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Those waves were big on Friday.
Anna and baby squish squish!
Are you open for dives next week?
World premiere at the drive in theatre at the FWB Fairgrounds THIS FRIDAY!!! Get you tickets NOW!! This is the trailer...link to where you can get tickets is in the first comment

Emerald Coast Scuba is an amazing place with outstanding instructors! Scott M. and Ray were incredibly patient and instructive in the dive certification class. I would recommend them to everyone!!! You opened up a whole new beautiful underwater world for me. Thank you both for a tremendous experience!
Do you know when you will be doing boat dives? Thanks in advance!!
What happened to your Google Maps presence?

I used to have your shop starred, so I noticed that it disappeared. The business still comes up as “Emerald Coasts SCUBA” and as a scuba instructor, not a dive shop, but the location is missing and Gmaps won’t let me add an address as it normally would. Gmaps doesn’t show where the shop is anymore.
Thx again for another great day..
I think Florida should require (legislate) that all SCUBA divers in salt water 500 yards or more from shore dive with an inflatable (red/yellow) signal sausage. Charter boats should have enough on hand for each diver.
Any thoughts on this?
It's been an unbelievable summer at Emerald Coast Scuba!!! So many amazing things have taken place, and so much fun, excitement, & andventure has been experienced! Our Crew is a skilled, knowledgeable, & cohesive Team led by Admiral Anna Banana & Captain Tom Schmitz! Aquatics Director, Coach Mary pours her heart & soul into training the little ones how to swim safely, and has an amazing team behind her as well! Sadly, Coach Haley will be leaving us soon- for beautiful Hawaii!!! We will miss you dearly! And, we'll be sure to visit often-haha!! Captain Nevinator has been at the helm of the Mighty "Aquanaut", and has done one hell of a job! A salty dog he is! Danny Boy came aboard as the 1st Mate this season too! If he's not throwing/pulling the hook or assisting divers with their rigs, he's good for a couple of jokes-haha!! All kidding aside, these two run a tight ship full of good times! Captain Derek, with the help of Tatum & Taryn as deckhands, have kept the "Down Under" smoothly sailing to the Jetties! Whether you're snorkeling, training, trying your 1st dive, or just soaking up some sun & salt, they have the recipe for some fun!!! Captain Tom has been putting Underwater Hunters on the fish & lobster aboard the "Under Pressure" all season long too! Best damn Boat Captain around-by far! Instructors Ray, Sean, Scott C, Scott M, Julia, and several other Instructors have done a phenomenal job of not only safely traiining new Open Water Divers to a high standard, but also helping them Master skills in other areas through Con-Ed! Somehow, Mark has kept us all between the buoys!!! Not sure how he does it, but he manages the shop and keeps everything even keel. Amazingly, he still has hair-haha! Gear Guru, Dave Danielson is still cranking wrenches on our equipment, and we are grateful for that! Finally, how could we ever forget Dr J & Firefighter Dylan's World Famous "Seal Team?" They teach the youngsters how to dive safely, and have a ton of fun doing so!!! What an amazing Crew we have here at ECS!!! However, we would not be diving, jiving, & thriving without our loyal dive ju**ie community!!! We love you all, and sincerely thank you for your support & love for the beautiful waters of the Emerald Coast! Now, over the next few posts, we'll recap some of the highlights from July & catch you up on what's been going on Down Under!!! See you all again soon for some good bottom time!!!!!!
Took the self reliant class with Jason. Great job in teaching and fun to dive with. Ray,Mark and everyone there is helpful and encouraging.

In business for 30 years Emerald Coast Scuba, a PADI 5-star Career Development Center and Dive Resort Our facility boasts its own 14-ft. Dive the world with us!

In business for 30 years, Emerald Coast Scuba, a PADI 5-star Career Development Center and Dive Resort, offers scuba, swimming and water safety courses from the beginner level to professional training and leadership internship programs. deep, heated pool and large classroom spaces for training and fun all-year-long. Dive charters run daily during Spring and Summer months on our two USCG rated boat

Operating as usual


It’s officially SPOOKY SEASON here at ECS!!🎃 Did you know that OFF-SEASON is the perfect time to build your scuba kit and get your existing gear serviced in preparation for next dive season?? Come stop in and SEA our selection of new dive gear!! Open daily from 9am-4pm and on Sundays from 9am-2pm.

👉 Visit divedestin.net or call us at (850)837-0955 for gear selection and pricing


Congratulations to this great group of divers!! Master instructors, Greg and Chad, finished up a group of Open Water divers while Instructor, Jocelyn, and Course Director, Scott C., certified a new group of Rescue Divers!! 🤙🏼

👉 Visit divedestin.net or call (850)837-0955 to find out about our certification classes for the rest of the year before the season winds down and the weather cools off🥶

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 09/28/2023

Check out this huge haul from Captain Tom’s Under Pressure Spearfishing charter the other day!! Also featuring more Advanced Open Water student photos😊🤙🏼🙌🏼 Awesome catch, guys!!

👉 Visit divedestin.net for more information about our daily charters or call us at (850)837-0955 and ask about our SPEARFISHING ADVENTURE for certified divers!!

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 09/26/2023

Join us in wishing a huge congratulations to our most recent Advanced Open Water Diver Class 🎉🥳

Led by Instructors, Ray, Scott M., and Jocelyn, these divers spent 2 days learning about underwater navigation, peak performance buoyancy diving, wreck diving, deep diving, and other specialties while exploring the beautiful natural and artificial reefs we have out in the Gulf🤩

Great job and happy diving to Andrew, Fred, Richard, Damita, Tyler, Brittany, Charles, and Jerry!! Here’s to many more diving adventures to come!!

👉 Visit divedestin.net or call us at (850)837-0955 to find out about our end-of-season diving certification and charter opportunities before the temperature drops!! The water is WARM and CLEAR, get in while the gettin’s good🤙🏼 SEA you soon🌊

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 09/22/2023

What a FINtastic week of diving on the Emerald Coast🌊

Although Summer is drawing to a close, we are still diving and teaching daily!!

This past week we have met plenty of new faces, introduced new divers to the underwater world, celebrated diving milestones with our staff, and showed a whole bunch of certified divers an amazing time beneath the waves🤩🤙🏼

👉 Call is at (850)837-0955 or visit divedestin.net to find out about our off-season diving and certification opportunities!! SEA you soon🐠

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 09/17/2023

We’re not ALL serious, ALL the time🤣🙌🏼 Master Instructor, Ray, says “Happy Sunday FUNday!!”

Come join in on the fun on any of our daily charters and link up with one of our amazing dive pros for the day🤙🏼

👉 Visit divedestin.net to learn more about our daily charters and certification opportunities or call us at (850)837-0955 with any questions or to book your spot! SEA you soon🌊


Help us wish a huge belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our newest Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Jocelyn!! 🥳 Here’s to a fantastic year of diving and teaching ahead 🤙🏼

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 09/13/2023

On 9/11 our resident Instructor, Dylan W. took some of his guys from the Pensecola Fire Department to replace the flag on the Underwater September 11th Memorial site in the Gulf. These guys honored the fallen and snagged some dinner on the way out too🐠 This is a beautiful tradition that Emerald Coast Scuba hopes to continue for many years to come!!🇺🇸



Science-SEA season is upon us!! 2023 registration is OPEN for signup🤩🙌🏼 this year, we will be running 2 winter sessions for our award-winning HOMESCHOOL program. One in December 2023 and one in February 2024.

👉 To read more about this incredible and unique program, visit divedestin.net/science-sea-2023

👉 Call us at (850)837-0955 for more information or to signup before these classes fill up!!



👉 Visit divedestin.net or call us at (850)837-0955 to sign up before they fill up!!

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 09/05/2023

Did you know that we offer one-on-one SPEARFISHING ADVENTURES for first time hunters on most of our daily 4-hour charters??🐟

Jamie, Gary, and Jon had a BLAST hunting and learning all about sustainable fish harvesting practices from Course Director Scott C. the other day🤙🏼🌊♻️

👉 The season may be winding down, but we’re still diving!! Call us at (850)837-0955 to book YOUR spearfishing adventure TODAY🤩 SEA you soon!!


This one’s for the shark lovers and environmental enthusiasts🪸🦈

Emerald Coast Scuba is hosting a couple of very unique SPECIALTY diving certifications in honor of PADI’s annual PROJECT AWARE WEEK♻️

Our very own conservation warrior, Kaitlyn M., will be putting on a SHARK CONSERVATION specialty course on Sep 23rd and a CORAL CONSERVATION specialty course on Sep 24th— Both courses will include a classroom education portion, group discussion, and a 4-hour boat trip with two practical application dives.

Come learn something new and find out how YOU can have a direct and positive impact on the environment through education, inspiration, and initiative.

👉 To find out more about these environmental education opportunities or to sign up for either course, please call us at (850)837-0955 before they fill up!!

SEA you soon🌊

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 09/03/2023

Congratulations to our newest DIVEMASTER, Evan Waters🎉🥳

This guy worked hard for many months and dedicated the time and effort it takes to become a pro!! Great job, and happy diving!!

👉 Are YOU interested in taking your diving skills to the next level and going PRO?? Visit divedestin.net to learn more about our profession training programs or call us at (850)837-0955 and ask about our pro training📝

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 08/31/2023


Registration for our 2023 Science-SEA Program is OPEN!! This program is an opportunity for high school aged homeschoolers to spend a month with us learning about scuba math, science, environmentalism, and career opportunities in diving through certification classes, beach cleanups, career chats from pros, etc. not to mention the LIFELONG memories and connections with peers and mentors that will last a lifetime✨

👉 Visit divedestin.net/science-sea-2023 to learn more about this incredible program and to reserve your student’s spot TODAY! Spots are limited and classes fill up quickly, so don’t wait🤩


Attention customers‼️ Due to impending inclement weather headed towards the Emerald Coast, we will be CLOSED the day of August 30th to give our crew all a much-deserved hurricane party break after a long season of FINtastic diving🤩 We will be back up and running on Thursday and normal shop hours and dive charters will resume.

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 08/23/2023

We just LOVE introducing people to the magic of breathing underwater and seeing them fall as much in love with this magical place/peace as we are!!🤩✨

Come dive with us and SEA what there is to discover under the waves in Destin, FL🌊

👉 Visit our website at divedestin.net to find out about our daily charters, discover scuba dives, certification options, pro training, and MORE, or call us at (850)837-0955 to book a charter TODAY


This awesome group of divers had a BLAST exploring our artificial reefs in the Gulf today🤩 divers AJ and Sierra even finished up their Open Water certification with Instructor Ray!! Great job, divers🌊🤙🏼

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 08/21/2023

Saturday was a LONG/FUN day in the SUN for our ECS crew and our special guests🤩🎥

A film crew was on board the Aquanaut on Saturday shooting a Little Adventures Promo along with the stars of the show, Instructor/Mermaid Julia and our very own Science-SEA graduates, Auben and Evelyn Potter. The boat was manned by Captain Franky and first-time First-mate, LaLa!! Everyone aboard worked from sunup to nearly sundown to get this accomplished and there is no doubt that the end result will be STUNNING and well worth the effort on all of our parts🙌🏼 huge thanks to all who contributed to this super cool project!! Stay tuned to SEA the results🤙🏼🌊

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 08/16/2023

The resident land shark is watching you…….. you break it, you buy it!!🤣🦈


PARENTS‼️ this is your LAST CHANCE to sign up for our 2023 Science-SEA Discover Scuba Dive on Friday, August 18th🌊

Call TODAY to sign up at (850)837-0955 and SEA what this incredible program has to offer YOUR homeschool student🏡

👉 For more information about our program, please visit divedestin.net/science-sea-2023

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 08/15/2023

Please join us in congratulating our 4 NEW PADI INSTRUCTORS🥳🙌🏼

Chris, I-an, Ken, and Chet spent a week in our IDC program studying under the guidance of Course Director, Scott Cole. They put in a lot of hours, hard work, and dedication to pass their Instructor Exams over the weekend. Congrats, Instructors!! Welcome to the club🤙🏼

👉 Wondering how YOU can go pro?? Visit our website at divedestin.net or call us at (850)837-0955 and ask about our professional training courses!!

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 08/10/2023

Another Open Water Diver class in the books for Master Instructors, Ray and Scott M.!! Divers Gabriella, Julia, Andrew, Daniel, and Vlad all had a BLAST learning from the best🤩🤙🏼

👉 Visit divedestin.net/open-water-diver or call us at (850)837-0955 to find out more about our scuba certification options or to book a trip!! SEA you soon🌊

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 08/09/2023

Night diving shenanigans at Vortex Springs and the SeaMint Pond here at ECS!!🌙✨

Instructors Dylan, Scott, Julia, and Jocelyn accompanied some awesome groups of divers from our V.A. Career Diver Program, PADI Seal Team, and Science-SEA for some moonlit fun underwater last week🤙🏼 from certifications to fun dives, we all had a blast and went home with memories for life!!

👉 Call us at (850)837-0955 for more information about how YOU can become a night diver today or visit our website at divedestin.net to learn more

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 08/05/2023


👉 Visit divedestin.net/fall-swim-schedule-2023 to view the full schedule and to sign up or call (850)837-0955

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 08/04/2023


Science-SEA season is UPON US and signup is OPEN!! This year, Emerald Coast Scuba will have TWO Science-SEA sessions taking place during the months of December and February🤿 In preparation for this year’s courses, we will be hosting a one-day DISCOVER SCUBA class for interested students to make a dive and SEA what it’s all about before taking the plunge and signing up for the class.

When? August 18th at 2PM

Where? Emerald Coast Scuba

Who? Any and all students ages 12+ interested in finding out more about this groundbreaking program and giving diving a try!

How much? The cost of the Discover Scuba Dive will be $250 and includes everything for the 2-hr experience. If your student LOVES IT and decides to sign up, the $250 for the Discover dive will be applied to the total tuition cost for your chosen program session.

Have you heard about our Science-SEA Homeschool program?? This groundbreaking program takes a new approach to homeschooling and is intended to instill a sense of adventure and love of learning in YOUR student through SCUBA-based education.
Over the course of this month-long program, students will learn the maths and sciences behind diving and practically apply this knowledge through self-paced online classes, SCUBA certification courses, and environmental cleanups while earning college credits and community service hours.

Included in the program are✨

⭐️ 5 Full College Credits upon exiting the program
⭐️ PADI Open Water Diver Certification
⭐️ PADI Adventure Diver Certification 
⭐️ Emergency First Response w/ CPR and AED
⭐️ PADI Rescue Diver Certification
⭐️ 2 Specialty dive certifications
⭐️ Community Service hours
⭐️ An introduction to the professional world of SCUBA through career guest speakers in different fields of diving
⭐️ A complimentary gear package
⭐️ Lifelong memories and friendships

👉 To learn more about our Science-SEA program and to sign up for our Discover Scuba Dive, visit our website at divedestin.net/science-sea-2023 or give us a call at (850) 837-0955 and ask for Instructor Julia! Can’t wait to SEA your student underwater soon🤙🏼



What a seal team season it has been for Emerald Coast Scuba!! Firstly, thank you for trusting us with your little ones, we hope each and every one of you have had a BLAST swimming with us🤩 Secondly, we have a very EXCITING announcement for you seal team graduates: Emerald Coast Scuba will be hosting our ANNUAL SEAL TEAM NIGHT DIVE in the Seamint Pond THIS FRIDAY✨🌙 the night will be filled with glow sticks, moonlight, and diving fun under the stars! Call now to reserve your spot, space is limited, so don’t wait!!

👉 (850) 837-0955 to reserve


Master Instructors, Ray and Scott M., successfully certified another OPEN WATER DIVER class!! Welcome to the club, divers!!🤙🏼🌊

👉 Visit divedestin.net/open-water-diver to learn more about how YOU can get certified, sign-up for a class, and SEA what the hype is all about. Call us (850)837-0955 for more info.

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 07/29/2023

Another successful and fun SEAL TEAM in the books for instructors Dr.J and Dylan🦭 Seal Team season is winding down and there aren’t many opportunities left to get in on this amazing kids camp before school is back in session!!

👉 Visit divedestin.net or call us at (850)837-0955 to get your kids in on the fun before it’s over🤙🏼

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 07/23/2023

Congratulations to our newest certified Open Water Divers, Rob, Kirin, Chris, Sean, Brooke, Eric, Courtney, and Gabby!! These guys rocked their checkout dives under the tutelage of Ray and Scott M. Great job divers, welcome to the club😎🤙🏼

👉 Visit divedestin.net/open-water-diver or call (850)837-0955 to find out how YOU can get certified today!!


Have you heard the rumors of Whale Sharks lurking off the coast of Destin the past week??? THEY’RE TRUE 🤯🤩 the Aquanaut has gotten lucky with multiple sightings only a few miles from shore. Isn’t she stunning?!?!!!??🦈

👉 Come dive with us and spot a Whale Shark before they leave!! Call (850)837-0955 to book a spot on any of our daily charters or visit divedestin.net for more information


Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 07/16/2023


Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 07/16/2023


Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 07/16/2023


This year was a HIT with the ladies!! Despite some rough surface conditions and RIPPING currents, these badass women made two fantastic dives in the Gulf and left with lifelong memories and new friends😎 thank you very much to everyone who made this event possible and to our ECS pros Julia, Jocelyn, Kate, Romona, Lynn, and Liz for helping coordinate and lead the dives as well as our regional PADI rep, Cody Brooks, for being on board and chatting with us about how to further your dive training as a female in the industry. This day would not have been possible without each of you. Here’s to next year being BIGGER and BETTER🤩🌊🤙🏼🥂

**more photos to come


We present to you….. “Lynn and a bunch of dudes…..”🤣 Come dive with us on Saturday for PADI’s Worldwide Women’s Dive Day and help close the gender gap in the dive industry!! The dive will include 2 dives in the Gulf, a pro photo op by Romona Reynolds, a take home video of the day, and a post-dive pool party/social event. The event will be hosted by the ladies at Emerald Coast Scuba and we are excited to have our female Regional PADI Rep present for the dive and event to talk to everyone about diving careers, pro training, and continuing education opportunities. SHARKcuterie boards and libations will be provided🦈


Ever wonder what lurks beneath the surface when the sun goes down?? NOW’S your chance to find out🤿🌙

For the first time in a couple of years, Emerald Coast Scuba is hosting a NIGHT DIVE at VORTEX SPRINGS on AUGUST 2nd🌊

We will have TWO options available for the dive(s):

- $45 + GEAR RENTAL/TANKS if needed *diver pays entry fee to the spring

- $275(eLearning INCLUDED) *diver pays gear rental/tanks/entry fee to the spring

Showtime: 6pm at VORTEX

Been thinking about continuing your diving education by enrolling in a PADI Advanced Open Water Class?? Sign up for our AOW class on Aug 2-3 and make a night dive as part of your certification!!

👉 To sign up for either NIGHT DIVE option or AOW(night dive included), call us at (850)837-0955. To learn more about about our Advanced Open Water Classes, visit divedestin.net/advanced-open-water-diver

**this opportunity doesn’t come around often, so get in while the gettin’s good!!

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 07/09/2023

Check out these amazing shots from the Jetties the other day by Master Instructor Ray🤙🏼 this group of divers was thrilled to be accompanied by snowflake eels, toad fish, flounder, catfish, turtles, and huge schools of silver sides!! What a beautiful day down under🤿 come dive with us and SEA what lies below!!

👉 Visit our website at divedestin.net or call us at (850)837-0955 to book your spot on any of our DAILY charters or to book a Discover Scuba Diving experience **no dive experience necessary

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 07/08/2023


This is your reminder that there is ONE WEEK left to sign up for our 2nd Annual Worldwide PADI Women’s Dive Day✨ This year’s dive will include a professional photo op by the amazing Romona Reynolds, a take-home video montage of the day, charcuterie snacks, post-dive drinks for 21+, and a pool party/social event after the trip. This event will be a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in furthering their dive training and/or going PRO down the line. All of the ECS ladies will be aboard the boat and at the party to chat with you about anything and everything DIVING!!

👉 Call us at (850)837-0955 to book your spot….. only a few left!!

Photos from Emerald Coast Scuba's post 07/07/2023

Divers Jeremy and Aiden had a BLAST on their Spearfishing Adventure with Instructor Scott C. the other day….. and bagged some dinner🤩🤿

👉 Visit our website divedestin.net or call us at (850) 837-0955 and ask about our DAILY Spearfishing Adventures. No Spearfishing experience necessary.


We have LOCATED our box!!! The individuals were found and returned it. THANK YOU to our friends at for their help locating it!! Y’all go buy a beer and show ‘em some love for helping us out😎🙌🏼🇺🇸

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Destin?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Heres a glimpse into todays dives for our Advanced Open Water students! Big thanks to Dillon Harris for the video!




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