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Now Riding on Purpose, formerly Cloverleaf Horse Farm LLC; has been in business since 1984. Originally specializing in Arabians and Arabian crosses, now also working with OTTBs and sport horses of all breeds. Special emphasis on dressage as well fixing rider and horses biomechanics or dysfunctions. I am also a certified Reiki Master/Teacher practitioner as well as an inter-species communicator. Animal Reiki classes offered regularly.

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Instagram Photos 06/22/2022

Instagram Photos



Right on Anna!


Slower is faster....

La vitesse est l’ennemi de l’équilibre.

Ralentissez. Nous ne pouvons pas forcer l’équilibre.

Mais une fois que nous avons l’équilibre, nous pouvons ajouter l'impulsion.

Rechercher l’équilibre avec la vitesse augmente simplement la tension et augmente les deséquilibres... mentalement et physiquement.

Commencez par ralentir


Change your story, change your ride~


Naughty naughty!


𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗕𝗼𝗻𝗱

𝘣𝘺 𝘊𝘢𝘳𝘰𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘦 𝘓𝘢𝘳𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘪𝘭𝘩, 𝘗𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘥𝘏𝘰𝘳𝘴𝘦 𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘦𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴, 2015

Something to think about every time you pick up a lead line, a lunge line, the reins. Every time you stand with your horse.

This is a stallion who loves mares and in the field across the driveway there were two pretty mares making eyes at him yet he is staying "with" Chantelle Matthews Dressage (during a photoshoot pause, hence the dress) The lead rope is draped softly across his back, there is no chain across his nose.

What anchors him to her and her to him is not submission or force but a pleasurable companionship that comes from working together, living together, affection, respect, friendship.

The full quote from Proud Horse Connections says:

"I have watched good horse people and they do not need to move a horse's feet to capture his mind. They stand quietly by the horse, and the horse changes. Sometimes a person, just by taking the lead rope, changes the whole horse. Of course we pay less attention to the fact that WE change in that same moment too.

When we become aware that we are also being changed in the act of training, not just the horse, when we realize that through our horses we have opportunities to become calmer, gentler, more patient and generous, more grounded and understanding but also more, aware, curious, content, happy - that is when we experience the full measure of what a gift to mankind horses are. "

First shared in 2015.


I am liking this Jane from Confident Rider more and more. I cannot count the number of times with young, green or fresh horses that I have simply dismounted to get their brains back when out on a trail, walk whatever time needed, then remounted, or not. It was about each of us having a good experience and living to ride another day. I used to call that part 'hike a horse'. ;)

Trail riding, to my mind, is such an art form. I always laugh to myself when I read comments from riders who flippantly throw comments around like “oh me and my horse are just happy hackers” or “we only ride out on the trail” as though it’s some inferior state of being to riding in the arena or competition.

Little do they know, I think to myself, that half the world craves being able to simply open the gates and happily ride off down the road.

Personally speaking, I’m a pretty methodical trainer and if in doubt, I always err on the side of caution rather than risk. I spent longer than most working with my horses on the ground and in the saddle in the arena before I ventured out with him on the trails- and even that I have done in a very progressive way.

My mindset is such that I’m happy to be on and equally happy to be off. The question is not so much making it from A to B as much as it is being able to create good experiences in between those two points. As my start point was essentially sitting on board a big, green, sensitive horse, if I was met with challenge or tension, I would be assessing the best and safest point for me to deal with that from. Sometimes it’s staying on board but equally so it could be hopping off and walking beside him until whatever tension we held had dissolved.

When I think about time frames around this, I’m not talking days, weeks or months- I’m talking years. Developing confidence in different situations is so individually dependent. Just as some humans develop confidence and aptitude faster than others in some situations, so to do our horses.

I was on a group trail ride recently with a really mixed group, a first for one of the lovely horses who was with us. She coped well for most of the way and then it became obvious that her cup was overflowing. Her rider got off but was a mixed bag of emotions; frustrated, upset, embarrassed, maybe even a little angry.

I mentioned to her that I thought she’d done a good job, that I’ve been many a times in situations where I’ve jumped on and off, where I’ve walked on foot the same number of miles as my horse.

Expectations and the feelings of pressure (especially in group situations) can often get the better of us and leave us with an emotional hangover that’s of our own doing. If you are doing what needs to be done in the moment, there’s no need for shame or embarrassment. It’s not a predictor of the future.

It really is just dealing with presents in the moment and moving from that place.

Sometimes it’s on board and sometimes it’s not. And both are equally valid.

It just takes time. And we have that, if we let ourselves have it.


❤️ Jane


Whenever we ride in public or are involved in group situations with our horse, there are always so many different dynamics that we need to contend with. If we consider ourselves in isolation, we have the various concerns or thoughts about what riding in a different environment can bring.

On top of that, we have to tend to our horses and make sure that their needs are being met and they aren’t being placed in a situation where the any discomfort they face outweighs the skills they have to be able to emotionally self-manage.

And then we have the instructor or clinician (should that be the situation) who, for better or worse, adds to the dynamic depending on their intention, style of teaching and/or focus.

There’s a lot of moving parts.

One thing that I’ve always anchored myself to on the various adventures I take myself on with my horses is this principle or thought:

At the end of the day, I’m the one who has to keep showing up for my horses.

Not my instructor. Not the people watching or those around me. Not my critics or supporters.


Tomorrow, it’s me and me alone, that catches my horse, saddles up and gets on.

And as a consequence, I have to take full responsibility for the situations I place both myself and my horse in, and advocate for both of us.

If I ignore my intuition; if I push past our capabilities in the moment in an effort to keep up with others; if I shape shift to fit the situation instead of being there for my horse, it’s easy to find yourself in a situation where you and your horse lose confidence, or worse still, get hurt.

And pushing on in spite of myself is something that I’m no longer willing to do.

Of course, there are those times when we know that we are ready and it’s time to step up.

But there are equally those times when we need to use our voice and simply say, not today.

Not today as a means to keep showing up tomorrow. Not today as a means to advocate for yourself and your horse.

Bravery exists both in the doing and the not doing.

And sometimes it gets practiced in the simple words of Not Today.


❤️ Jane


My prayer is to never know when my last ride will be for either me or any of my horses. Life is fragile. Be kind to yourself and your riding buddy every ride....

If you knew when your last ride would be, would you do it differently?

Would you have found the energy for that ride when you’d had a long day and felt too tired?

Would you have tacked up and gone for a hack in the pouring rain instead of putting it off until better weather?

Would you have forgone that lazy Sunday and entered that competition instead?

Would you have lent a more time to the small things? Groomed them for a bit longer? Spent an extra five minutes watching them graze over the gate?

You never know when that last moment is going to be. You never know when will be the last time you run your fingers through that mane or kiss that muzzle.

You never know when the last time will be, the last ride, the last picture, the last groom, the last hug...

So treasure each and every moment.

Enjoy every ride, forget mistakes quickly, ride in the rain, be late for work because you just wanted five more minutes of grooming, riding, or even just sitting in the stable.

The truth is that we never know how much time is left and for that very reason you have to make the very best of every moment.

Take your time, remember it. One day you’ll be so grateful you did.


Monday mindfulness training tips in the format of 'Did You Know?' 'Try This', or 'AHA Moments':
I love Doc Susie!
I may also add that when preparing to do a transition under saddle, the you 'just put it in your mind' and your body will unconsciously do it without any overt cues or aids. When doing groundwork, just the tone of your body will help influence the horses speed, direction and balance. It is so much nicer to work on being softer and quieter with our horses in a way that they understand and can appreciate.

Timeline photos 10/31/2021


riding on purpose llc 08/05/2021

riding on purpose llc

Finally got the new website up. The last one, that I really liked got outdated by godaddy and taken down while we were moving.

riding on purpose llc Specializing in educating riders and their horses proper biomechanics,  kinematics and connection while riding or on the ground.


A late Mindfulness Monday post, because it did not happen until today: on addressing that big F word, Fear.
Like many of us horse driven people, I always am scanning to see what is for sale. I would like an old lady horse for me; you know something without drama that is sound and sane that you can enjoy without worrying about their limitations. Something that you can ride that will help you with your limitations; real or perceived.
I have 3 horses with real limitations. Two have kissing spine, but pretty rideable(just no jumping) and an old gent that has earned his retirement to play out as he sees fit.
As I have scoured numerous sales ads, I lament in what I would like; and ultimately I think about what I cannot do with the horses I have.
The past couple weeks, with some prodding from a friend, I opened my box of personal handicaps and decided to see what would happen if I started to work on what 'could be', versus what I 'could not' do with either of my riding horses.
But I had fear of leaving my arena. I had gotten attached to the safety of not ever leaving this new comfort zone. But I have to live with myself, and decided to look it in the eye (even if at a distance) and start.
The first trip out in the big field with Banks, behind my house, was a mixture of both of us seeing who could be more stressed-out. At one point I had to dismount as he had stacked his emotions so badly, I knew that he would not be able to process the good horse in him much longer and I had no calming tricks up my sleeve as I was also feeling like a prey animal.
Upon my dismount, he leaped around for a couple seconds. I then found myself in an unusual position~ I have finally found a horse that is too tall for me to mount from the ground ( or maybe I just have lost strength in my older age) I had to deal with the prospect of walking/leading him home.
That turned out to be a good thing, that is, after he stopped the need to power walk and drag me along.
My friend was riding her mare and I had her start doing trot circles around us and Banks was finally able to put his head down and eat some grass. We were able to hang out there with no drama for some time. I would have liked to have gotten on him but my legs were so shaky from all the walking, or from all the shaking from horror prior to dismount, even though the mounting block was in sight, I did not. I considered it ended as a good outing, although I dreaded the thought of doing it again.
There is construction going on out there during the week, and on the other side, cows; it gives me an 'out' and thus I am able to feed my fear of leaving the arena for longer.
In about another ten days, after beating myself up unmercifully, I decide to ride him in the little turn out field next to the ring. He is huffy and wide eyed but it only takes about 5 mins and he is the horse I know and love and am not afraid of.
Wanting to back that up right away with another trip to the unknown, today I decide to go Latigo horse facility, as an outing. It is close by and I proceed to load up and tell myself there is no expectations in this trip, except to both come home no worse for the wear.
Naturally, the huge facility was empty, except for one horse working in the outside ring, but that was good enough. I took my time after unloading, walking Banks around the premises before tacking up. I knew he was on his last raw nerve ending, but he kept his composure pretty well. We did some decarpentry lunging and when he started to get fast at trot, I saw that he was worrying, so I would bring him back to walk until he was calm again, then re-ask for the trot. That worked nicely; he got to explore feeling stressed at trot then coming back to walk and was able to get calm and each upward gait to trot, he stayed calmer longer before needing to come down to walk. I did not ride today but the outing truly was successful.
Fear is a funny thing. Am I afraid of my horse? Absolutely not. Am I afraid of falling? Not consciously. Am I capable? Yes! Am I competent? Yes! So what is there to fear?
Partly I blame my age, not that physical age has anything to do with it; more the other stuff that comes with age. Anxiety hit me about 2012 really hard, and it still rears its ugly head. It is only my intense drive that overrides it on many days. That and the fact that I know I do not have decades left to do the riding that I want to, so in some ways, I feel the pressure of the amount of time left to do the things under saddle that I want to. I fear that weeks will go by and I will not have left my ring and will have to start this painful process again and again. Seems very weird to me as I was a very successful competitor/trainer for a full 40years.
Showing holds no interest for me today, my interest lies in solely having some serious fun with them. Keeping their bodies fit and helping with kinematic dysfunctions while doing something fun together.
I wonder if my addiction to looking at ads for sales horses is coming from my fear of exploration with my current horses. Have I written them off when it is me that is limiting my options? Does the thought of a new horse sound more appealing than working my way through mental issues (both mine and Banks)?
Yes, I would love a horse that would not push me to the edge of my mental comfort zone. In so many ways, after so many years of making horses, I feel entitled to one. In the meantime, as I keep working on myself and my limitations, with my perfectly imperfect horses/teachers, another one will show up in my life when I least expect it or maybe when I do not even want it. Ha!

Timeline photos 06/08/2020

Timeline photos


Timeline photos 02/19/2020

Timeline photos


In Hand Dressage Course online


And if you are helping, you better do it as told to do it. LOL





Timeline photos 01/10/2020

Timeline photos

When you think about it, the present moment is all we ever have! When our minds are elsewhere, life is passing us by. We miss the little things which can turn into big things! There is always opportunities if we are living with awareness. Be Mindful... Pause... Connect! 🙏💗✌🦉 John Shearer MM

My cartoons 12/19/2019

My cartoons

Missed conversations, PART 6. Watercolor, ink, 2019.

So she finally realised they were all talking to her and expressing their difficulties while executing the moves she wanted. She is sad, however bringing into awareness a fact that they are willing but in need of intelligent analysis of their difficulties is a breaking point.

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"Lightness is not the bit. Lightness is perfect control of forces and therefore balance. Lightness is efficiency and efficiency in the horse is lightness. "Jean Luc Cornille

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Originally, Cloverleaf Horse Farm, changing the name to Riding On Purpose in 2017, has been in business since 1984. I consider myself a Personal Equestrian Connection Coach, helping with balance issues in both horse and rider and promoting the idea of a two way conversation with your horse whether you are a competitor or pleasure rider. Providing a continuing education that leads to a better connection and soundness with your horse, riding or doing ground work. I am also a certified Reiki Master/Teacher practitioner as well as an inter-species communicator.




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