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Mighty Grip is the leader in grip gear for Pole, Aerial, and Sport Fitness. **If it's not Mighty Grip, it's not authentic. Beware of counterfeit goods.**

www.mightygrip.com Mighty Grip Inc. is an International Sporting Goods Manufacturer, Wholesale Distributor, and Online Sporting Goods Store, specializing in affordable high quality sporting goods. Supplying Retailers, Teams, Clubs, Sports organizations throughout USA and worldwide. US Patent No. 6656257 US Patent No. 8973162

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Mission: Mighty Grip is the Aerial Arts & Sports Fitness Industry leader in Gloves & Grips!

DID YOU KNOW Mighty Grip Products are protected by TWO US Patents? That means if your tacky grip gear isn’t Mighty Grip brand, it’s not authentic! Wanna know more? Check out our IG Story Highlight labeled Patent Info 🙌🏽

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Have you caught the latest episode of #thepoledancingchronicles? Our latest episode features the incredible @kellymaglia and is now available on The Pole Dancing Chronicles FB page. In this clip, Kelly talks about how she first discovered pole dancing. What’s your pole discovery story? Let us know in the comments!

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Mighty Grip

The Pole Dancing Chronicles

The newest episode of The Pole Dancing Chronicles is here with Pole Performer, Rock Singer, and Fashion Designer Kelly Maglia! MerçVille Productions spent an entire (and very busy) day with Kelly, from pole training and the recording studio, to pre-preproduction on her next music video and a live performance! Check it out!

Here's our newest episode of The PDC...It's Pole Performer, Rock Singer, and Fashion Designer Kelly Maglia! We spent an entire (and very busy) day with Kelly..from pole training and the recording studio, to pre-production on her next music video and a live performance!
MerçVille Productions Mighty Grip #polestories #polevideos #womenthatrock #poledancers #poleshows

The Pole Dancing Chronicles

We can't wait for you to see the next episode of The Pole Dancing Chronicles next week featuring the ever talented Kelly Maglia! Episode drops Tuesday, June 4th! 🙌🙌🙌

Tuesday, June 4th we'll be releasing our next episode of The PDC featuring the multi-talented Kelly Maglia! Be sure to tune in! MerçVille Productions Mighty Grip

Who’s headed to @poleexpo this year? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️ Gather some members from your studio squad and enter the “Bring the Pole Gang” contest at Pole Expo! Here’s some photos from previous gang winners courtesy of @poleexpo.

Categories include:
• Most Gang Members
• Most Unique Colors
• Furthest Distance Traveled.

You can win gifts from US at @mighty_grip and our friends at @lupitpole @glory_la_ @miabrazilia @winkdesigns and

Full details available on the @poleexpo site! @ Las Vegas, Nevada

The Pole Dancing Chronicles

An ALL NEW episode of The Pole Dancing Chronicles is HERE! We talk with Alex Hughes, a children's clothing designer by day and pole instructor at Kelly Yvonne's The Choreography House by night. Alex began her pole journey in the Lone Star state of Texas where several of today's famous polers emerged like Claudia Renee, Amy Henderson, and Brynn Route.

Alex talks with us about going from gymnastics to pole, the joys of teaching, and the personal transformation that happens when she's dancing ❤️

We've got a brand new episode of The PDC! We talk with Alex Hughes, a children's clothing designer by day and pole instructor at Kelly Yvonne's The Choreography House by night. Alex began her pole journey in the Lone Star state of Texas where several of today's famous polers emerged like Claudia Renee, Amy Henderson, and Brynn Route.
After moving to LA a few years ago, Alex immediately found her pole home at The Choreography House. She spent so much time there training, she decided to set her sights on instructing and now teaches on a regular basis. Alex talks with us about going from gymnastics to pole, the joys of teaching, and the personal transformation that happens when she's dancing.

SUPER EXCITING NEWS! Mighty Grip is now offering wellness products to help you #gohardnothome! We now carry some of the BEST quality, all natural CBD products from CBD American Shaman! Pre orders for these products start TODAY! Get in on them now here: http://store.mightygrip.com/CBD-Wellness_c_708.html

Leen Isabel

We've seen some pretty extreme ways to #gohardnothome, but this one might take the cake! 😱 This man is FEARLESS!

1. This made me nauseous the second I hit play.
2. There is NO AMOUNT of grip in the world that would help me stick to this pole. ::sweating::

Make this Monday a sweatproof Monday 😎 Pro Fit Gloves and our Original Powder are the perfect addition to your gym bag to help you #gohardnothome. 📸: @ybcmantrabox

How are you using your gloves to train today? 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏿

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We’re not just for pole! Our super versatile powder grip is perfect for a little extra grip on the mat (yoga, pilates, conditioning) and even barre! We’re so thrilled to be included in the Winter Edition of the @ybcmantrabox. If you haven’t subscribed to this yet, go check it out! So many goodies for such a great price!

We are SO EXCITED to be sponsors of this year’s @uspdf Championships happening April 12th-13th in New York City! Such an incredible, well-run competition beloved by many enthusiasts. Can’t wait to see everyone #gohardnothome!

With so many kneepads as part of our inventory, we figured we’d made a handy chart for you all to choose your next pair (or pairs if you’re a wholesaler/reseller 😉). **Something you may notice is that we offer private labeling in our full tack kneepads! If your studio or business is interested in selling your own branded kneepads to your clients, contact us at [email protected] and let’s make it happen! 🙌🏽**

Our Team Strong Wrist Wraps are a LIFESAVER for those of you needing extra wrist support during activities that require a heavy load on the wrist. Weightlifting, handstand/Acro training, yoga, press or split grip positions on pole, press positions on aerial apparatuses... you name the activity, and it will support! If you’re in the Asia Pacific region, you can grab these and some of our other products from our friends at @danzfitsupplies! 🙌🏽

[02/13/19]   Just a little bit of light work on a Tuesday 😎 Alex Magala— You’re looking good in the purple Pro Skin Gloves 😉 Can we expect an aerial strap act in the future?! Guess we’ll stay tuned!

Fall in love all over again with our best selling gloves 😍 @accessforfitness is now carrying our items in Argentina! Check them out if you are nearby!

[02/08/19]   When you need a little extra push to get up, we’re there for you 😎 Check out @amtarcha at @vampsdance in our Pro Tack Gloves doing some WERK 💪🏻 Happy Friday Grippers!

Thanks for the feature of our newest liquid Poletice @ybcmantrabox! 100% organic and free of additives, preservatives, and fragrances. Perfect for those of you that deal with heavy perspiration and/or hyperhydrosis. No constant re-applying needed 🙌🏽

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We see those perfectly manicured toes with our awesome tack anklets @jayspaws 😍 Thanks for showing us how you Grip! 💪🏽

DID YOU KNOW that Mighty Grip holds a patent for all of our protective and assistive gear?
If your grip products, like kneepads and gloves, do not have an MG label, they are not authentic. Beware of counterfeit goods! You can find more information about our US Patent on our website. If you or your studio is interested in licensing options, shoot us an email at [email protected]!

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If you need some gut wrenching, heart stopping, jaw dropping action to get your weekend started, just check out this clip of Alex Magala 😰😱 Always rocking our MG Pro Skin Gloves to show the world how he is the epitome of #gohardnothome 💪🏻

#Repost America's Got Talent
Alex Magala is risking it all to earn the world's ULTIMATE crown. ⚔️ See if he has what it takes when #AGTChampions premieres MONDAY on NBC.

Thanks for featuring us in your Fall Box @ybcmantrabox! ❤️ Check out what they had to say about us:

#Repost @ybcmantrabox
One thing I love about the YBC® community is that it's not just yoga. You love all things health, wellness and movement. Many of you do strength training, tennis, and even pole dancing, which is why I wanted to include @mightygrip in the last box. It's so versatile yet so simple and really helps that grip!

We’re almost at a new year grippers! To our fabulous customers, friends, and fans: THANK YOU for such a great 2018 year. We can’t wait to #gohardnothome with you all in 2019! 🙌💪

We’re closed for the holidays, but you can still shop all of your favorite gear online 😎 Orders placed now through January 2nd will be shipped after the 2nd!

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POSA-Pole Sports & Arts World Federation

Congratulations to every competitor! Fantastic job!

💥Pole Sport World Championships 2019 - FINAL RESULTS💥
Sunday - November 18th, 2018

All top 10 athletes are now qualified for the CSIT World Sports Games & Single Championships

Junior A
1. 🥇Sofia Novelli 129.700
2. 🥈Federica Lamberti 120.2667
3. 🥉Athena Roberts 119.5333
4. Cassidy Kite 118.7667
5. Matilde Foschi 115.600
6. Emma Galli 111.7667
7. Ciari Iwasaki 109.600
8. Oona Antinjuntti 107.900
9. Terezie Drábíková 101.1333
10. Reea Hangasluoma 99.9667

Junior B
1. 🥇Sara Costanzo 129.0667
2. 🥈Melanie Teper 122.5333
3. 🥉Djannatie MDAOUHOMA 114.600
4. Denisa Dvořáková 113.4333
5. Alessia Orlandini 113.0333
6. Haley Pafford 108.3333
7. Viivi Kranni 107.600
8. Lola Lemardeley 107.400
9. Jayden Vyne 107.100
10. Lucie Kozakova 102.200

Junior B Doubles
1. 🥇Dominika Martínková and Viktorie Dušánková 104.600
2. 🥈Lenka Kozáková and Denisa Dvořáková 98.5667
3. 🥉Jayden Vyne and Haley Pafford 70.7667

Masters Women 40+
1. 🥇Samantha Fabbrini 120.100
2. 🥈Claudia Dipilato 117.300
3. 🥉Ladislava Mašatová 111.400
4. Daniela Scanu 110.5667
5. Meri-Tuuli Roihankorpi-Sirviö 106.0333
6. Akao Masako 104.8333
7. Eva Julínková 100.300
8. Karina Balbo Motta 92.8667
9. Florence Renaut 82.000
10. Nina Savela 78.4667

Masters Men 40+
1. 🥇Issey Yamazaki 98.2667
2. 🥈Sami Huhtakallio 95.6667
3. 🥉Takashi Minami 80.500
4. Marián Jeziak 70.000

Masters Women 50+
1. 🥇Sabine Dworak 103.0333
2. 🥈Lisa Agliano 91.700
3. 🥉Tintti Mikkonen 85.200
4. Ivana Řehořová 80.800

Masters Men 50+
1. 🥇Olavi Heino 76.6667

Senior Doubles
1. 🥇Rafaela Montanaro and Melvin Sanchez 123.7333
2. 🥈Jessica Bassan and Ludovica Nicolis 117.7333
3. 🥉Alena Klapetková and Nikol Vítečková 112.0333
4. Andrea Scaglione and Aurora Di Cristina 104.0667
5. Francesca Cavazzoli and Giulia Pattarozzi 103.7333
6. Veronika Růžičková and Simona Nováková Tietzová 96.2667
7. Emi Ono and Kaori Hiyama 74.0333

Senior Men
1. 🥇Moris Ciccone 132.5667
2. 🥈Jason Span 131.3333
3. 🥉Kopyniak Andrii 127.1333
4. Fratini Giacomo 122.3333
5. Melvin Sanchez 121.300
6. Marco Daza 119.800
7. Yannick Diaz 108.500
8. Harrison Goodall 69.0333
9. Naxius Boucher 59.1667

Senior Women
1. 🥇Bianca Breschi 147.900
2. 🥈Rafaela Montanaro 147.500
3. 🥉Viola Valsecchi 129.0667
4. Anna-Maija Nyman 128.5333
5. Marina Yamaguchi 128.1667
6. Samantha Star Cuomo 125.8667
7. Jennifer Donegà 123.3333
8. Nia Millan 118.4667
9. Tereza Teislerová 116.9667
10. Jasmine Scheffel 98.8333

Thank you to all of the countries that participated and the official host this year, US Pole Sports Federation.

Special thank you to our Sponsors.
Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center Visit Lauderdale Florida Sports Foundation The USA Sports Council rackUp Aera Sport Mighty Grip Grata Designs Joe's Tees, Inc.

The Pole Dancing Chronicles

We're now streaming The Pole Dancing Chronicles on the United Pole Artists website. Check it out on UPA.TV with the following link.


We'll be streaming some of our past episodes along with new ones coming in 2019. Mighty Grip TV will also have some new content for 2019 that will premiere on UPA TV!

For our first epsiode on UPA.TV, we decided to go with our most recent PDC subject of interest... Alberto del Campo!

Attention Pole Dancing Chronicles fans...We're now streaming The PDC on the United Pole Artists website. Check it out on UPA.TV with the following link.


We'll be streaming some of our past episodes along with new ones coming in 2019. Mighty Grip TV will also have some new content for 2019 that will premiere on UPA TV!

For our first epsiode on UPA.TV, we decided to go with our most recent PDC subject of interest... Alberto del Campo!

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