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Bookstore and tea with my girl 🥰

Been stuck in the house the last couple days with a sick kiddo...thank goodness there is no school! And that I can workout from home 😉

Let myself hit the snooze button this morning....A LOT! Having this week off is just what I needed to get back on track though. So, I hit play while the baby napped and the other two made a disaster in their room! But, the mess is worth the 20 minute workout I got in! Back to being a morning warrior tomorrow, though, so I can workout in peace 🤞🏻

I’ve been feeling unmotivated and know that when I miss working out on a Monday, it’s all downhill from there. So here I am, up early on a day off working out.
But I know starting off on the right foot is necessary. And even though getting up early when I could be sleeping in is uncomfortable, I NEED it in order to become stronger mentally and physically. You can do it too, you have it in you!

Sweetie baby 💗

Want to know what I am excited about??? I am pumped because I LOVE the New Year and the feeling of a clean slate.

To everyone out there wanting for something more, looking for a community to lean into and rise up with, and who have a desire to take care of themselves so that they can take care of others...I AM TALKING to you!!!
The time is NOW! My team and I are hosting a FLASH SALE starting January 1st on some of our favorite products to get you started off on the right foot and CRUSH 2019.
Curious as to what products we are offering? We can add you to the group just to peek around with absolutely 0 commitment to purchase anything!
Last year I had just had a baby and I couldn't commit to any program, BUT I still had the support and encouragement of my wonderful team. When I was ready, I committed to a program that eased me back into my workouts. Now, I am killing it with this awesome weight lifting program.
Drop your favorite gif below if you are ready to join the party and simply take a look at our amazing offers!

Can what normally takes 1.5 hours in the gym be done in 20 minutes....FROM HOME?? 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️

You be the judge!! 👩‍⚖️(**After you try this 20 min workout with the famous Shaun T **FOR FREE**).

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My girl turns 6 tomorrow 😊😩 so we made cupcakes for her to take to school. And instead of eating one, I made my superfoods shake that helps me stay on track!!!

#sundayfunday #gobills #billsmafia #mealprepsunday

#transformationtuesday I never would press play in the morning if I had one little distraction or excuse in my head. Nowadays, I know that I most likely will not work out if I don’t do it early in the morning. Soooo, I press play even though the baby is up and playing around me. I press play even though I don’t feel like it. I press play even though I would rather be in bed snuggled in my blanket. I press play because I know I’ll be a better me because of it. It’s all about mindset. #growthmindset

Anyone have any thoughts /experience???

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If I can get up and workout, so can you. I even pressed play on my at home, streaming workout while my insomniac child colored and watched me at 5:30 this morning. Seriously, if I am do it you can too. Ask me how!

#motivationmonday #last90days


November’s message in my planner. #last60days

Gloomy Saturday afternoon, the whole house is napping and I get some peace and quiet with a book and cup of tea! When does that ever happen?!?! It doesn’t. It’s the little things to be grateful for. Refilling my cup (literally and figuratively) in order to give my love and patience and understanding to my family.

Walking for 20 on my lunch break because it’s really gloomy and cold outside...#last90days

Back at it!! Blood pumping after my 22 minute cardio workout! If I can be a #morningwarrior so can you!!! #last90days

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Normally, Sunday nights get me anxious. Get me stressed about the week ahead. But reflecting on this wonderful weekend with the fam, has me smiling and recharged to take on the week with a positive attitude. Meals are prepped, laundry is (mostly) done, and I truly am grateful. Grateful for family, grateful for friends, and grateful for the opportunities life gives me. #blessed🙏

Homemade salsa. All ingredients from my garden. Except the green pepper, but that’s from a local farmer at the farmers market yesterday!!!

Perfect fall night for a fire 💗🔥

Love this.

When Tuesday feels like Monday...not sure why I feel this way, but I’m EXHAUSTED! And feeling a little overwhelmed! So iced coffee it is! 💗

My “after bedtime” reward! Feeling exhausted and exasperated after tonight...

#grateful for this morning’s sunrise.

Middle one crashed [email protected] party this morning...I don’t mind, she’s pretty cute!

Anyone familiar???

Coincidence that this came in the mail on the first day of school?!?!? I think not! 😜 💗

One last walk in the woods before school starts. Very peaceful and relaxing! There even were hardly any bugs!!! @ Alden, New York

Heading to Niagara Falls with the girls this morning for a bit and meal prepping is coming later today!prepping for my first week back to work and my morning workouts!!! I’ve got spaghetti and Zoodles, Greek pitas, chicken sausage with veggies, and turkey chili! What’s on your menu this week???

Who’s going back to school this week or next? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Life is about to get CRAZY! Many people put their own health and sanity on the back burner this back to school season, but this is exactly when you need to put your health and wellness as a priority!

I know the days are full...lunches to pack and homework to help with...

Repeat after me... I will make time for myself this BACK TO SCHOOL season!

Let me share with you my secrets for making the most out of my time everyday and yes, that may mean setting your alarm a little earlier, but I promise IT IS WORTH IT!

Morning Warrior Mindset BACK TO SCHOOL Makeover begins SEPTEMBER 3rd!

5 Days of starting your morning right:
Early morning workouts - you’ll get 4 free workouts!
25 ounces of water
5-10 minutes of personal development - will be provided for you!
Set the tone for the day and wrap your mind around the power of being a MORNING WARRIOR this holiday season!

Who wants in???

We are on a roll!!! Can’t believe our addition has started! @ Alden, New York

Staying at my sisters for a couple days and I still can press play! Streaming from almost anywhere, I can always work out! With the mess of all the cousins under foot, I still got it done. Day one of my workout program and Back to School, Back to Basics Boot camp! You still have time to join!

Sleepover with the cousins! Having fun and not sleeping 😂😂😴

When I started this coaching business, I honestly didn’t know when I would fit it in, I just knew I wanted to. I knew that I needed something more to fill my cup. And now, during the “nap time hustle” I’m helping other people have a fit and healthy lifestyle. AND making myself the best I can be while I’m at it!!! You can do this just have to want it! 👍🏻🤗🙌🏻

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As much as they drive me crazy, getting back to school mode is always emotional for me. Im going to miss my girls. Trying to fit tons of fun into the last days of summer vacation! @ Alden, New York

Going back to work in a couple weeks is gonna be hard. I hate to leave my sweetie baby. She’s crawling, pulling up, eating ALL the food. She wants to be just like her sisters! #almost8months

My sweet girl. 💗

Motherhood through me for a loop when this 👆🏻 happened yesterday. Never ever could I have thought I would get emotional about my oldest losing her first tooth. But I did. It’s little things like this that keep me grounded and enjoying motherhood...still can’t believe it! #growinguptooquickly

Starting to jump on the struggle bus....anyone have to lay with their toddler in order for them to fall asleep at bedtime??? Only to then have said toddler wake you up in the middle of the night in order to sleep with you??? I’m trying to accept this as a phase and enjoy the extra snuggles but a girl needs her sleep! Especially when I have a 7 month old that still gets up once a night....advice? Thoughts??? 😴😴😴

My tribe. My people. My accountability partners. These women are strong and fierce. I learn from them everyday.

School is starting, summer is coming to an end, and us teachers are going back to work! Join me for our annual BACK TO SCHOOL, BACK TO BASICS BOOTCAMP!! Life can get so busy around this time, but that doesn't mean we have to put our self-care on hold.

My tribe is looking for more people to join us as we head into the end of summer and the beginning of fall. We will focus on feeling energized, inspired, and working towards our BEST self!

What you'll get:

*30 days of Superfood Shakeology to help curb cravings, increase energy, boost immunity, promote regularity and so much more!!
* Access to the Netflix of workout programs with streaming from virtually anywhere, at anytime, for 12 full months
* A private accountability group to help keep you on track when & where you need it most
* Help with meal planning, recipes & clean eating--nothing is off limits
*and.....ME, as your free coach, along with a whole team of coaches & challengers who will help you crush your goals!!

I'm ready to get BACK TO BASICS, are you? ✏️✏️✏️

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