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Start shopping Montana!! We will be having one of these next year!! I'm thinking every race will have a "theme" and I'll try to get a best dressed prize each night!


Remember when you are frustrated and disappointed in the outcome at a barrel race that this is a different game.

This isn’t your city league ball team playing against normal people.

This isn’t your normal hobby league that practices a couple days a week.

The barrel race is unique.

Where else can you compete in the same arena in the same drag as your idols?

You can ask advise from world champions or multi-million dollar earners.

You are playing the game with “The Professionals”.

Sometimes you outrun them. Sometimes you learn from them.

What a great time to be a barrel racer.

📸: Bee Silva Photography

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Results 8.25.2023 - FINALS

Thanks everyone for coming! I will have the buckle winners and other prizes later tomorrow!

What a great night!

Giddy UP!!

Photos from Giddy Up Productions's post 08/25/2023

When your tractor driver learns how to use the equipment provided!! Love you Wade Ackerson!! Thanks for always keeping our racers safe and horses sound!!!
First round complete at 2:30pm.
TOs will be set and ready at 4:30pm.
We will rip it the other way too don't fret.


HI ALL!! Little change than normal for the final jackpot!

All money will be paid out after the Open is complete tonight. Everyone will be paid at the same time. 15 mins tops after the race and points are tallied.
PARENTS - Please don't send the kiddos up. We will pay and hand out year end prizes at the covered picnic tables after the entire race is over.

Please plan on staying for pictures. I will NOT send checks or venmo money after this race. If you leave money behind I will consider that to be a donation to next year's first race.
Thanks in advance for understanding we need the time to complete the year end points quietly. :)


Tomorrow night!!
Open to anyone! Come have some fun and run at $1500 open, $200 Youth, $50 peewees added money.
Sponsored by
Bank of Commerce of Dillon
Giddy Up Insurance a division of Your Policy
Tim Garrison (Ranch)
Random act of kindness from a stranger
And another Rodeo Family that didn't want to be named!
This year I have gotten over $4200 worth of monetary donations from our small community and beyond!
I can't thank all of you enough for what you do for these racers!
Thank you for always being so easy to ask and so willing to give - over and over again! 😊
My heart is full!! ❤️ 💙 💜

🌞🌞Summer Blow Out!🌞🌞
Friday August 25th

💥💥$1500 added in the Open! 💥💥
💫💫$200 added in the youth!💫💫
🌼🌼$50 added in the Peewees!🌼🌼

🤑Remember CASH entries only!🤑

Open to anyone!! Bring a friend!
Bring all the colts!

4:30-6:45 pm - TOs $5 or $20 per horse unlimited!
Remember we keep the barrels on the stakes and have times for our time onlies after the race too!
Venmo accepted for TOs.

We are not sure we will keep on having these into Sept. No race the week after labor day for sure.

Please get me logos if you haven't already for the buckle photos to come next week!



Points - these are official as of 8/22/2023.

The only people on here are the ones that came to 80% of the races.

Thanks for supporting us all summer!

Finals are 8/25/2023
Friday night
Dillon MT

Open to everyone


🌞🌞Summer Blow Out!🌞🌞
Friday August 25th

💥💥$1500 added in the Open! 💥💥
💫💫$200 added in the youth!💫💫
🌼🌼$50 added in the Peewees!🌼🌼

🤑Remember CASH entries only!🤑

Open to anyone!! Bring a friend!
Bring all the colts!

4:30-6:45 pm - TOs $5 or $20 per horse unlimited!
Remember we keep the barrels on the stakes and have times for our time onlies after the race too!
Venmo accepted for TOs.

We are not sure we will keep on having these into Sept. No race the week after labor day for sure.

Please get me logos if you haven't already for the buckle photos to come next week!



8/18/2023 Results

Wade is auditing the points and attendence for next week's last race. Buckles will be presented after the race. Please stay so we can get pictures for the sponsors!

Congrats to all the winna winna chicken dinners! And thanks to the money sponsor - Harrington Bottling Company and for the extra $50 Desert Concrete! Jake Stuart

We have over $1500 next week for the finals. Most will be in the open. So youth riders think about double dipping! You can run your horse once and carry it over for two different pots. You would run with the open.

Peewees! What can I say! You all just continue to get better and better all summer long! Can't wait to see the knife fight for the buckles next week!

Thanks again to all the parents that keep bringing your kiddos week after week in any weather! We love watching your kids compete!

And as always thanks Wade Ackerson for always making the call on the ground! I've never seen so little barrels knocked and horses making their PR's on a standard over and over again! It's all thanks to you babe!! Thank you for caring about our Barrel Racers!!! Love you!!

Photos from Giddy Up Productions's post 08/18/2023

Friday August 18th 2023
Enter until the last runner hits the alley way!

$300 Added in Open
$100 added in Youth

$25 added in Peewees ( Giddy Up Insurance )

Enter when you get here in the crows nest.

Jamie 406-220-0260


Thank you Harrington Bottling Company PEPSI for the added money this week! Second to last race and Murphy wants us to go out with a bang for a couple weeks instead of just the finals!

$300 added Open
$100 added Youth
$25 Peewees Donated by Giddy Up Insurance

Next week it's even bigger ladies!! Get those horses rode!!

Buckles will be awarded after the race next week as well.


We will be the coolest race in the state this week! And a surprise.....Double the added money!!!
Thanks distributing
I'll get a logo for the $$ sponsor soon.

Second to last buckle series race!
I promise to have points updated this week!

Giddy Up!


8/11/2023 Results

Thanks Atomic 79 Boots & Western Gear for the added money!

Congrats Hirschy girls! You had a rough week last week. I'm glad you had something to smile about!

Giddy UP!!


Time onlies are all set up.
Office will open around 5pm. Come help yourself and pay later. Venmo accepted for tos.


Tonight in Dillon MT!
Yes we are running!
Come stay in Dillon then head to Darby from Twin Bridges. We have added money from Atomic 79 Boots & Western Gear tonight!
150 open
50 youth
25 peewees [sponsored by Giddy Up Insurance]
And our ground is phenomenal!
Come have some fun on the colts $20 unlimited time onlies per horse. Or $5 each.
See you at the fairgrounds!!
Fmi Jamie


Little reflection on last night's race. Our peewee and youth entries continue to grow in our little Dillon Community! The closer to fair the more they show up to practice and make some runs in the arena. With that in mind it takes longer to run them before the open. Last night it took 1 hour.
Why I am posting...
I am so happy that I didn't hear ONE complaint from my Open girls! Recognizing that this is the future of our sport and the future of our way of life is so important!
Thank you all for making our races so friendly and welcome to beginners! Our youth and peewee entries combined are bigger than our Open entries at this point! That's why we started this series and can't wait to see these kids rise up in the ranks!!!
Again this is a kudos to all of you racers for welcoming these kids and their families to Barrel Racing!!! It is so wonderful to see and hear the excitement that these kids have when they come up for their first cash payout!! 💸
If you ever want to experience it...come up after I announce the peewee winners! It's so dang cute!
♡ Jamie and Wade


8.4.2023 Results

Thanks to Valley Vet in Deerlodge MT for the added money tonight!

I can't believe we only have 3 more races! Still looking for one more added money sponsor for the Aug 18th race! Please help if you can! Contact Jamie 406-220-0260

Thanks for all the support this summer! It's been a blast and the horses just keep getting faster and faster!

Thanks to all our awesome racers every week! Everyone that makes it down here keeps telling us how chill and relaxed our barrel races are! We couldn't do it without all our money-buckle and swag sponsors and all you races being so courteous to each other! I guess that's why we don't understand the barrel betty issues...all our girls/guys are the bestest!!


Sorry for the late posting of the results from July 28th 2023 - last week! So so sorry ladies!! Better late than never! Thanks again to Holland and Tyler Holland with Mountain View Insurance for the added money last week!

Photos from Giddy Up Productions's post 08/04/2023

It did not rain that much here. Just fyi. Ground will be great again.
3:51 pm Dillon MT


Tonight Dillon MT

$150 added in open
$50 added in the youth
$25 in the peewees

Cash in CASH out entries
Time onlies venmo accepted.
$5 each or $20 each horse unlimited



Will be up in the office on Friday.



1. One run a day is enough for your horse, rollovers are your friend! This one will make most of your alley issues disappear.

2. A good farrier is important, cheap isn’t saving you money. What you don’t spend on the farrier, you’ll spend on the vet.

3. Have a good performance vet on your side, the simple shots and coggins vet isn’t going to cut it.

4. A broke horse is a great horse. Teach your horse to do more than just turn circles.

5. You’re as much as an athlete as your horse. Treat yourself like one.

6. Don’t let small minded friends keep you from your goals. Don’t let others opinions keep you from growing.

7. If someone hauls you and your horse, or lends you a horse. Say thank you, return the favor. Buy them a drink, pinch in for fuel, or buy them dinner. It goes a long way!

8. Negativity shouldn’t be allowed in the truck. Positive vibes only.

9. Find a mentor, someone who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth when you need it and don’t want to hear it.

10. If the horse isn’t working or it’s keeping you from growing, it is okay to sell it. Horses are stepping stones.

Stay tuned, over the next few weeks I’m going to hit each of these points in depth and give you the “whys” behind these thoughts. ❤️


Added Money Sponsor this week is Valley Vet in Deerlodge MT!
Thank you!!


No food this week. Plan accordingly.
Stateline will deliver pizza to the fairgrounds.


Tonight! Friday! Cash in cash out!
Dillon MT
Beautiful Black Widow ground done by a guy that cares!
We've had 17.5s ran! Safe and fast!
WPRA standard barrels. On the middle of markers. Restaked every week so no holes.
$5 time onlies or $20 for unlimited!
Text or call FMI


When arenas leave their markers in and people want to's some knowledge so you dont't ruin the ground.

For those not sure where to place the barrels to practice. Always always aways- stick on markers then end over end the barrel 4 times back up the arena. Not forward towards the in gate or you will create a hole going into the first and the third. You want your practice holes to be beyond the actual barrel pattern.
It's helpful to always educate when telling people what to do or not to do. :)


Results 7.21.2023

Thanks for coming!

We have $1000 added at our finals so far in the open. $500 in the youth and $100 in the peewees! AUGUST 25TH.

Thanks everyone for coming! We seem to always have new faces!

Ground was exceptional as always! Thanks Wade!

Thanks for the added money Chantyl Staley with Identity Salon in Dillon MT!


Menu for Blissful Berry Bowls joining us tonight!


blissful berry bowls of Dillon will be at the race tomorrow!!! I can't thank Jeremy enough for coming short notice. After the other food truck no call no showed for several weeks..sorry about that. It took a couple weeks for him to free up space for us!! Please support them tomorrow!! 🙏


Time onlies


Due to questions...more than 1.
We don't do slack. Tried it. Not enough interest. So not doing it again.
See you tomorrow at 7pm!
4:30 - 6:45 time onlies
$5 each


Identity salon of Dillon MT is our added money sponsor this week!
Thanks Chantyl Staley and Family!
She does my lashes ladies!! She's so talented.
See you all friday!


7/14/2023 results

Thanks Turney Repair & Towing
Thanks Toree and Brandon for the added money this week!

Congrats to all our winners!

Special congrats to Maddie Ward for winning your first paycheck on Kaycee! Thanks for being such a great jockey for her!

Also congrats to the Van D**e kiddos on completing your first set of barrels in the peewees!! Up up and away you go!!

Thanks again to all the helpers in and out of the arena! I couldn't do it without you week to week!


Tonight! Dillon Montana! 7pm


Sorry for the delay in posting!!

7/7/2023 results!

Congrats Olivia Martell and Gunner! Way to show up in Dillon and get the buzz going!

We have moved officially to the 4D and it is much more fair than it used to be since we've had some great times on our wonderful ground! Please say a thank you to Wade Ackerson for giving us all a safe environment to run on! It's taken a bit but we think we've really got that widow and the water figured out!

Thanks to all the youth and peewees as well! What a turn out for the youngest age group! Wow!

We are on for this week and I'll have updated buckle points at the race if not sooner.

Last week was the last time to qualify for buckles unless we have a cancelled race. Remember you have to attend 80% of the races to earn your points in the end. That means only two races can be missed. Not including the one we canceled. That doesn't count. We only have 10 races. We are on number 4 this week.

Race 1 - June 16th
Skipped a week - did not affect anyone's attendance percentage.
Race 2 June 30th
Race 3 July 7th - last race to begin your percentage of attendance - cannot miss another race to qualify for buckles.
Race 4 July 14th
Race 5 July 21
Race 6 July 28
Race 7 Aug 4
Race 8 Aug 11
Race 9 Aug 18
Race 10 Aug 25th FINALS - Buckles awarded that night - we have a BIG payout this night! Don't miss it!

We need money sponsors for the rest of the races. Please consider donating added money - $200 per race. I have invoices for taxes.

Contact Jamie Kristjanson 406-220-0260 cell


Friday Night July 14th!!
Come celebrate Jamie s birthday with us!!!
Dillon MT

All info is on the poster!

Looking for 6 more money sponsors to finish out the summer!

Please help!! 🙏

Contact Jamie $200 is all we need. Have invoices for taxes.


Thanks Janci Hannen for the prizes tonight and every Friday until they are gone!!
Pendleton Whisky
Giddy Up!!


Buckle series #3
Featuring rowdy rose buckles.
Added money this week donated by Shanda Broere and family!
$150 Open
$50 Youth
$25 peewees (sponsored by Giddy Up Insurance)

Come enjoy black widow ground!!
If you want a tractor driver that cares about you and your horse come run in Dillon MT Friday Night!
All the information is on the poster below.
FMI Jamie

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Dillon?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Back at it after dinner and letting the water get into it.
Thank you Wade!!! And Pete Hanson!! He has also gone above and beyond. And Keely Fitzgerald!! Thank you for coming down ...






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