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New Gym in Edwardsburg offering Les Mills, Kettlebells, OCR Training, Cycling, Barre, and Childcare.

Operating as usual


Can't wait!!

Mark your calendar!! Saturday December 18th 12pm -2pm Marcelo Alonso seminar!! Considered one of Carlson Srs top instructors in the world! Don't miss this opportunity to get on the mats and learn from Carlson Sr greatest competitor Amuary Bitetti, and Marcelo Alonso, one of Carlson Srs head instructors. Open to all gyms! Free to members, $25 for non members!


What classes are you taking tomorrow!! Come try a class free!!


Body Pump Live - you work one major muscle group per song. 5-6 tracks combining time under tension and rep effect, let the music push you to work harder, and you always work harder in a group !!! Join a class today


When do we teach it ?!!! Every day of the week !!!! Les Mills most popular format, early morning, morning, evening and weekend ! Join us for a total body strength workout!


What is Body Pump?!?? BODYPUMP is a Les Mills workout using a barbell and light weights designed to get you lean, toned and fit. Body Pump uses scientifically-backed moves, rep-effect, time under tension and combines it with motivating instructors and great music help to you achieve much more than you would on your own.
Get Lean- Get Tone- Get STRONG. See you in a class soon?!


Labor Day Schedule!
8:00am Cycling
9:00am Labor Day Bootcamp
10:00am Body Pump

See you there !!


Meet our Instructors: Mic Snyder. Mic will be joining our team tomorrow 9/1/21 to complete that 8 am cycle spot and bring you cyclists M W F 8 am followed by 9 am Body Pump!!! Amazing combo of cardio and strength !! Mic is a long time instructor for both cycling and bootcamp style workouts - loves some good rock and will take you on a great climb !! Join her tomorrow and let’s

Photos from Elite Performance Center, LLC's post 08/30/2021

Some post class sweaty photos from our first two weeks being open !!! Cheers to our third and will be bringing many more sweaty celebrations of strength !!!


Elite wear is in - get yours today !!! Daisy tees does an amazing job !!!

Photos from Elite Performance Center, LLC's post 08/21/2021

THE ALLEY - In addition to the 40 classes we have on the schedule you have access to weight machines, cable machines, cardio machines, and assortment of weights to accommodate all of your strength training needs. Alley only memberships available for use of the alley and any equipment not being utilized in an active class. Most but not all are pictured, come see if yourself !!

Photos from Elite Performance Center, LLC's post 08/18/2021

Pictures of our beautiful barre studio any class on the schedule in blue is taught in here !! Try a free class today !!


Body Flow is a Les Mills Program combining Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates movements to build flexibility, balance, strength and leave you feeling centered and calm. Often referred to as a more intense version of Yoga, you will sweat while stretching. Body Flow uses controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses coordinated to music to create a holistic workout experience.


Indoor cycling is a low impact class designed to increase stamina, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and leg strength while burning an abundance of calories. Riders control their own gears and speed while being guided by an instructor who has designed a workout with great music to challenge you to do more than you would on your own.


Body Combat is a Les Mills class designed to punch and kick your way to fitness! It is an entire-body cardio workout designed to burn fat, relieve stress, tone and define arms and legs, and bonus it is a great core workout! Coordinated with motivating music you will also improve coordination - and come on isn't it fun to punch things?


Meet our instructors: Shawna Williams. Shawna is a long term instructor for many formats including cycling, Varsity Sweat, butts and guts, and HIIT classes and was also an NASM certified personal trainer. She’s known for her caring personality and tough cycling classes! Immediately at Elite she wanted to continue cycling and teach Varsity sweat classes. You will see her on Saturday mornings for an 8:30 a.m cycling class and M, W, F 10:30 a.m. Varsity workouts. She looking forward to


Check out our line up of 8/9 am classes !! Back to back cardio/strength, a mix of the amazing Les Mills Programs, and lots of options for consistent Body Pump 💪🏻 See our site for the full schedule or sign up for a free class today !!


Special thanks to Ms. Stephany Williams for coming to team teach Body Pump with me on opening day. We brought a 🔥 workout to a strong group !!!


Footage from open house cycling August 8, 2021. Can you feel the smooth pedals of the brand new Keiser M3i bikes?? Can you feel the energy of the lights fueling your legs? I CAN !! Join us ! Several options on the schedule 5 ams, 8 ams, and 5:30 pms !

Improve your cardio fitness, strengthen your legs, and burn a ton of calories with a group of people sweating and working hard beside you!!

Video cred to 🎥


Meet Our Instructors: Laney Smouse. Laney has been teaching indoor cycling classes since 2017. You will see her Wednesday’s at 5:30 p.m. Laney’s classes are all about the music! She believes when you’re focusing on the beat of the song you’re not thinking as much about how tired you are during class! Incorporating combinations of strength, speed and interval training, you’ll get an all-around workout in her cycling class.
When she’s not teaching class, you’ll find her lifting weights… look for a lot of strength focused rides in her class!! She loves working on building muscle and helping people !!


Meet Our Instructors: Linda Kolmodin. You will see Linda on the schedule for Tuesday night Body Combat at 5:30 pm. Linda started teaching BodyPump nine years ago. Les mills programs gave her the results she was looking for (lean muscle) and kickstarted her fitness journey. Her successes with Body Pump inspired her to get certified for BodyCombat and then later BodyFlow. She believes whatever inspires you to be active and keeps you motivated and interested is the best way to workout. Having great music,choreography, and of course great people inspires her to keep leading fun classes. Linda is looking forward to


Meet our Instructors: Cassie Gaglio. Cassie is long time participant turned new cycling instructor. She has a love for good music, a hard workout, and to have fun while she’s at it! Guarantee she will bring you some URSHER baby. Her smile and energy is contagious. She’s looking forward to


Meet our instructors: Kristin Thomas will be teaching Body Pump, Body Combat, and Body Flow 9 ams at Elite. Kristin started her fitness journey about 10 years ago taking classes. She enjoys group fitness because it helps her stay accountable, pushes her to reach her highest potential, and has led her to meet so many wonderful people along the way. Taking the classes inspired her to become a fitness instructor and she absolutely loves teaching! It brings her joy to know that she is helping people reach their fitness goals. BodyCombat is her favorite program because it is great cardio, burns a tons of calories and fat, and is a 55 minute ab workout using your abdominal muscles to kick and punch!! It’s also great for muscle toning, agility, and you know punching and kicking things help relieve stress! Kristin loves to work hard! One of her recent favorites is Body Pump release 115 lunge track. She said it reminds her of old school body pump using the bar with a lot of . It is challenging, will make you cuss in your head, legs like jello after, and stronger the next day!! (That’s one of her favorites 😉) She is looking forward to


Meet our instructors: Tracy Olson. You will see her Wednesday and Friday for 9:00 am Body Pump. Tracy has always loved fitness. Played multiple sports growing up and wanted to maintain a healthy fitness level as an adult. She loves the atmosphere that group fitness provides and feels it pushes her to be her best and work her hardest no matter what the class is. She loves helping others get stronger and gain confidence as their fitness levels improve. What she loves most about Body Pump is the music that helps pull you through class! She enjoys the lower weight higher rep format that Body Pump is all about - .. She also appreciates that it is a total body workout working all the major muscle groups in one hour. Tracy is also an RN, but wanted to do more with her love of fitness so she became an instructor. She’s looking forward to


Meet our Instructors. I’m Jessica Garretson, Co-Owner at Elite Performance Center. I’m behind the social media and will continue teaching several classes at Elite. If you don’t know me I have been teaching Group Fitnesss for 12 years. Certifications include AFFA Group Fitness Certification, Level 2 Advanced Spin Instructor, Several Les Mills Programs including Advanced Body Pump, Advanced Grit, Body Flow, Core (previously CX Worx), and Tone. I also teaches many Circuit style classes utilizing Kettlebells, TRX, Med Balls, bands, and methods for training to prepare for OCR races. I’ve enjoyed partaking in races and many of our 2018 and 2019 races our team placed 2-6th in 300-600 teams. I love fitness but it extends to also loving see the people around me get stronger, unite, sweat together, grow together, relieve stress, stay/get healthy and I am beyond excited to give everyone a place to go to meet their personal goals. Any questions please feel free to message and until then I’m looking forward to STRONGER TOGETHER.

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Body Pump Live -  you work one major muscle group per song.  5-6 tracks combining time under tension and rep effect, let...
Labor Day Schedule! 8:00am Cycling 9:00am Labor Day Bootcamp10:00am Body Pump See you there !! #laborday #labordayschedu...
Footage from open house cycling August 8, 2021.  Can you feel the  smooth pedals of the brand new Keiser M3i bikes?? Can...




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