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h Hi, I'm Captain Justin Rolph. I offer full day or half day fishing and scalloping charters out of Crystal River, FL.

I look forward to seeing you at the docks!

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Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 03/23/2022

Mike and his wife made it look easy! Worked on the trout for a little while waiting on the tide to switch. Once it started moving, we caught a couple for dinner and one over slot to release to fight another day! One lone snook showed its tail. 1 inch short from being groceries!


Mike and his 2 buddies pulled on trout and reds all morning! 2 stops it's all we needed to bring in the meat. Some great weather has produced some good fishing!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 03/19/2022

Some father and son time is always a good excuse to pull on some fish! Nice half day trip catching redfish after redfish and some great weather makes it even better! All catch and release!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 03/16/2022

I've been slacking on my posts but my people have been catching some good fish! From 35 inch snook to multiple over slot reds! Good trout bite and a few studs in the mix! Still a few days left at the end of the month available. Only gonna get better!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 03/06/2022

We fished the Sodium tourney yesterday and won the Calcutta with a fish just over 18 inches with 12 spots and made us $1000 richer! We put in work all day and caught some over slots and a few for dinner. Great day with my cousin Josh and his buddy Blaine.

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 02/27/2022

Jerry's birthday fishing trip was a success! Trish caught her first sheepshead and brought in most of the dinner until Jerry made it to the deeper area. He pulled in the last few sheepshead that were good'ns! Beautiful weather helped bring us great fishing!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 02/22/2022

Larry and Ashley came down and put in work the past 3 days! First day we had a great redfish and trout bite until the cold front completely passed us and the bite went slow. They both brought in and lost a few reds but Larry brought in the 2 studs that were 30.5 and 31 inches! The second day was tough but Ashley put her first ever sheepshead on the boat and that made the day worth it! The third day I cleansed the boat from the day before with some holy water from the hose and we put some more good fish in the boat! Picked up some small trout and a decent red to start the morning then moved out a little and put some solid trout in the box while Ashley landed a bonus 25 inch grouper on light tackle! Left the trout to see if the sheeps were grazing better than the day before and Larry picked up a stud! Just before leaving the rocks, Larry has his last mangled shrimp on the hook so he figured he'd cast it out for "one more cast." It paid off with a 35 inch BIG ugly! Released it and checked on the snook population on the way in. Great few days with great people that are always fun to have on the boat! See y'all in April!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 02/20/2022

Andrew and Drew came to see me again for our spring fishing adventure and we put some convicts on ice! A trip wouldn't be complete if little Andrew didn't catch his favorite fish, the blowfish! Gets one every year and always wants to take it home. Stopped by a redfish hole and lost a few good fish before one retired one from swimming and put it the box. Always a great time with the Drews!


Tried a couple quick stops at each one house! Sight casted the few redfish we did see. Stopped at rock pile and found a few hungry convicts. A few casts for trout paid off also.


Craig and his buddy had to work for these jokers! Caught a bunch of trout but a lot were shorties so we kept working. Caught a few for dinner then moved on to the redfish that were NOT moving. I found a little pond with no wind and was able to sight cast our solo redfish! Had a couple big snook and sheepshead around but they weren't interested. Tough fight against the wind and current to bring in the meat!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 01/11/2022

These Alabama boys put it to the FISH but not the Dawgs! 2 days of stellar fishing full of reds, snook, trout, tripletail and all the fish in between. First day we bounced around for the trout then finding a couple spots that were on fire! Andrew caught his FIRST snook that was a doozy 34.5 incher! Second day we targeted the reds a little more and caught the trout in between moves. Andrew got the hot hand and landed a couple of beautiful over slot reds and both landed a couple that could go home for dinner! Good days with good people!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 01/07/2022

Awesome day with my dude Chris! I wanted him to pull on something that pulled back so we hit the grouper to catch and release a few. We brought in about a dozen and he brings in a TANK just over 30 inches! We made a move and I had a hot hand landing a STUD 36.5 inch snook right after a 26 inch red and a 24.5 inch trout that we released to produce our future fish! Released another 22.5 inch trout after throwing a few smaller ones in the cooler for dinner. Always a good time with this dude.


Craig brought his buddy Bruce along and once we found the fish, it was easy peasy! Started catching some smaller trout until we made a move and got into the good ones. Did a little quick drift until we picked up a couple for the cooler but the reds were waiting for us. We went down a bank and seen a few so we powerpoled down and in no time we had a few in the boat for dinner! Couple mid slot fish with an upper slot!


My boys knew how to make lemonade out of lemons! We went to an area planning on fishing for trout but it turned into redfishing that turned into sheepshead fishing! We could tell it was gonna be tough after the front so we sat and figured out the bite until we started pulling in the convicts! They caught almost a dozen. We throw to one side of the boat we caught sheepshead, other side was redfish. Lost a few of both but landed one over slot red and a couple shorts with one to make the dinner table.

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 01/05/2022

Trout bite has been 🔥🔥🔥 Easy 2 man limits on both of these trips! Once we find them, we grab and go! Great weather after cold fronts gets these guys eating like crazy in the shallow waters!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 01/01/2022

Great 2-Day outing with Ken and his family! The first day he really wanted to target the grouper so we made a few casts inside for some reds and trout then hit grouper for 3 good ones! A couple days later I had the trout dialed in so we made it quick and decided to take advantage of the final day of grouper season. Caught about 20 shorts but 2 were just right! Taking back quantity and quality back to New York!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 12/27/2021

A perfect morning yesterday bringing our last grouper boatside around noon! Caught about a dozen grouper and 5 hit the icebox to join us for dinner. 3 were over 30 inches and pulled like some beasts! Cheeks, throats and filets all came home for the New Year coming in!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 12/24/2021

The water temp dropped and the bite was slow! Once the wind laid down we checked on the grouper and it paid off! JUST under 35 inches caught by David and a 32.5 inch fish caught by Luke followed it to the cooler about 5 minutes later. We did one drift for trout but they moved and only picked up 2. They stuck it out and brought in the meat!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 12/22/2021

(DAY 2&3) The weekend of catching continued! Our last 2 days were nearly identical catching our limit of trout by 9:30 and releasing some over slots! Our 3rd day we changed up the area for reds and it produced MULTIPLE over slot redfish with biggest just over 31 inches! Larry kept catching the ones too big but it was perfect since we couldn't make it to the grouper grounds with the strong winds we had. We stayed tucked away producing beautiful Nature Coast fish in the back country. These guys hold most of my record fish on my boat and looking forward to their next trip to see what they bring in!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 12/21/2021

(DAY 1)WHAT A WEEKEND OF CATCHING!!! Larry and Ashley came down to fill the freezer and they put the meat on the boat! Started with a limit of trout with at least one over slot! Once we got them dialed in we made quick work of them! Moved to the reds and they quickly brought in a couple for the cooler. After the reds, we found some STUD Gags to pull on our locked down drags!!! Ashley brought in one for books being the biggest at 34.5 inches and weighing 17lbs and Dad brought a nice one just under 31 inches!!! A 10 inch gap between our biggest and smallest grouper! So many fish my hands were hurting fileting by the time I was done but it was worth it! So post Day 2 shortly!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 12/20/2021

Always a great day with Adam and his kids! Caught enough trout for dinner and left them biting. Our first spot for reds they doubled up on over slots! Moved around until we found one we could put in the cooler. The bite is hot!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 12/19/2021

The Turpin brothers didn't want to mess with anything but redfish and grouper both days so we stuck to it. We pulled on a decent amount fish and brought in enough for a few good dinners!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 12/17/2021

A couple quick trips to the fishing holes makes variety for a good dinner! Pics from last week where we tried a little bit of everything.


It's been wet these last few mornings at the dock!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 12/03/2021

Birthday fishing trips are always the best! We were working on our 10th trout for our limit but they mentioned wanting to try for some grouper so we left with 9 and went to pull on the gags. Stopped at out first spot and popped 2 meaty fish right away. They had their fun so we called it a day and came in to feed the tarpon!


Great work by the crew! Found the trout! A bunch of 18-20 inchers! Worked on them until the bite stopped. Bounced around and found a few more. Grouper, pompano, and sheepshead were chewing too!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 11/17/2021

Great day with Craig and Paul! We tried for some trout but they will left over night so we made a move to the shallow grouper. They got to pull a few. Multiple break offs but brought in a couple keeps in between a few smalls. Great day with a great crew!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 11/06/2021

Jimmy asked if I needed help with the nurse shark and I say "yeah just try to hold his tail down to keep him from rolling." So it turned into a wrestling match 😆 great day getting our limit of nice trout! Moved to a rock where we had one good grouper bite and it counted! Bringing home the meat!


David brought a buddy from Canada to the states to show him some fish! Worked on the trout for the first part of the morning. After getting our limit we caught a few reds and threw one in the box for dinner! Beautiful day on the big pond!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 10/29/2021

Adam and the boys killed it! Caught our targeted fish at every stop we made! After the tide fell we powerpoled on a rock pile and caught a few good grouper and a couple to take home! Great morning on the big pond!


We were stuck playing with the trout all morning with the low tides! Bite started hot but slowly died off with a tide switch. We seen plenty of reds but couldn't get them to eat anything!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 10/24/2021

Awesome day with the Turpin brothers! Had some negative tides so we started offshore picking up some grouper in 6 ft of water. Once we threw one in the cooler and broke off a few others we decided to run a 2ft rock flat for about a mile stretch to get into some fish and it paid off! A few over slot reds and some to take home! They killed it!


The bite is up! Limit of reds followed by a couple drifts for trout makes a beautiful day even better! Bonus mangrove thought he was a trout!

Photos from Live Action Fishing Adventures's post 10/22/2021

Quick half day trip landed them a good dinner! Got our limit of reds quickly then shot out to a rock to pull on some gags. Picked up one pretty quick and we ran back to filet station!


Had the pleasure of taking out a young, avid bass fisherman Trey for a few hours to pull on some fish! Stayed out on a school of jacks on the way out. Caught a few reds and a bonus trout first thing in the morning. Made a little run to a rock pile and had him casting plugs at the gags. First cast and he had his one he wanted! He only wanted enough meat for his family that night so we hauled butt into feed our tarpon!

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Doubled up on big sheepshead!




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