Fort Fetterman Sportsman Association

Fort Fetterman Sportsman Association


Hey everyone sorry about the short notice but the range at gate one will be closed the week of August 16 2021 for dirt work. If you have questions please call 307-351-4778.
Vice president Dale Winkley .
Thank you!
Do you guys have pistol matches?
ISO the next meeting, would like to get a new key for the range! Also how does a person get a key for just a day! It was mentioned the police station no longer does that?
When is the next safety meeting?
When is the next safety training for range use? I need to get that taken care of soon. :-)
please let me know when the next meeting is
Are there bleacher or any place to sit and watch the kids shoot for the state shoot? Or should we bring our own chairs, and ear plugs?
Fairly new to this. Do you guys have pistol competition? If so what are the details?
Thank you for supporting the 4-H kids
Could you tell me how you join your club ??
I would like some information on joining the association. Can you provide membership info for me?

FFSA is a gun club in Converse County, Wyoming. We support the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution. FFSA supports 4H Shooting Sports and The Appleseed Project.

The range is open 1/2 hour before sunrise and closes 1/2 hour after sunset The FFSA requires a membership and a key to enter the facility. The facility is to be locked up at all times. All members must attend a safety meeting, sign the membership application, pledge to clean up, and pay yearly dues. Cost is $60 for new membership, $50 for renewal w/ return of the old key or $60 w/o the old key. We

Operating as usual


Monthly meeting tomorrow evening 6:30. Election of vice president and treasurer will be held.
The board is still wanting estimates for the repairs to the roofing at the range. If you know anyone that would give us an estimate please have them contact the board. Thank you, Dale.


FFSA is seeking two estimates from contractors, (1) for the repair to the pistol range roof and (2) for the replacement of the 100 yard range roof. Interested contractors please contact FFSA board via email, [email protected] or call the club phone 307-259-6632 for more info or to give an estimate.
Thank you:
VP Dale Winkley


Range meeting tomorrow 6:30 pm. Thank you all, see you there.


The range meeting will be cancelled this evening. Sorry for the short notice.


Range behind gate one is again usable. There is still debris laying around here and there. Most everything will get hauled away when we can. The big portion laying inside the gate we are going to try and salvage some from it.
A big thanks to Cordie Lyon, Brian Nugent, and a huge Thank you to Mark Nicol for helping with the gate and the cleanup today.


Headed out to the range tomorrow about 10 am. Don't know what all we can get done, it will probably be muddy. But we can size things up better and maybe make a better plan. Mark and I will work on the gate, so there needs to be pieces picked up and some of the stuff that is still hanging torn down. Thank you, Dale.


Good morning everyone, the range is still closed and will be the rest of the week. Saturday, weather permitting work will begin on the clean up of the roof. Any and all help will be much appreciated. The major focus for now is gathering up all the pieces. Not even worried about getting them hauled away at this point, but just getting them gathered up. I'm sure I've forgotten something, but if I remember I'll add to the page. Thank you all, and if you have any questions, insights or anything else please call or text the club phone number. Again thank you.


Hello everyone, due to the horrendous wind that we have experienced the range behind gate 1 will be closed. The wind has torn the roof off at the 100 yard range and was working on taking the one at the pistol range off.
Please do not try moving or otherwise messing with the derbies laying about. The board will assess the damage when the wind settles and we can get to it. Thank you for your patience and we'll keep you informed.


Range meeting tonight at 630, hope to see you all there.


Meeting tonight at 5:30pm at the office downtown in the alley behind City Shoe and Saddle. Renewals cost $50 and new membership must take safety class and cost $60. Call or text 307-298-9713.


For those still in need of a gun range key for this season, Adam will be at range at Gate 1 this morning at 8:30am. We will start with renewals and then have a safety meeting for new members. Please call or text 307-298-9713 with questions.


Good evening. If you left this at the range it has been found. Please call or text 307-298-9713. We do not know what it is for and don't have any details about it, but we are certain someone is missing it.

Thank you.

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The alley where our office is located is under construction this week. The monthly meeting scheduled for Monday, September 13th has been cancelled. We will try and arrange a meeting for later in the week for those that still need to renew their membership.


Hello everyone, some of you may already know and others not. But the range behind gate one is open and ready for shooters.
Thank you all for your patience!


Hello everyone, the range behind gate one will remain closed this week. Dirt work is still in progress. Thank you for your patience.


Reminder: State 4-H shooting tournament is this week starting tomorrow July 8th. Gate 1 will be closed and locked until Saturday, July 10th mid day. They will be on the 100 yd, 50 yd pistol and the 22 plinking range.
Gate 2, 600 yd range will be open to the members throughout the shoot.

Thank you. Call or text 307-298-9713 with questions. Text alert will be sent later today.


There will be no meeting to get your range key this weekend in observance of the holiday. Please have a safe Fourth.

The FFSA has monthly meetings on the second Monday of every month. The next monthly FFSA board meeting will be Monday July 12th at 7pm. Membership renewals and safety meeting start at 6pm on that date.

Follow this page for more info. Call or text 307-298-9713.


Tomorrow morning, June 26th at 8am until 9:30am Adam will be at the office downtown for renewals and the safety meeting for new members. The office is in the alley behind City Shoe and Saddle. Call or text 307-297-9713 with questions.


Tomorrow morning, June 19th at 8am until 9:30am we will be at the office downtown for renewals and the safety meeting for new members. The office is in the alley behind City Shoe and Saddle.


Tomorrow is the day. Lock change at the range. Clean up starts at 7am. Renewals cost $50 with return of the old key. New members ($60) will have to go through a safety class. New keys available from 8am to 12pm. Things we will need: trash bags, a ladder and some help. Bring fluids it’s supposed to be a hot one.


Range key? Get them early tonight. Adam is at the office. Call 307-298-9713.


Help wanted. We need some help emptying the trash cans into the dumpsters on all ranges. We would like to get them all emptied before next Tuesday so we can call the trash company to get the dumpsters emptied before range clean up. If you can help we would appreciate it. Please feel free to let us know if you can or if you did help out at 307-298-9713


Locks are changing on Saturday, June 12th, at 8am. B series keys will no longer work after that date and all members will have to renew. The new series will be the C series. Please come volunteer your time to help keep the club clean. We will be at the range that morning at 8am and stay until 12pm. Cost of renewal is $50. Every member will need to fill out, initial and sign the new Membership Application upon renewal. See link. call or text 307-298-9713 for more information.

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Monthly meeting tonight. (By lantern) Mr Corey Dwyer has been nominated as president. So the vote will happen this evening! It may be all we do.


FYI: there is road construction in front of both gates. Please use caution when exiting the facility.

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This is Adam. I met Emory Septic at the range this morning to have the outhouse tanks cleaned and noticed the new (new to me as I just saw it for the first time) damage to the 600 yard range restroom. If anyone knows who did this we would very much like to prosecute them.

This building was fairly new and could have lasted years. Now we have to do repairs or replace.

I can not understand why someone would shoot the out house. The county does not give us money for these repairs. We use money from membership dues and donated funds and donated time.


A big shout out to the County Commissioner’s and the guys at Road and Bridge for presenting the idea to donate the Rotomill crushed asphalt from several projects to the range. We will find a use for it all!


Notice: 4-H shooting sports with be practicing on the pistol range tonight at 6pm.

Going forward every Tuesday night at 6 pm the pistol range will have the 4-H practice and every Thursday night at 6pm they will be on the 22 plinking range.

The state 4-H meet will be at our range again this year on July 8-11. All ranges at gate one will be involved in the state meet. Gate one lock will be swapped and locked with a temp lock while all state equipment is inside our facility. Please place these dates on your calendar and make note.
Here is the link for the state shooting meet

Thank you


Fort Fetterman Sportsman Association is looking for a new president and a new Secretary. If you are someone who has time to give back to your community and enjoys shooting sports we would love to hear from you. The next meeting will be Monday, May 10th at 7pm. We will start by asking for nominations and proceed to discussion then election of the officers. Only current members can run for office. If you or someone you know is interested please call or text 307-298-9713 to discuss the nomination process.

This organization manages the 501(c)3 that keeps the gun range open for our community. Without leadership in our organization we will not exist. This is a plead to our members to step up and help.


This message is for people wanting to join the club. We want you to know that our fiscal year ends in June and we change the locks and keys then. So if you call us and want to join you will have to go through the safety meeting, pay $60 and the membership will be good through this June. After that you will need to renew for $50.

For all current members lock change will be Saturday, June 12th, 2021. We will have a cleanup day then and you will be able to renew your membership.

Call or text 307-298-9713 with questions.


We are open for business!!! Please do not drive down to target boards on the 100 yard range. Still a mess down there.


Gate 2 (600 yd range) will be open tomorrow. Please be careful driving down to the targets. May be best to walk down.

Gate 1 is still a mess. Hoping we can take the lock off Thursday evening. We will keep you updated. Sign blew off.

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Update: It’s still very wet. Hoping by Wednesday we will be back in business.

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We are still closed due to water on the range and parking lot at Gate 1 and Gate 2 is still closed because the gate is frozen shut. Hoping for some warmer weather to dry this place out. Thank you for your patience.


Once again, the range is closed. We have added locks to the gates. It will open when it is dry enough that vehicles won’t get stuck. If you have questions call us 307-298-9713. (Side note, the gate at the 600 yd range is frozen closed from the inside where the gate slides south.)

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