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Protein Pancakes for Busy Moms

Protein Pancakes are a classic breakfast that most people love. This is my version of Protein Pancakes for busy Moms.

You can choose any brand you like. However, I suggest using a brand that uses whole grains, has a high protein content, is low in sugar, and has natural ingredients.

For these pancakes, I am using Krusteaz Protein Pancake Mix. My daughter loves them because she can have a delicious and nutritious breakfast without taking too much time to cook, especially when rushing to school.

I make two batches of these pancakes and store them in a container in the fridge (You can freeze them as well, and they will last longer).

To reheat, pop them in the toaster. (Frozen or cold). My daughter like them a little Krispy, so she sets the toaster to a number 4. (You can choose any setting you like)

The toppings for the pancakes are a key element to add more nutrition.

Here are some delicious ideas:
-Peanut Butter (or any nut butter you like)
-Dried fruit (apricots, apples, dates, prunes)

You can add many good ingredients to your pancakes and avoid regular syrup.
Be creative, have fun with your food, and make the good things accessible.

Love & Light


Be kind to yourself

Class Schedule | Yoga and Nutrition 01/18/2023

Class Schedule | Yoga and Nutrition

For the rest of January

The schedule
Monday, Wednesday & Friday | 6:30 am CT: Ab Sculpting – The Method
Saturday | 7:00 am CT: Morning Stretch & Flexibility

Log-in & Promo Code:
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Promo code for Abs class (Monday, Wednesday, Friday): ABSJAN2023
Promo code for Stretching class (Saturday): FLEXJAN2023
Class Instructor information: Sandra Akins, The CompanYogi

Please feel free to share with your Friends & Family
See you soon!!

Class Schedule | Yoga and Nutrition

Seating is considered the new smoking 01/12/2023

Seating is considered the new smoking

"seating is considered the new smoking" I always keep in mind the people working long hours in the office. I can relate to them as I used to work in corporate Jobs for many years, and I saw how my body was deteriorating slowly. Just by being on the chair for too many hours. I read an article in the Heart Foundation (August 10, 2019) about how "seating is considered the new smoking," This article's findings were frightening and insightful.
These are some of the findings:


Seating is considered the new smoking I always keep in mind the people working long hours in the office. I can relate to them as I used to work in corporate Jobs for many years, and I saw how my body was deteriorating slowly.


Chose your habits wisely
They are the steps that will lead you to your future



Gentle Yoga is a 30 Minute class that uses traditional Vinyasa Yoga poses to help soothe the body and the mind. This peaceful practice will help you to gain mobility, flexibility, and relaxation.

You don't need to be an experienced yogi or to be in good shape to take the class. The exercises are suitable for all levels.

What you need for the class:
A Yoga Mat
Two Blankets or two towels
One bottle of water
Comfortable clothes


Hope is our fuel to keep moving, to be better, to maintain inspiration, and always to keep looking for opportunities. Because if we have hope, we don't give up.


Hey! 2023 is your year! Start strong. ❤️ I have a challenge for you. Take six months of my Abs Sculpting Classes.
Take this class three times a week. Only for 25 Minutes. You can do it!!! The classes are 50% OFF.
Take advantage of this super price!!! This class is the secret to my strong core.

I am a Mom, so my belly was not the strongest part of my body. But now, after teaching my classes, my abdominal muscles are more defined and strong than ever.
Try the classes, and you will see results very quickly.

You will also get a free discovery call for Nutrition. You will learn the best options to shift your health and nutrition habits and get the body you want.

And you will get access to my on-demand classes and weekly healthy recipes.

Your health is essential. It is not only about looking good but also about feeling good, vibrant, and full of life.


Hi! I have a healing and relaxing class every Saturday morning at 7:00 AM via zoom. Please join; if you are curious and want to try it, DM me, and I will send you a free link so you can try it.


I know a few things about getting in Shape

My 49 birthday is coming soon, and I am super excited to finalize this decade, feeling better than ever.

Almost all my clients come to me because they are struggling with their health. Most of the time, they are battling with poor eating habits and yoyo diets and don't even know where to begin.

When they start working with me, we take it easy; they don't go into strict diets. Instead, they discover how to eat in the best possible way, how to handle emotions, how to regulate stress, how to integrate exercise into their busy schedules, and the last thing we focus on is losing weight.

The weight comes off naturally because they are choosing healthy, living healthy, and going through a transformation.

I would love for you to try my method. You would be delighted with the way you feel.

I know about the struggle; I have relied on food as a companion and a feel-good activity. But now, I know how to fill my heart with genuine love and my loneliness with other activities. Of course, life is not perfect, but we can make it amazing!

Let's work together. You are not alone, and getting in shape is easy.

Schedule your appointment now.
What are you waiting for?

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Hello beautiful friends, we are getting very close to our event, and we are so excited to be with you sharing our yoga practice, good food, and good company.

And please, do not feel intimidated; this will be an easy "feel good" class. If you have never practiced Yoga, this class will be the best place to start—no need to be flexible or know all the poses. You will learn, and you will have a lot of fun.

Please register soon; the registration will close on Dec 7 at 7:00 PM.

If you have any questions about this event, please email me at [email protected].

To register, go to my website, and click on the Events tab.

See you soon!!

Addison, TX
Dec 8
10:30 AM
5151 Belt Line Rd

Photos from Sandra Akins - Yoga & Nutrition's post 11/23/2022

One of the biggest conversations I have with my clients is about bloating. And this is a very tricky topic because sometimes bloating is caused by foods that are actually healthy.
But not all healthy foods are good for everybody.
Here is a list of some of the most common foods that cause bloating.

Please schedule a free discovery call if you'd like to know more about this topic and find ways to improve it. We can talk about it and find the best solutions to your problem.

Treat yourself nicely 10/16/2022

Treat yourself nicely

Sometimes the messages we receive take a while to make an impact in our lives.
But they are always perfect in timing and intention.
I am forever grateful, to my sweet friend Pilar Pazos

Treat yourself nicely I received the best advice this weekend. It was from my best friend. She lives across the Atlantic Ocean but is never far from me; we leave messages to each other daily in our inboxes. So it is a blessing to wake up to her voice.

Photos from Sandra Akins - Yoga & Nutrition's post 09/22/2022

Stress eating is very common, but it is easy to manage if we follow these steps.


Photos from Sandra Akins - Yoga & Nutrition's post 07/06/2022

My sweet Little Lili.


We make frozen desserts in my house all the time.
My little girl loves them, and to me, it's an excellent opportunity to boost her health and give her the best of the best.

This smoothie bowl is made with
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup blackberries
1/2 banana
2 tbsp of honey
1 tbsp of h**p seeds

For the toppings
Sliced kiwis
Sliced almonds
Extra honey (extra love)

Send me a direct message if you want more ideas about healthy desserts for your kids this summer or how to cook for picky eaters. I'd love to hear from you.


Aligning with yourself is being honest, authentic, and knowledgeable about who you are.

To get to know yourself, you must listen to your inner voice and trust your intuition.

My best friend sent me a message that opened my eyes and made me stop and re-route a self-destructive behavior. She told me... " The moment you see yourself in the mirror, know exactly what you want, and respect yourself, that will be the moment you will get rid of all the bad people around you. And only the people that are aligned to your values will come into your life."

When you know yourself, you won't accept what does not align with your true nature.

If this is for you if you have been lost, confused in loneliness, or despair, take a look at yourself. Open your eyes and look at yourself as a loving mother looks at her child, with infinite love and compassion.
And listen to that internal voice, your inner child, that is honest and pure.

Be true to yourself, respect, and love yourself.

When you find yourself, you will discover strength and profound everlasting love.

Photos from Sandra Akins - Yoga & Nutrition's post 06/02/2022

I have often heard that vegans can't really develop strong muscles.
That is far from true. I have been vegan for 12 years, and my muscles are stronger and leaner than ever.

This meal is a simple example of one of my vegan meals.

-Vegan Burger
- One cup of peas
- Olive oil to saute my burger
-Salt and pepper to flavor my peas

The vegan burger can be cooked in less than 5 minutes. This time I used frozen burgers. They are incredibly delicious, and you can cook them right from the frozen package.

This meal had 27 grams of complete protein! More than what I need in a meal.

If you have more questions about how to eat vegan, just let me know. You can send me a private message.

Let's start the conversation!!


How to stop emotional eating -
Losing weight is not 100% related to food. The way we eat is related to many factors like social life, work, stress, traditions, and hormones.

These factors are the reason why diets don't work because diets only focus on the food—leaving all the other factors out of the equation.

I can relate to stress eating because I am a busy single Mom; I am rushing, going from yoga class to yoga class, client, and office.


Samatone Yoga is offering a yoga class for beginners with Stacy Ferrari. One of my favorite teachers

***THURSDAY, May 5th 7:15-8:15pm. ***
Beginner Yoga Series with Stacey Ferrari, SYT.


Hello Addison!!

Power Yoga - Lunchtime tomorrow.
Our town is making an outstanding effort to keep our community together and maintain the same classes we used to have in the club.

If you have never been to the Water Tower, you will love it. It is beautiful and cosy.

See you tomorrow!
12:00 PM

Addison Parents Addison Athletic Club AddisonProud

Timeline photos 03/21/2022

Spring & Renewal. 🌸 🌸 🌸 -

Spring clean your health.
Today is the first spring day, and we can feel it in the air! The world is renewing, and so are our bodies.
Nutrition can be intimidating because we think about diets. But if you learn an easy way that does not use diets or restrict food groups, you will love your new nutrition.

Let's talk, and let me bring back the joy to your life and cultivate optimal health that will last forever.

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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