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Teaming up with Buckaroo Balance in New Mexico was a dream and now we are planning something together in New Hampshire for next summer - pinch me! 💞
I had a great time Art of the Cowgirl ! I got to meet many of you from last year who came back to say hello. Also new people, who have been following along my journey, that I hadn’t met yet!

I got sponsored by Pharm-Aloe Equine and helped out in the booth Sunday alongside Buckaroo Balance Christina Savitsky. Her clinics were awesome and I even helped her with one!

Christina introduced me to Mike Brashear Horsemanship who is the coach of c**t starting at Colorado State University.

I hope to see them all again soon.
Me and Buckaroo Balance
Ethan Savitsky just doing what he does...

www.BuckarooBalance.com Ride more comfortably...your horse will thank you! Yoga & Horsemanship clin Riding can be easy & fun for both you & your horse!

Can you ride your horse comfortably for hours on-end without feeling sore? Horseback riding instruction for the rider's body awareness, balance & symmetry. Specializing in riders returning from injury. Offering private & group lessons in New Mexico, Clinics & Retreats worldwide and distance learning - video lessons via the internet no matter where you live!

Operating as usual


I had a last minute cancelation at 8am tomorrow....who wants it!??! Message me directly Christina Savitsky or I'll have to ride this trouble maker....


Temu for the fail...turns out it IS just like wish and everything you get is shrunken size 🤪 It wouldn't even fit over Uniqa's tiny nose!

Photos from Buckaroo Balance's post 08/20/2023

She feels better!!! Green grass & river riding with great company...I was so worried I'd never get to do this again with her! Colic is such a general term, there are different types & no set cure. I am thankful for Pharm-Aloe Equine helping sooth her entire GI tract & keep her hydrated.

Photos from Buckaroo Balance's post 08/18/2023

Wow, rough day!! Had to say "See ya in December" to my long-time student Eva Haag. She's off to college in Montana! With an interest in organic chemistry, horses & the environment....I am so excited to find out what amazing things are in store for her!! She has busted butt the last 2 months riding multiple horses a week! She helped a ton while I was off teaching & every Sunday so I can sleep-in & not do chores 7 days a week. Saying I'm going to miss her feels like such a huge understatement!!
And as if that wasn't emotionally exhausting enough, Prim has been colicking....so friendly reminder....a 4-pack of Aloe Gut isn't enough to keep the vet away! (Our vet is doing amazing things in Africa saving Rhinos with Council of Contributors right now, but another vet is on-call aware of our treatment & potential needs) Prim is getting Pharm-Aloe Equine throughout the day I ran through my Aloe-Gut stash pretty quick (you can give them every 15 mins!) Now I'm filling an empty aloe-gut syringe with liquid concentrate. I'll be up checking through the night, soothing healing thoughts are much appreciated!!

Photos from Buckaroo Balance's post 08/12/2023

You know what you get when you don't get what you want? Experience!!
I once had an instructor tell me, "Do as I say not as I do" I was appalled & vowed to never be THAT...
Here I am on Uniqa my 5 year old Azteca filly who is about to hit 100 sporadic saddles over this lifetime (she's been with me before I'm sure of it!). My friend Amy caught these photos of me "walking the walk I talk!" Thanks Amy!!!
I'm looking for symmetry & visual ques to help find better balance.


Some updates now that I'm back in NM!!
Hosting Lucile Bump Centered Riding clinic at the end of August if anyone wants to come ride in the shade!?!


Riding for this month!! It's the 52nd year of pride month so I took the challenge to ride 52 miles, but double that since horses have 4 feet right?!?! The Trevor Project offers counciling & su***de prevention for the LBGTQ+ community! I've been tracking my miles on Equilab


Ohhh I can't wait to be back east!!! There are a few spots left for my ONLY Cowgirl Yoga retreat this year!! What are you doing July 13th-16th!?!??! Daily yoga by Julianna Yoga meals of local nummies prepared with love by a professional chef, an amazing house to stay in (with an indoor pool!) Horses available for rent & daily instruction with me!!! In the arena and on the trail....the monarch butterflies 🦋 were amazing last year 🤞*fingers crossed* for that again!!! You deserve it!!! Fill your cup so you can conquer the fall! Wind Hill Farm

Photos from Buckaroo Balance's post 05/31/2023

Summer fun!!! we let Sancho order & pay for us today


Riding in the RAIN is such a treat in NM!!!
I've been having trouble sharing posts with yall...FB is at it again, bummer cause Eclectic Horseman Magazine is having a 50% sale for nee subscriptions & its the BEST Horse magazine!!! Hop over to their page to get the link!


Super fun weekend at Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding, INC !!!


Wow!!! I knew Cinco de Mayo was celebrated more here in the states than in Mexico, but makes sense when you think of it in terms of the civil war!!! And I wouldn't have read that trivia if it didn't have horse info in it!! Lol!
Uniqa is an Azteca!!


So thankful!!! I love living in Corrales within riding distance to pizza & beer!!! I am exceptionally thankful to our little barn family, boarders who trust us with their horses, continue to grow & learn, and all get along!!! I was reminded today that so few barns are drama-free. It's not lost on me how special this is 💜🤠
"Horse work is life work! Horse work is life work, you can't be in relationship with your horse & your life not change for the better!" Nahshon Cook Horsemanship

Photos from Buckaroo Balance's post 04/21/2023

Summer vibes!!! Gonna try ALL the frozen lemonades!!! Strawberry Lavender is SO good!!!

Photos from Buckaroo Balance's post 04/06/2023

We had fun at the Dutch Bros Coffee ride-through today!!


Any guesses where I am!?!?


I've been following this cowboy for darn near 20 years! Why would today be any different?
Cold days are good days to plan!! May clinic here in Corrales, July in New Hampshire, how about your place this fall?


Great visuals!!

To go with the the post from Rudy Horsemanship…


A comparison of what above the contact, behind the contact, and on the contact looks like from the saddle.

One of the trickiest things about learning correct biomechanics is that we are often expected to learn from ground’s-eye views, and never given examples of what things look like from the saddle.

This is a good visual…

On a technical level, we are seeing the results of extensor muscles over the topline working more in the first picture, flexor muscles under the topline working more in the second picture, and a balance of extensors and flexors in the third picture, where no muscle group is working more than the other, which will allow throughness.

(And if you’re wondering how to fix this…

Fix the first one by releasing the topline extensors, by releasing the poll with a slow-motion squeeze and release of your fingers on the reins, like a massage, until the nose drops to gravity.

Repeat until the horse starts to lower their poll and stretch down.

Fix the second one by releasing the underline flexors, by bumping your reins up gently with a ‘demi arret,’ until the poll elevates and opens.)


So much to think about

“I don’t want much, I just want to groom once in a while and go for an easy trail ride here and there”-

This is a statement folks often make, which makes perfect sense from a human point of view. It doesn’t require much time, effort or skill gaining, and the expectation appears low- for the horse to just stand quietly, or happily trod along down the trail.

From a riders perspective, grooming requires relaxing and enjoying brushing their horse. Trail riding usually involves relaxing and leaving the horse mostly alone to enjoy the outdoors and company.

From a horses point of view, however, this is not so easy a task. To ”just be brushed,” the horse has to have enough confidence to leave the herd, the skills to lead well to the barn, the ability to stand tied quietly for a length of time in isolation away from friends, to stay focused enough to stand despite the distractions and movement around them in the barn.
That’s a lot!

To “just trail ride,” the horse has to have the afore mentioned skills, plus load in a trailer, ride in the trailer and unload (those are all separate skills), leave friends quietly and ride calmly past all kinds of input and stimulus- they have to know what rider input to tune into (legs and reins), and which to shut out (rustling around to get a granola bar out of saddle bags, yammering to friends). They have to manage terrain with balance, leave or join other horses, or ride past other people, dogs, bikes, etc. They often have little guidance from a rider who’s expectations and attention to the horse is low (who is relaxing and enjoying company or scenery, not giving attentive communications to the horse).

That’s a TALL order for a horse, and quite a drastic difference in expectation between horse and rider in terms of education, attention and workload.

Think from the horses point of view. Don’t skimp on the education, the awareness, and don’t leave your horse to their own devices for “simple tasks.” A horse is a horse, and not a human- and they see our world very differently. It’s on us to prepare and guide them.

2023 AATR Mileage Challenge 01/31/2023

Last day to get yourself and your horse(s or mules or donkeys or ponies or …) signed up for the mileage challenge! You can join for less than $25 to track your miles, and pick your own prize, ranging from free and on up!

We’d love to have you join us so we can cheer one another on! 2023 is coming in hot! Make this the year to meet your riding goals - and reward yourself!


2023 AATR Mileage Challenge The 2023 AATR Mileage Challenge is on Sunday January 1, 2023 to Sunday December 31, 2023. It includes the following events: AATR 100-mile Challenge, AATR 250-mile Challenge, and AATR 500-mile Challenge.


This will be a great event!! I am a HUGE fan of Primo Motion Bodywork

This should be a great day to see a variety of presentations on equine bodywork, dressage and other equine topics. I am looking forward to presenting and hoping lots of folks can make it!


I love Aloe!! & I love give-aways!!! Make sure to like Pharm-Aloe Equine & tag your friends on their page


You have a chance to win our performance kit of 4 AloeGut and a Holistic Horsekeeping book! 💚


💚 Like this post

💚 Tag 3 Friends

💚 Follow us on Facebook or Instagram

💚 Share post for extra entry!

You can enter as many times as you want. We will pick a winner Saturday 1/14/23

Good luck! ✨💚


Woohoo!!! Riding into 2023!! See you on the trail! Equilab is offering an online badge for 15 rides in January...post here when you earn it!


It's me! I needed to hear this!! Let's plan a party!!! Whatever present you got over the holidays that you have no idea what to do with...repackage it & save it for an exchange at this coming of light party!!! More info coming soon!!

It was me. I needed to hear this. 🙌🙌

Source : Melissa Woodward Hoffmaster

Photos from Buckaroo Balance's post 12/23/2022

Thank you!!! So blessed to live this life, surrounded by such amazing souls...horse, human, dog & porcupine!!


Do you feed alfalfa cubes?


Greetings & Thanks!!

I first heard the Thanksgiving Address while reading “Braiding Sweetgrass” by Robin Wall Kimmerer
Image: https://www.10000loveletters.org
The full address can be found here:https://americanindian.si.edu/environment/pdf/01_02_Thanksgiving_Address.pdf


Dust off your jingle bells!!! See you Sunday!! The costume contest prizes are awesome!!


2 group lessons this week! Wed & Thurs 10:30-noon $45
Wed CR basics
Thursday trail


Super fun day with Rodolfo learning Goracha! Tomorrow, Working Equitation obstacles!! Come audit at Cherry Tree Farm
Vaquero Horsemanship Through Classical Riding

Photos from Buckaroo Balance's post 11/03/2022

Are you celebrating No-Stirrup November!?!?
It was a bit windy today, and I got caught in a little rain but all in all it was a beautiful day!!
Next week who is up for a group lesson on Wednesday at 11 &/or Thursday at 10:30!?!?


I can't wait to try Goracha work! This weekend I'll be riding with Rodolpho Lara at Cherry Tree here in ABQ! There is one rider spot left!!! Want to come ride!!? Also plenty of room for auditors! $25/day or $40 for the weekend!
Only 2 group lessons this month, who is coming Thursday!?!?

Photos from Buckaroo Balance's post 10/17/2022

Spooky muddy days you have to stop & smell the roses!! Thanks for riding with me today!!


Group lesson Thursday 10:30-noon trail etiquette & situational safety and integrating some of our QiGong energy work!!!
I just signed up for a Goracha clinic with Rudolpho Laura at Cherry Tree Farm (S Valley ABQ) Nov 5th & 6th auditors welcome $25/day come play!!

Photos from Buckaroo Balance's post 10/08/2022

Fall in New Mexico means Balloon Fiesta!!!
I have a few clients looking for their Perfect Horse, are you too?? I'm going to hold another class soon! Possibly next weekend!?!!

Photos from Buckaroo Balance's post 10/05/2022

We ride in the rain!!! Thanks Leann for toughing it out!! If your planning on group lesson tomorrow let me know so I can text you yeay or neigh in the am! We can do Balance Rider work in the tack room if there is enough interest!

The Last Ride of Legend, a Pony Who Lived Up to His Name 10/04/2022

Did you enjoy reading Misty of Chicotige!?!? Here is an awesome addition to those stories, near and dear to my heart Mazie & my daughter Mesa have ridden together & were sweet friends when we lived closer!

The Last Ride of Legend, a Pony Who Lived Up to His Name Born on an island off the coast of Virginia, home to a wild herd that inspired the classic children’s novel ‘Misty of Chincoteague,’ this gentle, blue-eyed gelding enjoyed an adventurous life with a family in New Mexico. After his death, a mother and daughter went on a mission: to lay him to r...

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I had an amazing time in New Hampshire Wind Hill Farm the butterflies were on point!!! Can't wait to plan our Cowgirl Yo...
Had a fun time sorting today!! Prim & I have miles and miles of cattlework together but this was our first time trying s...
Thursday girls club!! Learning all the important things in life, friendship, horses, & "Boys Lie" by Avril Lavigne & Mac...
Drawing for Pharm-Aloe Equine at Art of the Cowgirl with Christina & Scout's Trail
Horse Training in the wildland/urban interface! 🦔#corraleslife
😭 we lost Ballari this weekend, bad & quick colic. I am heartbroken. We didn't have her long but she was so sweet and ki...
So I tried to post this earlier...but better late than never right!?!?
Good morning! What quick-release knot do you use?? This one? Thanks Pharm-Aloe Equine for videoing!




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