Parkway Fencing Club

Parkway Fencing Club


Seeking a Host Family for a High School Exchange Student that does fencing!

Meet Alejandro from Spain. Alejandro says: Hello! I will be 16 years old, I enjoy running, soccer, movies, and swimming. My main passion at this time is fencing, and I have been doing this for some years now, and I hope to continue to practice this while on the program. I aspire to go on improving my fencing (even compete in the Olympics Games!). I also aspire to become a good History High School Teacher, and I would like to travel around the world. I would like to study History and become a teacher in a High School. To make my dream come true, I will strive every day. I'm interested in fencing (a very interesting and unusual sport), I'm independent, optimistic, and, above all, I am a good person.

CETUSA host families come in many shapes and sizes. You may be a single parent, an empty nester, a couple with or without children - All family dynamics are welcome!

As a host family you provide room and board for a student of your choice while the student has their own money to pay for the personal needs and school lunches. We just ask you love and support the student like your own child and show them what it's like to be an American.

To learn more about the benefits of hosting and sharing your life with Alejandro, or any other available exchange student, please send me a Facebook message, comment or email at [email protected] for more information.

And if you know anybody else who would be a great fit as a host family, feel free to LIKE and SHARE widely! Thank You! ❤️
For Sale-
Men’s zip Sabre lame size 38
Underarm protector size small
Men jacket size 36
Right handed glove size 7.5

In great condition $75, can meet for pickup or porch pick up
Margarita has become an American citizen. Now on to the Olympics
Fencing class at Lindbergh
I have two Left Handed youth fencing outfits for sale. Bag, foil, jacket, mask, glove. Please contact me at [email protected] if interested.
I'm interested in joining your fencing club. What are the age range and cost for admission?
Fencing class starts at Lindbergh
Rock Island Arsenal Museum, old fencing stuff to teach saber.
Van fencing Nationals
Van, BJ and Rick with Olympians Kelly and Kortney Hurley
Sending a hello from the Boustanys. I'm in VA visiting Marc and his family and we wondered if anyone who knew us is still in the club. Marc fenced with Chuck and the crew between 1980 and 1990.
For any fencers but especially our Epee, watch these fencers, especially the final. Lots of good stuff from which to learn.

Parkway Fencing is a club for both competitive and recreational fencers. We meet on Mondays and Wed

We meet on Mondays and Wednesday at Ellisville Elementary School

Operating as usual


Hello Everyone,

Just to confirm to everyone, because Rockwood cancelled Classes and activities we will not have fencing class or practice this evening.



Just a reminder that since school was closed today for a snow day, we will not be meeting tonight.



Hello Everyone,

Sorry this is last minute, I tried to send this yesterday but it errored out. Club will meet tonight but we will not be doing any bouting this will be our Holiday Party!

We will have cookies, bottles of water and play some games. Please bring your gear because for one of the games you will gear up and knock paper Christmas Trees off each other's masks. If anyone wants to bring any other treats, feel free to, just make sure you take the leftovers home.

We will be back on January 4th and then off on Monday January 16 (Martin Luther King Day).


I forgot to mention that we will not start till 7 tonight and finish by 8:30.


Just a reminder that there is no fencing tonight. Club will meet this Wednesday and we're back to our normal schedule next week.


Just a reminder, we will not be meeting tonight (Halloween and no one wants to fence) and we will also be closed next Monday November 7 as Rockwood schools will be closed.




A number of people have asked if we will have practice tonight because the Superintendent of Rockwood Schools is having a meet and greet at Wildwood Middle School. I double checked with Jeffrey the head Custodian and yes, we are still practicing in Gym B, they are also hosting volleyball in gym A. So please plan on coming tonight, just be aware that the parking lot will be a lot fuller.



Hello Everyone,

Just a few things. First and foremost we are meeting for practice Monday October 10. I know some schools are closed but we will be meeting at Wildwood Middle School.

Also regarding Club membership: we do not charge specifically for membership, just floor fees which are as follows:

Nightly $25

Monthly $80 (except this past September it will be $40

Bi annually September 2022-Jan 2023 $306, February 2023-June 2023 $340

Annual $570

Note, on Annual and Bi-Annual dues additional family members are discounted. The first family member pays the full rate, the second pays half the rate, the third pays one third and the fourth one fourth.

Monthly floor fees are due the beginning of the month (September and October of this year are due by October 17)

Biannual floor fees are due October 17 and February 15

Annual floor fees are due October 17.



We finally have everything sorted out. We will be meeting tonight at the new location.

Tonight will be our first night of club after the summer break, the first night of our beginner class, AND our first night at a new facility so it is safe to assume things will be a little hectic. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Hello Everyone,

I believe we finally have things worked out so we can start fencing tomorrow, Monday September 19. I was working with the Facilities manager for Rockwood School District and went to visit the Head Custodian at Wildwood Middle School on Thurdasy and everything looked good. There was a problem with their new log in system Thursday night and the facilities manager was off Friday, so I hope to have it cleared up by the end of the day. Please check our FaceBook page after 4 pm tomorrow and before you head out just to make sure.

We will be meeting at
Wildwood Middle School
17401 Manchester Road
Glencoe, MO 63038

You will enter from the main front doors and I will be near the entrance to get everyone situated.

I look forward to seeing everyone!



Hello Everyone,

I am sorry this is to late but I have been trying to secure our space at the school for fencing. I do not have everything sorted out yet, so instead of dragging things on day by day I am going to reset our start date to September 19. This should give me time to get everything set and we will adjust the dues for missing half of September.

Sorry about the delay.

Also if anyone needs to get sized for ordering gear, let me know, I can schedule time this Saturday afternoon. If you have any gear for sale, I suggest you post a reply to this thread with reply all and post what you have and the sizes.



Hello Everyone,

I have hopefully gotten everyone added to the email list that requested it. Everyone is anxious to get back to fencing and I am sorry for the delayed information but we have had some unforseen complications. Without boring everyone with details, we are still trying to get the Club USA Fencing membership renewed and get the space (hopefully the gym) booked at Ellisville until Christmas Break. Our tentative start date is Wednesday September 7.

For those needing to buy their equipment or buy new equipment, I will be available to size and assist you at my warehouse on Sunday August 28 from 2-5 pm and Wednesday August 31 from 6-8 pm. The location is :

RSV Fixtures
712 West Pearce Rear
Wentzville, MO 63385

It is located behind the Dollar General Store at 712 W Pearce.

If anyone has any questions, you can call me at 314-374-4800.


ps If anyone from the spring classes still has our gear or knows anyone who does, please have them contact me. Unfortunately this Spring we have had 6 or 7 people not return the clubs equipment yet.



Hello Everyone,

I have been out of town since the Friday the 22nd so I am a bit late on some things.

1. I will need some volunteers to help with the Camp Classes at Ellisville Elementary again this Tuesday August 2 and next Tuesday August 9. I hope to get at least 2 fencers for each weapon, It will be in the gym from 12:30 till about 3:30

2. We will be having a fencing picnic Sunday August 7 at Margaret Stoecker Park in Manchester. We will meet from Noon till about 3:00. The club will provide pizza at about 1 and bottled water. Feel free to bring anything else you want or want to share. All family members are welcome. We will play some games and have some fun. I hope that many of our departing seniors will be able to attend, the past few years we have not had the chance to say a proper farewell to a lot of our college aged fencers, so I hope you will all come too!

3. Finally, the Show Me State Games. We had 5 fencers who competed. Jackson and Adin competed in the open epee event and Adin, Kevin, Kayden and Elizabeth competed in the unrated epee event. This was the first tournament for Adin and Elizabeth and both won pool bouts their first time out. As happens often we had 2 fencers meet in the first DE with Kayden beating Adin. Kevin Lost his DE to the Silver medalist who went on to beat Kayden. Elzabeth won her first DE ever fenced in a come from behind 15-14 victory ( I know it shows 15-4 but it was 15-14). She then lost in the round of 4 to the eventual Gold Medal winner 15-13. Kayden and Elizabeth both won Bronze medals and at the Show Me State Games in mixed events, we also award medals to the top 4 women. As the only woman in this event, Elizabeth also got a Gold Medal. BJ, Don, TIm and I were all extremely proud of how our fencers fenced and how they conducted themselves.



Hello Again,

Once Again I would love to have some of our club fencers come to Ellisviller Elementary tomorrow (Tuesday July 19) From 12:30-3:00. Ideally I would like 2 people per weapon so they can fence and the kids can watch. We will also be letting the campers bout a little using the foam noodles and I need some referees for that. If you can make it please let me know.


p.s. Reminder that the Show Me State Games Tournament is this coming weekend in Columbia MO.


Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying summer. I have a few things to let you know about:

If any club fencers want to help out by doing some demonstrations and helping I will do doing and intro fencing session on Tuesdays for the Rockwood Adventure Club Summer Camp. Not sure it the location will be the same every week but this Tuesday July 12 we will be at Ellisville Elementary. I ideally need at least 2 fencers of each weapon. You will be fencing like normal while I explain what is happening to the campers. We will then do a class with them with the foam noodles and they you will help ref them as they spar.
Anyone who is interested let me know.

Show Me State Games fencing tournament is Friday and Saturday Jule 23/24. Any club fencers who are interested let me know.

Finally, if you have borrowed equipment either for class or just club fencing, we do need it back so please contact me.




Hello Everyone,

I apologize but I was not aware that the School would be closed in honor of Juneteenth this Monday. I am sorry for the inconvenience but we will meet again on Wednesday June 22.



Hello Everyone,

I need to let everyone that someone who was at fencing practice last night, Wednesday June 8 tested positive for Covid today. Please take whatever actions your health care provider advises. We will not be meeting next week and will return on Monday Jue 20.




For various reasons, we will not have enough coaches to be Safesport compliant so we wil not be able to have Fencing Practice this evening. We should be back Monday June 6 and Wednesday June 8. We will be closed the week of June 13 and then be back Monday and Wednesday the last 2 weeks of June.



Hello Everyone,

I need to let everyone know that I have tested positive for Covid. I am fine, so do not be concerned for me but I want to make sure that anyone who was at fencing on Monday May 23 takes precautions. Also because of this, we will move back to having everyone attending wear masks. I am sorry for this and sincerely hope that no one else comes down with this.

Rick Valvero
Parkway Fencing Club

Crestview Middle School · 16025 Clayton Rd, Ballwin, MO 63011 05/18/2022

Crestview Middle School · 16025 Clayton Rd, Ballwin, MO 63011

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that tonight's class/practice will be held at Crestview Middle School in the Cafeteria. You will want to park in the lot on the Valley Road side of the building and enter through the main entrance. The Cafeteria is immediately to your left.

Hope to see everyone there!


Crestview Middle School

Crestview Middle School · 16025 Clayton Rd, Ballwin, MO 63011 ★★★★☆ · Middle school


Hello Everyone,

Rockwood has cancelled all facility usage this evening (Wednesday 4/13) because of the weather so we will not be meeting. We will be back Monday.


Also, if you are not receiving our email updates and would like to, email [email protected] and ask to be added to the email list.


Hello Everyone,
Just a reminder that we WILL be fencing both Monday and Wednesday this week. I know that Rockwood does not have classes because it is a professional day for the teachers, but we will still meet.



Just a quick reminder, Rockwood is on Spring Break this week so we will not have fencing . We will return on March 28.



Hello Everyone,

Rockwood School District has canceled all after school activities for tonight so we will not be meeting.



Hello everyone,

Most of you probably already know, but we will not be meeting Wednesday February 2 as the school is closed due to weather.



Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. I have some unfortunate news, one of our saber fencers tested positive for Covid last Thursday. They were at practice last Wednesday, so if anyone who was around last Wednesday has any symptoms we asked that you please get tested and quarantine.



Club is meeting today (Monday, January 3rd).


Happy Holidays Everyone.

Monday 12/20 we will be meeting at Ellisville but we will not be fenicng, we will have a Holiday party. We will be playing some games, possibly having our indoor snowball fight and just have some fun. The club will be providing cookies and bottled water. After that we will be off until Monday January 3.


home 10/26/2021


There is a National Tournament this coming weeknd. Sorry for the late notice on this but a request for volunteers went to my spam file. It is as follows:

"We are looking for some volunteers for set up and tear down for the St. Louis NAC in a few weeks. We need volunteers on Wednesday 10/27 from 10am- 4:30pm and Monday 11/1 from 4pm-8pm. Would you or anyone at your club be interested in helping out with the NAC? If people volunteer we will provide them lunch on the day they are volunteering and offer a free registration for a NAC or JO's. If you or anyone would be interested, please let me know.

Adam Mack

Regional Events Coordinator

Pronouns: He, Him, His

Office: 719.866.4652 | Fax: 719.325.8998

210 USA Cycling Point, Suite 120 | Colorado Springs, CO 80919"



Hello Everyone,

Ellisville Elementary will be closed on Wed 10/27 and Monday 11/1.

We will be back on 11/3.

Absolute Fencing Gear - Fencing Equipment 09/07/2021

Absolute Fencing Gear - Fencing Equipment

Hello Everyone,

We are finally going to get back to regular fencing practices! All of the coaches are excited to get back to work with you. Since the club suspended because of Covid we were able to run some classes with Continuing ED. Because of this we will have several new fencers joining us, please make sure to introduce yourself and make them feel welcome. To the new fencers, the coaches are excited that you are joining us.

Here is the basic information you will need:

We are waiting for final approval but plan to start Monday September 13th. We will be meeting Monday and Wednesday nights in the cafeteria at Ellisville Elementary from 6:30-9:00 pm. USA Fencing protocols require that you wear a mask and we will be checking temperatures before anyone can enter. You will also need to have a valid USA Fencing membership (for the new fencers I will go over that with you at club). You should wear your full fencing uniform but in a pinch, we will allow long pants, you will not be allowed to fence in shorts.

Club dues will actually be a bit lower, since we are starting later than I had hoped, we are going to base our membership fees on 9.5 months instead of 10 except annual dues which will be based on 9 months. We will still run through the end of June 2022 and I hope that many of our fencers will compete in the Show Me State Games next summer. The exact fees are:

Nightly: $25. To be paid the night you are fencing.
Monthly: $80 except September which will be $40. To be paid the first week of the month.
Semi Annual: September-January $306, February-June $340. To be paid by October 1 and February 15.
Annual: $540. To be paid by October 1.

For anyone who needs equipment, I still recommend Absolute Fencing. For the new fencers here is a link to their Starter Set page:
Starter Sets (

You will need the Deluxe Electric Starter sets (foil DEF001, epee DEE001, saber DES001).

Anyone who wants help with sizing, I will be available Thursday 9/12 from 6-8 pm and Friday from 3-5 pm. This will be at my warehouse in Wentzville (this is where we are storing our equipment now). Just make arrangements with me via email and I will get you the address.

I really look forward to seeing you all!

This information was also sent out in an email. If you did not receive the email it means you are not on our email list. If you would like to receive our emails, let me know and I'll add you to the list.

Rick Valvero
Parkway Fencing Club

Absolute Fencing Gear - Fencing Equipment NJ-Based Fencing gear and Fencing Equipment supplier offers self branded Absolute Fencing Gear as well as Negrini Fencing Equipment and Uhlmann Fencing Equipment. Absolute Fencing sells beginner fencing equipment, mid-range, and high end FIE certified fencing equipment offering a true one stop shopp...

Upcoming Clinics :: FRED: Fencing Tournaments 05/18/2021

Upcoming Clinics :: FRED: Fencing Tournaments

Hello Everyone,

We will start practices this Saturday at Ellisville Elementary. We have a cap of 12 fencers per session, epee and foil will be in the first session and epee an saber in the second session. The you will need to have your USA Fencing membership current by Saturday. The links to the sessions are:

Session 1

More Info :: FRED: Fencing Tournaments

Session 2

More Info :: FRED: Fencing Tournaments
We will have something to work toward. The Show Me State Games Fencing Tournament is tentatively scheduled for July 17 and 18!

Can't wait to see everyone.


Upcoming Clinics :: FRED: Fencing Tournaments


Hello Everyone,

For some reason, my group emails have not been going through. Hopefully I have gotten this resolved. This message will be posted on facebook as well so if you only see it on facebook and not as an email please let me know by emailing me @ [email protected] .

We are able to rent space at a Rockwood School on the weekend for practice. We had talked about that before and needed 24 fencers but fell well short. That option is still available as long as a new one that requires fewer fencers. I am going to list the options below and please let me know if you are interested in one or both.

Option 1) We would meet at Selvedge Middle School on Saturday from 1-4 pm. You will need to commit to a 4 week session at $180 per session. We can accommodate 12-14 fencers.

Option 2 We would meet at Selvedge Middle School on Saturday and have 2 groups, you would have to stay in your same group for the entire 4 week session. The time slots would be 1-3 and 3-4 and cost $100 per session. We need 10-12 fencers per time slot.

Thank you for all of the support throughout this unprecedented year. All of the coaches will be happy to get back to tinally working with our fencers again.

Rick Valvero
Parkway Fencing Club


Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

First, just a reminder that we will be having a zoom meeting tonight at 7:30 pm. I will send the invitation this evening about an hour before the meeting. More importantly to most is an update on when we will resume regular practices. I know many of you saw that Rockwood is offering a beginning class at Selvedge. Parkway Fencing is running that class if the class can meet all the criteria necessary, but that does not mean that any third-party groups are allowed to use the facilities yet.

Basically, the first priority is district classes, the second is district programs, and not all programs will be starting this semester. Third-party groups are highly restricted for the time being ( I spoke with the Rockwood Facilities Manager just this morning for a status update ). The only option for us at this point would be to rent the facility on a Saturday or Sunday and we would be required to pay for janitorial staff at time and a half to clean and disinfect the space. If we have enough people are interested we could pursue that (we would need at least 24 fencers to commit).

- Rick


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are going to have a Zoom meeting this Wednesday, December 16 at 7:30 PM. This will be our virtual Christmas Party and I want you to wear and show your best Christmas socks. Since we have not had a sock competition for a while I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. The winner (in the event of a tie both winners) will get a $10 gift certificate to Absolute Fencing Gear. I would also like everyone to share talk about some of their family Holiday traditions.

I look forward to seeing you all, at least virtually.


Hello everyone!

First and foremost, I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. I am sorry for the radio silence lately but things have been extremely hectic for me outside of fencing. I owe some of you emails and text replies and I will get to them in the next day or so.

What everyone really wants to know is, are we going to start fencing again. The short answer is yes. The full answer is we are not sure when we will be able to meet regularly. I spoke with the Facilities Manager for Rockwood School District Monday and as of now, they are not allowing any outside activities/groups inside the schools. We could meet outside and I am still working to find out protocols we will have to observe. I am also working on a way for us to start offering private lessons, again making sure we can follow all required protocols. One thing we are going to do is work up a training schedule. We will make this so you can easily do all the exercises and drills from home needing a few minimal things (2 empty one gallon milk jugs, a tennis ball, eyebolt, fishing line, paper plate and a sock, seriously, those are the items).

I would like to start zoom meetings beginning Wednesday September 9 if people are interested in participating. Please let me know.

Finally, thank you all for your patience and support.

Rick Valvero
Parkway Fencing Club



I hope everyone is doing well.

We have been having zoom meetings the last few weeks, mostly just socializing and trying to keep in touch with everyone. Monday however we are going to have a specific activity that I hope most of you will join in on. We are going to start doing a monthly fencing trivia game. While it is for fun, there are going to be some questions where you will be learning things, about the club, our coaches and the rules of fencing. I have sent invitations out just a little while ago via email. If for some reason you are not getting emails from the club, please first check you spam folder and if you still do not have it let me know so I can get you taken care of.

Best wishes



Hello Everyone.

First and foremost, I hope everyone is well and staying safe. I had sent an email last week but no one got it, this completely caused by operator error, no surprise there. Part of the subject of that email was about the time we have missed and what we are going to do about it. In light of today's announcement that schools will be closed until the fall, I wanted to reach out and let you know that we will be issuing refunds to those who have paid annual and semi annual dues. Now that we know we will not be back this semester, we know that rebates will be 35% of the annual dues and 70% of the semi annual dues. If you paid monthly for March and your check was cashed, we will refund you for half the amount.

That was part of the message, but wait, there's more! We would still like to keep in touch with our fencers and to that end, BJ is setting up a Youtube channel for the Club. I will also set up some Zoom conferences . Per a teleconference with USA Fencing last week, Club insurance does not cover online lessons. We will follow the guidelines set forth by USA Fencing (despite some protests by many coaches to USA Fencing). While we are not going to be running online lessons, we are going to show some of the things we are doing to keep sharp and stay in shape. After we get this going, I encourage everyone to share videos of ANYTHING, training, activities you are doing to keep busy or even just a video to say hello.

I will be doing the first Zoom meeting next week tentatively Monday evening. Look for an invitation to join the meeting via email in the coming days.




Since we have started spring break a lot has happened. As most of you know, Rockwood School District along with most others have suspended school until April 6. In addition USA Fencing has told Clubs to suspend all activities until April 6. As of now, that will be our first day back. If anything changes I will let you know. I do know that the State of Kansas has cancelled classes through the end of the school year but so far for us it is April 6. In the meantime, everyone stay safe, try to eat right, get plenty of rest and work on your pushups, wall sits and planks.

Hope to see you soon!



Just a quick reminder, due parent conferences this week and spring break next week, we will not have fencing practice until Monday March 23.


Happy President's Day

Just a reminder, as today is Presidents Day and the schools are closed we will not have practice tonight.

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