Martial Science Training Academy We are a martial arts school that specializes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kali and Strength Training.

We offer high quality instruction with affordable costs of tuition and/or private training sessions. Our head instructor Chris is a one stripe brown belt under one of the oldest and prestigious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools, Gracie Humaita under the tutelage of Professor Michael Huitema. Chris is also a chapter leader for Wyoming and an affiliate under Paul Ingram's Kali Center. Chris also specializ

Operating as usual


Sorry for the inconvenience no class tonight we had a logistical problem with opening we will see everyone next week.


Training this week:

Monday: No gi 6:30pm
Tuesday: Gi comp class 6:30pm
Weds: No classes
Thursday: open mat 6:30pm

I have booked a trip and will be heading to Las Vegas from weds.-sunday.

Following week will be all four days and then we will resume our regularly scheudle training schedule after state games Tues Thurs Gi for summer.


Milk Carton:

If any of you have seen this man. Please tell him to come to jiu jitsu classes. He was last spotted two weeks ago on a Thursday night class. Man is approximately 6 foot 3 inches tall 240 lbs and goes by the names or alias “Jonny” aka “baby sas” (baby Sasquatch) aka “pitbull” aka “Houdini” he is greatly missed and will add value to his training partners and teachers training in preparation for State Games. He can be coaxed to class by telling him there is detectable metals nearby or cool old historical stuff to check out near the training venue. Thank you for your help in this endeavor.


Tonight 6:30pm no gi training. We will need all the help we can get for those doing no gi divisions if you can come even if you aren’t competing please try to, it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. 2 1/2 more weeks to go!


On this day we honor those brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the career of law enforcement. We miss them dearly, but they would want us to continue to live a good life, a life of purpose. To honor the profession, our communities and most importantly our families. Thank you all who have served, thank you to all who have made the ultimate sacrifice. God Bless.


Comp. practice tonight 6:30pm Gi at Bearcat Den.


New sessions start today, If you haven’t registered thru league apps you will
Not be able to train until this is done, no exceptions May is free so you have no excuse to not sign up for the May session. Summer session is on there too so please get signed up.

The next 3 weeks (all of May) we will focus on those going to comp. on June 1st. Even if you aren’t competing we need people to train with to prepare, and even if you aren’t planning on competing you can still come to the tourney and support and help coach as there are many matches going on at the same time. If you want to run a table they will pay you for your time too let me know if you are interested.

The schedule now will be the following for May:

Monday and Wednesday 6:30pm No Gi.
(This Wednesday no gi will be an important class please try to be there)

Tues Gi: 6:30pm comp. Practice (drills/conditioning and live rounds)

Thursday Gi: 6.30pm

After the tournament starting in June we will have classes 6:30-8pm Tues and Thurs in the Gi. We may be able to add a drop in here or there if we have folks interested either during the daytime or evening per approval of the rec director.

We will also be having belt testing on June 6th evening class time, and June 22nd sat. At 10am. Please come support those testing. Hope to see you all on the mats bring your water and mouthpieces start dialing in the training and diet and let’s get it 3 weeks and counting!


Get signed up, this is a great event here locally with a lot of good local talent. Also there will be a fundraiser for the late Sgt. Nevada Krinkee for his family and also all spectator fees will go to this fallen Officer’s family. Please come out and support this event even if you aren’t competing come with the team and support your team mates. It’s going to be a great time.


A very happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. We see you coordinating the chaos and we are very appreciative for all of you!!! Also some wise words of wisdom from Renzo Gracie. Have a great and blessed day everyone!


A tale of two portals…

All, there is two portals to sign up . If you are planning to attend May classes and are signed up for summer sessions, comp focused sessions) you will need to sign up for the “ “May” portal as well. This one is no charge to you since it was originally involved in the package of May-July.

I don’t know why we had to make it that way but we did, not a decision by myself. This will be a little more time consuming and I apologize. Please get signed up and registered for these classes you cannot attend unless you sign up per their policy. I only have 8 people registered currently, no one is exempt from this except for myself as the instructor/provider of the classes. get in get signed up and let’s get back to training. 🤙


Competition class tonight (Gi) for all competitors and those wanting to help train with their teammates and get them ready. 6:30-8pm be there or be square! 3 1/2 weeks out. “You rest you rust.” -Professor Mike. 🤙🤙🤙


Make sure you get signed up for the summer session our spring one ends May 8th, May-July will be our summer session registration will stay open until July 1, but if you are training eveyone that attends will need to sign up for the course or for each additional drop in fee. This will cover you for the 3 months. Get signed up. No 5-8 yr old classes for summer and older kids corrective enrolled are eligible for classes starting June 4th. We will see you on the mats!

LeagueApps Member Portal LeagueApps Member Portal

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Good open mat this evening.


No classes tonight make up class tomorrow 6:30pm at Den. See you all there.


JiuJitsu Lifestyle 🥋


Wednesdays we have kids classes tonight and adults/teens Gi at 6pm. Also a change of plans we are cancel classes for Thursday evening I have a kindergarten concert to attend and a little girl I know will be singing in. If anyone would like a Friday evening session, in stead of Thursday please DM me or let me know we can make this possible. We will see you on the mats!


New Registration for May-July Sessions is up there is full time reg. and then also drop in reg. Please get signed up this will be for our classes in May and then June and July (tues. thurs.) with flexibility for a few open mats throughout summer. There will be no kids 5-8 yr old's classes for summer, I am working on some camps to host for this age group. Older kids class members may attend the first hour of our summer Tuesday Thursday sessions starting in June 6:30-7:30pm, and select younger kids whose parents train in tandem with them. Please get registered through the portal. Here is the link to the site. titled 2024 Summer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me here Martial Science Training Academy or thru the rec. center. Thanks!

LeagueApps Member Portal LeagueApps Member Portal



gi BJJ competition practice bring water and be ready to work 6:30-8pm, if you are signed up or planning on signing up for Wyo State Games this is the class you won’t want to miss. If you aren’t competing please still come to support your team mates and train with them to prepare them it takes all of us to get better.

We are about a month out, time to put in the work to reap the reward on the podium down the road. See you on the mats!


Just a reminder no kids classes today due to PL day and color run put on by schools. Adults/teen no gi will be at 6pm. Tomorrow extra comp session 6:30pm in the gi, competition and conditioning focused. Weds. Classes are on per normal and thurs as well.

See you all there!


A few of our crew from Douglas and Newcastle went down and competed in the Wyoming State Powerliftng meet this weekend. Records were broken and championship titles were attained. We had a great time and this shows you can be a multi sport athlete or find time for strength and conditioning work. Congrats to All! It was a great experience!


We are working on our summer portal for the reminder of May, June and July. There will be some changes to the schedule coming up for May and then another schedule change up starting in June.

Starting next week on Tuesday we are adding an additional gi comp. Session to allow for more training. You do not have to be a competitor or plan on competing to attend and the team will need all the help they can get in prep for the Wyoming State Games June 1st. The class will be for teen/adults and select older kids class members that plan to compete. 6:30pm will be the time. I will update everyone once the league apps portal is ready for summer session and registration.

On Wednesday May 8th this will be our last kids classes, we will also be having stripe and belt promotions at this time. Parents please try to be present for the end of class on this day for your kids and their team mates it is a big day for many.

Let’s finish spring strong as we “roll” into summer, See you on the mats!


A little bit of self defense techniques “in the hole” drill. If you don’t train self defense along with the sport and competition side, are you training real jiu jitsu?


Again we are asking for the communities help in locating this gentleman. He was last observed several weeks ago at a No Gi training session where his company and attendance was valued by all. If you have seen this man, please let him know we have classes starting next week Monday (no gi) Tuesdays (gi) and he needs to return to his “home” so we all know he’s safe. Thank you for your help in this endeavor.


Due to last min. Changes we won’t be having our first kids class I am stuck at work unfortunately. We will still have the 4:30 and 6 pm classes sorry for the late notice.


Let’s have a good start to the week this week we will have classes on Monday and Wednesday classes for kids per usual times, the school is using the Den for prom on Thursday so there will be no classes on this day. Hope to see you all on the mats this evening for kids classes starting at 3:45 littles and 4:30 for older kids, then no gi for teens/adults classes at 6pm!

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