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Disc Dog organization appealing to and rewarding all levels of play. The focus is on fun, improvement of skills and personal success for you and your dog!


Dog Sport Competition For Everyone | Everywhere! – Oct 13th – UpDog Triple Crown Worldwide Championship

Announcement! UpDog Worldwide Triple Crown Challenge registration is open!
Registration closes September 23rd. ALL teams must pre-register in order to participate.
There are 20 locations across the world participating in this event! You DO NOT have to participate in the Toss & Fetch League Worldwide Championship in order to participate in the UpDog Triple Crown event.
There are 4 divisions for this event so it is a great place for newbies to try their hand at UpDog! Details on how divisions and awards will work can be found at the link below as can the registration form.
Helpful tip from a beta tester: Registration will work from a computer or phone but requires less scrolling from a computer/keyboard if you have a "T" Team # and a first name that starts with a letter further down in the alphabet. :)
Team numbers created prior to 8/11/19 are included in the system. Newly created permanent team numbers will be updated weekly.
If you have any questions or issues contact UpDog via [email protected]. Hope you join us for this inaugural event!

updogchallenge.com Map Unavailable Date/Time Date(s) - 10/13/2019All Day Categories UpDog Events UpDog is partnering with the K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League for a Worldwide Championship weekend! Saturday October 12th is the K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League Worldwide Championship. If you haven’t heard about it yet chec...

UpDog Lifetime Team Activations coming soon!

Save the date! UPDIF 2020 - April 23rd-26th - Unicoi State Park, Helen, Georgia

Qualification requirements to be announced in May.

Lodging info in comments.

UpDog Challenge

Photo by Wayne Ramsey


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Wave 2 registration opens today at 9:00AM ET.

There will be a new link that appears at that time on the team site homepage, or you can click the link below, but be aware that the "Pay" button will only show up at 9:00AM ET.


teams.updogchallenge.com UpDog Challenge. Play. Achieve. Expand.


Dog Sport Competition For Everyone | News

UPDIF 2019 Registraition Pre-Flight is now open. There is a link on the homepage of the teams site:


Pre-flight will run from today (2/4) through midnight (Pacific time) on the 7th. This is a period of time to go through the registration process without any stress, discover any issues, and allow us to fix them.

If you registered teams during Wave 1 – please be aware that only teams that were not registered for Wave 1 will show up, and any of the common questions about players packs, shirt sizes, volunteering, etc will also not be shown…as you entered that information during Wave 1.

All the choices you make in pre-flight will be persisted, and when actual registration opens up at 9AM (Eastern) on the 8th, all you should have to do is enter your credit card and pay.

Should anyone hit a run limit when they check out, the rest of their choices will go through, and the team/game that hit a limit will be placed on a waiting list. If you are playing multiple teams in the same game, and one of them got wait listed, and you’d like to switch which team gets the spot, we can handle that manually via email.


UpDog Challenge's cover photo

Join us April 4th - 7th at Lake Barkley State Park in Cadiz, KY!

UpDog Challenge

UPDIF 2019 Location: Lake Barkley State Resort Park, Cadiz, Kentucky. April 4-7 (with a possibility of seminars on 4/3 – that is TBD). Lake Barkley State Resort Park is a park on the eastern shore of Lake Barkley. The park encompasses 3,700 acres and is located in the area known as The Land Between the Lakes. There are tons of activities on site and in the surrounding recreational areas. See the first image below for more details of things to do!

Lodging information: There are several choices for lodging on site. See the slides below for details. Group Code for booking is 2114. Call 1-270-924-1131 or http://parks.ky.gov/parks/resortparks/lake-barkley/
You do not need the booking code for campsites. These rates are good if booked by March 2nd. They are not guaranteed after March 2nd.

IF you are booking a lodge room or cottage/cabin and you are arriving prior to April 3rd please call to book as the online option will not work.

All lodge rooms, cottages and cabins are pet friendly. Normally there is a 2-dog limit but they have waived that for us. That was very generous of them so PLEASE ensure that your dogs do not damage the rooms in any way. Crate your dogs when not in the room with them and PICK UP ALL poop when walking your dog ANYWHERE in the park! No excuses! The lodge rooms have a 1-time pet fee of $30. The cottages/cabins have a 1-time pet fee of $50.

Campers: Check out the details on the campground image. I’ve given you some insider info on which sites are not as level as the others and which sites have lake view with picnic decks!

We can’t wait to see you all at UPDIF 2019!

[06/25/18]   UPDIF 2019 location, lodging and camping information being posted here today at 4pm EST.

[06/22/18]   Exciting Announcement Part 1 - UPDIF Dates: April 4th-7th, 2019. We'll post the location early next week and will tell you all specifically when that announcement will be coming as it will include lodging information including the group booking code. The reason for doing this in 2 parts is not to torture you. :) The reason is so that everyone has a heads up on when lodging information will be available and can have equal access to making those reservations. While there are a lot of hotel type rooms (over 100) available at this location there are only a couple of handful of cabins (2 bedroom/2 bath) available.

UpDog Challenge's cover photo

Check out the new frame for UPDIF 2018!

UpDog Challenge's cover photo

[01/31/18]   Today is the last day you can register for UPDIF 2018! Don't miss out!

[01/30/18]   REMINDER: UPDIF 2018 registration closes 1/31/18!

UPDIF Refund Policy:
-Full refunds are available through 2/11
-After 2/11 the Players Pack and Banquet are non refundable
-Runs are refundable through 3/8 (minus credit card fees if any apply)
-No refunds after 3/8

[01/25/18]   PSA: 48 days till UPDIF and 6 days till registration closes!


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Registration for UPDIF 2018 (Unicoi State Park, Helen, GA - March 15th - 18th. Registration will close in 2 weeks. Players packs and Saturday night banquet tickets are limited so register early if you want either of those. Registration for the Last Chance Qualifier and Seminars will occur in 2-3 weeks. https://teams.updogchallenge.com/updif/register

teams.updogchallenge.com UpDog Challenge. Play. Achieve. Expand.

[01/20/18]   Registration for UPDIF 2018 will open on Saturday 1/20 at noon EST.

[01/19/18]   UpDog International Finals (being held in Helen, GA in mid March) is calling all vendors! Do you have products that appeal to the dog community? There will be over 100 competitors from the United States, Canada and Poland attending this event representing multiple states and provinces.

The vendor fee is only $25 plus a donation to be used in the raffle or as a game prize valued at $25 or more. If you would like to be a vendor at UPDIF 2018 please contact Barbara Reinhold at [email protected] to reserve your spot.

Vendors must provide their own shade and electricity (generators are allowed so long as they do not burn the grass and are located away from competitors and the playing field due to sound and exhaust). Vendors will be able to leave their tents/items set up overnight however there is no security at the field overnight.

Vendor tents will be adjacent to one of the playing fields and within easy site of the competitors and the competition. Exact location will be provided on March 14th once field set up is complete.

Vendors can set up late Wednesday (3/14) afternoon once UPDIF field set up is complete (likely after 4pm) or Thursday (3/15) AM. Tear down can occur Sunday after the competition has completed or Monday morning.

[12/09/17]   Announcement regarding team activations for 2018!!

We are changing how things work in 2018 in regards to team activations. Starting in 2018, team activations will only be $3 per year and will not include mailed physical UPs (digital achievements and UPs will continue on your profiles). Additionally to atone for our difficulties in getting UPs mailed out, those teams that had activated teams in 2017 will receive 2018 for free. We will extend your activation codes for you. No effort is required on your part. These teams will receive their physical UPs earned through 12/31/17 after the first of the year. If you have already activated for 2018 and were activated in 2017 we will refund you your money for the 2018 activation code and are working on a systematic way to do that. We’ll post more specific information related to that soon. Thank you for your support of UpDog and we hope to see many of you at UPDIF 2018!

[12/06/17]   Your UpDog Founders, support staff and a team of enthusiastic volunteers are working like border collies on the UpDog International Finals (UPDIF) held March 15-18 in Helen GA.

Many of you have already qualified and some of you are just a few points short. You have until Dec 31st to get those points so look for an event near you or consider hosting one before the end of the year.

According to our surveys this should be the largest attendance in our history and we are excited to offer every single team a finals event they will never forget.

Remember you must be an activated team by Dec 31st to be eligible to attend UPDIF.


[11/25/17]   MAke sure you are on the updog challenge discussion page so you don't miss the raffles and flash sales starting at 7 central tonight thru this weekend.


UPDIF 2018 March 15th-18th

UPDIF 2018 survey! If you plan to attend UPDIF help us collect preliminary numbers by taking this survey. The survey will remain open until 11/24/17! Clubs and event hosts please forward this on to your members who participate in UpDog! https://goo.gl/forms/2TEla2uTm1wel2U43

docs.google.com Unicoi State Park, Helen, GA, USA If you are competing at UPDIF please fill out this survey!

As the season winds down it's time to make sure you have the required points to make it to UPDIF! Visit your team profile, (make sure it's activated first), and check your qualification points.

Do you have enough 7UP points?

There are still lots of events in Oct and Nov, and even a few in December, so it's not too late to get your teams qualified!

How about a hand for the top 3 finishers at the Eukanuba performance games!

Congratulations to Jackson, Hardy, and Legacy, our 2017 #EukanubaGames Top Dog Award winners in Disc!



It is announcement Wednesday! Three big announcements today...

#1 - 7 Up scores are posted! Achievements and UPs coming soon but the leader board is working, etc. https://teams.updogchallenge.com/games

#2 - 2017 UPDIF Qualification points are up. Check your profile to see where you are so far!

#3 - Clubs: We now have placement certificates available free of charge! A good way to award divisions or to have awards for smaller events that save you money. Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B0KiBtN4rmGBM2VmSHIxU1BKSDg

teams.updogchallenge.com UpDog Challenge. Play. Achieve. Expand.

Safely down under with Rodney Gooch


Epic Duration Overview

Check out the KLIMB brought to #UPDIF2017 by Blue-9.

Ron & Epic give a quick overview of Duration behaviors on a Klimb table.

Heading to UpDIF ? Know someone who is?

Then you can get in on the action!

Tonights drawing on the discussion page will be for a LARGE KBC Breakdown Kennel and a custom embroidered Dixie Brilliant k9 Harness with biothane leash from Fraggle Rock Designs.

The Large Kennel will be 30 spots for $12 each and the Harness will be 10 spots for $7 each.

Check out the video below from chillydog about the kennel.

Starting At 8pm central.

Items must be picked up, they will not be shipped.

Also tonight we will be posting the pre-order link for the custom brilliant k9 updog harnesses.

[03/18/17]   New top score set in frizgility today. 189 points by Steve Chasse and Jackson!


UpDog Challenge Teams Site

Don't forget - pre registration is required in order to compete at UpDog International Finals at Purina Farms in April! Pre Reg closes Sunday 2/12! https://teams.updogchallenge.com/

teams.updogchallenge.com UpDog Challenge. Play. Achieve. Expand.


UpDog January 2017 newsletter

January 2017 Newsletter! It includes information on pre-registering for UPDIF which is required in order to attend. Pre-registration closes February 12, 2017. http://eepurl.com/czB70H


UpDog Challenge's cover photo

Ziplining pre UPDOG

Another quick look back... all the way back to "before they were founders".

Everyone on the UpDog team makes a significant and unique contribution to developing an organization that creates opportunities for dogs and their handlers to play.achieve.expand.

We listen to your feedback and will continue to add, improve and innovate. If you have suggestions for games and events, contacts with sponsors or a desire to contribute to the UPDOG community please contact us.

In 2015 Troy Mool and Jazmin were the first to clear 4 quads. This year, Steve and Jackson cleared 5 quads scoring 52 points.

Whether you are setting records, trying for specific achievements or chasing personal bests, we're excited about 2017 and we can't wait to see what you do this year!



UpDog December newsletter

Check out our most recent newsletter! UPDIF news, new Time Warp video and much much more! http://eepurl.com/cu33lz

us8.campaign-archive2.com If you have played UpDog this year and are interested in attending UPDIF...1. Your team(s) must be activated by the end of the year and


Dog Sport Competition For Everyone | Teams

Important Reminder: If you have played UpDog this year and are interested in attending UPDIF - UpDog International Finals April 6-9, 2017

1. Your team(s) must be activated by the end of the year and
2. You must have enough points (which you won't know unless your team is activated)

You can attend as a volunteer or take your chances at the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) also. Number 1 above is still required for the LCQ.

So please go to the teams site, login and make sure your teams are activated. If you have never done that before you will need to register, create teams and then we can get your points sorted.

Check out the link below, its a page with a video that gives you all the info you need about teams and how to activate them.


updogchallenge.com Data on your team profiles, like points and achievements, are not considered official if there is an x in your team or competitor number.

[12/14/16]   Hey! Are you a member of the discussion group yet?
Check it out.

It's a closed group but all you have to do is request to join via the button on the page.


[10/30/16]   Congratulations to Steve and Jackson setting the new Frizgility record with 185 PTS today in Indy.

[09/21/16]   FYI - There could be a delay in store orders, emails and/or FB messages over the next several days as many of us are competing at Skyhoundz World Finals this week in Chattanooga. Good luck and have fun to all the UpDoggers playing at Skyhoundz!


Dog Sport Competition For Everyone | Events

Southeast UpDoggers! UpDog 2 weekends in a row coming in August! August 20-21 in Mebane, NC and August 27th in Dacula, GA! https://updogchallenge.com/events/



Throw and Go L2 Overview PP version

Level 2 Throw N Go video - have you checked it out? https://youtu.be/EDsbkz0yHYs

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Ziplining pre UPDOG



Dade City, FL
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MR Barrel Horses, LLC. MR Barrel Horses, LLC.
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Barrel Training, Breaking, Tune-ups, Consignment Horses, Boarding, Weekly lessons! For any more information call or text me @ 813-241-5907 or message me!