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UpDog Challenge


2020 UpDog Challenge live stream Go Live>> http://livetvonhd.com/UpDogChallenge/ Go Live>> http://livetvonhd.com/UpDogChallenge/
Second Game in Japan! We enjoyed 4WayPlay, Time Warp, Spaced Out, Frizgility and Greedy! What fun!🤣
Best face ever!!
Come play UpDog in beautiful New Castle, PA this weekend!! If you think you might come please register using the link below so we can get an idea of how many people are coming! There will also be NADD dock diving as well as other things going on.
What sound equipment do you recommend for a club starting out? We want to do the count down apps...
UpDog is coming to NEO!! Registration is open!!
The first 2 training sessions on the Bass Coast in Australia!
Hey UpDoggers! I'm going to be one of your dedicated Head Judges at UpDIF this year, instead of competing like usual. I'd like to gauge interest in how much all you competitors would like to embarrassing me this April 4-7... I'm considering running a raffle so the winner can tell me how to shave / wear my facial hair for the entire UpDIF weekend. I've got a lot of beard right now and whatever you say goes. Proceeds would go to an UpDog approved non-profit, like a local rescue or something. Original beard post for inspiration: https://www.facebook.com/chris.collier.526/posts/10216525030491573 I heard from a friend that this might generate some interest, and Kat sanctioned it, so if you guys are interested let me know here and I'll put something together. Picture of beard right now in the comments 👇
Love the Sweet Spot that Deb Norman painted for UpDog today 💕
Had a wonderful time at H2D2 Spring Fling UpDog Challenge in New York this weekend. My baby Boxer girl loved it and we got to meet many very talented Disc Dogs that really inspired us. Go Team Flying Unicorn! ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ 🦄
I have finished uploading all of my images from the following three events I (T&C Pet Photography) photographed: Friday - Far Out Men/Women Saturday - FunKey Sunday - Time Warp I am offering three different discounts: 30% off $50 to $99 cart purchase 50% off $100 to $200 cart purchase 75% off $201 to $300 cart purchase These discounts are good towards digital images/prints and are applied automatically during your check out. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at [email protected] Please feel free to share this posting. Thank you. https://tcpetphotography1.shootproof.com/gallery/6303810/

Disc Dog organization appealing to and rewarding all levels of play. The focus is on fun, improvement of skills and personal success for you and your dog!

[04/15/20]   The UpDog Video Games

Week 1 is now underway with over 500 teams around the world participating in the first of its kind backyard competition.

But who was first? The first team to submit their results was :

** Elaine Welbourn & Tanner with Southern Ontario Disc Dogs

Someone tag them and let them know. I suspect there is a prize for being first ;)

Click if you need more info on UVG or want to submit your scores.




FOR A LIVE ANNOUNCEMENT on the UpDog Challenge Discussion Page at 8PM (EST), 7PM (CST)

…Disc-seminate global gaming, good will and camaraderie to one another in the K-9 community.
In YOUR backyard.

Get FFFit! Fab Freestyle Feedback!

Keep your freestyle moves in shape with the Get FFFit program.


Competitors will submit a freestyle video and a certified UpDog head judge will provide a score in one of the 3 criterion categories (Dog, Human, Team). After submitting the video, players will receive their UpDog score for that category, breakdown of subcategory scores and a detailed response from your head judge. The detailed response from the head judge will include highlights, suggestions and training tips for improvement.

Points earned will count towards UPDIF, Achievements and UPs.

Cost is $10 per video. You may use the same video for all 3 categories.

Entries are open today through April 30th.

Anyone who submits a video will be invited to a special private

Facebook group called Get FFFit where you can share with others also learning through this program.

This is a fantastic way to try out freestyle even if you never have before!

[03/19/20]   Your Prescription For Fun! Two exciting UpDog announcements to help keep you busy during your down time!

#1 Introducing the UpDog Quarantine Cup - A virtual freestyle competition with 3 divisions and prizes for the top 3 in each division!

Videos will be posted to YouTube and links sent to UpDog. \Videos should be 1 unedited 2-minute round. Submissions will occur March 23-29th. Winners will be announced March 30th.

Videos will be judged by Andrea Rigler, Tracy Custer and Deirani Collazo.

Cost: $15 per team (only 1 video submission per team)

Bonus - points count towards UPDIF 2021!

Royalty free music is suggested.

Submission form will be posted on March 23rd.

#2 Get FFFit! Fab Freestyle Feedback!

Keep your freestyle moves in shape with the Get FFFit program.

Members will submit a freestyle video and a top level certified UpDog judge will provide a score in one of the 3 criterion categories (Dog, Human, Team). After submitting the video, players will receive their UpDog score for that category, breakdown of subcategory scores and a detailed response from your head judge. The detailed response from the head judge will include highlights, suggestions and training tips for improvement.

Points earned will count towards UPDIF.

Cost is $10 per video.

Anyone who submits a video will be invited to a special private
Facebook group called Get FFFit where you can share with others also learning through this program.

The Get FFFit program will also be supported via the Sup Dog Discussion Forum.

This is a great way to try out freestyle even if you never have before!

Submission forms will be posted March 30th.

[03/18/20]   UPDIF 2020 status update - Operation "Hang Tight". Due to the latest changes surrounding the Corona virus, we will not be holding UPDIF 2020 during the originally scheduled dates of April 23rd-26th. We are however hoping to postpone to later in the year if at all possible. We do not know at this time when that would be as we have to work through logistics with Unicoi State Park. As such we are asking everyone to "hang tight" in regards to questions about refunds, cancellations, registration, etc. We will make every effort to do right by our competitors whether you can attend on the new date or not. We hope to have some firm answers for you within the next week or two but there are a lot of logistics to work through first. Those of you with cabin rentals, hotel reservations, etc. may want to wait to hear the new date as moving the reservation to another date may be easier than having to cancel, etc.

[03/13/20]   COVID-19 and UpDog events:
The safety of our competitors is very important to UpDog and as such we are recommending the following for UpDog events occurring in the next 8 weeks (note this timeline may be changed as information changes).

UpDog is leaving the decision regarding events scheduled in areas not yet affected by the outbreak to the host clubs, but we recommend you check with your state health department to help make the most informed decision based on up to date information.

If an event is occurring within 2-3 hours of an affected area the host club should consider whether the event needs to be postponed.

All local, state/province and federal guidelines for holding events in your area should be followed.

Please make UpDog aware of any cancellations or moved dates within 48 hours of the decision so that our events page can be updated accordingly (please do this for any UpDog event that is postponed or cancelled regardless of the reason).

Host clubs should publish refund policies for events coming up so that competitors know in advance of registering for an event what that policy is. We recommend working with competitors for a solution that works best for both parties.

UpDog requests that any competitors showing any symptoms or with close family/friends with whom they have been in contact showing symptoms should stay home and not participate in the UpDog event. Competitors who test positive or have close family/friends with whom they have been in contact who test positive for corona virus must follow state and local quarantine rules. Also please follow local, state/province and federal guidelines for self-isolation protocols based on travel and exposure.

Furthermore, though we are sure that you are well aware of the following hygiene and safety recommendations we would like to reiterate to do the following at all UpDog events:
- Wash your hands thoroughly and often
- Keep hands away from your face
- Avoid shaking hands, high fives or other similar contact
- Avoid sharing discs, equipment, etc. with others
- Avoid sharing food and drinks with others (this includes potlucks)
- Host clubs should make every effort to provide hand sanitizer and bleach wipes so that commonly used areas such as the sound table, registration table, etc. can be sanitized regularly throughout the day.

UpDog will continue to monitor the situation and alter any plans as things change.

As for UPDIF 2020, the event is 6 weeks away and as such it is too early to tell whether we will need to postpone it. The UpDog team meets weekly and the COVID-19 virus will be a topic each week. We will let you all know as soon as we have made a decision regarding UPDIF 2020.


UPDIF 2020 Wave 2

Wave 2 registration is up. I've created a brief video walking through it. Sorry in advance for having to listen to my dumb voice.

The pre-flight period will end on Saturday the 29th at 3PM EST. Then we will open up for "The Scramble" at 3PM EST on Sunday March 1st. The Scramble is the part that makes this all first-come first-served, and is meant to be dead simple. All the hard work can be done at your leisure during the pre-flight period.

Here is a direct link to the registration page:

If you have any issues, please email [email protected].


[02/23/20]   UpDog International Finals is calling all vendors! Do you have products that appeal to the dog community? UpDog International Finals will be held in Helen, GA at Unicoi State Park April 23rd – 26th. There will be over 130 competitors from around the world attending this event representing multiple states and provinces. The vendor fee is only $25 plus a donation to be used in the raffle or as a game prize valued at $25 or more. If you would like to be a vendor at UPDIF 2020 please contact Barbara Reinhold at [email protected] to reserve your spot.

• Vendors must provide their own shade and electricity (generators are allowed so long as they do not burn the grass and are located away from competitors and the playing field due to sound and exhaust). Vendors will be able to leave their tents/items set up overnight however there is no security at the field overnight.

• Vendor tents will be near the playing fields and within easy sight of the competitors and the competition. Exact location will be provided on April 22nd once field set up is complete.

• Vendors can set up late Wednesday (4/22) afternoon once UPDIF field set up is complete (likely after 4pm) or Thursday (4/23) AM. Tear down can occur Sunday after the competition has completed or Monday morning.

UpDog Challenge

[12/17/19]   Just a friendly reminder... to be eligible to register for UPDIF 2020 (registration will be happening in early 2020) the first and most important step (besides earning the required points) is to ensure your team is activated by 12/31/2019! Do that at teams.updogchallenge.com!


Disc Dog 101: UpDog Challenge & The Newest AKC Dog Sport Title

Disc dog 101 - check it out! New article on the AKC website. https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/sports/disc-dog-101-whats-updog-challenge/

akc.org Disc dog has been part of the dog sports world since the 1970s. As of 2019, teams participating in UpDog Challenge are now eligible for AKC Disc Dog titles.

Our Australian UpDoggers are getting ready for their first National event! UpDog Australian Classic 2020!


UpDog Head Judge Training - January 3rd - 5th - Julian, NC Quiksilver Canine

Interested in becoming an UpDog judge? We have a few spots in our January training that just became available. Registration has reopened and will close on Friday 11/22 at Noon EST. Julian, NC at Quicksilver Canine. January 3rd-5th.



AKC Paperwork - Google Drive

Announcing discounts for UpDoggers for the AKC PAL and Canine Partners applications.

The PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing for AKC breeds) is typically $35 however for UpDoggers it is $20. You must use the application at the Google drive link below in order to get the discount.

The Canine Partners (for mixed breeds or non AKC breeds) application is typically $35 however for UpDoggers the cost is $19. To get the discount the form must be mailed in with your Disc Dog Title Application (in other words you can not submit the online version as it is not set up for the discount).

Both applications can be found at the Google drive link below and will be posted on our website soon.

Also listed below are links to each of these AKC programs to learn more but remember to use the applications found on the UpDog Google drive or UpDog website.


PAL program info: https://www.akc.org/register/information/purebred-alternative-listing-pal/

Canine Partners info: https://www.akc.org/register/information/canine-partners/



Triple Crown Results

Triple Crown Results by overall, by division, overall by region and each game by division are posted on the following Google document (see separate tabs at the bottom for each view). Probably best to download it if you want to work with the filters, etc. Have fun and thanks for playing in the first ever UpDog Worldwide Triple Crown Challenge! Also, a shout out to our friends in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who got a blizzard instead of the Triple Crown. They are going to play at a later date and then we'll merge their data into this document so they can at least see where they fell worldwide!


docs.google.com Overall Overall results - all divisions together - all dogs together (no A, B, C dog breakdown) Top Ten Triple Crown Placement with :A" Dog,Handler,Dog,Division,Triple Crown Challenge Regional and Worldwide Points,4 Way Play Score,Greedy Score,Throw N Go Score,Region 1,1,Steve Chasse,Jackson,Expert

UpDog Worldwide Triple Crown Top Ten Placements!! These are overall awards - not by division - only a person's "A" dog (highest scoring dog) was eligible to place in the top 10. Congrats to all the winners!! We'll have your awards out to you in a few weeks as they are custom!

The individual game results have been posted at: https://teams.updogchallenge.com/event/worldwide-2019-10-13

A Google document will be published Thursday with all of the scores by region, by division, etc.

[09/25/19]   Announcement!

Beginning October 1st, the American Kennel Club will begin recognizing the accomplishments of dogs competing in UpDog with AKC Disc Dog titles. Dogs that are AKC registered and earn medal UPs in at least 3 different Level 1 UpDog games are eligible for an AKC Disc Dog title. For example, if a dog earns a Bronze UP in 3 games, they will earn a DDB (Disc Dog Bronze). Dogs that earn 6 Bronze UPs will earn a DDBE (Disc Dog Bronze Elite). If your dog is not currently registered with the AKC and this is something that interests you there are a variety of ways to have your dog AKC registered.

Specifics about the UpDog/AKC titling program and the AKC title application form can be found in the AKC Title Recognition Program section of the AKC website by clicking on the link below. Title applications will be processed beginning October 1, 2019. A dog’s accomplishments (UPs earned) will be grandfathered back to the beginning of UpDog in 2014.

AKC Registration — the following are the types of AKC registration available:
-AKC Registration Number -This number is provided to a dog owner via a registration certificate received from the previous owner or via a puppy registration paper given to the new owner by the breeder.
-Purebred Alternative Listing Number (PAL) If a dog is purebred but an AKC Registration Number is not possible owners can apply for PAL number.
--Foundation Stock Service® (FSS) Number, this number is used for breeds whose status is currently in the foundational stage of being recorded into our registry and requires a copy of the dog’s pedigree.
AKC Canine Partners Number – This number is given to either mixed breed dogs or a non-AKC registerable purebred that has been altered.

For those not interested in this program, nothing about how UpDog currently works will change. You can keep enjoying UpDog as you do today! For those that are interested click the link below to find out more! Happy UpDogging!



UpDog Triple Crown Registration

UpDog Triple Crown registration will be extended to Wednesday 9/25 at midnight EST (it was originally scheduled to close today). https://www.cognitoforms.com/UpDog1/UpDogTripleCrownRegistration


Everyone who enters the UpDog Triple Crown Challenge gets a memento of the occasion! Here is a sneak peek! These are only available at the Triple Crown so enter to get yours! https://updogchallenge.com/events/updog-worldwide-championship-oct-13th-everywhere/


Dog Sport Competition For Everyone | Everywhere! – Oct 13th – UpDog Triple Crown Worldwide Championship

Announcement! UpDog Worldwide Triple Crown Challenge registration is open!
Registration closes September 23rd. ALL teams must pre-register in order to participate.
There are 20 locations across the world participating in this event! You DO NOT have to participate in the Toss & Fetch League Worldwide Championship in order to participate in the UpDog Triple Crown event.
There are 4 divisions for this event so it is a great place for newbies to try their hand at UpDog! Details on how divisions and awards will work can be found at the link below as can the registration form.
Helpful tip from a beta tester: Registration will work from a computer or phone but requires less scrolling from a computer/keyboard if you have a "T" Team # and a first name that starts with a letter further down in the alphabet. :)
Team numbers created prior to 8/11/19 are included in the system. Newly created permanent team numbers will be updated weekly.
If you have any questions or issues contact UpDog via [email protected]. Hope you join us for this inaugural event!

updogchallenge.com Map Unavailable Date/Time Date(s) - 10/13/2019All Day Categories UpDog Events UpDog is partnering with the K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League for a Worldwide Championship weekend! Saturday October 12th is the K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League Worldwide Championship. If you haven’t heard about it yet chec...

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