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We are a small tackle and live bait dealer in the state of Wyoming. We will carry live bait of vario

Operating as usual


BadAss Bait & Tackle will remained closed due to Covid illness until otherwise notified. Thsnk you and we are so very sorry for the inconvenience.


Get your leeches before you head out on your fishing adventure!

We have bulk Large/Jumbo leeches in stock!

**sold by the 1/2 (approx 5/6 dozen)and whole pound (approx 10/11 dozen).
Call/Text 307-351-4305 or 307-543-4589 to set a time to come pick some up!


Glendo is on 🔥!

If you are looking for a Glendo guide service please check out Marbleye Guide Walleye Fishing with Bruce Nepper.

Matthew joined me in the boat today. It was certainly a beautiful morning and the catching walleye was a great bonus. Thank You Matthew for your service!Rooch's Marina in GlendoBadAss Tackle, Inc.Bellwood BoatsDenali RodsAirWave PedestalRuns True FishingSimms Fishing ProductsMarbleye Guide Walleye FishingLowranceRecycled Eyez Walleye Guides


Best of fishing to all the contestants of the 2022 Wyoming Walleye Stampede Glendo #2 tournament this weekend. We greatly appreciate the support you have shown us here at BadAss Tackle, Inc. & BadAss Bait & Tackle. Fish hard cool people!


No leeches this week. Sorry y'all! We all were looking forward to them! We will keep you posted on the following week. Thank you.


NOTICE: Creek Chubs!!

We are nearing sell out of (area 5B) 4"+ creek chubs until Monday.

Wyoming Walleye Stampede and BadAss Tackle, Inc. participants, thank you for your support!

We will keep everyone posted on availability of more on Monday. Also, we will have a definite answer on the situation of Jumbo leeches on Sunday, please look for a post regarding.


Going to be a fishin' kind of weekend! One that we all have waited for!
With that being said, a change of plans this week/weekend has come about! We will be open and available for bait/tackle appointments! Give a call/text to (307)543-4589 to set up a time to stop by!



Call us for an appointment for live bait & tackle.
Please leave a message/text if we can not answer your call immediately, we will return the call



We are loaded with PREMIUM live bait right now. Call/text 1(307) 543-4589 to schedule a time that is convenient for you.
**We are not limited to regular business hours**


Call us for your bait appointment!

All kinds of sizes available.
(creek chubs, suckers, shiners and fathead minnows)


Who’s ready for some open water?
Give us a shout 307-575-9129 Marbleye Guide


Live Bait!

We have minnows!

BadAss Tackle Hoodie Spring 2022 Group Order Form - Sign Up Today! 01/23/2022

BadAss Tackle Hoodie Spring 2022 Group Order Form - Sign Up Today!

Get your order in for your BadAss hoodie! Share the link so our unit price drops!
Order form closes February 11, 2022!
Thank you

BadAss Tackle Hoodie Spring 2022 Group Order Form - Sign Up Today! I'm organizing our Custom Ink order. You can pay me online. Thanks!

Photos from BadAss Tackle, Inc.'s post 01/20/2022

Way to go Levi!

Book Your Spot Today! 01/18/2022

Book Your Spot Today!

Book your spot with Bruce today!

Book Your Spot Today! Check out all we have to offer and choose the perfect service for you.


I am offering 20% off guided trips for those who served. Book a trip today for 2022 season. All names will go into a drawing and one lucky person will win a trip and a Denali rod. Marbleye Guide or 307-575-9129


Call to schedule a trip today. 307-575-9129


Its that time again!

We will be closed during the days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday (June 4, 5 & 6) due to our participation in the Wyoming Walleye Stampede!

Please call/text us and we can arrange to meet up with you after Saturday evening if you need anything bait/tackle related. PLEASE get ahold of us today (Thursday) to get your awesome bait and BadAss Tackle for the weekend!

Thank you and good luck to all the tournament fishermen! Boat safe & tight lines y'all! Be BadAss!

307-315-8002 or 307-351-4305


Happy and safe Memorial weekend! We honor all active duty and vets everyday, all year with a discount on bait and tackle! We thank you deeply for your service to us and our fine country!

Glendo Reservoir area has a BIG couple weeks ahead!

We have in stock, leeches (limited supply of beautiful jumbo's), crawlers and minnows, both statewide and area 5B wild caught (various sizes/types fathead, chub, sucker, shiner)

Give us a call/text to arrange to stop on out for you bait and tackle needs!
307-351-4305 or 307-315-8002



Wow! These are some dandy's! Jumbo leeches are now 307-351-4305 or 307-315-8002!

Hurry...they sell out fast!


Good luck to all who are fishing the 2021 #1 Glendo Tournament Wyoming Walleye Stampede today! Boat safe, have fun & tight lines!


Congrats to this "BadAss" stud for landing this beauty! Let's wish this young man good luck in his VERY FIRST tournament this weekend! Go Tyler! Good are the unfair advantage!


A fresh batch of statewide large minnows along with pink minnows arrived today! We will be in the shop today until 5:15pm. Thank you. If you need minnows give us a call/text 307-315-8002 or 307-351-4305.

**We will be closed Saturday until 5pm and all day Sunday due to attending a fishing tournament.**


We are currently sold out of wild caught, area 5B creek chubs, shiner and fathead minnows of all sizes.

We STILL have statewide (large) minnows and more arriving on Friday.

BadAss Tackle Group Order Group Order Form - Sign Up Today! 05/12/2021

BadAss Tackle Group Order Group Order Form - Sign Up Today!

Only 3 days left to get your order in!

BadAss Tackle Group Order Group Order Form - Sign Up Today! I'm organizing our Custom Ink order. You can pay me online. Thanks!


As you all may know, the upcoming tournament and weekend anglers have put a significant dent in our bait supply however, we have a fresh supply of leeches, crawlers and jigging minnows arriving over the next couple days. Give us a call/text if you need bait and tackle. 307-351-4305 or 307-315-8002

Team Borup will be pre-fishing Friday and attending the 2 day tourney both Saturday and Sunday. We are usually available in the evening for appointments on tourney days!


Who says you can't catch early spring dandy's on plastic!? Check out this beauty caught on the Sheba 4" Rattlin' Swimbait! Sure made a "believer" out of this angler! Thank you for the share Rodeo Rick! Tight lines buddy and way to be BadAss!!


As you all know, we are well into open water fishing season and tournaments are soon to be happening, with that being said, we CAN NOT reserve bait as we are finding out that we have a slower trapping season then normal, also it just plain makes it unfair for any fishermen or women that need bait as well. Please take all these factors into consideration and PRE-PLAN, call/text us soon for your bait and tackle appointment.
We generally keep a good stock of GREAT bait of all types, but don't want to hurt any feelers.
Thank you for your understanding!
Boat safe, fish hard and tight lines!

307-351-4305 or 307-315-8002

BadAss Tackle Group Order Group Order Form - Sign Up Today! 05/03/2021

BadAss Tackle Group Order Group Order Form - Sign Up Today!

Group order form us now available!

**Ladies and Gents, those of you who asked...WE NOW HAVE PINK AVAILABLE!**

Order form is open until May 15th.

BadAss Tackle Group Order Group Order Form - Sign Up Today! I'm organizing our Custom Ink order. You can pay me online. Thanks!


Good day everyone!

We are back from the fantastic tournament and the shop is OPEN!

Please call/text 307-315-8002 or 307-351-4305 for an appointment to get your bait and tackle..looks to be another fantastic week of fishing ahead.


Good luck to all the men and women competing along side us today at the 44th Annual Center of the Nation Walleye Tournament by High Plains Anglers on Belle Fourche Reservoir today! Boat safe and catch big!

BadAss Tackle Group Order Group Order Form - Sign Up Today! 04/30/2021

BadAss Tackle Group Order Group Order Form - Sign Up Today!

BadAss Tackle Group Order Group Order Form - Sign Up Today! I'm organizing our Custom Ink order. You can pay me online. Thanks!


We have the honor of not only working with John Toolen on these beautiful Comeback Award trophies for the 44th Annual Center of the Nation Walleye Tournament hosted by High Plains Anglers at Belle Fourche Reservoir but also the honor of bestowing the trophies to the team that "Comesback" on day 2 of the tournament. Truly BadAss in our books! Thanks John! Jackalope Scroll Works


Starting Thursday April 29th, 2021, through Sunday May 2, 2021, we will be out of the bait shop for a tournament on Belle Fourche reservoir in South Dakota. If you are in need of bait and/or tackle, let us know prior to Thursday morning and we will hook you up!

Please call/text 307-315-8002 or 307-351-4305. Thank you!

Photos from BA Bait & Tackle's post 04/25/2021

Tested out a new addition (BadAss Betty Eye) from BadAss Tackle, Inc today on a SUPER tough bite....proved to be a true winner!

A HUGE shout out to Dustin Fulk & Western Nebraska Walleye for yet another fantastic tournament at Grayrocks Reservoir today! Our 3rd place finish was fought hard for, but was truly an amazing time fishing along side all the participants that braved the cold! Thanks y'all and we look forward to seeing you at the future tournies as well as at BadAss Bait & Tackle!

Call/Text 307-315-8002 or 307-351-4305 for an appointment to get some amazing bait!


Western Nebraska Walleye tourney bound! Good luck to all who are participating in EVERY local tourney this weekend. Boat safe, tight lines and thank you for your support!


We will be unavailable most of the day today for tackle and bait sales due to an upcoming tournament on Saturday April 24, 2021. We will be back at the shop after 5pm on Friday and after 630pm on Saturday. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Please call/text 307-315-8002 or 307-351-4305 for your bait and tackle!


Spawn season is here or near, please harvest responsibly if necessary, otherwise, let them swim! Conservation is key!!

It’s that time of year again. Please be conservation minded.


We have an ample supply of catfish bait! Call/text to arrange to meet up and get to those BIG Glendo spring cats!


BA Bait & Tackle

Call/text for an appointment! 307-315-8002 or 307-351-4305. See you soon!

BA Bait & Tackle We are a small tackle and live bait dealer in the state of Wyoming. We will carry live bait of various types throughout the year, an extremely large selection of tackle to suit most types of fishing. Please call/text for your appointment


Scott and myself (Marly) are attending the Nebraska Walleye Tourney at Lake Minitare Friday/Saturday. We will return and open shop back up on Sunday.

If you need bait prior to these days or after, please call/text 307-315-8002 or 307-351-4305.


BadAss Bait & Tackle has:
**state-wide minnows
**wild caught fat heads/creek chubs
(small $5/doz., med/large $8/doz., ex-large starting @ $1/ea) for area 5B.

Call/text for an appointment 307-315-8002 or 307-351-4305. Please leave a message or text if we can't make it to the phone!

Photos from BA Bait & Tackle's post 03/31/2021

We here at BadAss Bait &Tackle are a proud supplier of Ron's Rods! If and when you are in the market for a SUPERIOR fishing stick...we can fix you up! Come on out and see his amazing work and see what he has to offer both already assembled and ready-to-fish and custom! Yes, we use his rods and can attest to the HIGH quality he provides. Call/text for an appointment! 307-315-8002 or 307-351-4305


Welcome to BadAss Bait & Tackle! we are located in Douglas, WY and are ready to "hook" you up with your live bait and tackle needs. Give us a call/text to arrange a time to stop in! We look forward to seeing you!

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Call us for your bait appointment!
Live Bait!





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