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DayBreak Ranch LLC

Daybreak Ranch's Motto is "Love More, Give up Less" and we aim to model that in both the horsemanshi

Operating as usual


Daybreak Ranch is officially permanently closed. Thanks everyone for a wonderful journey in New Richmond!


Hello all! Coming on here to announce that Daybreak Ranch will be permanently closing sometime in the next few weeks. I will update on our page when I know the exact date. Thanks to the horse community in St Croix County for making it a wonderful four years of business!


Until further notice Daybreak Ranch is no longer accepting new training clients or boarders. We will be back up and running sometime during the warmer months, when we have updated some changes to the program and I've had a break. :) lessons will go on as normal. Thanks everyone!

Photos from DayBreak Ranch LLC's post 11/17/2022

Come spring 2023 Daybreak will be offering handmade halters, lead ropes, driving reins, lunge lines, and hackamores for sale! Here are a couple of the prototype halters, worn by Zedo and Amora!


Hello Daybreak team! When Brandy first came to Daybreak she had pre existing breathing issues and was audibly wheezing. With allergy meds and occasional steroids we were able to keep her comfortable enough to live and train...but unfortunately when the weather turned colder she started getting worse again and is now awaiting the last act of kindness from the vet. Is anyone available to help spoil this girl for the last of her days as we did for Champ? Pm me if you are able. PSA DO NOT REHOME YOUR HORSES WITH BREATHING PROBLEMS...Do the right thing. I seem to see this over and over this year.


It’s okay to not compete.

I have a student that only rides her horse at the walk. In her lessons, we work on accurate figures, correctly sized circles, body position and lateral work. We talk about terminology, arena rules, the history of dressage and more.

I have a student that never canters. We work on transitions, geometry, suppleness and more. We have lunge line lesson days where we focus on rider balance and exercises.

I have a student that has no desire to compete. We work on correct basics, different movements, work over ground poles and more. We practice dressage tests as a way to mark progress and to set goals.

Other riders ask these students… Why don’t you trot? Why don’t you canter? When is your next show? All of these are valid questions and I believe it’s important to challenge yourself, to push yourself outside of your comfort zone to learn more and become a better rider.


There is beauty and value in simplicity. If you find peace, happiness and fulfillment in only walking or only brushing your horse right now, that is okay. Give yourself permission without feeling guilty or bad for not doing what other equestrians are doing. You can do those other things, if you want, when you are ready. Everyone has their own individual journey to follow, their own thoughts, feelings, reasons, insecurities and desires and that is okay.

📸: Cassidy Brooke Photography


Facebook apparently limits the length of posts now, so this is part 2. To further explain, Daybreak Ranch only charges owners what it costs to pay for their horses' hay and grain without profit to allow more people to experience what having a horse is, or allow people going through a rough financial period to have a place where they can afford to keep their beloved equines when they don't own property. I just can't work myself to the bone anymore for free. This will also help push Daybreak more towards its intended audience-horse people that desperately want horses but can't afford full care board along with the regular vet upkeep. We have a homeless horse problem in the USA, and Daybreak Ranch intends to help the issue as much as possible and push horses towards truly dedicated owners.


Hello all. As we get closer to 2023, I am rolling out some changes that will go into effect before winter hits. Before I announce those changes, let me explain why they are happening. As an equine business owner, one of my main goals is to offer as much opportunity to dedicated individuals to be a part of the horse world as possible. The other goals lie in my work with blind horses and my own career as a trainer. I have grown and learned over the past few years launching my own business that there is indeed a balance between how much I can offer, and that pushing myself too hard ends up in burn out and quite frankly the depression in this industry that is rampant-that we can work ourselves to the bone and still feel like we are not working hard enough. Rebalancing myself this year, I have realized that I myself have to prioritize having enough left of myself to remember what it is to truly LOVE the horses and go after my dreams and goals while supporting others to do the same. So here is where it is at-Daybreak Ranch will from now on only be offering partial care board. What does that mean? That means I make sure your horses are fed hay and water. Holding for the vet, farrier, and deworming horses that are privately owned and not in training with me is now up to the owners, but yes owners do still have to abide by the rules of keeping on our deworming and vaccine schedule as well as keeping their horses UTD. Owners will also be responsible for cleaning their own pens out, and are expected to spend an hour or two doing so at least once a week. Mash or grain feeding for privately owned horses is an additional fee, and if I have to take time to catch and tie the horses up separately it will cost more. I no longer provide barn grain or supplements as well-that is up to the owners. Stalls are an extra per night charge, and cleaning and bedding are up to the owners as well. So how does this benefit the owners? It's simple, honestly-our prices stay low.


Do You Love Horses?

Daybreak Ranch LLC in Wisconsin is now offering “Horse Parties”!

What does this include?

*Basic Party Package includes:
*The opportunity for each participant to groom their very own horse of the day!

*Feed your horse for the day treats (Many of our horses are on special diets for their health, so please don’t bring your own treats unless pre-communicated)

*Dress your horse of the day up with animal safe paint, glitter, and hair bands for a chance to win ribbons at the end of the day horse dress up contest!

Ask us about the 15 minute pony ride add on service!

For reservations and pricing, contact Daybreak Ranch LLC in New Richmond (Text Before You Call) 763-313-8700


For everyone that has been waiting on this week's release of training videos and our blind horse patreon, thank you! We had a couple of horse vet emergencies push us back, but we are now planning on releasing videos to owners and to kick start our patreon Saturday!


Oh Blink....even blind a light colored horse will try to be dark in all conditions....XD

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