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Velocity Sports Performance - Southbay


For all our athletes starting their college courses this fall...
PRI Integration for Fitness and Movement - Redondo Beach, CA - Course in Review
Thanks for hosting Velocity Sports Performance - Redondo Beach!
Had a great few days getting smarter with Ken Vick at Velocity Sports Performance - Redondo Beach and the Results Fitness University family

Our friends at Velocity Sports Performance took the time to make a video for our members, on the facts about Resistance Training For Kids! This is a great, informative look into the subject, and a great lesson for our players participating in the sessions! 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏽‍♀️
Workout Time 👊🏼

Here are our 2010 age group getting exercise in off the field at Velocity Sports Performance - Redondo Beach this week. Good stuff everyone! 💪🏼

Want a post-spring break get away?! Come visit sunny San Diego for IHRSA 2018! Meet a few of our team members! And you’ll get to try out and to see what makes them stand out compared to other gym equipment. We’re excited to be there and we’re excited to meet you! Stop in and say hi!

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Spring sports class registration is now open! Please visit for all available classes. GBG Training Academy The Girls of GBG Velocity Sports Performance - Redondo Beach
Registration Day Complete ✅

A big thank you to all of our members, who made it out to to get their club duties done for the upcoming year. Also, a big thanks to our friends at Velocity Sports Performance - Redondo Beach for hosting us! 👍🏼
Pre Season 🏃🏻‍♂️

Here are the B04 Black team kicking off the 2018/19 season with our friends at Velocity Sports Performance - Redondo Beach. Good work gents! 👊🏼
First week of winter 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ sports classes, with Coach Fernando, is in the books! Still time to register your active toddler! This session will include ⚽️⚾️🏈🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♀️. Click link to find out more

The Girls of GBG GBG Training Academy Velocity Sports Performance - Redondo Beach
Misao, worked out the kinks in my shoulders using the Graston technique.
She really knows what she’s doing as I’ve been to another place which did not have nearly as good a result as I did here at Velocity with Misao. I’m a return client as Misao worked on me a while back a day before I participated in a Crossfit competition in which me and my partner placed second, I’m not sure if We would’ve placed at all if I hadn’t visited Velocity and Misao hadn’t resolved my shoulder issues. Thanks again Velocity and Misao for all you do in assisting Us with Recovery and so much more that you have at your facility to offer 😊🏃🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️
Wishing all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!
Registration is now open for Toddler Sports classes and Youth TBall classes - Winter Season. 🎉⚽️⚾️🏌🏼‍♂️🏈2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣
Please visit for class availability.
The Girls of GBG GBG Training Academy Velocity Sports Performance - Redondo Beach

We train athletes of all ages from pros to youth in speed, power, and agility.

Operating as usual


Goal-Line Performance is growing and is looking for passionate and talented staff members.

We want coaches who are serious about helping others perform their best, and improving their coaching skills as well.

This is a great opportunity for young coach who wants to build a wide range of skills;
- traditional strength training
Olympic lifting
- Acceleration, max velocity linear speed speed
-Multi directional movement, agility and change of direction
- Mobility
- Energy system development
- Injury prevention
- Athlete assessment
- Velocity based training

We have positions from new grads to experienced coaches.

Competitive pay, growth potential, continued education.

Some days the job is hard, but we positively impact lives everyday and have a chance to improve our skills.

If you want to be working with athletes, and ready to take your skill development seriously, this may be for you.

Send resumes to [email protected]


A good coach doesn’t just tell the athlete what’s good or bad, they help them see it and feel it.

As coaches we strive to teach our athletes so they can get more out of their training.

We also want them to be more and more independent.

Good coaching is teaching.


Coaching often means meeting your athletes where they are at.

Sometimes that physically like getting down to the level of a young athlete.

More important though is understanding where they are physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Even when we have the loftiest of goals, coaches have to meet the athletes where they are now if they want to lead them onward.

Coaches will help athletes stretch their limits and get uncomfortable, but we can’t ask for impossible.

Small wins add up.

When we help athletes accumulate small wins by getting uncomfortable and putting in the effort they develop resilience and a growth mindset.

That’s what leads to sustained success in sports and life.

Photos from Velocity Sports Performance - Southbay's post 02/28/2022

New home for Velocity in the The Sports Complex El Segundo.

Better facilities to go with the awesome staff and services.

Expanding the Advanced Speed School options plus Golf Simulator, .pt and center

Guide To Weight Training Without Pain 09/07/2021

Guide To Weight Training Without Pain

We understand how beneficial and enjoyable serious weight training can be. But we also know that too many people end up experiencing pain and injury with repetitive, high-intensity barbell workouts.

As strength & conditioning professionals we know there is a better way.

Guide To Weight Training Without Pain We know weight training is beneficial and enjoyable, but too many people end up in pain even though there is a better way. Dont train in pain!

Ultimate Guide to Speed Training 08/31/2021

Ultimate Guide to Speed Training

Here’s a quick question for sport parents – Are you doing everything you can to help your child reach their athletic 🏃🏽‍♀️ goals?

If you’re like most parents, you probably try to and worry you may not be. So, you need to know how important speed is in sports;

✅ 83% of college coaches ranked speed & agility as their top physical trait in recruiting

✅ Elite athletes accelerate 25% faster than non-elite

✅ Elite athletes produce 50-100% more force into the ground while sprinting

In the coming season, every fraction of a second and every half-step advantage will help decide the future of your athlete.

If this really drives home the importance of speed and agility, the real question is how do we develop a player to their full potential? 12

Fortunately, speed is a skill and can be improved with the right training.  You can close the gap and leave other athletes in the dust.

Velocity Sports Performance was founded in 1999 and has trained over 1 Million athletes around the globe.  This includes Olympians in 11 Games, National Teams, and elite athletes from 17 countries in 34 different sports.

Even more important, the Velocity Speed Formula has been proven to produce consistent results with developing athletes.  

🚀 BIG FORCE into the ground
⏱ Force applied in a SMALL TIME
⇢ Vector in the PROPER DIRECTION
📐 Joints move through an OPTIMAL RANGE OF MOTION

While that seems simple, the biomechanics and motor control that go into it are complex and how we apply it in training is precise.  This formula was developed with sports scientists and elite coaches. It’s based on the biomechanics of speed and has been refined over the last 2 decades.

The key is that Velocity knows how to produce consistent results and you can have peace of mind knowing you are giving your athlete the best chance at success.  

Link in profile to check out The Ultimate Guide To Speed Training

Ultimate Guide to Speed Training This ultimate guide to speed training is a collection of the most important information you need when it comes to speed for athletes.

Photos from Velocity Sports Performance - Southbay's post 08/19/2021

Great opportunity for young hockey players to learn how they can elevate their game thanks to



Athletic strength is more than just weight on the barbell. Contrast series help build strength and teach athletes to express it explosively.

Instead of just going after the heaviest weight, using Velocity Based Training with gives feedback to treat get the right weights for each athlete.

Combined with loaded and unloaded jumps the athletes build power they can use in their sport.


Coaching feedback.

Nothing can replace the right feedback from a coach.

It can be incredibly powerful, for good or bad.

Master coaches use both the Art & Science of coaching to deliver;
- the right message
- at the right time
- in the right way

Tech can be an awesome tool to share feedback. From video analysis of technique to measures like power output and bar velocity.

Often the athlete can process these objective types of feedback without having to feel judgement.

Athlete tap into their own motivation and the coach guides them along the way.



Every athlete has an individual Strength Signature.

It’s a measure of how you express power with speed and strength in different types of movements.

It’s also the key to training smarter. Building the right type of strength for sport and your needs.

Don’t waste time and energy on the wrong type of training!

Training smart leads to greater transfer to sports and to lowered injury risk.

Do you know complete Strength Signature?


It’s 100 days until the Tokyo Olympic Games! Excited for the athletes we are supporting in their preparation right here in the Southbay


Change of direction skill is huge for reacting, evading, and chasing. It can also put serious demands on the structures and motor control of the athlete. Big difference between QUICK and ACUTE cuts. To improve performance or rehab, consider the strength qualities needed!

VSP Movement Methodology


Sprinting is important! But is it enough?

Athletes have many ways to get from one place to another. There's a lot more than just linear sprinting.

These are the 6 basic ways athletes move in ground based sports.

Each of these have variations based on sport and situational context. Are your athletes training the way they move?

VSP Movement Methodology


Lots of coaches talking about training deceleration. Biomechanically, decel happens, but is that really the intent?

In change of direction its not about slowing down, its about accelerating in a different direction.

Stop coaching the decel, start coaching the acceleration in a new direction!


Lots of talk about frontside versus backside mechanics. Max velocity sprinting is cyclical so frontside affects backside and vice-versa. Coach Loren Seagrave emphasized this decades ago.

So be careful with how you analyze a piece, look at the whole.

When we do think there are excessive backside mechanics here are some of the most basic things we do are try to correct body position & reduce residual phase. Why?

It increases thigh block height which generally provides opportunity for more force into the ground.

Changing one phase of a cyclical action affect the following phases. 12/28/2020

Curved Running In Sports | Velocity Sports Performance

In team sports speed isn't often in a straight line. Running on curved paths is key for athletes.

Learn why it matters and check out drill videos you can use. Curved running in sports is critical in many situations. Being faster on the curve can give a player an advantage and it can be trained.

3 Go To Exercises For Improving Lacrosse Speed | Velocity 12/22/2020

3 Go To Exercises For Improving Lacrosse Speed | Velocity

Speed has commonality across a lot of sports, but the are some unique things about lacrosse.

Here are three things lacrosse players can do to improve their speed.

3 Go To Exercises For Improving Lacrosse Speed | Velocity Every player wants to be fast, but not every player works specifically on improving speed. Use these drills for improving lacrosse speed.

Load To Explode | Velocity Sports Performance 12/16/2020

Load To Explode | Velocity Sports Performance

Coaches cue it all the time. 'LOAD TO EXPLODE." What does it mean?

Find out why these are two of Velocity's six types of athletic strength and why athletes need them.

Load To Explode | Velocity Sports Performance Athletes load to explode in many common movements. By training these two strength types you can increase the speed and power.

7 Strength Training Movement Patterns Athletes Need To Master 12/04/2020

7 Strength Training Movement Patterns Athletes Need To Master

There are fundamentals every athlete needs to learn in strength training. At the start, it's about movements move than maxes.

Have you mastered all seven?

7 Strength Training Movement Patterns Athletes Need To Master The human brain works in movement patterns, not muscles. There a 7 strength training movement patterns all athletes need to master.

Timeline photos 06/12/2020

Coaches please make sure you re planning the return to sports practice and competition.

After these unprecedented shutdown of sports, the athletes coming back to practice will be different. Your practice and training need to be different also if you want to be successful.

We created this free guide to help coaches understand and plan for the return.

Timeline photos 06/12/2020

3 days until the doors are open and serious athletes are training.

Dedicated athletes have been working out during this shutdown at home, but now it's time to get down to some serious training dedicated on improving.

Our coaches are looking forward to athletes back in the gym and preparing for the return of sports.

Timeline photos 06/06/2020

June 15th! For athletes who want to ready for their sports.

Limited memberships as it will only be private and optimized (3 athletes) programs available.

Schedule your return to training assessment and get ready!

Special deals on sale this week.

Photos from Velocity Sports Performance's post 05/28/2020

Protect your tendons as sports return!

Timeline photos 05/23/2020

Vitamin D has some important benefits for health, injury prevention and performance for athletes.

But now there are some in the medical community who suspect there may be benefits during the pandemic. The research is early, but it's growing.

A WebMD article on May 18th outlined much of it.

"Several groups of researchers from different countries have found that the sickest patients often have the lowest levels of vitamin D, and that countries with higher death rates had larger numbers of people with vitamin D deficiency than countries with lower death rates.

Experts say healthy blood levels of vitamin D may give people with COVID-19 a survival advantage by helping them avoid cytokine storm, when the immune system overreacts and attacks your body's own cells and tissues."

Researchers in the U.K. found countries with low average vitamin D blood levels in the population had higher numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths

Northwestern University researchers estimated the association between vitamin D and severe COVID-19 based on a potential link between vitamin D deficiency and C-reactive proteins, or CRP, a surrogate marker for severe COVID-19

Indonesian researchers found that most patients who died had vitamin D levels below normal in a study of 780 documented cases of COVID-19.

Researchers analyzing European population and vitamin D levels, found countries with high rates of vitamin D deficiency also had higher death rates from COVID-19.

We always need to remember that correlation is not causation. However, something we might recommend for athletes anyway may have more benefits now.

The best way to have healthy Vitamin D levels is to get adequate exposure to sunlight on your skin.

Foods such as those below are great sources of Vitamin D;
Egg Yolks
Fortified Milk, Cereals and Foods

Timeline photos 05/21/2020

While it's new for most sports coaches, in elite sports we've been working to manage injury risk of players returning to sports for decades.

While usually it's a player returning from a major injury, we now face every athlete having to go through this. Weeks and weeks of detraining have changed them, and the athletes that return to practice wont be the same.

In the graph above we shared an example of what an athlete who has been sustaining 25% of their normal workload would experience.

Some athletes aren't even doing that much.

We can tell you the ratio we see in this graph after the return to sports after COVID-19 restrictions will make the Acute:Chronic ratio really high. And this is with a 4 week ramp up!

From both research and real life experience, we know this increases injury risk a lot.

There are strategies to take to lower this risk. Both athletes and coaches can do things to help.

Athletes doing more than just working out, but training with specific preparation will help.

Coaches can plan specific progressions of volume, speed, and distance. They can also build return to sport plans that balance physical acclimatization and adaptation, with needed skills and tactical development.

We are happy to help either coaches and teams, or individual athletes as they get ready. Contact to learn more.

Why Do You Train?

That’s the question that matters. WHY DO YOU TRAIN?

Velocity was founded in 1999 to give every athletes access to the professional coaches, programs and facilities that only elite athletes could get. Now every athletes willing to strive for their best performance can take advantage of the programs proven with over 1 Million athletes around the globe.

With a 20 year history in elite sport and human performance, Velocity has served athletes, national teams, and Olympic committees in 10 Olympic Games, from 17 countries in 32 different sports.

If you’re ready to improve your athleticism, fitness, strength, speed and prevent injuries, we have solutions to help you achieve your goals. One thing is required; you have to answer the question...

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Athletic strength is more than just weight on the barbell.  Contrast series help build strength and teach athletes to ex...
Velocity Speed Formula



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