Moving Prana Structural Bodywork

Moving Prana Structural Bodywork


Mark is an incredibly intuitive in his work through massage and energy movement. I walked out feeling understood, grounded and genuinely two inches taller! Beyond that, Mark is a kind and joyful soul who is also very professional. Highly recommend!!
Mark's body work gave immediate and lasting relief for a shoulder injury that had been bothering me for some time.
His sessions are very soothing and make my whole body feel good.

Welcome to Moving Prana: Structural Bodywork, Yoga, and Wellness. People enjoy my healing work for its directness, sensitivity and strength. I'm honored to help you be your best you!

[email protected]

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Morning yoga has been my staple for more than 20 years, and I'm sop grateful to have found the practice. Tuesdays and Thursdays I lead a small group, and mix in some bodywork / adjustments.


Join Mark For..
Yoga @ Mettacine
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Fitness Presence


One of my fav spots for some bike and stretch Yoga sesh. Activate, release, experience.


Great to be doing Yoga in the Park with these wise compassionate beings. Learning more from them every day!


Yoga in the park


Low carb, high fat, medium protein diet, combined with exercise, does a body good. Shocker!


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"That was amazing!

I had to lie there and laugh and cry and pray for a few minutes.

Pure Bliss! Thank You"

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Moving Prana Structural Bodywork updated their address. 03/16/2018

Moving Prana Structural Bodywork updated their address.

Moving Prana Structural Bodywork updated their address.

Moving Prana Structural Bodywork updated their information in their About section. 03/16/2018

Moving Prana Structural Bodywork updated their information in their About section.

Moving Prana Structural Bodywork updated their information in their About section.


Thank you for visiting my business page.

My goal as a wellness practitioner is to help you feel your best.

Prana is the Sanskrit word for bio-electric energy, and it's movement is key for an optimally functioning body and consciousness.

Mention this page for 10% off your first visit.

I look forward to working with you.



"Mark is a conscious, conscientious body worker with a strong grounded presence, and intuitive, healing hands"
~ Florence Schneider, therapist

"Mark opened me up to an entirely new range of motion."
~Brian, semi-pro athlete, Petaluma,Ca

"Wow, you obviously know what you're doing. I get a lot of bodywork; you are working muscles that no one else does."
~James, Fairfax,Ca

"Mark is an extraordinary bodyworker - intutive, strong but gentle, compassionate, with a clean and deeply loving touch."
~ Dearbhla Kelly, Yoga teacher

"Best massage I've had in years!"
~Mark Mckenna, Author

"That was AWESOME!!"
~ Rowan Mastandrea, Artist

" Thanks very much, Mark. Your presence is great, and i feel very relaxed. 10/10!"
~Alisha Musicant, Massage Therapist


Happy to be offering yoga in Fairfax again, and the best in deep tissue massage.


Thank you for visiting my moving prana business page.


Happy to be doing bodywork, and sharing with my fellow practitioners! Thanks for the work yesterday, Pam!


Many clients who come to me for massage complain of common symptoms: Tension in the low back, neck and shoulders.

What else do they have in common? Tight hamstrings.

Here's a 5 minute exercise to help with the back, and hamstrings.

If i only do 1 stretch in the morning, its the roll-up: forward fold, knees bent, and alternately stretching one leg, then the other. Lengthening the hamstrings thusly will release tension from the hips, and in turn, the low back.

The roll-up will reseat the intervertebral discs.

Finally, roll the shoulders back and away from the chest, seating the shoulder blades on the back. This postural habit reduces neck tension, opens the chest for breath, and invites a healthy outlook.

Do this while waiting for the tea water to boil. 5 min a day, for a week, and your body will thank you!

Untitled album 04/24/2012

Moving Prana BodyWork in Action


Thank you for a real good Time bhaktifest. It was great to be out with my yogi sangha in the Josh tree desert offering healings. Looking forward to next year!

Transformational Healing Touch

Experience Bodywork that is :

* Therapeutic * Nurturing * Deep * Integrating

My technique blends Deep and Energetic methods to help your body unwind from stress and tension patterns; sometimes these go deep into the psyche.

Using various physiological release techniques, I help clients regain a sense of feeling good.

I look forward to helping you reclaim the best you!





751 Center Blvd
Fairfax, CA

General information

CONTACT: [email protected]; 415-336-1206 To Inquire, or Schedule An App.t

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