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Offering accessible, traditional Yoga to reconnect with the sacred nature around us and within us

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Welcome to Earth Awareness Month! Every April, leaders and activists around the world join hands, hearts, and minds to raise awareness around the issues that impact sustainability, the environment, and Mother Nature. We only have one home! What can you explore this month to learn more about contributing care? What small things are you doing to leave the world better everyday? Leave ideas below! πŸ’šπŸŒŽ


You might already have met Nichole out in the Wild, as this artistic free spirit is happy teaching yoga anywhere that she has a mat handy! Nichole's first yoga experience was working with online videos during the free time she found when managing her young family. As a lifelong athlete, she found that intense training took a toll, so she was naturally drawn to the more balanced and integrated style of movement that yoga offers. Now, as a teacher, she excels at sharing a creative practice that's inclusive and nurturing, and balances that with the rest we all need. Join her at Sacred Nature Studio for All Levels, Wednesdays at 9:30am!


Meet Ashley! Ashley offers such a grounding, intentional practice that you'll leave class feeling both balanced and refreshed. She dabbled with yoga for years, but it was in 2017 that a regular practice began to nurture the bright light she needed to inspire some balance in a very busy and stressful life. She became a trauma-informed teacher because she knows the profound growth and healing that are possible through yoga, and shares tools like breath focus and intentional embodiment with her students. She's also an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist and a certified Warriors at Ease teacher! Join her Thursday nights, starting in May.


We are so thrilled to have Karina at Sacred Nature Studio because her teaching style is an awesome combination of fun, accessible, challenging, inspiring and--did we say fun? Karina has not only been teaching yoga since 2017, she's also certified as an NASM personal trainer, a Reiki 2 practitioner, and an Ayurveda Yoga Specialist and loves bringing what she learns to students to shape a creative, balancing, and well-rounded practice. Start your weekend off right and join Karina this Saturday for the 8am Fire Power Flow at Sacred Nature! πŸ’š


Meet Melinda! "Inda" is a local Rockstar, and you'll find her as comfortable creating giant murals and fine henna tattoos as she is guiding a beautiful yoga class from her mat. When this old soul isn't out using her artistic skills to make the world a lovelier place, she's helping students find the balance between effort and ease on the mat and in life through gentle and nurturing practices. Join her Friday mornings at 11am for Gentle Stretch and Strengthen Sacred Nature Studio!

Henna Magick .magick


Happy Easter weekend from the Sacred Nature Team! We have class as usual on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday, our teachers will be off to spend time with their families and friends. We hope you have a fantastic holiday! πŸ’šπŸ°πŸ£


Meet Jennifer! At the same time warm and thoughtful, Jennifer makes sure to provide a safe and welcoming space for every student that joins her classes. She first found her way to yoga in college, and loved that it the practice was always there waiting for her no matter how many times a busy life pulled her away. She has a passion for providing accessible practices, and holds Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, trauma-informed yoga, and adaptive instructor certifications, and also does important work with Warrior at Ease. Join her Tuesdays at 7 for an awesome All Levels practice!


Happy Holi! This Hindu Festival of Colors is celebrated in India, Nepal, other South Asian countries, and signifies a time of rebirth and rejuvenation β€” a time to embrace the positive and let go of negative energy. Here's hoping you make space for joyous optimism and honoring the newness of the season today and everyday!


Meet "V"! V has dabbled in yogic practices and philosophies since doing martial arts as a kid, but it was in college that she committed to a deeper experience and found the support she was looking for. She's always been athletic, and a fiery personality and competitive intensity eventually led to hip injuries that required two surgeries to improve. As a veteran-spouse and a recovering injured-athlete, she brings a compassionate level of sensitivity and trauma-informed teaching to her practices that encourages positive acceptance and assured growth. Join V Sacred Nature Studio Wednesdays at 7:30pm for a Gentle and Restorative practice and Thursdays at 7pm for All Levels.

Photos from Sacred Nature Studio's post 03/23/2024

So thankful to Ann from for this awesome exploration of the Chakras today, and for always bringing so much grace and integrity to this important work. Many awesome workshops coming to in the coming months! See you on the mat. πŸ’š


Meet Liz! Although she's a newer yoga teacher, Liz packs the biggest heart, brightest smile, and most encouragement you'll find into her classes at Sacred Nature Studio. As a middle school educator and the mom of a nearly tween and a pair of littles, she knows how to wrangle your attention to keep it with you during your practice! Join her for an advanced Yoga 2 practice Sunday mornings at 8, and an accessible All Levels practice to follow at 9:30.


Meet Sue! has been practicing yoga for over 16 years, but it's obvious when you join her for class that this isn't her first lifetime around the yoga block. She effortlessly translates her own experiences of deep connection and steadiness in practice into her teaching sequences, and students are moved from a thoughtful series of poses to a rejuvenating relaxation through her cadence and intention. Join Sue at Sacred Nature Studio Wednesday mornings at 11 for Gentle Stretch and Strengthen (gentle floor/mat practice), and Friday nights at 6:30 for our Friday Night Flow to cap off your work week and ease into the weekend. πŸ’š


Join us in welcoming intuitive and educator Ann Merli of Cardinal Way Wellness for an exceptional afternoon of insight and exploration of the Chakra system. This awesome workshop is open to anyone interested in Self-Discovery and growth! By using the chakra system as a roadmap through the ages of life, we can gain a deeper understanding of the impacts of our past experiences, as a framework for aligning with the present, and as a guide for what is yet to come. Not to be missed! Sponsored by Sacred Nature Studio, Saturday, March 23rd from 1-5pm. Visit for more info, and share with friends! Counts for 4 CEUs for YA.


Meet Christie! This incredible yogi has such an infectious smile and laugh that when you meet her you'll want to be besties! She has a broad approach to supporting students' wellness, but helping them by meeting them where they are is paramount to the way she inspires. She loves to teach yoga to all levels of students, but at Sacred Nature Studio, she supports our community with a fun and creative Yoga 1 class on Thursdays at 9, and through an empowering and encouraging class at 10:30 on Thursdays. Make plans to join her today!


Meet Lisa! As one of the most dedicated yoga practitioners we've met, Lisa delivers a truly inspiring and authentic practice for students that draws from her own experience of and connection to the science of Yoga. Lisa loves to learn, and encourages the same exploration and excitement in her students through awesome All Levels classes Sacred Nature Studio Tuesdays at 5:30 and Saturdays at 9:30, and a balanced experience of Yin Yoga Tuesdays at 4. Don't wait to join her!


Has a been a minute since you've taken a breather? Time to schedule your class for this weekend! If your days are already packed, make space during the week for some time to reset on the mat.

9:30am All Levels with Chip, 11am Gentle with Melinda, 6pm Friday Night Flow with Sue
8:00am Fire Power Flow with Karina, 9:30am All Levels with Lisa, NO 11am Yoga 1 This week!
8:00am Yoga 2 with Liz, 9:30 All Levels with Liz, NO Gentle Sound Bath or Omni-Natal this week! 6:30 All Levels Weekly Reset with Randi

See You On the Mat!


Meet Jamie! As the captain of the Sacred Nature Studio team, Jamie spent many years supporting the local yoga community as a teacher at Yoga Bird where she received her initial and advanced teacher trainings. She decided to create a warm and welcoming space to honor and continue the community and lineage that were so supportive and transformative for her own growth and healing. Jamie has a passion for welcoming beginners to the mat through accessibility, for empowering students' growth through education, and for encouraging positive acceptance in body and mind. Join Jamie for a variety of classes Sunday through Wednesday, including All Levels, Yoga 1, Gentle Stretch and Strengthen, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Sound Bath, and Chair Yoga. πŸ’š


The daylight savings switch can throw your rhythms for a loop, and if you're feeling a little wiped out or scattered this week, it's a great idea to give yourself some space to adjust. Sign yourself up for a Gentle Practice for some subtle support and restorative rest before the transition to the Spring season next week. See you Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday at 11am!


Meet Chip! As an avid yogi and self-professed anatomy-nerd, his humor, accessible teaching style and passion for education have led him to teach in just about every way imaginable, from schools and outdoor spaces to gyms, stadiums, and arenas. If your practice needs to be rounded out with some focused balance or strengthening work, find him at ! Join Chip at Sacred Nature Studio Friday mornings at 9:30 for an awesome All Levels practice!

Feeling Stuck to start the Spring? 03/11/2024

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Feeling Stuck to start the Spring? It happens every year without fail. We round the holiday bend and start the new year with hope and excitement about finally making those big changes that prioritize our physical health, mental wellness, and spiritual growth. Inevitably the ambition wanes, and by the end of February, we’re back to ...


It happens every year without fail. We round the holiday bend and start the new year with hope and excitement about finally making those big changes that prioritize our physical health, mental wellness, and spiritual growth. Inevitably the ambition wanes, and by the end of February, we’re back to the same old, same old.

This year, that doesn’t have to be your story.

Part of the challenge in breaking free from our old habits is the lethargy and resistance we feel from inertia -- once a ball comes to a stop, it can be REALLY hard to get it rolling again, and many of us have been stopped for a long time. The return of Spring and more light in our days is a reminder to get that ball rolling again, and a single decision in the right direction is all you need to gain some momentum.

What will 2024 hold for you? Same old, same old, or something better? The ball is in YOUR hands.

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Everyone knows a Brian, but have you met the BEST Brian?! We're blessed to have a talented, experienced, and inspired Brian to call our own, although seasonally for now. Brian's teaching style draws from a rich background of historical research and a grounded, steady practice that translates to an awesome experience for our students. Join him while you can before he flies north! Meet him Tuesdays at noon for our Lunch Break Flow and Meditation, and Saturday mornings at 11 for Yoga 1.


Where there is woman, there is magic! International Women's Day is a beautiful opportunity to express appreciation for the women that have shaped, guided, changed, nourished, and uplifted your life. Let us gain wisdom, knowledge, and perspective from the women that have blazed our trails, and in turn light the way of clarity and hope for the women that will continue to change the world. πŸ’š


Meet "Dee"! Denise was set on a path to teach at Sacred Nature Studio two years before we even dreamed of opening. The stars aligned to send us this little gem, who is a fantastic teacher of the mindful movement systems of Qi Gong and Tai Chi and brings genuine warmth and passion to all students, new or seasoned. Join her at the studio Wednesday mornings at 8am, and Thursday evenings at 5:30pm!


What?! You've never heard of FREEtail? It's just like retail, but FREE. At Sacred Nature Studio, we're doing our part in Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling AND helping our local and global communities in the process.

We offer a small selection of new and lightly used goods that are available for a donation of just $5 (give more if it's worth more to you!), and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the proceeds is donated to one of two organizations whose meaningful work we appreciate and support.

Woven Women Collective is run by the lovely Lauren McCraney, whose background and passion lies in helping indigenous women in underserved global communities to preserve their cultural heritage through the weaving and creation of traditional textiles, and also in uplifting future generations of women and feminine empowerment through ancient and modern education programs.

The Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida has a focused effort on preserving our beautiful environment, and part of that work is inspiring and educating future generations. Their Getting Kids Back to Nature initiative provides opportunities for young kids to fall in love with nature and reconnect by supporting summer camp enrollment for kids in need, outdoor events and excursions, field trips, and more.

Choose your item, choose your amount, choose your charity. It can't get any simpler to help Sacred Nature Studio support the world around us! πŸ’š

Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida Woven Women CollectiveWoven Women Collective


Bringing a special group of teachers together was no easy task, but through a million little synchronicities, we found a great team to support our students. Meet Randi of ! Spirited, genuine, and supportive are brilliant words that come to mind when thinking of this little ray of light. Meet her Wednesdays for Yoga 1 at 6pm, Sundays at 1pm for Omni-Natal Yoga, and 6:30 Sundays for our All Levels Reset. πŸ’š


At Sacred Nature Studio, you're not just joining body and mind on the mat, you're joining a supportive community of like-minded friends and teachers that really care about providing the best practices possible. This month, meet your teachers and learn more about how they make Sacred Nature amazing!

Today's teacher is Ann Merli of . Ann was a local favorite Chair Yoga teacher and intuitive energy healer before she took the opportunity to rejoin family through a recent move back to PA. She is here for the month of March, so don't miss her Tuesday morning Chair classes or the incredible workshops she's offering on our events page!


The only thing that doesn't change is Change! Life can get in the way of our best laid plans, but we value and encourage rest when wellness depends on it. We'll see you for Linda's Restorative Sound Bath in April! πŸ’š

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