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Dalia Haas Yoga


Esta mañana invitamos a Dalia Haas quien nos habló del curso gratuito que dará el 14 de enero para ayudarnos a iniciar el año de la mejor manera.
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Dalia Haas Yoga
Amigos les tengo esta hermosa entrevista con Dalia Yoga and Retreats
Donde hablamos de ¿Cómo mantener una disciplina sana todo el año?

Escucha ahora!
Feliz cumpleaños Dalia y muchas bendiciones!!! Besos y abrazos
Les presentamos el programa de esta mañana. En el primer segmento tuvimos a la Coach de Vida Dalia Moreno Haas de Dalia Yoga and Retreats para hablarnos de cómo conquistar los propósitos de año nuevo. también tuvimos el mensaje de año nuevo de nuestra Consul Generar Marcela Celorio del Consulado General de México en San Diego
Exito!, mucho éxito querida Dalia!!

Yoga instruction: Ashtanga traditional method, Hatha yoga, Yoga for addictions, PSTD, gentle and fit

Operating as usual


Summer is fun, full of events and community making us recover from a long isolation.
But… how to conserve a centered, joyful and calm mind in the midle of so much distractions?

Join this Friday July 29th

Photos from Dalia Haas Yoga's post 04/18/2022

In the presence of life…
Where death is not the end but the nourishment of new life,
Where every single microorganism dance the beauty of just BEING.

Special Events 01/09/2022

Special Events

Giving back for all what I receive: FREE CLASS January 14.

Start off 2022 envisioning the full potential of your wellbeing and welcoming pricless advices.



Special Events For participation, you must fill up this form, chose which class (English or Spanish) you will attend and submit the form. You will receive the zoom link two/one hour prior the class. Verify your...

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Happy Summer Solstice
Happy International Yoga Day
Happy Monday

Yoga everywhere, every second, every breath. Grateful for the amazing teachers, the lineage, the students, the friends, community, the journey. ❤️

Key Takeaways From David Attenborough’s New Film, 'A Life on Our Planet' | Earth.Org - Past | Present | Future 06/07/2021

Key Takeaways From David Attenborough’s New Film, 'A Life on Our Planet' | Earth.Org - Past | Present | Future

It has been a great detox to fast from social media almost the whole year! Thanks for sticking around.🙏🙏❤️

Today I want to call your attention and think more about the wholeness for the new era.

“We must change our diet. The planet can’t support billion of meat-eaters”
~ David Attenborough.


Key Takeaways From David Attenborough’s New Film, 'A Life on Our Planet' | Earth.Org - Past | Present | Future David Attenborough has released a new film, “Life on Our Planet” which makes grim predictions for the future. Here are some of its key takeaways.


Seis puntos básicos y claves para mantener la salud mental y física de la población durante este interminable vaivén de olas COVID 19.

Escucha la entrevista que me hizo el domingo la extraordinaria Mery Lopez Gallo de Univision Radio durante su programa Mery Contigo.


📷 San Diego Port Summer Concerts 2019


“I regard a compassionate, warm, kindhearted person as healthy. If you maintain a feeling of compassion, loving kindness, something automatically opens your inner door, through which you can communicate much more easily with other people — you'll find that they are just like you”
~ Dalai Lama

Good start of the week and activities everyone 🙌🏻


Close 2020 Cultivating JOY!

Join to a FREE workshop online to close this year. We will use our breath to cultivate joy, inner peace and a strong inmune system. Yoga poses to energize our bodies and a guided meditation to quiet our monkey minds. Session will be followed by a cup of tea with Q&A.

Main public: Beginners, adults 55+ and special conditions
Languaje: English (posible to use some Spanish)
Contact for Zoom ID and passcode.
Donations always welcome but not required

Check upcoming workshops online to close and start 2021 renewed and faithful!


Photos from Dalia Haas Yoga's post 12/25/2020

Merry Christmas

One of the yoga kids story this week was related to the mess of delivering gifts this year...
The Post Office was in chaos due to millions of people sending everything by mail this year (which is totally true!; my respects to all the delivery people during these times, thank you mail man/women and all the deliver employees of big companies!).
So Santa didn’t get all the letters from kids, and many were going to another address other than his.
Santa’s assistants couldn’t organize the sleds but Santa didn’t worried, he woke up got ready and started his distribution. He said to his crew he trusted in his intiition and he will be guided by the stars to deliver what was needed.

Many kids got a completely a different toy or thing from what they wanted, most all gifts were exchanged..
Lots of kids were angry to Santa, blaming and destroying what they got, others were content or even happier from what they asked for; others managed really well and created something even greater from what they got with their imagination; others they had already that toy so they offered to someone else as they didn’t needed..:
Few days after most of kids were content and forgot about the gift and enjoyed more being with family and their vacation time.
Santa was tired and went back to his home satisfied from the work done.
The message at the end was to share with them, sometimes we don’t get what we want but what we need or what we can handle or what will make us grow..

And so true this year, we are growing in such a very powerful way. Trust what you are going through, it is perfect and it e q blessing at the end of the road.
Grateful and content,
Merry Christmas to youuuuu!
Love peace and joy to youuuu

Photos from Dalia Haas Yoga's post 12/21/2020

Happy Solstice and Planets conjunction.
Happy Holidays
Happy Monday

The new era is within. Everything is in our minds.

Blessings and love to you!

Photos from Dalia Haas Yoga's post 11/26/2020

We all know someone who have a deep and intense story to share about this year.

My feeling of gratitude as we are entering the end of the year is that we are full of growth stories, lessons, teachings and new perspectives of who we really are and what we are made of. That is the main harvest revealed to all of us, here and now.

Then, the hope that appears living in this “one day at a time” times, is really connected to our breath. If we still have been given the precious gift of breathing (in any kind of circumstance), that is more than enough to be grateful for. Think about how blessed we are just by the act of breathing freely.

So many things to be grateful for; all of you; for those who I have been able to give, thanks; for those who have given me so much, thanks. To our Mother Earth that keep giving us although we remain destroying it; to God, the ultimate giver.

Thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving in the US
Happy weekend rest of the world!

Photos from Dalia Haas Yoga's post 11/01/2020

Buenos días!

Some captions of the week explaining yoga kids in the US “Dia de Muertos”. 💀

Photos from Dalia Haas Yoga's post 07/19/2020


The second yama (restraints) in yoga means truthfulness, not lying.
This is a challenging observation in the yoga path because it means to see things as they really are.
We as human beings tend to see things from our own perspective, background, programing, culture, mind, desires.
But to see things as they really are, it takes courage, wisdom and detachment.
The Self doesn’t want to see the truth, doesn’t like to hear truth from others. It gets triggered or hurt and tends to defend or attack, or get paralyzed. Truth is like a double-edged sword that penetrates hard and hurts more than the wound itself .
So when we lie, distort, or change the truth we send that energy to the Universe, the Wholeness. All those who are playing with the truth or create stories to manipulate truth contribute to obscurity and bigger lies.

Why is it so difficult to be honest? To not lie? To be truthful?
Like everything... practice, practice, practice. When we tell little lies, it becomes a habit and it turns into big lies. When we lie to ourselves we can easily lie to others, and creates a habit of lying. This creates and endless circle of lies..
How to change?
We need to start by ourselves. Telling us the truth, observing those things we can’t see in ourselves and accept them. This is really hard for the human experience, because we don’t like to see what we really are and need to change, the Self like to be right and therefore lie to itself, the self doesn’t like also that someone else tell us our truths.
Some remedies to cure a liar self is meditation, prayer, yoga, stillness.
Silence leads to stillness which is the door to observe things as they really are. We can access another reality. By habit and by practice we become aware, then more truthful and honest, and surrender the liar ego to access pure consciousness which is God, which is with in us and omnipresent. @ San Diego, California

Timeline photos 07/15/2020

Re opening,
Re closing
Re new
Re normal

So friends, remember: balance!! ⚖️
If they tell us to close doors, let’s open more our hearts ❤️
If they tell us to reopen doors, go within even more 🙏
If all the information is about fear, love 💞
If someone hurts, forgive ✌🏾
If you are scared, jump 🤸🏻‍♀️
If you are confident, share 🦁
If you are struggling, call 🙋🏻‍♀️
If you can’t move, breathe😉
If you can’t talk, write 📝

If you can’t breathe and this is the end give the best of you, your most truthful joy, compassion and love right now!!❤️

Stay faithful and with an open heart!
At the end all shall pass 🙏

Photos from Dalia Haas Yoga's post 07/05/2020

Bowing gratefully and humble to all the teachers, mentors who crossed this path. My dearest mom, the first and always loving guide.

Happy Guru Purnima, full moon, eclipse, real Independence day and to the greatest truthful Guru within and in the entire Universe, God.

Timeline photos 06/26/2020


Photos from Dalia Haas Yoga's post 06/23/2020

“The world owes you nothing because the universe has already given you everything”

~ Matshona Dhliwayo

2016 @ Barrancas del Cobre Chihuahua

Photos from Dalia Haas Yoga's post 06/12/2020

R E - O P E N I N G

Asthanga classes at Coronado Yoga and Wellness Center starts Monday 15th 6 am!

Following all strict protocols and guidelines. It will be possible to come to studio and or join by zoom as well.

We will be sure to take care of ourselves, students and the wholeness.

Contact direct for all new information!!
Here we go and we trust!

Thanks for your good vibes and love!
Thanks to CYWC for doing so much! ❤️

Third pic: Upavistha Konasana. (It may be a good method to mesure mat distance 😅😂)

Contact for info and rest of activities! @ Coronado, California

Photos from Dalia Haas Yoga's post 05/28/2020

I do believe in the collective energy, and onness.

The more we feel good, uplifted, hopeful, trustful and the more we spread love vibration the more people will feel better, good, worth, fearless and loved.

Many are going through a lot, so, if you are not, make someone feel good today.

Mantra of today:
Love is contagious
Health is contagious
Trust is contagious
Faith is contagious
Humor is contagious
Abundance is contagious


Kids yoga 2 pm PT
Restorative 7 pm PT
1st 📷
2nd pic, Martha Galaz, her kid hasn’t miss one class since two months ago, he is 4, he has the energy and wisdom of a loving kind fox ♥️


Padangustasana variation for seniors, injuries or special conditions.

“Give and it shall be given to you” Luke 8:38

This is an Universal law and it works by grace.

Happy Memorial Day in the US. Happy Monday and week World!


Variation of for seniors, injuries or special conditions. Range of mobility, stability and grounding.
All ages, levels, conditions welcome. Seniors might stay home a little bit more. Send to someone you think might need it and will benefit from it like this beautiful reviews and cards I have been receiving.
Classes now:

Mon and Wed 6 am

Wed and Sat 9:30 am

Ninos en español
Martes y Mier 2 pm

Wed 7 pm
It you want to serve as a Yoga Teacher, I am joining to support a 200YTT online.
A yoga certification doesn’t make you a “teacher” only a sustained practice does, but depending the certification it opens the first steps and gives you the possibility to teach in facilities and maintain your perspective clear.
Send me a message for more information. We start June 1st.

Timeline photos 05/15/2020

Today is Teacher’s day in Mexico and I can’t ignore honoring all of them in this time of challenge.

Everyone in our path is a teacher. I honor my parents, brothers, sister, friends, not so good friends and even enemies for teaching me every single day.
And specially my gratitude today to my yoga teachers, my very first one Laura Lozoya, who opened a inexhaustible door 16 years ago and we wouldn’t imagine how this practice will transform everything. To all my spiritual teachers who keep sharing light and wisdom.

Don’t have all the pictures and tags but God knows who they are!

Infinite thanks and back to you seven times!

“The intellect of the soul is clouded by ignorance from endless lifetimes. Covered with nescience, the intellect cannot overcome its ignorance simply by its own effort. BG 4.34

“Whoever brings blessings will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered” Proverbs 11:25

Salud y Bienestar | ComunidadSD 05/11/2020

Salud y Bienestar | ComunidadSD

¿Algunos días o meses más de cuarentena?

En este sitio web Comunidad SD compartimos ideas para estar bien, sentirnos bien y vivir mejor en cualquier situación.
Un placer participar en este proyecto para ComunidadSd y Univision Radio en San Diego. A mantenernos en calma, sanos y con ánimos!
Todos merecemos estar sanos y tener acceso a estar saludables

Visten :


Excelente semana!!

Some resources for the last days, weeks, months of quarantine to stay strong, happy and healthy.
It is a pleasure to share this information through Comunidad SD in partnership with Univision Radio San Diego.
We all deserve to be healthy and have access to be healthier.
To our powerful Hispanic community with love!

Visit link:


Have a wonderful week!

Salud y Bienestar | ComunidadSD


Happy Mothers Day, Feliz dia de las Madres! Mantra de amor, liberación y protección.

Om Tare Tuttare Tare Svaha

Honoring the feminine in all of us and specially moms in their celebration day.
For all women who are moms, those who are willing to be moms, who have lost a child, and to the whole femine energy out there (men and women) who have this power of nourishing and infinite love to share and to our Mother Earth.

This mantra Om Tare Tuttare Tare Svaha, is the mantra of Green Tara, is a mantra of protection and liberation. I send this out here to all women and men with a sincere intention to feel the infinite love, compassion and protection of our moms no matter where they are, have been or will be.

The feminine is in all of us and provides the wisdom of creation, love and regeneration.

May you all have a wonderful, loving and precious weekend.

God bless you all 🌷

Thanks for the inspiration to go out here singing to some friends who have been inspiring in certain way and today to my dearly friend Sebastian Walt for inviting me to chant and talk in their anniversary


“You cannot loose what you give, you can only lose what you keep” ~Mooji

Today is celebrated Labour Day in most of the world (except the US). I grew up in Mexico and lived in Europe many years and always celebrated this day to honor those who fought for worker’s rights and an equal distribution of wealth.

Today, like millions of people, I teach/work from home so this is mostly my office where I share a piece of my passions everyday, not a work or a job, a way of life and payed or free is a contribution to the world. 😉☺️🙏 (You are always welcome to join btw 😉)

Seriously, this challenging time will make everyone rethink “jobs”, home office, rights, distribution; so many things.. just be aware. 🙌🏾

Enjoy your holiday rest of the world! 🙏
( It was missing a long weekend, right? ... just joking🤣🤣)
Happy Friday and beginning of May everyone!

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Padangustasana variation for seniors, injuries or special conditions.
Happy Mothers Day, Feliz dia de las Madres!  Mantra de amor, liberación y protección.
Ashtanga home practice anywhere everyday.
Be well, be safe, be love




Coronado, CA

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