Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Elk River

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Elk River


Do you still do bands at all on Saturdays either at Albertville or ER? Is elk river or Albertville a better set up to bring my kid to be on her iPad? Thanks!!
Still didn't have it right! 😂 Fit challenge 1 mile Team Why Not ✔
Had to get help to get it posted right but here we are 😊 ....team Why Not planking for chips and salsa!!! Happy Saturday!
Team Misters Blisters & Soul Sisters ✔️ 1 mile run up before the sun! #Fitchallenge #TheCaseoftheFarrellsFITality
Team "Nancy Drew's and a Hardy Boy" planking at Lincoln Elementary. Nice view of the water tower!
Refueling after our one-mile run team challenge! The FLASH!💥💥💥
Team plank challenge! The FLASH (FIT ladies always stay healthy).💪👌
Dial M for Muscles one mile team run is done!
Mystery Inc. was quite busy at 3:30am this morning knocking out our mile run and plank. If only GNC would have been open...we could have used a little extra pre-workout! #fxbelkriver #fitchallenge #meandtheguys #getafterit #run #plank
1 mile team run in the rain! Warrior walk!
When you’re doing no cheat at a parade, you eat baby food 😂😂😂 Deanna Law
Will plank for donuts 🍩 ❤️

Motivation To Transformation®Reshaping lives 10 weeks at a time™Mission:Inspiring you to live with power and purpose.

Operating as usual

[09/04/20]   🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸SPOTLIGHT🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

❤️Meet our other sister, Melissa...

I thought leaving my friends and family was going to be the hardest part of joining the Air Force but in reality it was Farrells (😂).

I’ve met so many wonderful people working/working out at Farrells that they’ve became a second family to me. I’ve been to no other gym that can compare. Being in the military you start to speak a different language, the same goes with Farrells. We have our own little language within this community that has changed thousands of lives. Like the Air Force, Farrells holds the same values of commitment and excellence in all that we do. It was an easy transition as I held onto those values and continue to implement them being stationed in Idaho.

Even though I cannot physically be at the Farrells gym, I am still able to participate in their at home workouts which I am so grateful for❤️. I love and miss being at the gym so much with my gym family! I will be back!!

☀️You have two options: Hit snooze, or HIIT your #Level10! 💣💥


🎉Congratulations to our newest instructor Roxy Martin! She has worked hard these last few months and we are so happy to have her at the Elk River Farrells location!

You are a great addition to the team and we cannot wait for the members to take a class from you!

[09/03/20]   💥💥💥SPOTLIGHT💥💥💥

CLICK HERE FOR A FREE WEEK: https://s.ripl.com/amdweo
Call or Text for more info: 763.777.1616
Next 10 Week Challenge Starts Oct 3rd

🥊Meet Cassie...

I was spending my nights after work on the couch watching TV and eating (crappy goods) because I was bored. I was ALWAYS tired and feeling ill, my back was killing me, and I felt like a stuffed sausage in my clothes. I could go on and on about how badly I felt. I just needed to
do something different.

So I started walking 4 to 5 miles each weekday at work. My back was getting better, but I was still lacking motivation and energy to go to the gym. One day, my friend at work was talking about going through the 10-week challenge at Farrell's. She said the workouts were fun and very challenging. What really intrigued me was when she mentioned nutrition coaching. I decided enough is enough and I signed up. Then I started preparing myself mentally for the lifestyle change that I was about to make.

After a week of better food choices (no weird dieting, no secret pills, no magic shakes) and Farrell's workouts (who doesn't love to punch and kick things), I had way more energy! I also no longer had acid reflux after every meal! I was sore and I was tired – but for a good reason! I kept coming back each day – giving it my all. I also work along side some pretty awesome people that kept me going!

After my 10 weeks, I was down 19 lbs., 7% body fat and 15 inches overall! I even gained 1 lb. of muscle! I made to top 5 in my session!

No magic, no secrets, no excuses. I just did my best to follow the program, the guidance of my coaches and instructors, and have fun! It's
been a successful chapter.

My only regret was that I didn’t find Farrell's sooner! Overall, I lost nearly 40 pounds, 12% body fat and more than 20 inches overall!

Fast forward to almost 2 years later, I'm still at it! I'm also taking the next step with my fitness goals and training to become an instructor! It's way out of my comfort zone, but I hope to help at least one person reach their goals. I hope to see you on the mat! 💪

Thanks, Farrell's Elk River! 💥🥊


🥦🍳🍊When you join our 10 Week Challenge, not only are you getting amazing workouts, but you will get the nutrition guidance you need!

✅10 Week Meal Plan Included
✅Grocery List for EACH WEEK
✅Support and Guidance you need!

Our next 10 Week Challenge is starting Oct. 3rd!

#10weekchallenge #farrellsextremebodyshaping #nutrition
#cardiokickboxing #strengthtraining

🧡One Pan Fajita Chicken🧡

Looking for a new way to cook your chicken? Try this delicious One Pan Fajita Chicken recipe that is PACKED with flavor!

CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE: https://s.ripl.com/cbk8mb

Do not forget that you can do hard things! Get through this week FXB Strong 🥊

#fxbstrong #cardiokickboxing #farrellsextremebodyshaping #nolimits #pushyourself


4 Tips for Resuming Your Routine in the Gym

💥4 Tips for Resuming Your Routine in the Gym💥

Picture this 📸 You hit the snooze button, skip the morning workout, and rush to the office (or your work-from- home station), grabbing breakfast and a coffee at the drive-through. Eventually, it becomes the new morning
routine. You promise to yourself, “Monday, I’ll start again on Monday!” Sound familiar? If you’ve experienced this before, you’re not alone! If you’re ready to get back in the gym and improve your health, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips for getting back in shape and staying healthy. 🍎

o Link: https://www.extremebodyshaping.com/blog/4-tips-for-resuming-your-routine-in-the-gym

extremebodyshaping.com Sticking to healthy habits is hard with a hectic schedule. Find out how Farrell’s can help you reach your goals.



Visit the Elk River Farmers Market for a great selection of fresh produce, baked goods, honey, maple syrup, and much more!

The Elk River Farmers Market runs every Thursday, June through October from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the Park Plaza parking lot downtown!

You can also PRE ORDER from some of the vendors! This will help shorten your visit at the market, while ensuring you will have your favorite goods.



FREE WEEK: https://s.ripl.com/tk8t1y
Call or Text for more info: 763.777.1616
Next 10 Week Challenge Starts Oct 3rd!

❤️Meet Angie...

I started my FXB journey at the age of 49, and at my highest weight of 239lbs!

I chose FXB because I didn't know where else to start and had tried everything through the years. They had opened a location in Albertville and it seemed like the right time.
I struggled through the 10 week program at first. I couldn't do some of the exercises (sit-ups and lunges) and had to modify until I could use correct form.
But someone was always there to show me the form or modification so I eventually became stronger!

I finished the 10 week program and had lost 24lbs!
But the real transformation came when I became a member and signed up for the One year $10K challenge.
I stayed motivated and made friends who were choosing the same lifestyle! We held each other accountable and looked forward to seeing each other every day! There was nutrition guidance and fun competitions to enter. We had Fun Fridays and FIT60s on Saturdays were always something to be a little scared of, but I looked forward to challenging my body in new ways I never thought possible!

I finished the one year challenge and had lost 70lbs and 18% body fat!!

In the following 2 years, I became a coach and helped others get started on their fitness journeys. I was also asked to become an instructor and now teach strength and kickboxing.
I would've never imagined myself at age 52 doing the physical things I am doing, not to mention pushing my boundaries and being in front of people helping them to believe in what they are capable of.

Farrell's has given me the confidence to grow in every way imaginable.

Is it your time to believe in yourself?

#FXBStrong > Everything! 💪


It’s funny because it’s true 😂

#strengthtraining #farrellsextremebodyshaping

Great and delicious way to get your veggies in!

CLICK LINK FOR RECIPE: https://s.ripl.com/mhimw9

This is your MONDAY reminder that YOU’VE GOT THIS!🔥

🥊 Let’s start this week strong!


Which is Better—Weight Loss or Fat Loss?


If you’re looking to join a new gym or fitness program, it’s likely that one of your main goals is to lose weight. But what does losing weight really consist of? Is there a difference between losing weight and losing fat? Weight loss is different from fat loss, and it’s important to understand the two to help you reach your goals – and maintain them.

extremebodyshaping.com Is it better to lose weight or lose fat? Farrell’s discusses the differences between the two and how they impact your health.

😴Having trouble sleeping at night?

Here are 17 Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night!

Click here:

Busy week ahead of you?

🥬Set yourself up for success by making your healthy meals and snacks ahead of time!


✅CLICK HERE: https://s.ripl.com/2nukt8

😌You’ve worked hard all week and now is the time to rest and recover.

Take time today to stretch out your muscles by doing this stretching routine!

CLICK HERE: https://s.ripl.com/wmwqhg

Was...Is...And always will be. Tacos 🌮

However, we did eat an awful lot spaghetti when I was a kid 😂

🥊💥Starts now!💥🥊


We are excited to announce our Fall 2020 FIT Challenge, FIT-OPOLY! Members, please check your email for details!

Workout because you LOVE yourself!

10 Ways of Self-Care:

🥦Eat healthy foods
😴Take a well deserved Nap
🛀🏻Hot Bath
📚Read your favorite book
📱Disconnect from your phone
🎼Listen to calming music
🚶🏻‍♂️Go for a walk
💕Spend time with loved ones

💥Dig Deeper with Myzone®💥

❤️We MyZone!

Every Farrell's location offers Myzone, the industry-leading heart-rate monitoring system. When you work out with Myzone, you’ll be able to see your effort during class and push yourself harder to get the most out of your workout. Myzone tracks your activity with 99.4% accuracy. If you’re working, Myzone knows it!

#farrellsextremebodyshaping #myzone #cardiokickboxing #strengthtraining

😱5 years ago TODAY, Brittany and myself (Robyn) graduated from FXB University to become Franchise Owners!

I can still remember the first phone conversation I had with my sister when we made this decision to partner together...

Robyn: “I hate my job and I love Farrells! I am going to open a location!”

Brittany: “ok”

Robyn: “do you want to do this with me?”

Brittany: “ok”


And after dragging our husbands Drew and Zach into it, the rest is history! 3 FXB Locations later we are still having a blast!

#fxbelkriver #fxbalbertville #fxbforestlake #farrellsextremebodyshaping

🔥🔥🔥1.3K CLUB🔥🔥🔥

Congratulations to our member Amy for making the 1.3K Club. She has made it to the gym over 1,300 + times!

Let everyone know about your great accomplishment by making this your profile picture!

Amy Heltemes

🔥🔥🔥1.1K CLUB🔥🔥🔥

Congratulations to all of our members in the 1.1K Club. These members have been in class 1,100 + times!

Let everyone know about your great accomplishment by making this your profile picture!

Jennifer Krebs
Dawn Morrison
Tammy Felegy
Krisi Helland

🔥🔥🔥1.2K CLUB🔥🔥🔥

Congratulations to both of our members in the 1.2K Club. These members have been in class 1,200 + times!

Let everyone know about your great accomplishment by making this your profile picture!

Jeff Boettcher
Jodie Wegleitner

🔥🔥🔥1K CLUB🔥🔥🔥

Congratulations to all of our members in the 1,000 Club. These members have been in class 1,000 + times!

Let everyone know about your great accomplishment by making this your profile picture!

April Wick
Kristine Sievert
Trisha Bauer
Candace Hartwig
Terri Bergstrom

🔥🔥🔥900 CLUB🔥🔥🔥

Congratulations to all of our members in the 900 Club. These members have been in class 900 + times!

Let everyone know about your great accomplishment by making this your profile picture!

Jackie Benson
Shaun Flynn
Valerie Hanson
Melissa Weidner
Courtney Wirz

Easy...without hesitation,



What sport(s) did you play in high school? Do you still play?

❤️More than just a gym

“There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.”

They met at Farrells Extreme Bodyshaping Elk River and tattooed the gym coordinates on their arms. ❤️

#farrellsextremebodyshaping #friendshipgoals

🔥🔥🔥800 CLUB🔥🔥🔥

Congratulations to all of our members in the 800 Club. These members have been in class 800 + times!

Let everyone know about your great accomplishment by making this your profile picture!

Jon Helland
Karin Hendrickson
Mark Lindgren
Michele Nelson
Jason Rosati
Steven Wegleitner

🔥🔥🔥700 CLUB🔥🔥🔥

Congratulations to all of our members in the 700 Club. These members have been in class 700 + times!

Let everyone know about your great accomplishment by making this your profile picture!

Perry Beise
Darren Cotch
Stacy Heuer
Kari Kolles
Kristen Lade
Erin Lemmerman
Lisa McNulty
Kelley Meyers
Alex Powell
Julie Rolfes
Karrin Shackle
Leeann Skoriuchow

In order for us to get where we’re going, we need to know where to start. Once we get a baseline of weight, body composition, and stamina we can more easily track your results.

🔥Are you ready to see how your body transforms?!? Next 10 Week Challenge starting October 3rd!

#farrellsextremebodyshaping #inbody #resultsbasedfitnessprogram

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