this community of movers what it is ❤️


Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸 💥 We are out here getting a great workout! Enjoy your day celebrating this wonderful country!

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We have some big news!! Our very own Alissa Kalczuk has officially added "owner" to her instructor title 🎉
Alissa has been a Pilates instructor for 15 years and has spent the last 4 right here at our studio. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have her leading us as we continue to help you reach your goals 🙌🏻
Next time you stop by, make sure to say hello to Alissa and let her know what you think about the studio’s new look 👀 ☀️


Super strong! Go Jaime!


Friends who shortspine together…well, you know the saying 🤩☀️


CARDIO BLAST?! Yes please! Looking for an after work stress reliever? Our cardio blast class is a high intensity workout that actually helps lengthen the spine, decompress the joints and even has benefits for the lymphatic system.

If plyometric exercises have left you with joint pain, the reformer jumpboard adds the support of the springs without the affects that traditional jumping can have on our joints. Give it a try!


To all of the Mamas who make our studio the beautiful place that it is, today we honor you and all you mean to us and your families! Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Pilates of Eastlake! 🌸


We want to see you HERE! ☀️✨🤩

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✨☀️Pilates of Eastlake☀️✨
A new series! Happy Hour Stidio Tips!
These planks are killer! Good form, Esti! 💪
Side planks on Cadillac are a super challenge!
Barre class at Pilates of Eastlake




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