Jazzercise - Dade City

Jazzercise - Dade City


I’m interested in classes. What do I need to bring with me? Yoga mat? Weights?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvzprvcbZ-s This should be in the Geezercise routine.
Come dance with us, $99 for the rest of 2018!!!
Come one, come all!! What a better time to give Jazzercise a try?!
Will there be Sunday classes again for the fall??
Thank you everyone!
I Can’t WAIT to Jazzercise tomorrow!!! Vacation is over and I am ready to work it out. I miss my girls!
5:30 am had EIGHT people in and it is such a game changer!!!
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Thanks Jazzercise for the beautiful flowers. 💐 Hopefully will be back soon doing low impact and sporting new ankle hardware. ❣️

CLASS TIMES ARE: M/T/W/TH/F/S- 8:00 AM M/W/F-9:30 AM T/F 11AM PILATES M/T/W/TH- 4:30 PM M/TH 5:45 PILATES T/W 5:45 PM EXPRESS M/T/W/TH 6:15 PM Childcare-upon request

This weeks schedule!!

⭐️ 150 ⭐️ Classes never 👀 looked so good on YOU!! What a way to start the weekend!! Thanks to all our wonderful customers who partied hard with us this morning to celebrate their accomplishments from 2019!

We are SO PROUD of all of you!! 👏🏼💪🏼🎉

Get ready to Celebrat YOU!!! 150+ class celebration, share your favorite routines or artists below............Then join us at 8am tomorrow morning to dance, eat and be happy.....

Friends help friends get healthy!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

This weeks schedule!!!!

Benefits, benefits and more benefits (part 5, end of the series)
Believe it or exercise can help you sleep. Yes thats right you will sleep fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer if you do 30minutes of exercise a day!!
Now if you don't want to sleep exerise can also help improve your sex life. For men exercise can lower the risk of ED, if you are already dealing with this issue then exercise can help improve function. For women, exercise may increase arousal.

Let's do this!! Dont miss Saturday get a class for the challenge!!! 8am.......

Benefits, they just keep coming!!! (part4)
We've already talked about so many benefits, its hard to believe there are more.............
This one is also pretty obvious, exercise will strengthen your bones and muscles. In kids and teens regular exercise canl help build strong bones. However, the older we get start to lose bone density. Doing muscle and strengthening activities will help you increase or maintain the muscle mass and strength you already have.
And while we are on the subject, as we get older balance also can become an issue. Research has shown that doing balance and strength work in addition to moderate aerobic activity can help reduce the risk of falling and losing balance as we get older.

Happy Friday: start your weekend out right!! Join Rhonda @ 8am, 9:30 or come to Pilates @ 11am..

Benefits (part 3)
Exercise can help your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels. This can cut your risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. If your like me and dont really know what metabolic syndrome is well, it is the name for a group of risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. These risk factors include:
-A large waistline or having an "apple" shape. Too much fat around the stomach leads to a greater risk factor for heart disease.
-Having high triglyceride levels, triglycerides are fat found in the blood.
-Having low HDL cholesterol lever. HDL is the "good" cholesterol because it helps remove cholesterol from your arteries.
-High blood pressure, your blood pressure can damage your heart if it stays high for long period of time.
-Having high or mildly high blood sugar can be an early sign of diabetes.
if you have 3 or more factors it is called metabolic syndrome and the more factors you have the higher your risk of disease, diabetes and stroke.

#jazzercise #happyday

Lets talk benefits (part2)
How can you improve your mental health and mood? During exercise, your body releases chemicals that can improve yoru mood and make you feel more relaxed. This can help you deal with stress and reduce any risk of depression.
Brian skills?! Thats right exercise can help keep your thinking, learning and judgement skills sharp as you age. Exercise stimulates your body to release proteins and other chemicals that improve the structure and function of your brain.

Rise and shine, it's Jazzercise time!!!

So what exactly are the benefits of Exercise? (part1)
Well let's start with the obvious, it will help control your weight. Along with diet, exercise plays an important role in controlling your weight. To maintain your weight, the calories you take in and the energy you burn must equat. However, to LOSE Weight you must use more calories than you eat or drink. Makes sense right?
Next, let's talk heart disease. Exercise strengthens your heart and improves your circulation. The increase in blood flow raises oxygen levels and this in turn helps lower your risk of high cholesterol, cornonary arterey disease and heart attack. Regular exercise can also lower your blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

Not to late, join the February Challenge!! 20 classes in 29 days!! #youcandoit #fitforlife #jazzercise #heartbeatchallenge

Benefits of Exercise!!
We've all heard it many times before (I say it daily 😉) - regular exercise is good for you AND it can help you lose weight! But like many of us who have jobs but are also moms, wives, cooks, drivers, etc..... you haven't changed your exercise habits. It seems like life takes over and your tired and feel like there is not time left - Seriously, I get it Ive been there!!! The good news is that it's never to late to start. Start slow and MAKE the time 30 minutes a couple times a week. Its hard I know but you can do, the payoff is that you will feel better, be happier and reduce your stress!! As mom we feel guilty when we do something for us, because everything we do is for everyone else, but if you feel better and are less stressed your family will also be happier.

This weeks schedule!!!!! THE CHALLENGE IS ON, 20 classes in 29 days!!

Start now and get 3 months of unlimited classes for only $99!!
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8am LETS DANCE!! #itsagoodday #jazzercise #dcfitkew #danceeveryday #hearthealthy

February Calendar, get ready for the challenge!!!! #20classes #youcandoit #februarychallenge

So true!!! 1 hour with no interruptions #beyou #metime #loveyourself #jazzercise

Full house Friday with Tia and all our girlfriends

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Benefits of Exercise........
So how much exercise should you get? There are different kinds of exercise and the older we get the slower our metaolism gets, which really sucks!! but there it is... So lets talk Aerobic activity; that would include any walking, running, dancing (JAZZERCISE, the original dance fitness class and the best as far as Im concerned) - get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week - you could also do a combination of the 2. That's only 30 minutes of Aerobic exercise 5 times a week!!
As for Strength Training, work on the major muscle groups at least 2 times a week about 15-30 minutes. This would help you lose weight or maintain your current weight, you could achieve more health benefits if you increase your exercise to 300 minutes per week. But start slow and work your way up, the longer you continue to exercise the better your stamina will be to increase the minutes per week. Of course, continue to drink plenty of water!!!

Are you ready?! Join our February Heartbeat Challenge, 20 classes in 29 days............. #jazzercise #youcandoit

Benefits of Exercise, part 4!!
For weight loss that lasts, combine diet AND exercise! Focus on achieving a mild caloric deficit (around 500 calories) through your eating plan. Then, make your workouts about building metabolism and boosting muscle.

Oh yeah, thanks to Jazzercise!!! #livesexy #loveyou #healthybody #jazzercise

More Weight-Loss Benefits of Exercise!! Part 3

When it comes to losing weight, the benefits of exercise go far beyond keeping muscle and metabolism up. Exercise will help to PREVENT regaining the weight you lost by preventing the formation of fat cells encouraging the body to burn calories from fat keeping cravings at bay. How great is that?!

Let's do this!!! Today @ 11am join me for PILATES....
#healthybodyhealthymind #loveyourself

Bring a friend to class for 2 weeks FREE!!

Packed out Monday with Kris Morfey Dail

Do you need to exercise to lose weight - part 2!!
In general, cardio or strength exercise of at least 4-5 hours per week, COMBINED WITH NO CHANGE in your nutrition and no diet pills/meds/programs, you can expect to lose about 6-7 lbs over a course of 4 months. This might be discouraging for most in this time of instant gradification but to KEEP WEIGHT OFF the work is most definetly worth it. As it will keep the fat off over the long term.

THink of it like this, if you diet without exercise to lose weight you will lose 3-4 lbs of muscle for every 10 lbs of weight that you lose. In other words, 30-40% of the weight you lose is muscle instead of fat. Muscle is the single greatest modifiable factor in setting your metabolic rate or the number of calories you burn each day just to stay alive! This makes continuing to lose weight, as well as keeping it off one you reach your goal, an enormous challenge!

This is why exercise COMBINED with a HEALTHY DIET like portion control and intermediate fasting works to help lose weight AND stay healthy.

Do you really need to Exercise to Lose Weight?
This is a question I get asked a lot, however diets really don't work! Yes, you will lose wight but about 95% of people who lose weight by dieting (Keto, WW, Happy Coffee, etc.) will regain it in 1 to 5 years...... Since your body doesn't want to starve, it responds to overly-restictive diets by slowing your metabolism, which of course makes it harder to lose weight.

To lose weight and keep it off, you need to burn more calories per day than you eat. This is called a caloric deficit, it's the bottom line of weight loss and there are 2 ways too make that happen.
1. Burn more calories or eat fewer calories
2. Exercise at least 30-50 minutes per day

Think of it this way; HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS generally involves a caloric deficit of about 500 calories per day. To achieve that what are you going to do run 5 miles or switch from flavored/blended coffee to black coffee?? Since I dont like to run, Ill take the black coffee thanks!!!

End of part 1, join me again tomorrow for more info on this topic!! 💪😃

This weeks schedule!!!

Coming in February: Personal Training!!!!!!!

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To Do: - Go to Jazzercise
- Have a great day!!!

Start now and get 3 months of unlimited classes for $99!! What do you have to loose, except inches!! :) #fitforlife #jazzerciselife #dcfitkrew

Happy Wednesday!!! Join us today 8am, 9:30am, 4:30pm, 5:45pm & 6:15pm. #fitlife #dcfitkrew #jazzercise #workinonfitness

Full house at 4:30 with Kris Morfey Dail

Say yes!!! Join me today @11am........


Scientists Agree: Dancing Is the Best Way to Get Fit and Live Longer

Get 2 weeks FREE and your first 3 months for $99!!

tinybuddha.com Exercise doesn't have to be such a struggle. Scientific research shows that the best exercise you can get to live longer and in better health is dancing.

Good Tuesday Morning!!! #healthforlife #dcfitkrew #jazzercise

Tuesday classes!!

Fitness Center for Women!

Jazzercise Dade City Fitness Center in Dade City , FL offers group fitness classes for all levels. Our classes incorporate HIIT cardio dance moves with strength training for the ultimate full-body workout that can slay your wellness goals.

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