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Flowing together


Saturday soliloquy:

When your voice shakes, speak anyway.
When your feet are calloused, keep walking.
When your heart is broken, love anyway.
When you’re tired, get to work.
When you want to give up, double down on your commitments.
When no one stands by you, stand up for yourself.
Let earthquakes teach you how to dance and floods teach you how to swim.

This is what it will take to create the greatest version of yourself. No bu****it. Just perseverance on a whole new level.


Yesterday we made some changes to the studio room, including taping the floor to designate rows and spots where you can set down your yoga mat.

You might not think it would make any difference at all, but ask any of the students and they’ll tell you it absolutely did!

Instead of being splayed all over the room in far corners and little islands and no real structure to the layout of the students, we lined up side-by-side in neat rows. We had 17 students, even though we can hold space for 50.

Even with less than half the room full, the students committed to being in rows and practicing next to one another. This brought a completely new sense of energy, community, commitment, and accountability to each person in the room.

It made it more fun. More communal. It felt more connected like everyone was sharing the space and practice together.

So even if there’s just six people in a class, we’re going to keep encouraging you to practice side-by-side with each other. It makes a big a difference.


Change is constant and nothing lasts forever.

Every day is a different day (change), and no day lasts forever.

We might feel as if each day is the same - seeing the same people, going to the same places, having the same schedule each week…but the truth is, the date on the calendar always changes to the next number at midnight each day. No one has ever done this day before.

The belief that each day is the same is a false belief that will keep you stuck in life. You don’t have to create a new workout routine every day or change partners every five years to mix it up or to add excitement to your life. All you have to do is recognize that no two days are the same. When you recognize that every day is different and that you don’t get an unlimited number of days to live, you’ll show up in a new way each day. 🙂

Photos from Power Yoga Fort Myers's post 05/04/2024

Attention! ‼️⭐️🚨🙌

The newest B Mat color just came in. This one is called Solar Orange and it might be the prettiest color they have made yet!

Did you know that we have sold over 50 B Mats in the 9 months we’ve been open? Our community loves them! All of our rental mats are the same mats we sell at the studio, so you can try one out before you make your buying decision.

We only have a small amount of the new color, so get it before it sells out!

Photos from Power Yoga Fort Myers's post 05/02/2024

In case you haven’t been with us from the beginning, we are just about 9 months old. It’s always fun to appreciate where we came from and how much transformation and progress we make, personally & professionally.

Scroll through to see some captures of what our remodeling and physical transformation progress looked like 😁🤸‍♂️


April challenge winner!!!


Meditation within a yoga class. The balance of effort and ease.


Join us for this super fun handstand workshop 🤸‍♂️

In the first 24 hours of announcing this workshop, more than 10 people have already signed up! It’s gonna be a really fun workshop. Here’s what you can expect:

A 15-minute yoga flow to get warmed up.

Breaking down alignment (there’s a lot that goes into getting your body straight).

Learning lots of new drills and practices which include using walls, socks, blocks, straps, and partners.

Overcoming your fear of getting upside down or falling (we teach you how to confidently & safely fall out of the pose so you’re won’t ever hurt yourself).

Having FUN with a vibrant community!

Only $10 (less than the price of a regular yoga class!!!). Why is it so cheap for such a focused special event? Because it’s not about making money. It’s about creating access for community & growth (two of our core values).

This workshop is suitable for all levels. Whether you can hold a handstand for one minute or if you’ve never attempted one in your life, you will walk away with powerful tools that support and empower you. No experience necessary. Just an open mind and a curious body.

Head to www.poweryogafortmyers.com/workshops to sign up!


Check out this awesome consistency 🔥

After the first 20 days, here’s how many classes these yogis have practiced in April:

Andrew 21
Brandon 20
Georgia 19
Liz 18
Robin 18
Mariana 17

For every class you practice with us, we donate $1 to a charity (if you mark it down on our free challenge board 😉).

We’re already at $350 raised in the first 20 days of April. If we keep this pace up, we’ll have our biggest monthly donation yet!!

This is one small way to show that your being here makes a difference.


Our sticky-note wall. Just another way you can create community, positivity, encouragement and contribution here at the studio.

Each Monday we’ll put up a new prompt for you to leave your response to. This is in our back community room. So if you don’t venture back there too often, now you have a reason too! Great area to chat and make friends with others, too 😉.


Do you experience mental health challenges? Rumination, anxiety, attachment, depression, over-thinking, constant worry, stress, feeling like a fraud or a failure, comparing to others, not confident in social settings?

Yoga can help! How?

1. Awareness. By committing to yoga practices (asana, meditation, inquiry) you create more awareness to what you’re feeling and where it’s coming from so you can begin to work on it.

2. Presence. When you’re doing a yoga practice, you shift your focus from those mentally draining challenges, and put your focus onto something productive and powerful in your body right now. It takes you out of your head so you can break free from those disempowering thoughts.

3. Community. Being around others who create a supportive environment is one of the best ways to get out of your head and back into a state of gratitude and connection.

Yoga is so much more than a workout. It gives you tools for everyday life. That’s what we practice and teach here. If you dig it, let us know in the comments!


Thanks for making our first Tuesday night assist class such a blast!

Georgia gives fantastic hands-on assists and the community is a YES for it!

There’s a big energy of community, support, playfulness and joy when we work together. When we work with the people to the left and the right of us. When we work with our body to create more space.

Join us every Tuesday at 6pm for our big community class with hands-on assists from Georgia. 🙌 🙏🤸‍♂️


Amazing news!!! Starting tomorrow, the amazing Georgia will be giving hands-on assists to every Tuesday 6pm class!

In baptiste yoga communities, it’s common to have a teaching team (yoga teachers) and an assisting team (people who give hands on assists). We are so excited to start this new addition to our community!

Why hands-on assists?

1. Support. This could look like helping students with alignment, balance, to encourage breath or drishti, suggesting to use a prop or taking a modification in a pose, and creating stability through muscle engagement.

2. Connection. Each assist will help to create more connection to your own body by bringing a greater level of awareness and possibility into your pose.

3. Learn. Sometimes hands-on assists can teach you more than the words a yoga teacher says. A teacher might say something 100 times, but until you feel what they are speaking to in your body, it might not ever make sense to you. Assists bring greater clarity and depth to learning.

4. Empower. Assists are designed to empower the student. To allow for the experience of confidence, strength, and ease in their poses.

What assists are NOT:

Fixing, correcting, shaming, or forcing.

So come out to our Tuesday night classes for some extra fun and community! PS - Tuesday nights are our highest attended class of the week. So join us and let’s have a party!

Photos from Power Yoga Fort Myers's post 04/14/2024

Starting today, our free sunset yoga class will take place from 6:30pm - 7:30pm at Lakes Park.

We move the class time throughout the year to match the time of sunset. We want you to be able to practice in the beautiful glow of golden hour.

See you there!


40 days celebration class!

Congratulations to our 40 Days group for completing this revolutionary program!

For the past 40 days, participants committed to a daily meditation practice, a yoga practice, reading, changes to their nutrition, making changes to their overall lifestyle and relationships, and helped to support each other all along the way.

The group we had was clearly dedicated and stayed the course. When you surround yourself with others who are committed to doing the work, you make choices that push you beyond your comfort zone. To have a new experience of ourselves we must let go of our old ways of being.



People love our positivity jar. And our monthly challenge board. And our fun community videos. Now there’s a new way to leave your mark in our studio, literally!

In our back lounge room, each week we’ll throw up a new prompt for you to leave a response to via sticky notes on the wall. Simple, interactive, communal, and fun!

See you at the studio, where we want you to leave your mark!


As a yoga studio, a lot of people who walk through our doors experience a lot of mental health challenges. Whether it be anxiety and depression, or uncertainty about where their life is headed, or a turbulent time in a relationship, finances or their career.

Yoga offers a space for healing. Sometimes that looks like crying in the middle of class. Other times that’s letting a smile come through after falling out of a pose. In those moments there’s a release of built up tension and pressure. THAT is part of the healing process.

Most humans experience mental and emotional challenges throughout life. But what’s different about the space of a yoga studio, is that people come here to heal and move through those challenges. They walk in wearing those challenges on their face, and they let their guard down and use the mat as an opportunity to create intimacy (into-me-I-see) with themselves.

In other settings like going to a bar, you’re often putting on a new face (physically with makeup, or emotionally by suppressing what’s going on under the surface) and trying to be someone else. The more we play pretend and cover up, the further we step away from who we really are. And if we get good at that for long enough, we won’t know ourselves at all. We’ll be living in a place of delusion. Our relationships will be fake, our conversations will be surface level, and we’ll be on the hamster wheel of life, always moving but never fulfilled, because we know we skipped over an important step.

So when you think everyone’s got it together - trust us, most people don’t. We’re all coming apart at the seams in our own ways. And the more we surrender into that, the more we can put ourselves back together in a stronger and more loving way.


What is community?

This picture was taken in March of 2019 in Ojai, California, where myself and a large group of highly certified baptiste yoga teachers and yoga studio owners from around the world gathered to practice and share ideas & practices to empower our communities and lives for a 4-day summit led by Baron Baptiste.

Community was flowing every moment of the 4-day summit, from asana practices, to discussions, to workshops, to social connections with people we’ve been friends with for years - all lit up and inspired to keep forging ahead to make a difference in the world. These were leaders who managed teams of more than 100 yoga teachers in their organizations, and business leaders who have been opening and expanding yoga studios to dozens of locations for over 10 years. People from different continents from around the world. It was at this event just over 5 years ago that I decided I was going to open a yoga studio. And look where we are now 😉

So, back to my first question…what is community?

Is it being popular?
Is it having the most reviews?
Is it selling out and having a waitlist for classes?
Is it about being liked?

Lots of people get coffee from Starbucks everyday. But until you have conversations with the barista’s and create more depth, you’re just consuming a product, not actually partaking in community. People could do yoga everyday, and not actually engage in community. You walk in, get your sweat on, and leave. Just as someone can walk into Starbucks each day, get their drink, and be on their way. So what is community?

Community is about the depth of:

intentionality for how we gather.

Are you contributing to those things as a member of a specific community?

Learn to be with the community that’s right in front of you. What if what we did on our yoga mats wasn’t the main attraction? What if we used that as an excuse to practice being in community with others?

Community isn’t about packed rooms. It’s about being for the people in the room with you. Each room. Each person.


Tik Tok Dance. 2pm on Sundays. Always free. Let loose and be silly.


Thank you Nick for leading our very first workshop at the studio! And thank you to every one who came out. It was a wonderful experience and we are all walking away with new tools we can immediately implement into our everyday lives!

Be on the lookout for our next workshop happening next month, and many more fun topics to explore and share each and every month. 🤸‍♂️🤩🙌

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Flowing together
April challenge winner!!!
Hot yoga will always win 😁
Meditation within a yoga class.  The balance of effort and ease.
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Tik Tok Dance.  2pm on Sundays.  Always free.  Let loose and be silly.
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