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Hey Emily!

Just wanted to let you know that Andrea and I did the workout session from yesterday from our homes this evening and it felt really good!

Thank you for recording the class so we can try to continue to keep up with you all! 😅💪🏼
OK, I am REGISTERED. Who's with me?!


I'm a casting director in Denver and we are looking to cast actual crossfit folk in our upcoming spot for Reebok. We're hopeing you can help spread the word to your people.

Here is all the info:

Hey gang!!!

Casting Cross Fit Peeps!!! Paid spot for Reebok!


- Male and female CrossFit athletes between ages 16 and 39
- Must do CrossFit several times per week in the local area
All Denver area’s, Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins

*athletes under the age of 18 will need parent approvals and signature on talent waiver

- Athletes should be comfortable moving through all standard CrossFit movements with good range of motion (ex. Squats, pull ups, the Olympic lifts)

- Men must be able to fit: Size 9 footwear, Size medium top and bottom in Reebok CrossFit apparel

- Women must be able to fit: Size 7 footwear, Size small top, bottom and bra in Reebok CrossFit apparel

*$750.00 PER SHOOT DAY
2 yr, Worldwide; unlimited, unrestricted media for all images/video captured on the shoot days commencing from the date of first use.


Please send pic and contact info to [email protected] to schedule your time!

*athletic top and short wardrobe for audition
*if you have an Denver talent agent, you must consult with them prior to connecting Hamilton Casting

Live, train, and compete, at the Tip of the Spear Our goal is simple, develop you to your fullest athletic potential. We've been there.

We believe strongly that by improving your health and fitness that all other aspects of your life improve. Whether your goal is to improve body composition and strength, run a 5k, do a triathlon, or qualify for the CrossFit Games, we are here to guide you on your journey.

Operating as usual

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 05/14/2023

Yesterday was Andrew’s birthday! 🥳

Here are a few fun facts about him:

1. I lived in Japan and speak Japanese. 🇯🇵

2. I've been growing a bonsai tree for over seven years. 🪴 (not a bonsai tree)

Happy belated birthday, Andrew! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 05/10/2023

Today is Michael’s birthday! 🥳

Here are a few fun facts about him:

1. In my 20s, I despised yard work. Now, in my 40s, I insist on having the prettiest house on the block. 🏡

2. Our daughter is in kindergarten this year, and as a result we've had a new sickness just about every two weeks. Hence my sporadic attendance. 🙃

Happy birthday, Michael! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 05/06/2023

We were so happy to hear when Lauren gave birth to her beautiful baby girl a few months ago, and now she’s back at the gym with us! Read her family update below. Congrats again, you two! 🤩

Logan Ellie Nash was born March 15th at 7.5 lbs! We’re doing so good, she’s the sweetest baby and we’re enjoying being a family of three. So excited to be working out again and eventually teaching Logan! ❤️

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 05/05/2023

Hey everyone!! 👋🏼

Coach Jackson proposed to Amanda and she said yes!! 💍

We’re so happy for the two of you. CONGRATS!! 🎉

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 05/02/2023

Today is Caroline’s birthday! 🥳

Here are a few fun facts about her:

1. My mom first introduced me to CrossFit! We’re always chatting (definitely never complaining) about our workouts. 💪🏼

2. I refused to wear any other shoes besides sneakers throughout all of elementary school just in case someone wanted to race me during recess. Could not risk being unprepared. 🏃🏽‍♀️

Happy birthday, Caroline! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 04/30/2023

Today is Sarah’s birthday! 🥳

Here are a few fun facts about her:

1. I’ve lived on three continents 🌎

2. I think I have been to the Colorado Railroad Museum over 50 times (my four year old has been obsessed with trains for two years 🤦🏻‍♀️). 🚂

Happy birthday, Sarah! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 04/12/2023

Today is Paul’s birthday! 🥳

Here are a few fun facts about him:

1. I’ve been to 28 countries! ✈️

2. I went cage diving with great white sharks in South Africa. 🦈

Happy birthday, Paul! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 04/06/2023

Today is Coach Mitch’s birthday! 🥳

Here are a few fun facts about him:

1. I’ve never been on a snowboard in my life. 🏂

2. I am the youngest sibling out of 4. 👦

3. I set a goal to hike 100 miles every summer 4 years ago and have achieved it since. Here’s to year 5!! 🥾

Happy birthday, Coach! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 04/02/2023

Today is Chris’s birthday! 🥳

Here are a few fun facts about him:

1. I recently moved here from Boston in January. 👋🏼

2. First pic is of mt saint Helens which my friends and I climbed and skied down last winter. 🏔️

3. Second pic is I recently travelled to new Zealand which was insane in every way. 🇳🇿

Happy birthday, Chris! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 03/26/2023

Today is Jen’s birthday! 🥳

Here are a few fun facts about her:

1. I was a collegiate distance swimmer. 🏊🏼‍♀️

2. I love trivia games! The second picture is my friend and I winning music trivia back in CLT! 🏆

Can’t wait for our first Cuspis Trivia Team practice! Happy birthday, Jen! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 03/25/2023

Today is Coach Izabel’s birthday! 🥳

Here are a few fun facts about her:

1. I’m obsessed with skincare. I love trying new products and giving recommendations on what might work for people with specific issues. I’m not a professional, just an enthusiast! 🤩

2. I named my dog after a composer because I’m that kind of nerd. His name is Bartok…bonus points if you know his most popular piece! 🎼

We appreciate you so much! ❤️

Happy birthday, Izabel! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 03/23/2023

Today is Rachel’s birthday! 🥳

Here are a few fun facts about her:

1. I pr’d in the marathon at the age of 40 with a 3:25! 🏃🏽‍♀️

2. I’m a vegan-lite. Will cheat for chocolate and cake. Never for meat. Gross. 🍫

We hope you have an awesome birthday, Rachel! 🎂


Today is Nick’s birthday! 🥳

Here are a few fun facts about him:

1. Last year he got to see Brazil play in the World Cup in Qatar and go off-roading in the desert. ⚽️

2. This summer I’m going to Turkey which will be my 23rd time out of country. 🇹🇷

Here’s to many more years of adventures! ✈️

Happy Birthday, Nick! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 03/03/2023

Wednesday was Patrick’s birthday! 🥳

For his fun facts, he shared a few “Never Have I Ever” moments:

1. Purchased a car with an automatic transmission. 🚙

2. Eaten from the Olive Garden. 🍝

We hope you had a great birthday, Patrick! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 03/01/2023

Today is Kory’s birthday! 🥳

Fun facts about her:
1- I love to travel and learn about new cultures, especially through food and wine. I am lucky to be celebrating my birthday in Argentina with Manu this year! ✈️

2- One of my close friends and I have had dinner together every month at a new restaurant in Denver for the past 12 years! 🍽️

Happy birthday, Kory! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 03/01/2023

Today is Gabi’s birthday! 🥳

Fun facts about her:
1- Born and raised in Paraguay! 🇵🇾

2- I have dual citizenship, I am also Italian! 🇮🇹

3- Love Love Love, Italian food! 🍝

4- TOMORROW marks her TWO YEAR anniversary at Cuspis! ❤️

Happy birthday AND Cuspis Anniversary, Gabi! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 02/10/2023

Today is Coach Chris’ birthday! 🥳

Fun facts about him:
1- I’ve been practicing martial arts over 30 years and am part of the US Martial Arts Team! 🥋

2- I love to travel and try to visit a country outside the US every year. ✈️

Happy birthday, Chris! We appreciate you! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 02/08/2023

Dustin’s birthday was last Sunday! 🥳

Fun facts about .hailey:
1- I co-own and operate Insurance Collective, an independent insurance here in Denver! ✅

2- My wife Karen and I alternate planning a surprise trip to a new destination each year, and I love exploring new countries and cultures. ✈️

3- I’m a Colorado native: Born in Grand Junction, grew up in Fort Collins. 🏔️

4- I’m currently renovating a house we purchased last year. The projects never end! 🏠

Happy belated bday, Dustin! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 02/06/2023

Today is Coach Liz’s birthday! 🥳

Fun facts about Liz:
1- Before becoming a full time coach, I operated a very small sourdough bread company. I baked out of a commercial kitchen and sold at farmers markets! 🍞

2- My boyfriend and I are high school sweethearts. We’ve been together for 16 years! 😍

Happy bday, Coach BEEF! You’re the best! 🎂


Cuspis Fam! Our 2023 Nutrition Kick Off Event with is THIS SATURDAY from Noon-2pm at the gym! 💪🏼

The wonderful Lexi Z Schmidt is going to be providing tons of great information AND she’ll be talking about our “21 Day Nutrition Reset” that will be starting in a few weeks. 🙌🏼

Registration for this seminar is live in ZenPlanner or spots can reserved by signing up on the clipboard at the front desk! 📋

Attending this weekend does not mean you’re interested in participating in the Reset. Those who are interested in the Reset aren’t required to attend this weekend. 👍🏼

We encourage anyone who wants to learn a lot of great information to sign up and attend! 🧠

The cost is $20 per person and this event is open to members AND non-members at the gym! 👏🏼

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 01/31/2023

Yesterday was Rachel’s birthday! 🥳

Fun facts about her:
1 - my most fun fact is that I’m from Alaska and am also part Alaska native (Yupik) 🇺🇸
2 - I originally moved to Colorado to attend cosmetology school (just for fun) and am a licensed cosmetologist 💄
3 - I share my birthday with my dog! 🐶

Happy belated bday, Rachel! 🎂


The second social event of 2023 was a smashing success! 🍳

Thank you to Lindsey for organizing it and for everyone who showed up to hang out! ❤️

We talked about Steak Festivals, SCUBA diving, upcoming trips, and the Indianapolis 500! What a crew. 🔥

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 01/28/2023

It’s Jessica’s birthday today! 🥳

Fun facts about her:
1 - Her friends used to call her “Recylops” ♻️
2- Her dog weighs more than her! 🐶

We’ll let you tell us whether or not that’s your dog in the second picture. 🐘

Happy bday, Jessica! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 01/25/2023

It’s Hart’s birthday today! 🥳

Fun facts about her:
1 - Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta was named after her Great Great Uncle, making me 6th generation Atlantan ✈️
2- She has coast-to-coast road tripped with her Fiance and two dogs for 6 months - gladly landed in CO! 🐶

We’re so happy your road trip adventure landed you here with us!

Happy bday, Hart! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 01/23/2023

It’s Andrea’s birthday today! 🥳

Fun facts about her:
1 - She is a Proud Colombian 🇨🇴❤️
2 - Although she’s getting older and more tired, Andrea won’t say no to a dance party with latin music or to a race in the mountains 🏔️🏃🏽‍♀️

We’re excited to cheer you on at one of your next races: Maybe 2023 is the year you lead Cuspis Dance lessons, too! 🏅💃🏼

Happy bday, Andrea! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 01/19/2023

It’s Todd’s birthday today! 🥳

Fun facts about him:
1- He loves to travel! ✈️

2- Todd was also voted “Best Smile” in high school! 😁

The good news is that when Todd’s birthday hits, he’s only “a few weeks” away from March Madness 🏀 and being able to play golf again ⛳️.

Happy bday, Todd! 🎂


Morning classes are canceled tomorrow (Wednesday the 18th). ZenPlanner reflects our updated schedule.

Please stay safe!

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 01/14/2023

It’s Jared’s birthday today! 🥳

Fun facts about him:
1- Jared’s a huge sports fan! He was a 2 sports athlete in college - basketball and track - and he coaches a high basketball team. 🏀
2- Jared loves travel with his wonderful wife, Caylynn! ✈️
3- Rumor has it that he might be the best grill-master in all of Denver! 🥩

You’re so loved at the gym that even Hawkeye fans are celebrating you today. Happy bday, Jared! 🎂


The first CrossFit Cuspis happy hour of 2023 was a smashing success! 🍻

Thank you to Kim for organizing it and for everyone who showed up to hang out! ❤️

We’ll be organizing a lot more social events this year, ranging from happy hours, to brunches, to community service events. We’re so excited to continue to strengthen our community, both inside and outside of the gym! 💪🏼


It’s Newsletter O’clock!

All members should have received an email this morning. If you didn’t, let me know so we can get you set up. 🙌🏼

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 01/08/2023

It’s Kim’s birthday today! 🥳

Fun facts about her:
1- I’m not a morning person. You can find me at the 5:15am class 5 days a week. 😴
2- Never met a pizza I didn’t like. 🍕

We hope you were able to sleep in a bit this weekend and celebrate with some delicious ‘za. Happy bday, Kim! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 01/05/2023

It’s also Keith’s birthday today! 🥳

Fun facts about him:
1- He loves hiking! ⛰️
2- Keith is a Personal Growth Coach 👏🏼

Whether you’ve met him during a morning or an evening class, it’s always so great having him around. Happy birthday, sir! 🎂

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 01/04/2023

It’s Brian’s birthday today! 🥳

Fun facts about him:
1- I have been to every Colorado state park and every national park in Colorado 🏔️

2- I have not missed a Nuggets home playoff game in over 3 seasons. 🏀

Brian, we hope that you and Lindsey have a great time celebrating your bday together! 🎂


Members, please check your email for our latest newsletter! 🎄🙌🏼


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at !🎄

We hope everyone is able to spend some time with family or friends this weekend and recharge a little bit. ❤️


Based on member feedback, we’ll be canceling morning classes tomorrow.

The Noon and afternoon classes are ON!

As usual, times normally assigned to morning classes WILL still be available as Open Gym.

If you attend those sessions, please be safe!


Due to the EXTREME cold, our morning classes (5:15 and 6:30am) are cancelled tomorrow.

Normal class schedule resumes at noon!

Please stay warm and stay safe.


The family would like to thank and honor all United States veterans and active-duty military personnel for their willingness to serve and sacrifice for our nation. 🙏🏼

Happy Veterans Day! 🇺🇸

Photos from CrossFit Cuspis's post 10/22/2022

Our favorite couple with the last name Krenzer is competing at the Festivus Games at CrossFit Loop TODAY! 💪🏼

Lindsey has issued a 100% guarantee that they will be the team having the most FUN all day long. 🤩

Still not convinced? Maybe picture number two will do the trick. 👫🏽

The third picture shows everyone’s favorite hip mobility exercise and position to drink coffee, thanks to Coach Liz! ☕️

Fourth picture shows their heat times for team “What’s WOD got to do with it” 🤣

Have a great time today, Lindsey and Brian. Crush ittt!!! ❤️


This morning is Coach Tommy’s final OFFICIAL day leading classes before he and Paige embark on their next exciting adventure together in a few weeks! 🥳

If you can, come take the 8 or 9:15am classes this morning and get your fill of Classic Rock and Dad Jokes ONE MORE TIME! 😂

We’re going to miss you so much Tommy, but we cannot wait to see what this next chapter brings for you two! 🤩

Thankfully, they’ll both still be around and working out with us for a few more weeks before they leave. But if you can, drop in to class today and practice your Updog with him one more time! 🆙 🐶

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