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Rise Martial Arts


Prana Yoga is located in the Des Peres commons along with many fine locally owned businesses. For example Rise Martial Arts. Kids bored? Need to release some energy?? Try a virtual class. Check out their website. Support local.
We wanted to give a BIG shout-out to Rise Martial Arts who hosted a Christmas Donation Drive for us! Lots of their clients donated and our pups couldn't be happier with the outcome!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thank you Town and Country Police Department and the community of Town and Country for your partnership! As well as Rise Martial Arts and James Fischer - State Farm, we couldn't do this without you all!
Thank you to our awesome community!!! Parkway Schools Town and Country Police Department James Fischer - State Farm Town and Country Ward 2 Aldermen Rise Martial Arts Elks Lodge
Awesome place Wonderful people Wonderful fellowship
Hey guys, what’s the address to the Naperville tournament this weekend? We can’t find it on the email or on Band app.
Rise Martial Arts continues to challenge Jack while building confidence and teaching discipline.
Rise Martial Arts has allowed Sam to have a way to explore his own abilities. As our oldest we are always learning with him, and having an outlet to learn along side him is extremely helpful. Rise is the family you didn't know you were already apart of.
The Meyer's
Rise Martial Arts has helped Gunnar become strong in both mind and body. He has leaders he can look up to and count on. He has been given the opportunity to become a leader. We love our Rise family!
Another angle!
One more!

We offer an amazing Taekwondo program for ages 4 to adult. Our core programs will provide life skills

Our core programs will provide life skills that will last you a lifetime!

Operating as usual


Enjoy an early night of classes so you can trick or treat later!!

See you in class!

Photos from Rise Martial Arts's post 10/27/2023

Just a few pics of some of the trunk r treaters that showed up tonight! We got rid of A TON of candy and we thank everyone for coming out and doing class as well as those that just showed up for the event🎃🎃👻👻

And let's not forget our AMAZING volunteers that decorated their trunks and passed out candy🍭🍬🍫 I think our volunteers had more fun than the kids🤣🤣

Special thank you's to ACE Hardware, F45, and Fleet Feet for also being a community volunteer for this event in our complex and to the officers at the Des Peres Police and Fire Department for overseeing the event and showing the kids your cool new vehicle (LET'S GOOOOO!!). We appreciate everything you do for the community!

Photos from Rise Martial Arts's post 10/27/2023

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Des Peres Police Dept for coming to our Trunk 🎃r Treat tonight! We love being apart of the Des Peres community and appreciate all you do! The lights on the new car were a hit! 🚨


First trunk is decorated and ready to go! We look forward to seeing everybody tonight for the trunk or treat AND in costume with their friends for fun classes!


Being a black belt, you are now leading by example as a to the younger belts below you.

You still learn and make mistakes and that is part of growth no matter your age or rank and skill level.


WE DID IT!!! Our Black Belts finished up our Board Break-a-thon tonight for Erin Chambers Gooch and her son, Teddy!!

We are so PROUD and THANKFUL for all of our amazing students and parents in raising money and breaking boards to show support....our community is truly amazing!!

Our GOAL was to raise $1,500 and break 1,500 boards

Our FINAL TOTAL is......

$3,486 WITH 3,325 boards boards💪💪🥋🥋



We're FOUR WEEKS OUT from our annual WING DING SALE!!

Save the date NOW to get your discounts on our NEW! apparel, camps and merchandise!

We even have a SPECIAL GIFT coming your way😉


Our board break-a-thon tonight was 🔥🔥

We finished our night with over 2,000 boards broken!!💪💪

Since our Black Belt class isn't until tomorrow, we can't leave them out of their chance to help out so we will have a total number AND $ amount raised for


Our parents helping us out to prepare for our board break-a-thon tomorrow and helping 'Teddy and Friends Inclusive Playground' raise money for an AMAZING playground for kids of all abilities!!! 🙌🏻💪👊 Erin Chambers Gooch


😳😳😳😳When you put it like that, that's a scary (but accurate) statistic!!

Screentime is inevitable in today's world. But, if we can help keep kids regularly active and get them physically moving a little more each day, this gives them a healthier mental wellbeing and can create better habits now and in the future.

Don't wait and call us TODAY at 636-226-6599 to schedule your first two lessons FREE!!


Call us TODAY at 636-226-6599 to start your SPOOK-TACULAR martial arts training!!


Mats came in for the Fenton location 🙌🏻

Help us out by letting your Fenton area friends know that Rise MA is one step closer to starting classes before the new year!!


Don't lie… we've all done it! 🤣


Thank you so much to Mr Coglianese and Mrs Hogan from Region ATA for driving from Indiana to come and teach some of our students all about some tricks in .... WE HAD A BLAST this weekend 💥👊💪

Growing relationships like this in our martial arts community gives our students opportunities to improve and grow in their techniques and skills and learning from other instructors from different areas.

It also gives us, as school owners and higher ranks, a chance to continue to build our relationship and learn from each other as well whether that is in physical training or professional training.

Also....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR COGLIANESE!🎉🎉 Ms Kylie will send you another whoopee cushion😉


Like Master Lee says, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you'


Our family is proud to announce Rise MA's SECOND LOCATION coming soon to Fenton, MO!!❤️❤️💪💪👊👊


We have a few big events that we've been sharing in our classes to kick start October off with a 💥💥


We are so excited to share this NEW! announcement with you all! Stay tuned.....👀 👀 👀


Listen to this 👊👊💪💪 from our MAK and Tigers class tonight!!

💥Listen and respond!!💥


A common question that we get asked a lot is "What style of martial arts do you teach?"

Although our organization and basics are Taekwondo, our classes are taught with a mix of martial arts in mind from standing techniques to ground defenses.

Call us TODAY at 636-226-6599 to see, for yourself, what all the hype is about at Rise!!


This cycle we will be discussing COMMUNICATION!

There are many different ways that we communicate with those around us and here are some great pointers we will be discussing in more detail over the next few months:







Don't miss out on developing better communication for your child and call us at 636-226-6599 to get your first two one-on-one lessons FREE!


We're so excited to be bringing this event back at Rise!! We look forward to seeing some local store supporters as well as friends coming in with our students for a fun night of class and a for afterwards😉


When you see something cool happening in a movie or in a fight scene, it's easy to say that it looks easy or that anyone can do it!

And although movies are GREAT, in reality, martial arts is difficult! This is because it takes years (YEARS!) of dedication, consistency, and practice/application. It takes discipline (and encouragement!) to push through those times when quitting seems a lot easier than to face what'schallenging you. But, if you can push through those rocky times (and there will be a time), your mindset starts to change and you'll be able to understand and navigate through ANYTHING that you'll face.....and come out of it stronger! 🧠💪



Martial arts is a journey. The path to Black Belt is NEVER flat and always has twists and turns along the way that block us from our goal. But that's life...

If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. And the things that challenge you are the things that mean the most or will impact you the most to change. Change happens when you are UNCOMFORTABLE.

A Black Belt is a white belt who never gave up, who pushed passed those obstacles, who accepted the uncomfortable moments and always continued to learn something new to improve themselves in skill and in life.


Rise MA had a great testing week last week!! We look forward to seeing everyone in classes tonight for results!!


Good luck to all of our students testing for a new belt👊💪🥋


Happy Grandparents Day to all of our amazing Rise grandparents!

They always step up and help out in getting the kids where they need to go and are cheering along beside the family in watching their grandchild/ren grow in their martial arts journey. Thank you so much for your support❤️💪


We're pretty sure this is EXACTLY the scene that plays through Master Lee's mind!!

We CANNOT say this enough!!! 🤦‍♀️🤣


When you come into Rise, you can find Ms Kylie behind the desk! She's always the one that responds with "Livin' the Dream" when asked how her day is going!! She is our school's IT person and handles our social media pages and website.

You can find her coaching some of our younger team sparring teams at tournaments, judging, or competing herself.


We hope everyone enjoys their extended holiday weekend and is relaxing with their families !

Rise MA will be CLOSED today! We will resume classes tomorrow!


When we find a student that possesses the qualities of a great leader and we know that they have what it takes to rise above our Champion program, they are nominated into our ATA Legacy program!

No matter if their goal is to become a lawyer, doctor, firefighter, entrepreneur, tradesman, professor, or the next generation of martial arts instructors, this program is perfect to plant the seeds of leadership qualities needed to create an impressive LEGACY!!

We are so glad to be growing our team with these amazing kids, teens, and adults ❤️❤️


Take a look inside at Rise MA!

We are located in the Des Peres Commons Plaza on Manchester Rd in the right corner next to ACE Hardware!!

One thing we pride ourselves on is the cleanliness inside our school 🧹🧼 All of our floors and seating areas are cleaned regularly and nothing beats a fresh smell!!😤❤️😆😁

Experience the Martial Arts difference in our community. CALL RISE!!! 🥋

Ages 4 and up!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR D!! We hope your day was a relaxing one and you got to watch the Florida vs Utah game like you wanted 🏈

Good job, Renee, on the cheesecake!!! It looks delicious 😋



All parents want their children to learn to be disciplined. Whether it's in academics or in life. "Make your bed!", "Brush your teeth!", "Do your homework!"
👉👉"Did you make an appointment to see the doctor?" (Yes...even as we're grown, our mothers still ask us questions!!!)

At Rise MA, something as simple as keeping your gear and shoes in your parking spot shows . Consistency in this repetitive habit can help build and create better habits elsewhere.

What ways do your kids show discipline? Or how would you like them to show more?


Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence; that's the RISE way!
Today's sponsor highlight is brought to you by RISE Martial Arts. Rise is a family-owned business in Des Peres and they knew they just HAD to sponsor The Avery Outhouse as soon as they heard about it; they've got kids of their own so they understand the *unique appeal* of this particular game.😉

Rise Martial Arts prides themselves on teaching traditional techniques in a modern and practical way, while being in a safe, positive, energetic and FUN environment. With a large space and an experienced team of black belt teachers & assistants (multiple teachers for each class), they're able to accommodate large classes without sacrificing individual attention to each student. Whether you're 4 or 44, there are options for all ages to learn discipline while applying the principles of martial arts to daily life situations.

We can't thank RISE Martials Arts enough for their support of Avery, for being a leader in the community, and for helping guide our children through their example.
Rise Martial Arts



Want to know a secret to having a great academic year?

Developing confidence can help your child thrive in both school and life. With our kids programs, we teach our students to speak up and use a confident voice, look people in the eye when communicating and listening, and standing/walking up straight and not being hunched over.

Nothing screams LEADER more than having that confidence in what you are doing and what you can do.

🚨Get started TODAY and SAVE $$ on your first MONTH of Classes! 🚨


Each school year always brings new challenges. It's important that your children are able to navigate through, not only the easy tasks, but also how to deal with tasks that can be more frustrating.

Rise MA is committed to helping your child ACHIEVE their GOALS and how to calmly tackle obstacles and turn them into wins💪

Call us TODAY at 636-226-6599 and schedule your first two lessons on us!


It's hard to decide .....but which are YOU?!


The great thing about martial arts is that EVERYONE can do it! No matter if you've been working out for years or this is your first physical activity....YOU CAN DO IT!

Let Rise MA help you reach the physical level you want to be at!

Call us TODAY and get your first 2 lessons FREE! 👉👉👉 636-226-6599


Instructor: "Does anyone have any questions?"
Class: "No, sir!"

🤣🤣 We've all been there and can laugh about it!

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Our Story

Welcome to Rise Martial Arts! We are a family owned and operated martial arts school in Des Peres MO! Combined, we have over 25 years of teaching and training experience! What sets us apart from every other martial arts school in the area, when you join, you become apart of our family!

Rise Martial Arts is affiliated with the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), this affiliation allows Rise Martial Arts to provide your child the best traditional Taekwondo program around! Providing curriculum for ages 4 to adults, Rise Martial Arts will help your student become more focused, respectful, confident, and MUCH MORE!

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WE DID IT!!! Our Black Belts finished up our Board Break-a-thon tonight for Erin Chambers Gooch and her son, Teddy!!We a...
Our parents helping us out to prepare for our board break-a-thon tomorrow and helping 'Teddy and Friends Inclusive Playg...
Listen to this #communication 👊👊💪💪 from our MAK and Tigers class tonight!! 💥Listen and respond!!💥
Our campers got to do sniper shooting, battles stations and a free for all today for Day 3 of summer camp!!!
BOOM! One and done! Master Lee finishes out his testing for 7TH DEGREE!! 💪💪🥋🥋#risemastl #theriseway #taekwondo #tkdlife ...
Leaders stepping up and taking action!!We are here to help your child develop the confidence they need to succeed💪💪💪🥋#ri...
Our Champion classes are working on their sprawls this cycle and taking the back❤❤💪💪🥋🥋 #risemastl #theriseway #taekwondo...
Team Odyssey Sparring
Team Odyssey Combat Sparring




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