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Photos from Toni Santos Personal Training's post 07/15/2022

A big thank you to our host @fitforlife_vegan for putting together our Friday Flex Collage even though she was sick with coronavirus. 😘.

Thanks for feeling better! Our pose was inspired by the lovely Karen, @a.delicate.journey .

Everyone and anyone can join in. Look for our post for next week and give it a try. The more the merrier.🎉🥳


It is fun time🎉. It's that challenge where we do a yoga related pose in combination with our yoga wheel. Making new shapes with new friends.

Today it was my Florida friend, Leslie Leslie Greinstein who hosted and brought us this

I love the spinal twists. And the foot/toe grab just makes it a little more intense. So get your wheel everybody and give it a try. Don't forget to always do both sides.

Thanks again Leslie and the entire crew :
The WheelParty Crew :🌺
Leslie Greinstein] 💥

Photos from Toni Santos Personal Training's post 07/09/2022

It’s SaturYay🎉 and time for our

This week our host was @svenjaborchers and she asked us to try this :

Her inspo was from the infamous Sabine @sportandtravel so you know it will be a doozy!! Lotus and 1/2 Lotus are not my forte 🤷🏼‍♀️ Managed to have fun though and get lots of practice with Lotus’.!

Happy Weekend All 💟🕉💜

The Crew


Photos from Toni Santos Personal Training's post 07/08/2022

It's another fabulous Flexi Friday. and a perfect time for our Summery Friday Collage.🪷. I missed the deadline but I like this collage and this gang so much I posted anyway. I hope y'all don't mind. I really love the summer months. I guess that's why I live in sunny South Florida. The joke is when it's time for vacationing I many times go to another tropical climate. 🌴🌞🔥🙃

thanks to our beautiful host @fitforlife_vegan for bringing together 54 friends for this collage.

I love this summer bathing suit cover-up so chose it for my pose.
have a great summary weekend everybody!


Catching up on last week's (was on holiday in Italy!)

The super cool Sigi Sigi] brought us this lovely twist called

Honestly, I saw compass pose and I grabbed my foot. 🦶🏼Only after that I realized she grabbed the wheel. Either way there's no wrong or right just do your variation and have fun.
Is it just me or do your cats love when you get on the floor and you're at 👀level with them.😻

I loved seeing everyone's interpretation!

Thanks again crew:
The WheelParty Crew :🌺

#YogaEveryDamnDay 'tWantToMissAChallenge

Photos from Toni Santos Personal Training's post 06/24/2022

Happy FriYay and and Happy Friday Collage to all theses amazing Gods and Goddesses! Most of all thank you to our stupendous host @fitforlife_vegan for putting together 62 of us in such a fun collage!! My boyfriend, who is Brand New to yoga, (finally) participated -Row 5 next to me-🎉
What a beautiful sight. I am posting from my holiday in Italy🇮🇹.
Have a beautiful week everyone! 💛☀️


Photos from Toni Santos Personal Training's post 06/17/2022

It's FriYay and here comes our
Thanks to our awesome host: @fitforlife_vegan and her inspo this week from @cris_yogafit for bringing us this pose. We all need to be warriors in this life now!! All 69 of you were just that.
Check out row 4 🤩

Thanks again everyone for participating and please be aware of this important - World Day to combat Desertification and Drought .

#warriorpose #cleandrinkingwaterforall


The women of Sayfitness Personal Training! They come to us in all shapes and sizes and at all levels of physical shape.

If you think you have something to learn I would love to teach you!
Call me 954-421-2116


Hi there everybody! It’s me again! Sharing today with you a great three exercise combo on the floor. It’s great for a couple of reasons; time efficient, if you’re suffering some sort of low back discomfort this is great support and they are whole body exercises!!! Win Win Win !
I’m here at Say Fitness Personal Training so remember if you need one to one guidance and motivation, give me a call at- 954-421-2116.


All you have to remember is this:

EAR over SHOULDER over HIP over KNEE or ear ANKLE ⬇️

Good posture is not just possessing physical strength one must also apply it with their mind; you must consciously find perfect posture. It is a moving target but when you get stacked up and stay there its effortless! So starting with a Balanced Stance is essential.

An expert whose discipline focuses on corrected alignment, Jerry Murphy, the director of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of New York, says, “Standing properly - and improving posture in general - can help prevent back pain, which persistently afflicts some 16 million American adults.

Practice standing on 2 feet hip width apart, spread your pinkie toes away from big toe (this will shift your weight to outside and front to back of feet.
Next, bring big toes touching, which will force muscles to engage to balance you.
Press heels to floor…work your way up…tightening the muscles”.

Standing with proper posture empowers you to be the strong determined person you are. You’re like, “bring it on“!


Well, not so fast! I did get your attention didn’t I?

Clean eating :
*eat more REAL food that is not processed.
*eat for NOURISHMENT- if nothing else
*eat more PLANT BASED foods -including beans , peas, high quality whole gains
*CLEAN UP YOUR ACT - adopt a cleaner lifestyle by getting plenty of physical activity during the day and the sleep at night and managing stress in healthy ways. Connect with family and friends
*LAUGH more!!😆.

Try something different this week. Shake up your routine in areas that need shaking up.


Why Workouts Alone Will Not Shed Pounds

What we know ; when we move we burn calories!


Except… exercise being a science-based field has recently come up with some different results!

A large new study led by Dr. Halsey, A professor of life and health sciences at the University of Roehampton in London, published in August in Current Biology has concluded that, as an example, out of the presumed 100 calories burned for 1 mile of walking our bodies compensate or hold onto about a quarter of those so only resulting in a 72- 75 calorie burn.
And people with a high body fat compensate for even more. These results show how obvious that just exercising and not curbing your calories will never be an efficient way to lose weight.

The Answer: Keeping your calories in control on a regular basis will be the only way to achieve long-term weight loss and maintenance.
Try your own experiment… Eat a high, extra calorie diet for a week and do your regular exercise. I bet checking your weight loss at the end of that experiment will not be encouraging. And on top of it it will take you even longer to burn those unused, stored calories. And try the opposite; eat a calorie restricted diet for the same amount of time and do the regular exercise and check your weight loss. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Now your job is to find balance.

Dr. Halsey said, “ is that exercise realistically burns few calories period. To shed pounds, we also will have to eat less.”



A thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

Meet Armando! Besides being a renowned banjo player (and other string instruments) he is his own success story….

After more than 50 years on earth, he finally ‘got it’. All the ‘wanting to’ and ‘needing to’ be healthier wasn’t enough. But…add to that a couple of serious health scares and suddenly life had a “Best Used By” label. He chose a quality over a quantity lifestyle so he will get the BEST USE he can for whatever he wants to do.
That’s right….Lifestyle. Not diet, or 3 month program or the latest book made a difference- balance did. Balance Emotional+Physical+Food+Sleep components and together each day will have more quality. Hence, the last half of life can be more fun filled and adventurous than you ever expected!

Keep at it. One week here or one week there with a vacation in the middle will not allow you to reach your goals. Somehow you have to figure out those components with life hanging overhead.

Look at Armando….he did it by faithfully tracking his diet on the Lose It app..and modifying his white flour and sugar intake. He has completely changed his alcohol consumption, sleeps at least 7 hours and never misses a daily workout. The weekends have an activity in them too. .

Add movement + fun + good food/drink + restful sleep …. GET RESULTS !


and Assumptions

The chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. Also known as the process in which to turn food into energy. Energy gets stored until it is used.

More than half, 55-70% of what we are eating and drinking actually fuels all our invisible chemical reactions that keep us alive. So what about the rest, movement and conscious efforts.

Its not all about exercise. Metabolism is really a reflection of how busy your cells are all day keeping us alive. Therefore, knowing your total energy expenditure tells you how many calories you need to survive. But more importantly it tells you how your body is functioning.

What’s New? Our assumptions are that a shift in hormones during menopause or puberty, being a bigger person, age, lifestyle and exercise level affect the metabolism either slower or faster. But the lack of data led us to these assumptions. It is Very difficult to conduct energy studies with enough people, across a broad enough age range to see how it changes throughout the human life span.

Last month a paper published in Science, with more than 80 authors, revealed that much of what we knew about metabolism was wrong.

* Metabolism goes through four distinct life phases : NewBorns / 1 month old / 9-15 months / 1-2 yrs old. After that your energy needs start declining until about age 20. From there they hold steady even through pregnancy and menopause. In fact you burn calories as efficiently at 25 at 55.

60 years old (approximately) there is another shift and gently energy expenditure declines until the end.

You can start by knowing your resting metabolic rate. We do RMR testing at Say Fitness Personal Training. The test takes about 10 minutes and is simply done by breathing into a mouthpiece . Sign up for your testing today. You will find out how your body is functioning metabolically and if you want to go farther than that you can speak with our RD, Karen Varela and she may be able to educate you even farther as your results relate to your diet.

Knowledge makes us strong and smart.
Knowledge helps us make informed decisions.
Knowledge keeps us ‘out of the dark’.

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