Morningstar Fishermen

Morningstar Fishermen


As many of you know, we experienced a devastating fire last weekend where we lost our offices, records, workshop, tools and equipment. Would you consider a donation to help us recover? You can go directly to our website ( and donate. Or you can help us through the gofundme campaign. Thank you for your consideration and your support. Every dollar is needed and appreciated. God bless.
MORNING STAR FISHERMEN NEEDS YOUR HELP! This weekend, its Dade City offices and workshop were destroyed by a fire following a lightning strike. There was no insurance on the building. So, the charity is counting on the generosity of the community to restore what was lost. There is an immediate need for a riding lawn mower, a generator, and hand tools. (Perhaps some readers have some of these laying around that they would be willing to donate.) MSF will continue its mission to fight world hunger by training people to feed themselves and their communities with aquaponics using fish and vegetables in a sustainable system. Learn more about us at Watch the one minute video, browse around to learn more and then hit "Donate" to make a financial contribution. Here is the Fox 13 story on the
incident:…/lightning-fire-destroy-charitable-fishe…. Thank you. God bless.
I see that you sell juvenile tilapia, but do you also sell juvenile shrimp/prawns?
Hello, do you guys sell started kits or grow beds?

Morningstar Fishermen is an international aquaponics teaching & training facility, feeding children & families throughout the world with sustainable food.

Teaching & training sustainable aquaponics world-wide since 1993. Changing lives in the fight to end world hunger.

Morning Star Fishermen has missions in multiple countries providing aid through the use of aquaponics. By teaching others how to raise fish and grow vegetables, MSF is helping people and communities provide natural, chemical-free, locally grown food resources for themselves. Our motto is "Give a man a fish, he eats for one day. Teach him how to raise fish and grow vegetables and the whole community eats for a lifetime!"


Cleaning our backyard aqua farm, harvesting vegetables and fish using some moringa leaves and herbs marinated in lime juice


Aqua farming

Aqua farming works great, swiss chard tomatoes cucumbers and anything ells you can grow


Aqua farming works anywhere

Backyard aqua farm 1100 gallon


Merry Christmas and the best new year to come, it's been a tough year no students no travel ,this virus and everything ells wat came up in 2020 but remember aqua farming works, we are finishing 2020 in the black all the bills are paid even with little help, looking forward to next year. Remember the best vaccine for the Coronavirus is eating good food and doing exercise this keeps your imunesystem in top shape


Aqua farming works

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends all over the world , remember love is not what we say but wat we due


Moringa the miracle tree this is sustainable and healthy for your life


The moringa tree awesome food source


Harvesting blue tilapia for making ceviche, the fish came from our own tanks


Had a busy day moving tilapia fingerlings and cleaning tanks ,not bad for a 79 year young man


After 14 years we had to rebuild the the hydraulic cylinder, this John deer is a life saver at the farm


Chanterelles mushrooms the best, 30 minutes picking


Hans geissler senior Cleaning tanks and moving tilapia from 1 tank to the other, great to have all the help today thank you so much team msf


Mushrooms for dinner


So nice living in the hills of Florida, setting up a small aqua farm at my friends property across the street,and jaxson helping papa


Moving a small aquaponics system to our friends property across the street


Tilapia hatchery

The large white tilapia and the blue tilapia going to have babies, the blue tilapia has a mouth full of baby's I'm waiting to transfer them soon in to a aquarium, this gonna be interesting


Backyard aqua farm

Aquaponics works, good for your health and soul


Aquaponics works its been around for thousands of years, started in 1994 to help people to help them self, our food supply is in trouble you can start in your own backyard to make a difference


Tilapia fry

The first baby tilapia this year, feeding on duckweed high in protein there are thousands coming in the next couple weeks ,aqua farming works

[03/10/20]   Aqua farming works, a good way to help yourself by raising fish and growing vegetables


Long time ago I visited Bobby and sherry from love a child in Haiti, please pray for them Haiti has a lot of problems ,aqua farming works anywhere ,a good way to help people to help them self


Harvesting blue tilapia from a green water micro algae system ,the smaller ones going back into the tanks to eat more veggies


Aqua farming works, our food supply is in danger,start growing some of your own food in your backyard


Photos from Morningstar Fishermen's post

Aquaponics works,remember love is not what we say but wat we due


Photos from Morningstar Fishermen's post

Aquafarming works


Aqua farming works

You can duet in your own back yard


fish farming

aqua farming


Merry Christmas to all our friends allover the world, remember the reason for the season ,aquaponics works stay healthy hans geissler msf


Sunrise at msf with a little fog ,gonna be a good day more of him less of us aquaponics works


Duckweed growing great at msf, the fish providing the food for the plants, and the plants are getting eating by the fish to grow more plants???????? It works


Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends, more of him less of us


Remember love is not wat we say but wat we due, more of him less of us


Aqua farming work's


Fresh cerviche ,the fish must be fresh and not frozen nice to live on a aqua farm and be able grow most of your food


Planting seeds for our aqua farm ,glad it's getting cooler remember food is important for our wellbeing

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Aqua farming
Aqua farming works anywhere
Aqua farming works
Tilapia hatchery
Backyard aqua farm
Tilapia fry



-1 & 3 Day Training Courses
-Extended Stay Courses
-Small Beginner Aquaponic Systems
-Backyard Aquaponic Systems
-Educational Aquaponic Systems



33336 Old Saint Joe Road
Dade City, FL

General information

We are on a mission to end world hunger through teaching others how to help themselves live sustainably through aquaculture and aquaponics. Morning Star Fishermen is a Non-Profit 501(c)3; so the importance of donations and grants cannot be understated. We appreciate any form of assistance, as well as volunteers and interns interested in learning about aquaponics and the functions of a Non-Profit business.
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