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Is there any reason why you guys can’t refund my reservation from March? I was told I could reschedule my tee time and did and that you wouldn’t refund unless you were shut down. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Well you’ve been shut down and I’ve been emailing for weeks asking for a refund with no reply. Seems a little unfair to take people’s money during a time like this.
S&T Community of San Diego,
Go check out our pals at Coronado Golf Shop!
Doesn’t get more than that spot!
Bummer on the rainout last week but “The Lorton 2019” is a go for Saturday December 28th! Please visit to register and for more information.

Thank you again to our sponsors!

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The course has the some of the best views in San Diego and is a blast to play. The pro shop staff goes out of the way to make you feel welcome.
Another Hammerheads' season comes to a close, I would like express my appreciation to Brian Smock Pro Shop, especially Kathie, Matt, Luka and Earl also to the starters Turner, ken and Art. Looking forward to next season. Thanks!!!
Europe to win! 16 - 12 Best point score by Rory McElroy.
Just love this golf course and setting. Brian and his team are fantastic hosts who welcome and accommodate golfers and visitors alike. The remodeled shop is very nice offering quality items.
My wife and i will be in SD next week!

San Diego's best value and most played golf course . All are welcome to enjoy our beautiful 18 hole

Operating as usual


Everyone, I repeat, everyone, including Bryson DeChambeau, wants to hit the ball further. Look at the lengths (no pun intended) that Bryson goes to for one extra yard. If I said, I can easily get you 10 more yards, would you read on?

Charlie Parson at the Left Rough has 3 tips to hit it longer without changing your swing:

#1 Tempo — Swinging harder isn’t necessarily the answer to adding distance. Swing speed is important but tempo is more important for amateur golfers. Watch the guys on TV and you will see what tempo is. It is a 3:1 ratio of backswing to downswing. This is so important because you can only have one point of acceleration in your swing so it better be on the downswing and not on the backswing (otherwise that is deceleration and losing momentum at impact). And don’t rush or get too quick on the downswing transition either. Start smooth, pause at the top and then go!

Click here to read more about mastering tempo

#2 Increase Total Swing Speed — This doesn’t mean swinging harder as mentioned above. It’s learning to increase your swing speed by doing different exercises to build muscle, practicing drills, and more stretching to improve your hip turn.

#3 Upgrade Your Driver — With so much new technology out there that is constantly changing, it’s important to take advantage of it if you are a serious golfer. This may not be one of the cheapest ways to add more distance to your game, but it the fastest way to do.

With these three tips, you should see some longer shots and with consistent tempo definitely making better contact with the ball.


The wholesome content you didn't know you needed ❤️

A real feel good moment from this week's PGA Tour event, The CJ Cup. Please LIKE our Page and Post if you liked this. Thank you!


That First Shot Off the Tee

Are you nervous when you step up to the first tee for your first shot? Nervous might not be the right word but do you think about what this one shot might mean? The first shot can set up the tone for the whole day. Stripe it down the fairway and you are probably feeling pretty good. Snap hook it into the woods and well, let’s just say it wasn’t how you had planned the day.

Now let’s add some pressure. You are playing in a tournament and you have just been announced in front of a crowd. Or maybe you are playing for the first time with your boss and want to impress. Maybe you are feeling the nerves now.

Dr. Bob Winters, an internationally renowned sport psychologist who works with champion golfers around the world, says that players hold high expectations and feelings of performance pressure long before they step onto the first tee box. No one, not even tour players are immune from being nervous on the first tee.

So what do you do about it? Preparation is key. Here’s what he says.

1. Give yourself permission. Allow yourself the emotional freedom to simply play golf and enjoy whatever happens.

2. Forget about others. Detach yourself from everyone else. Actually, no one really cares what you do or don’t do. They are worried about themselves.

3. Create a “safe” area. This mentality permits you to visually focus only on your target (out into the fairway) and not allow your thoughts and eyes to drift back into the crowd milling about on the first tee.

4. Make a clear decision. The more decisive you are in your shot and club choice, the better chance you have of hitting a great shot.

5. Create a specific rehearsal swing. What this means is that you must “pre-set” a feel or sequence of motion that helps to grease the wheel for your upcoming shot.

6. Commit to your target and swing.

7. Accept the result. When you are able to accept your result and move on to the next, you are truly becoming a player of the game.

Sounds like some great tips for any swing with or without nerves.


Tom Kim asks Rory McIlroy a question during his press conference

Great question. Thoughtful answer. Great moment. Check it out!


Is It Time for New Wedges?

This is a question that we get quite often at the Pro Shop. And an important one since your wedge game can make or break your round. Did you know that they “wear down” faster than your other clubs?

We found a great article from Jon Sherman of that should answer your questions. Here is an overview of the article.

Titleist has done tests with their Vokey wedges that suggest 75 rounds is when you will see a significant decline in performance. However, he believes there is no such thing as a set rule because there are so many variables including:

· What the wedge is made of.
· Conditions that the clubs are used on as sand will wear out the face faster than grass.
· Practice frequency.

You will see performance decline with the grooves which need to stay crisp and clean. The grooves on a wedge work like the tread on your car tires. You might not notice how worn down they are on a clean, dry street. But put water or debris on the road and look out.

Worn out grooves lead to more inconsistency on imperfect lies especially in wet or other imperfect conditions. Also, there is a decline in the spin rate on the ball.

Looking at the groove on the face is usually one of the best ways to diagnose whether or not you need new wedges. If they look worn out, they probably are!

So if you are serious about your equipment, and want to maintain peak performance, it might make sense to consider swapping out your wedges every 12-36 months depending on how often you play, practice, and the durability of the material. When in doubt, try to seek the services of an experienced club fitter to get the straight story. We can help you in the golf shop. Just ask.

To read the entire article, click here.


Fred Couples is 63 years old.

On Sunday, he beat his age, shooting a 12-under round of 60, birdieing 12 of his final 14 holes to win the SAS Championship on the PGA Tour Champions, his first win in 1,936 days.

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With a final-round 60, Fred Couples wins the SAS Championship at 20-under par.


Don't miss out on our October Sale currently going on with some really good deals on lots of stylish merchandise still available. In fact, start your holiday shopping early now
through Monday, October 24.

All hats, apparel and shoes will be 25% off.

Golf bags -- buy one and get your choice of any two dozen Callaway balls in stock.


Smock & Lempa Take the Trophy
Coronado sure has a nest of birdie-making Assistant Professionals.

With our Head Professional Brian Smock, the Coronado pairings took four out of the top six places in the annual SoCal PGA Professional - Assistant Championship.

PGA Professionals Brian Smock and Assistant Chris Lempa fired a scorching 23-under par as did the pairing of Brian and Assistant (and General Manager) Mark Geddes. Brian and Chris however won in the 'scorecard playoff' to claim the 2022 Professional-Assistant Championship.

Congratulations also to Brian and Assistant Kyle Robinson who tied for 4th place with a 17 under par total. Brian and Assistant Luka Swisher along with Brian and Tim Perun tied for 6th with a 16 under par score.

This year’s Championship was hosted in the Coachella Valley at both Classic Club and Mission Hills - North for a very competitive two days. The format was a 36 hole, Four-Ball Stroke Play Championship with better Gross score of the 2 person team.

Talk about some fierce completion and bragging rights here at Coronado, this one will be around for awhile.

Timeline photos 10/08/2022

Very interesting proposition! Which would you choose? And tell us WHY if you'd like. Thank you!


📸 via Barstool Sports


October Golf Shop Sale Starts Tomorrow!

Plan on stopping by the pro shop as we need to clear out some of our inventory and make way for all the new holiday merchandise arriving soon. In fact, start your holiday shopping early and take advantage of our sale starting
tomorrow, Friday, October 7 through Monday, October 24.

All hats, apparel and shoes will be 25% off.

Golf bags -- buy one and get your choice of any two dozen Callaway balls in stock.

An INSIDE LOOK of the PGA Tour Locker Room (On The Road) 10/06/2022

An INSIDE LOOK of the PGA Tour Locker Room (On The Road)

It's good to be on the PGA Tour. Check out some of the many perks afforded these guys. It's a very short read and video and quite entertaining. Please LIKE our Page and Post if you liked this. Thank you.

An INSIDE LOOK of the PGA Tour Locker Room (On The Road) An inside look at what each player on TOUR experiences in the TOUR truck week-to-week to get prepped for each event.


Looking for some tips to improve pace of play? Here you go! Please LIKE our Page and Post if you liked this. Thank you!


Upcoming Aerification
The Dreaded "A" Word

Yep, it is time to get the course ready for the winter season and that means closing and aerifying the entire course. It is something we do to keep the course in great shape the way you like it.

But hey, we are giving you a heads up so maybe you can fit another round or two in before the course closes on Tuesday, October 4. We will finish up on Friday, October 7.

Remember that you get an automatic two-putt on your scorecard for a week after aerification so that's not so bad (but go for the one-putt).


5 Easy Ways to Improve your Game
I‍gnite Your Game

If you tee it up the same way, round after round, perhaps with the same pre-shot routine or the same on-course management, you may end up with very similar results year after year.

In an article by Today’s Golfer, 50 top coaches were asked to give their best advice on equipment, technique and course management. Here are 5 tips that may enlighten you to do something just a bit differently to improve your game.

1. Streamline your pre-shot routine. Is your current one effective or do you spend way to much time over the ball? According to Kevin Hale, the shorter your pre-shot routine, the better as less doubt will creep into your mind.

2. Choose the right ball for your game. Have you really thought about what kind of feel your golf ball has off the club face, the trajectory or the softness around the greens? Take some time to discuss with your instructor. More consistency with your golf ball may produce a better score.

3. Prioritize rhythm and balance. By devoting time on the range to these two attributes you may find better consistency in your game, particularly on those days that feel a little “off” in your swing.

4. Use your DMD (distance measuring device such as a range finder or GPS) then select a club that you need to get to the back of the green. Most golfers “under club”. And even if you hit your shot flush, you are still on the back of the green.

5. Play to the center of the green. A little discipline goes a long way if you can ignore those pin placements and think to aim for the “heart” of the green.

Click here to read the entire article and gain more insight on improving your game.


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MORE Arnie's Tips for More Enjoyable Golf

There will never be anyone like Arnold Palmer, the King. He undoubtedly was one of the most well-liked of all golfers and was always a gentleman.

In his honor, we featured 5 of his 10 Golf Etiquette tips for more enjoyable golf in our last eblast as provided by Golf Digest magazine. Here were the first five.


And the other five:


“Carts are very much a part of the modern game. The sheer pervasiveness of them makes cart etiquette vitally important. Your goal when driving a cart should be to leave no trace you were there,” advised Arnie.

Because we tend to look where we're going and not where we've been, it's easy to damage the turf and not realize it. Avoid wet areas and spots that are getting beaten up from traffic. Golfers tend to play "follow the leader" and drive in single file out to the fairway before branching off. It's usually better to "scatter" -- everyone take a different route -- so cart traffic is spread out.


“From Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen to Ben Hogan and Sam Snead to Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, the best players have been meticulous about their appearance. Their clothing has been sharp, and not one of them has shown up on the first tee with his cap backward, mud caked on his shoes, or his shirttail hanging out. (My shirt often came untucked, but it was my swing that did it. I started with it tucked in!)” quipped Arnie.

Your appearance speaks volumes about you as a person, and the neatly appointed golfer, like a businessman or someone headed to church, gives the impression he thinks the golf course and the people there are special.


“Nobody knows less about technology than I do. But I know enough to recognize a cell phone when it rings in my backswing. If I had my way, cell phones would be turned off at all times on the course, but most clubs have given in to the fact that people are going to use them. I don't know all the gadgets and settings on those phones, but do whatever you have to do to keep it quiet. And if you absolutely have to make a call, move away from the other players. And keep the call so brief that they don't even know you made it.” Arnie chided.


“It's easy to help out your fellow players, if you just pay attention. One obvious way is looking for lost balls -- better yet, watching errant shots so they don't turn into lost balls. Pick up that extra club left on the fringe or the headcover dropped next to the tee, and return it to its owner after saying, "Nice shot!" And if you see a cart out of position or a provisional ball that needs picking up, don't just walk by,” implored Arnie.


“There are a hundred bits of etiquette I haven't mentioned, like laying the flagstick down carefully, tamping down spike marks when you're walking off a green, letting faster groups play through, and so on. All of these things are learned by observing, with a sharp eye and a considerate heart. Just know that golf has a way of returning favors, and every piece of etiquette you practice will be repaid tenfold” said Arnie.

What a legend he was and will never be forgotten as he has done so much to bring golf to the forefront of Americana.

Kevin Kisner's party plan and 6 other funny moments from the Presidents Cup presser 09/26/2022

Kevin Kisner's party plan and 6 other funny moments from the Presidents Cup presser

Team USA won as expected but the Internationals made a game of it, ultimately falling 17.5 to 12.5, but there were more than a few anxious moments during the final day.

Congratulations to both teams on a Presidents Cup well played!

Check out some of the lighter moments in this fun press conference following the Team USA victory.

Kevin Kisner's party plan and 6 other funny moments from the Presidents Cup presser The U.S. won the Presidents Cup, then delivered multiple funny moments in the press conference afterward. Here are the seven funniest.


Tom Kim for the win

Absolutely the best moment of the Presidents Cup thus far. Watch Tom Kim sink a tough left to right putt on the 18th hole to win a point for the Internationals.

Presidents Cup 2022 Sunday singles matches, tee times as U.S. leads Internationals, 11-7 09/25/2022

Presidents Cup 2022 Sunday singles matches, tee times as U.S. leads Internationals, 11-7

The International Team won the afternoon session 3-1 yesterday and got themselves back into contention, 11-7, albeit with long odds. Today's final has 12 singles matches with 15.5 points needed to claim the Presidents Cup.

Here are the pairings, how to watch, and more. We're looking forward to another great day of watching golf, playing some of our own too!

Presidents Cup 2022 Sunday singles matches, tee times as U.S. leads Internationals, 11-7 The Americans lead 11-7 and need just 4½ points to win the cup.

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