Lake Martin Machine Gun

Lake Martin Machine Gun


My grandson and myself visited on 4/2/20 for his grand day. We focused on the machine gun and were able to enjoy the history of the guns provided as well as to shoot 4 submachine guns and 2 times on the 50 caliber machine good. The grin my grandson has was worth it all. Fantastic time and worth every penny. This place is great for target practice for pistols as well as rifles.
Went today for the first time. Awesome place. Awesome people. Awesome selection. Will be returning if at all possible.
Jim was the range officer who worked with my friend and I. My friend owns a lake house on Lake Martin, and he looked up the range. I brought some of my personal weapons for him to shoot to see what he might want to purchase for himself. Jim was very polite and picked up quickly that I am very familiar with various weapon systems and allowed us to shoot without him hovering over us. Jim's assistance was necessary for a lady and her sons who were just enjoying life shooting tha various weapons the shop had to offer. We had originally stated we wanted to just shoot the Thompson 45, as I had never shot one. THEN, I noticed the shop had a Glock 18. I told my friend we HAD to shoot it, as we may never see one again. Then, having lived/worked in Turkey and Israel, my friend had to shoot the suppressed Uzi (great call on his part). As we were getting ready to shoot the automatic weapons, I told my friend it would be nice to shoot the M60, since I humped that bad boy 30 years ago. He agreed. GREAT range experience, huge smiles and laughs. We WILL return. Jim, next time I am there, I will some more of my 1911s. Until then, keep doing ewhat you do. Jim, you are a great representative of the shop. Your partner was very good as well. Mickey
Had a great time and experience with Lake Martin Machine Gun. What a great place!
I wanted to thank David McGirt & LMMG for their excellent customer service! Truly first rate!
Rebecca Wood ~ FIELD TRIP!
Thanks guys I had a blast this morning.
Will y'all ever have a regular range? I get tired of having to drive to Coosa county management range or to Tuskegee national Forest range.
To say I am outraged to find out this business has opened in the area that my family and friends live is an understatement. I was just told about it tonight and plan on finding out more details in the morning. Couldn't you have opened something more positive and less violent?
will there be a pistol range? will there be a membership fee? or will it be a daily fee?
Here we go

Lake Martin Machine Gun is Alabama’s premier outdoor machine gun experience and private shooting range.

Lake Martin Machine Gun (LMMG) is Alabama’s premier outdoor machine gun experience and shooting range located near beautiful Lake Martin on 90 acres.

Lake Martin Machine Gun is Alabama’s premier dedicated outdoor machine gun rental experience.

Best use of a QUICK 50RDS of TRAINING !

Yes we are open, and here is a great video from Lena Miculek to give a great plan for your return to the range. 50 Rounds of Pistol and a great plan to maximize your time and money at the range!

Jodie McGirt 3-Gun

Hey Everyone! Lena put together an outstanding 50RD training regimen for everyone from the first time pistol owner to the professional competition shooter. C...

New Factory new Match .308 coming off the line.. 168gr and 175gr for our old school long distance shooters that don't need to shoot lasers to hit a target.. #sierrabullets #shootersworld #308rifle

Has been a busy month plus for us. Thank you all again for the patience on ammo deliveries to all of our Range and Gun Shop customers. We are proud that you never ran out of ammo for your customers.


Range is Open and the Pro Shop is fully stocked with ammunition. Come on out

Good news , 300 Blackout is running again. Backorders first then website will have availability next. Thanks for all the patience during these wacky times.

As we all know, the supply chain for ammunition components is tough right now. Primers are topped up again! Thankfully, we have a good network and continue to receive what we need to keep up with demand. Thanks to all of our gun shops, ranges and direct customers out there. We will continue to work 7 days a week to keep it coming..

458 SOCOM 500gr Subsonic expanding Maker Bullets. Hogs will not stand a chance..

#458socom #pewpew #madeintheusa🇺🇸

@shootersworldpowder always comes through when you need great powder . Good for another couple of weeks. If only the other supply chains would keep up with them..

Making them as fast as we can...

Thank you to all.of our customers. As fast as we can make it, we are filling your orders and store shelves. Raw materials are drying up due to demand, so please be patient with delivery windows.

#ammo #madeintheusa #223


Jodie McGirt 3-Gun

I am offering my NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course for anyone interested in learning more about firearm safety. My goal for the class is for you is to leave class with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to load, unload and make safe any handgun you may encounter and for me to give you the fundamental skills to get on target. You will improve with practice, but I will give you the framework of skills to analyze your shooting and improve. Online registration at the following NRA training site

Dianna Muller-3 Gun

Sunday Funday with Dianna

Sunday funday!! What did you do after church today!? #giggleswitch
Thanks Lake Martin Machine Gun!

Heads up for our Elmore County members

The Elmore County Sheriff’s Office has launched a new program called Permitium, which allows citizens to apply and pay for concealed carry permits online.

To access the concealed carry applications (both new and renewal), go to: and answer all of the questions.
For new applicants, you may apply and pay online, however, you are required to pick up the concealed carry permit from the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office.
For renewals, you may apply and pay online and the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office will mail your permit to the address on the application.

A concealed carry permit costs $20 per year. Applicants have the option to purchase the permit for up to 5 years at a time. Permitium charges a convenience fee to pay online.
Debit and credit cards can be used to pay online, but payment at the Sheriff’s Office can be cash, check, or card.
Sheriff’s Office personnel will receive notification that an application has been submitted and will conduct the same criminal background check as always. You will be able to check on the status of your application at any time and will be notified when you can pick it up.
If you have questions or for more information, call the Sheriff’s Office at 334-567-5546.

To all our regular shooters, we have a very busy day on the range, so expect some delays.

We have a church security team finishing their training this morning, and the NRA basic pistol class will be busy in the after noon.

Just a heads up

FLASH SALE - AT THE RANGE PRO SHOP ONLY - For this weekend only - 1000 Round Case's ( brass case )

$150 - 115gr 9mm Luger
$160 - 124gr 9mm Luger
$250 - 55gr FMJBT 223 Remington

Definitely suffering from ShotShow FOMO, but it seems all those new gun purchases will be hungry. Happy to be feeding all the orders we are blessed to have.
#ammunition #ammunitioncompany #madeintheusa #9mm #223 #alphaloadingsystems #ammoload

The Tallassee Tribune

Great training.

When women were offered a safety course, TPD's chief Matthew Higgins suggested taking a course to help become familiar with carrying a weapon. With near perfect timing, Jodie McGirt, NRA instructor and founder of the area's A Girl and A Gun shooting league in Eclectic, is offering a course that answers that call. The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course is for anyone interested in learning more about firearm safety from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 18. Registration is already open. Click for more details!

We just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all. Thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you next year!

For all the people asking when the next basic pistol class

I am offering my NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course for anyone interested in learning more about firearm safety. My goal for the class is for you is to leave class with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to load, unload and make safe any handgun you may encounter and for me to give you the fundamental skills to get on target. You will improve with practice, but I will give you the framework of skills to analyze your shooting and improve. Please go to the NRA website and register

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a Gift Card to the Range!

Get yours today ->

Just a reminder to support your local community that supports you.

More history brought back to life. We are proud to announce the addition of the British Bren Mk II and the Madsen LMG

Madsen - adopted in 1902. It was the world's first true light machine gun produced in quantity and Madsen was able to sell it in 12 calibres to over 34 countries.

Bren Mk II - Introduced 1941. A simplified version of the Mk1 more suited to wartime production

Getting some Match Ammo out the door, and getting people ready for the season
#ammo #sierra77smk #madeinusa

County Road 12: Lake Martin Machine Gun

Thank you for coming out and spending time with us this week @WSFA County Road 12 We found a place with some serious firepower.

The range fee will be waived for all Veteran’s today.

YES - WE ARE OPEN VETERANS DAY.. Looking forward to seeing all those planning to come out to salute the past and present.

PSA - For some of our Alabama Football customers that burned some of their T-Shirts this weekend, we are glad to let you know, we have plenty to replace them with in the Pro Shop :)

A chance to touch (and fire) pieces of history – Alabama Living Magazine

It was a pleasure to have the folks from Alabama Living out, and great to see the connection they made with the past.

Thank you for all you do to support the state. By John N. Felsher When he was just out of high school, my father, Henry “Hank” Felsher, enlisted in the Navy as a 17-year-old kid and served as an aircraft gunner in the Pacific during World War II. He never said much about combat except, “I [...]

Show 524A - Lake Martin Machine Gun

Was a pleasure to have the Simply Southern TV out to the range.

Located just a few minutes drive away from one of Alabama's largest lakes, Lake Martin Machine Gun is a big change of pace from sailing or kayaking. Owner Da...

We just wanted to say thank you to Walmart for sending all the ammunition business back to the local people that make safe and reliable ammunition for our great country.

Glad to be here with our 3-gun friends and family for the RockCastle 3-Gun Championship ProAm 2019. @jodiemcgirt.3gun @thearmalite @rmuller_3gnr @aaronhayes3gun @christiconnertate @tinamartinnims_aka_sparky @3gunbeth

Trump celebrates shooting sports as important U.S. tradition

Thank you Mr President. President Trump marked National Shooting Sports Month on Thursday, saying the vibrant culture is thriving largely because of gun enthusiasts’ “steadfast protection” of the Second Amendment.

We are proud to be the home range for the area Chapter of A Girl and A Gun. A Girl and A Gun Women's Shooting League Jodie McGirt 3-Gun

Top 5 Reasons To Be A Member of A Girl & A Gun Women's Shooting League:

5. Socialize— Spend time with amazing women in your community.

4. Energize— Escape the daily grind and try something new.

3. Actualize— Learn proper shooting techniques in a fun, girl-friendly atmosphere.

2. Achieve— Empower yourself and gain self confidence.

1. Prevail— Practice the skills that you can use to keep you and your family safe.

Join today!

Happy 4th of July week. Be safe out there, and say a prayer for all the men and women overseas and first responders that keep us safe and free here at home. #freedomisnotfree @ Lake Martin Machine Gun

Tired of socks, ties and Old Spice? Gift Certificates will solve the problem. 20% off is even better - use the code below until Sunday!


Jerry Miculek - DC Project 3-Gun Team Match - ARMED and Feminine

Back from the DC Project Team Match! What an amazing match, group of people and great cause.

This is a video from the Pennsylvania DC Project representative, Kelly Ann Pidgeon, of Armed and Feminine. And I think she summed up the match as well as we could!

Special Thanks to all the people that made it possible:
#hiperfireteammatch Jerry Miculek HIPERFIRE QuarterCircle10 Kahr Firearms Group Benelli USA STI International Tactical Sh*t John “TIG” Tiegen The DC Project is 50 women/50 states going each summer to DC to put a real face on gun ownership and...

Our Story

Lake Martin Machine Gun (LMMG) is Alabama’s premier outdoor machine gun experience and shooting range located near beautiful Lake Martin on 90 acres. LMMG offers a historical introduction of a variety of fully automatic machines guns to shoot and a safe clean atmosphere to bring your own firearms to shoot. Each shooter can experience the adrenaline rush of a fully automatic firearm in a safe and private environment under the direct supervision of trained professionals, or practice with their own firearms under the careful watch of our range safety officers.

Our machine gun shoot customers will be greeted by LMMG Specialist who will lead you through a tour of the history and heritage of the available firearms. You will then walk through a safety training to teach you proper shooting stance and the safety rules of the range. Your LMMG Specialist will go through your selected firearms and give you background, ensure appropriate handling and assist you through the entire operation of the firearm. The facility is set up such that others in your party may safely take photos or videos of your machine gun experience.

Our range customers will check in, insure they follow all rules and commands of the safety officer, and enjoy the pistol lanes out to 25 yards, and rifle lanes out to 50 yards. There are steel targets available to both the pistol and rifle lanes. Ammunition, hearing protection, eye protection and targets are available in the pro shop.

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Galil SAR vs Water Jugs




2520 RedHill Road
Eclectic, AL

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 09:00 - 17:00
Sunday 12:00 - 17:00
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