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What are you putting your attention on today? Is it on all that's going well for you or is it on what's going wrong? Either way is ok. It really is. No judgment. The important thing is that you are aware of where your energy is flowing.

Even I get tripped up sometimes and give my energy and attention to what I don't like and don't want. It's exhausting. It's like sending my energy and enthusiasm right down a drain and I can see it swirling away from me.

Sometimes, I just sit and watch it go. This is the contraction part of Nature's Guidance System. It's ok to sit in the s**t for awhile once in awhile. We need to allow our feelings their voice. To be seen and to be heard. Feelings want to be felt. Expressed. Validated.

I wasn't always aware when I was in contraction and what happened then was typically avoidance. I would try to push away or ignore what I was feeling and you know what I say about that, don't you? If you ignore it you store it. If you feel it, you heal it.
When you shove away your feelings and ignore them, you're really just putting them away for later and often later, they come back bigger, badder, and louder!

Awareness allows us to simply be with them. We don't have to do anything about them right away. We can take our time. Up our self-compassion and self-care game. This is why I often think of contraction as an opportunity. I get to rest, journal, reflect, and go within. I can turn down friends who invite me out and choose in favor of a bubble bath or a Netflix binge instead.

Then, when it seems that I've done all the feeling that I can do, I open to shifting. I use my tools of meditation, singing, dancing, writing, praying, venting, crying, tapping (EFT), Ho'Oponopono, and any other tool that feels right for the particular time to help me begin to move back into expansion. ***continued in comments…


This is the first morning that we’ve lived here that has been warm enough to have coffee on the deck. The first of many.

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I love live performances. The stage is my happy place, whether I’m on it or watching it! ♥️

What is your happy place?
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Stop asking "how?" Just stop. Your job is to focus on the what. To get so clear on what you want your life to look and feel like that you take consistent, inspired action toward it every single day.

When you ask, "But how...?" it's like telling the Universe, or God, or whatever you call that higher power of your own understanding, that you don't trust it.

Your job is simply the "what." What do you want to be, have, feel, and do in your life? When you complete the sentence, "When my life is ideal, I am..." what fills in the blanks?

Are you vibrantly healthy?
Deeply in-love, seen, and heard in the relationship of your dreams?
A best-selling author many times over?
The greatest wellness coach in the nation (or the world?!).
Surrounded by deeply loving, supported friends?
Traveling the world first-class and having tons of fun?
Living confidently and trusting yourself and your inner guidance?

Your dreams were put into your heart for a reason. You're meant to have them, but if you keep asking "how" you may never get there.

The how reveals itself through your consistent, imperfect actions. So keep taking one step forward, choosing in favor of your Passions. The Universe will reward you. And the more you choose in favor of that ideal life, the more joy and fulfillment you'll feel. The more joy and fulfillment you feel, the more you attract into your life. It's a spiral up. And it's beautiful.

Need help creating a life you love? Start dreaming about it. Step into the energy of a life that feels phenomenal. Complete that sentence, "When my life is ideal, I am..." ❤️

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Are you in a hurry for change? You want to be in your best shape now? Or tomorrow, at the latest? You want to be more positive, or take better care of yourself, or like who you are today?

I look back and remember how daunting change felt. I wanted it now. Well, guess what? I have it now. I have it now because I started taking the necessary steps years ago and I never stopped.

A baby doesn't run the first time they manage to keep their balance long enough to take a few steps. They fall down... a lot. So do we anytime we decide to make a major shift in our lives and the results do not happen overnight. They happen over time and only if we start and never stop. A healthy dose of self-compassion helps along the way.

"You only fail when you stop trying."

You get to decide what you want your life to look and feel like - what you want right now! And then you get to make it happen one day at a time.

When I made the decision to "stop yelling" at my children 8 1/2 years ago, I made the commitment to keep trying no matter what. I tried, I failed. I tried and I failed again, but it only took a few days, even the days where I messed up and yelled, to notice a difference. My relationships with my kids began to improve, they started getting along better, there was less arguing, and I felt more peaceful inside and a whole lot less "mommy guilt."

It took learning about the Passion Test and it's faultless formula of Intention, Attention, No Tension (total ease!), to realize that my attention was still on yelling, so I clarified what I wanted and instead put my attention on "speaking with loving kindness to my children," and having a "happy, harmonious family life."

"What we put our attention on grows stronger in our life." This is true whether we're putting our attention on what we want or on what we don't want. Either way, we get it.

A couple of years ago, I was chatting with my middle, who certainly got the worst of my yelling all those years ago, and she told me that she couldn't even remember it.

She didn't remember that version of me. What she knows is who I am now.

It didn't take 8-years to see the results of my intention and attention (the actions that I took toward change), but if I hadn't devoted myself to being a person and parent that I could respect, I wouldn't have this memory popping up today. And I wouldn't have the incredibly loving and respectful relationship that I have with my 3 children who are now 16 (nearly 17), 15, and 12.

We have a happy, harmonious family life and I don't know of that many families with teenagers who can say that. But I can. Because I made a decision a long time ago and never stopped putting my attention on what I wanted.

If you want change, lasting change, decide what you want today. Then, start taking action and never stop. Before you know it you'll be looking back on your memories, noticing that what you wanted then, you have now, plus deep love and appreciation for yourself. ❤️

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Networking can feel like work, but I'm glad to have found a group that makes it feel fun! If you're a solopreneur or small business owner, I invite you to join us every Friday at 10am EST!

We're a fast-growing and friendly group! Join us? Register here: https://hnpabc.com/r/lhfcuhhd/networking/register/michigan

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Claud. 🧡💛💚💙💜


♥️ Pay attention. Your feelings are your guide.



These are the words of one of my 1:1 clients after just 5 months of working together. 6 months ago, she told me that she was a "sad and miserable woman."

Today, she says that she's starting to really enjoy her life. Her relationship with herself has improved dramatically and so has her relationship with her partner. This doesn't surprise me... as we begin to love and accept ourselves, we don't require our romantic partners to do that for us.

So often people tell me that they feel lonely, unloved, and unsupported. My first question is if they love and support themselves. It all starts with us, individually.

If you're ready to love yourself and your life, DM me. I'd love to chat. You deserve a life you love, now. ❤ I can show you how to create it.

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The Happy Neighborhood Project 02/18/2022

The Happy Neighborhood Project

Fellow entrepreneurs and networking friends, I'd love to see you this morning at a fun & free virtual networking meeting! Every Friday at 10am EST!
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Register here:

The Happy Neighborhood Project Our mission is to make Happy Neighborhood Project the happiest place in the world for business just like Disney is the happiest place for children. Here you can have access to resources that can help your business.

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