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My husband and I went to an auction yesterday to see if we could get cabinets for our soon to be remodeled kitchen...and we got a set! The auction scene is so exciting and my husband did so well at out bidding the other person for our cabinets. I couldn’t believe it! I can’t wait to get these into my kitchen!

While my house is being redone, I have been staying at my parents house or my in laws house. 🏚 WITH ALL THREE KIDS. 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 my husband has been staying at home so he can work on the house as much as possible. 😞 So, I have to say how grateful I am for their hospitality. It’s like they never skipped a beat. But I also want to say how proud I am of myself for still getting in my workouts. I could have used all of the chaos as an excuse, but I didn’t. I am still DRIVEN 🚙 to workout at least 5x a week. And I may even workout this morning because I just LOVE 🧡 the program I am doing!

Today’s mantra has me thinking....passion. What am I most passionate about? I love teaching, I love working out and eating healthy, but my passion is my family. I want to be the best version of myself to be an example for my family and also be able to be there for them in any way they need. #reflectionofthesoul #barreblendworkout

When your house looks like this, and you are staying at your in laws, it’s fate that you get this little reminder! #iampeaceful #barreblendworkout

Workout did not happen this morning so I’m hiding in my room while the kids eat pizza and watch secret life of pets. Hopefully they don’t bother me too much while I get my sweaty on! #barreblend

So many of you might know, we are putting an addition on our house. The inside is being worked on as well as the outside. Look at my porch!!! I’m so in love. I can’t wait to decorate it when the weather turns. Any ideas welcome! @ Bennington, New York

Addition going on in full force 😊 and my daughter thinks it’s summer #wishfulthinking

Just whipped up some broccoli soup for dinner! Yummm!

I really think my legs are getting lean from this new program! And it’s only been 2 weeks! #barreblendworkout

Mantra for today. Exactly what I needed. Last day off from the long weekend. I plan to meal prep a little for the week, snuggle with my kids, play some games, maybe watch a movie! #barreblendworkout

Day 2. Reflecting and writing on how I saw God working on my behalf today...#100daystobrave

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Day 1: tell someone that I have begun my journey to a braver life. Well I’m telling you all...#100daysofbrave

First attempt at #avocadotoast delish!!!

This was me this morning after my barre booty 🍑 workout and holy cow! It was on 🔥🔥🔥! I love this program and I really didn’t think it was going to be my jam...😊

I’ve always wanted to try barre class, or any fitness class for that matter. But with working full time and having three kids at home, that’s not really an option. So in order to be consistent with my health journey, I invest in at home work outs. And all I lay in $99 a year, compared to one month of barre class for the same price! And I have access to much more than just barre workouts! Awesome investment if you ask me!

Who struggles with buying bars that are filled with sugar and other stuff that isn’t healthy? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I just bought these this morning, I’ll let you know how they are!

Can you tell I’m exhausted?!?! Hardly any sleep last night...most of my family is not feeling well. So I’m at work, drinking lots of water, trying to stay healthy, waiting to go home and shop some cyber Monday deals!!! What are you all shopping for ???

December 1st....some people just give up on themselves at this point in the year. They know the new year is coming up and they know they can start fresh then. Not me. I will not give up this year. Goals for December: workout at least 3 times a week and feed my body food that is nourishing to ME!

#nerdy glasses ✅ at work early to complete report card grades 😊

I love Monday mornings when I don’t have to go to work! Workout coming up! #limitlessmind #joboaler

Surprised that Clare bear was a stage-4 clinger at the farmers market yesterday for trick or treating. She was very that first pic I was wondering what was going on with her because normally she’s not so nervous! Despite the rain, the kids enjoyed it! @ Bennington, New York

Workin on puzzles on this fall Sunday morning! #gobills #puzzles

No question I’m busy. No question I have a lot to do. I fit in soooo much in the morning and start my day off on the right foot most mornings, at 5am!!! all in part to my #gogojuice

Caroline is teaching Clare how to throw and catch the ball. She is patient and kind. Parenting is hard, but seeing this makes it all worth it. 💗

I love fall! #mealprepsunday @ Cowlesville, New York

Taking a few minutes to myself this Sunday morning. Driving through Tim’s for coffee then to the store for last minute groceries. Getting into the “motivated and prepared for the week” mindset!

Back to school 2019! #bmspride #5thgrade #teammates

Haircut day! #backtoschool #girlmom @ D.Tangles Salon on Broadway - Alden

Anyone else child can’t handle their life if they don’t take a nap?!?! Early bedtime tonight!!! #clarebear #girlmom #toddlertantrum

Look who got her ears pierced today! #girlmom #clarebear

Fun at the Alden farmer’s market! @ Alden, New York

Coming along! Slowly but surely! #growthmindsetclassroom #calm #bmspride #5thgradeteacher

Been waiting for my approval for a few weeks now! Can’t wait to get started with my students on a couple weeks! #calm #growthmindsetclassroom #bmspride

I swear we have toys...and a huge sandbox and a tree house...but they always choose to play in the rock piles!

Lots of work going on at the Marchewka household. These three line up like this pretty often, not even thinking about it 🥰😘💗 @ Cowlesville, New York

Getting back into the swing of things! In my classroom today dreaming and planning my goals for my students and myself! #growthmindset #5thgrade #calm #mathmindset

Starting a plan for my nutrition to figure out what kinds of foods bother me and what foods my body reacts negatively to...reminding myself to stick with it and take it a day at a time!

Only one baby for the next few days! I don’t even know what to do with myself!

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Bookstore and tea with my girl 🥰

Been stuck in the house the last couple days with a sick kiddo...thank goodness there is no school! And that I can workout from home 😉

Let myself hit the snooze button this morning....A LOT! Having this week off is just what I needed to get back on track though. So, I hit play while the baby napped and the other two made a disaster in their room! But, the mess is worth the 20 minute workout I got in! Back to being a morning warrior tomorrow, though, so I can workout in peace 🤞🏻

I’ve been feeling unmotivated and know that when I miss working out on a Monday, it’s all downhill from there. So here I am, up early on a day off working out.
But I know starting off on the right foot is necessary. And even though getting up early when I could be sleeping in is uncomfortable, I NEED it in order to become stronger mentally and physically. You can do it too, you have it in you!

Sweetie baby 💗


When I started my fitness journey, I was struggling. Struggling with two kids under the age of 3, struggling with my self-image, struggling with my self esteem, and struggling to get my sh** together! My coach reached out to me and made me realize that I am not the only one! There are so many other people on this journey with me that can help! I started to see and realize that I had to let go of perfection (Hello...Type A) and have some balance. And Balance came. Every day it was different. Maybe it was taking a shower in peace. Maybe it was having some ice cream when the kids went to bed (or maybe a glass of wine!!!). Maybe it was just going to bed when the kids went to bed. Just being able to be calm and settled with my decision to keep the balance was such a HUGE transformation for me. You can join me on this journey. I have had help. I have not done this on my own. I can share with you the tribe that continues to be supportive to me. I can support you. It is my mission to help others see that women can be strong and supportive of one another. Then my 3 daughters can follow in my footsteps...

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