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We are a group of amatuer Strongmen and women training out of Tyger River Crossfit.

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Spartan Strength

My #MCM goes to this stud of athlete right here. Trying to talk @thefightdoctors into getting me some duplicates to hang in the foyer of our house for @stephcwheatley. All jokes aside to walk into a gym and see this has to be one of the coolest thing I've experienced as an athlete. It's an awesome feeling to have the support of such a great company like @thefightdoctors.

I might get knocked down, but no way in hell you'll keep me there. Stopped by @palehorsesc to drop off equipment for Friday's in house power lifting meet and saw a bar on the platform loaded to 600#. Still pissed about yesterday's performance I figure why not give it a try. Cold wearing camo shorts and nano's I redeemed myself and pulled it for 4 reps. @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit @robertoberst @stephcwheatley #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman #teamoberst

Very disappointing training session this morning. Weight felt slow and heavy. Called for 5×4 increasing 5% each time up to 90%. Went with 465, 495, 525, 560 and got all 4 reps each set but failed at 600 (shown above) where I was only able to pull it for 2 (didn't wanna chance injury). This really pissed me off til I remembered that exactly a year ago I was having posterior neck surgery to repair a ruptured disc that caused nerve damage to my left tricep and lat. Then I thought about how this last year has been my most successful, won my first power lifting meet, became SC's Strongest Man and pulled a deadlift pr of 660#. I guess one bad training session isn't so bad after all. @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit @robertoberst #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo

Gonna print a new Spartan Strength tshirt, all proceeds will go to offset travel and lodging expenses for 2015 NAS National's held in Quad Cities Iowa. It'll be a next level tri blend shirt, with @thefightdoctors & @patriotapparel logos on the sleeves. Shirts are $20 add $2 for XXL or larger. Also shirts can be shipped for an additional $5. This is a pre order only and you must be paid by July 31st. See Kenny @palehorsesc Nicole @tygerrivercrossfit or contact me [email protected] #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman #teamoberst

[07/06/15]   I'd like to ask everyone to please say a quick prayer and keep a very very close friend who means a lot in your thoughts please.

Palehorse Strength & Conditioning

I'm becoming a regular at this tv thing, even got to talk this time around. Thanks Kenny Blanton and Lisa Blanton for bringing me along. Innovative approach to strength & conditioning Find them on Facebook PalehorseSC Palehorse Strength and Conditioning combines personal attention with strength and conditioning elements to create an effective and safe workout that's fun. 272 Giles Dr Boiling Springs, South Carolina (989) 200-1157

Did some event training today after a 4 and a half hr car ride back from NC. Damn sure didn't feel my strongest today but considering the circumstances I'm happy with how it went. Did some work with the circus dumbbell for the first time and worked up to 150# for a couple reps. Also some max farmer carry picks. With 405# a hand I got it off the ground but couldn't stand it all the way up. Monday officially starts my 12 week training cycle for National's, so time to tighten down on everything and focus on Iowa. @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit @robertoberst #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman #teamoberst

Friendship is so weird, you just pick a human you've met and you're like, "Yup, I like this one" and you just do stuff with them. #palehorse #spartanstrength #stepbrothers #beardedbrothers #BFF4L #thatsh*tsfunny #bros #broingout #brototheextereme #brosohard #theycallusbrossohard #brotoofar #broway @palehorsesc @patriotapparel @stephcwheatley @theacebullet

I've never posted a #transformationtuesday but after thinking about my life and journey this morning I kinda felt obligated to share it since most people don't know it (hell half my family doesn't ).....8 yrs ago I was 180#, weak as water and battling a horrible substance abuse addiction. 7 and half yrs ago I got clean and have remained clean ever since without looking back. At this point I decided I needed to do something meaningful with my life after wasting 5 yrs battling addiction. I started out doing kickboxing and bjj which lead me to crossfit which ultimately lead me to strongman. 8 yrs ago I was in horrible place and shape, but today with the support of my beautiful wife @stephcwheatley and close family I'm 270# at 11.5% body fat, 2015 SC's Strongest Man middle weight division, and I'm going to compete at the national level in Oct. With proper mindset and work ethic (luckily I have a father and step father that both taught me work ethic) you can achieve anything you're willing to work for. So just a thought, what's your excuse for not putting in the extra effort to become the best person you possibly can? @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit #patriotapparel @robertoberst #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman #teamoberst

Small Business Shout-Out: Palehorse Strength & Conditioning

Made my first tv appearance this morning. Hopefully my next one will be on CBS Sports for World's Strongest Man. Are you looking for a new place to workout that will challenge your skills? We love featuring small businesses on the show and today we welc…

I've already done my squats for the week but again it's just hard to sit around while @stephcwheatley works out and not do anything. So I decided to work up to a heavy double on squats. Wound up calling it a day here at 525#. @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman #teamoberst

Decided to do some wall balls tonight.....with a 75# atlas stone. @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman

This is what happens when you let your training partner video you when you're trying to check your stance and depth. Instead he tries to focus in on your power belly caused by your belt. Gotta love @palehorsesc never a dull moment training. @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman

Couldn't just sit at the gym tonight while @stephcwheatley worked out and not do anything, so I decided to snatch grip deadlift 600#. For everyone out there thinking it I know my form looks horrible but it works for me. @palehorsesc even gave his thumbs up approval on the lift. @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit @robertoberst #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman

Volume work this morning, ran 405# for a total of over 40 reps this morning. Last set was 15 reps at 405# so needless to say my hamstrings and posterior chain are smoked and knotted up. Still not sure if @robertoberst is trying to make me stronger or kill me bc the 2 could easily be confused right now. @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman

Log pressing today started out great. Hit this 260# here with ease but it all went down hill from here. Left tricep still hasn't regained 100% and it's really starting to get aggravating. Jumped up to 280# and right side flew up but once again left tricep is holding me back. I'm to the point I'm willing to do whatever to regain all my strength in it so I'm open to any suggestions or ideas. @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman

Rack pulls tonight from 15" for 8,6,6,3,3. Ran first set of 3 at 615# and last set (shown here) at 655#. For some reason I wasn't opening my hips all the way tonight, wasn't lack of power just not sure why. I can honestly vouch and say that anyone looking to get stronger @robertoberst definitely knows what he's doing. 2 weeks in and loving his programming. @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman

New White Buffalo 2.0 shirts.

Got the yoke out for the first time since January today. Made this 50' run here at 715# in just under 16 secs. Still need to work my form, especially on keeping my feet in closer, but not bad considering I shy away from the yoke and never use it since my injury from it. This was after some heavy box squats with my new SSB bar so I'm pretty happy with it. @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman

Pulled 660# at the "Unfederated PowerLifting Meet" last night at HIT Crossfit. It wouldn't count in "real" power lifting but in strongman world if it comes off the floor it counts. Wound up 2nd in the deadlift in the HW division, but pound for pound had the highest pull in that division. @patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman

New shirt coming out, we're taking pre orders up until June 14th then the order will be placed on June 15th. Shirts will be $20 ($22 for XXL). The only difference is it will have @thefightdoctors logo on the right sleeve and the same font as all the other Spartan Strength shirts. You can place your order at @tygerrivercrossfit (allen, scott or nicole), @palehorsesc (kenny,travis) or contact me at [email protected] I accept PayPal and for $5 we can ship them also.

I'm in my first week of custom programming from @robertoberst and it's easy to see why this guy is the monster he is. Deadlift scheme today was 6,4,4,2,2 ending at about 85%. Pulled my first 6 @ 500# beltless then 515#, 515#, 565# and finished off with 600# for 2.
@patriotapparel @thefightdoctors @palehorsesc @tygerrivercrossfit #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHORSESC #whitebuffalo #startingstrongman

With training shot to sh*t this week bc of work I decided to play around with some axle deadlifts tonight. Pulled 600# belt less.

Then for the hell of it decided to use a strap and go as heavy as I could. Wound up at 390#, once again not dead center but oh well. #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHOURSESC #whitebuffalo

Messed around with some 1 handed deadlifts tonight after finishing up my lower body accessory work. Wanted to see how high I could go without straps. Got up to 355# here, was off center as hell but it came up. #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHOURSESC #whitebuffalo

Overhead still isn't 100% but it's making slow progress everyday. I've gone from struggling with 250# on the log to hitting 250# for a double (shown here) today. I doubt I'll be at 300# by the end of May for the NC show but I got 5 months til National's. #patriotapparel #thefightdoctors #spartanstrength #TRCF #PALEHOURSESC

Working on loading to highest bar/platform tonight. Most local comps use 48" but National's is usually around 60". Used the 225# keg tonight and got up to 70". #patriotapparel #strongman #spartanstrength #startingstrongman #whitebuffalo #TygerRiverCrossfit #PaleHorseSC

The verdict is in... : Peyton Gregg

Everyone that can please come out to the "1st Annual Pulling for Peyton" competing May 16th @ PaleHorse Strength and Conditioning. The Gregg Family needs all the help and support we can give them right now. Any questions about this you can contact me, Kenny Blanton or Travis Gregg. After 32 long, long days we received the genetics report yesterday.  Peyton has been diagnosed with Prader Willi Syndrome (PWS).  From day 1 doctors new something wa[...] new website went up today. Scrolling through the athletes section was a very humbling experience for me. It's a blessing to be sponsored by a company of this caliber and it's also tremendously humbling to see the the amount of professional athletes they sponsor. It still seems unreal to be teamed up with this great company. #thefightdoctors

Everyone please keep an eye out this week for a competition announcement thru Patriot Apparel and PaleHorse Strength and Conditioning. We are putting on a competition in honor of Peyton on May 16th with all proceeds going to his benefit. Travis Gregg will be posting a link to Event Bright to get signed up. I will be out of town this week but will keep everything concerning this competition current when I get back.

565# back squat powered by Ignitor pre-workout. Was wanting to go heavier this morning but after yesterday's training session the legs just weren't having any part of anything heavier. #patriotapparel #strongman #spartanstrength #startingstrongman #whitebuffalo #TygerRiverCrossfit #PaleHorseSC #thefightdoctors

A few new supplements from my new sponsor When some of the nation's top Dr's start producing supplements how can you not take them. The pure whey comes in chocolate or strawberry and the Ignitor (pre-workout) comes in lemonade or blue raspberry. Also check out the supplement packs which includes all your daily vitamin needs. Go to or Amazon to get yours. #thefightdoctors

Another Siblings Day post. These 2 clowns ain't blood but they've been a HUGE part of my success and treated me like a brother over the last few months. #brothersfromdifferentmothers #anddaddys

National Siblings Day. The White Buffalo & The White Flamingo right before last year's NC's Strongest Man.

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